Sanjay Shah Interviewed For Podcast With Eric Dye

Sanjay Shah was recently interviewed by Eric Dye for Dye’s podcast, Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio. The interview was recapped in an article from PR Newswire that was recently posted by Pharmiweb. The article discussed Shah and ran through a number of his accolades. One of the main areas of Shah’s life that the article focused on was the founding of Autism Rocks. Shah shared that he had founded the charity after his son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with autism.

One of the big questions that the interview tackled was how to make a business successful. Shah mentioned that new business owners should keep 2 things in mind. The first thing is that you need to make sure you have plenty of money when you start out and the second thing is that you need to understand that you may have to bring in other people to do some of the work.

Sanjay Shah is the founder of Solo Capital. Even though the firm was only founded in 2011, it has already seen so much success that Shah has been able to step back from his daily oversight and become mostly retired. Since he retired Shah has been focused on 2 projects that he is passionate about. Both of the projects are enmeshed in the music industry. One project is the charity that Shah founded, Autism Rocks. This charity raises money for autism research by hosting private concerts. Guests are asked to make a donation of at least 500 pounds and performances include Drake, Michael Buble and Prince.

The other project that has been keeping Shah busy is a partnership with a Dubai based promotional firm, Done Events. Several years ago, Shah approached the company and asked if they would be interested in teaming up and hosting a reggae festival in Dubai. Done Events said that they would love to team up with Shah on a jazz festival, because there was no real fan base for reggae in Dubai. The jazz festival was a major success and is now happening annually.


Innovation and Creativity at Academy of Art University

Students of Academy of Art University participated in a fashion design panel. This panel was moderated by the assistant director of the School of Fashion. Students and other people in attendance played an essential role. The aim of the panel was to challenge audiences by giving what they deserve, including people with disabilities. Designers forget to factor in disability when they are making their creations.

Designs are essential because they say a lot about the wearer’s personality. Fashion and creation is about coming up with brilliant ideas that say the best about the client. For example, a designer is expected to create attire that is unique yet has an exquisite taste for the owner. People with disabilities also require similar effort from designers. Their needs ought to be factored in while deciding on the brand or product. Every individual deserves the best from designers and all the rest of professionals in the field.


Since its inception in 1929, Academy of Art University has always excelled in innovation and creativity. The university has been a source of inspiration to raw talent. Every student who goes through this institution comes out with honed skills and relevant qualification. The university prepares and molds students to impact their surrounding with positive contribution.

In particular, the university admits students aspiring to pursue communication, design and art. At every course completion, students are capable of running portfolio development projects. The university has to function under some certain laws and requirements. The first one is meeting the minimum entry requirements to the university. Art school is mostly about practical than theories. Students are expected to formulate their styles. Their approach motivates students to develop professional knowledge and technical skills.

All stakeholders at the Academy of Art University work together. Collaboration is a critical pillar of the institute and it has highly contributed to the progress and professionalism in the organization. Also, students and staff members require support from each other. That is why the institution upholds collaborations. Students are professionals in the making. Therefore, ethics and integrity are part of the training. All graduates are expected to embrace high levels of professionalism after completing college.

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Betsy DeVos and Educational Advancements

Betsy DeVos isn’t a frivolous person by any stretch of the imagination. She’s been showcasing her fervor for hard work for years now. She attended Calvin College located in Michigan when she was still called Elisabeth Prince. People who were in her life then can back up her actions today. She’s always been an individual who has had convictions that are tough to deny. DeVos’ devotion to excellence may be a relic of her father. Her father was a highly regarded All-American businessman who instilled a strong work ethic in DeVos. DeVos’ husband has a work ethic that matches hers well. Dick DeVos has reveled in an existence that’s been just as productive and enriching. His father was one of the entrepreneurs who brought the Amway Corporation into the public eye. The younger Mr. DeVos even ran the Amway Corporation for years during the nineties and early 2000s. He realized it was time to exit the Amway Corporation in 2003.


Many people call Ms. DeVos the United States’ Secretary of Education. That would be a truthful statement as well. President Donald Trump knew that DeVos would do a lot with the position. That was his incentive to hire her for it in the first place. DeVos isn’t at all unfamiliar with the inner workings of the school system in the United States. She’s been delving into educational matters for years and years. She’s set foot inside of countless American charter schools. She’s exchanged comments with hundreds and perhaps even thousands of parents over the years, too. She has gotten in touch with so many parents who have questions that relate to school choice and their kids.


DeVos doesn’t think that it’s ever a smart idea to sit back and watch things as they come. She’s always been the kind of individual who has gone after her objectives. She proved this with the founding of the famed Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Mr. and Mrs. DeVos introduced the not-for-profit group in the eighties. It’s been around for what seems like eons to many people. Betsy and Dick, however, have made excellent use out of it. It has received donations that have done so much to push artwork and culture in America forward. It has received donations that have helped all kinds of educational objectives.


Most people probably wouldn’t guess that DeVos has ever met a rapper named Pitbull. She’s not a musician. DeVos and Pitbull, however, are undoubtedly people who are on good terms with one another. They like to discuss the path of charter schools in the United States. They talked as a duo at a Miami school about the topic. Pitbull endorses charter schools just like DeVos does.


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DAMAC Properties Founder and Chairman, Hussain Sajwani

The Early Life and Career of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani began working as a Contracts Manager at GASCO after completing his Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Washington. In 1982, the UAE national started a catering venture that would offer food services. She served the U.S. military personnel through his catering services, and in the mid-1990s, Hussain Sajwani set up several hotels in the UAE to accommodate the growing number of foreign investors.

In 2002, Sajwani launched a real-estate company, DAMAC properties, which has over time grown to become one of the largest real estate firms in the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani has exceptional skills in property development with a specialty in fields such as sales, legal, marketing, administration, and finance. The DAMAC owner has meticulously applied his knowledge to help the company grow and expand.

DAMAC Properties has built prestigious buildings in cities such as Jeddah, Riyadh, Beirut, Amman, London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Doha. It currently has 2000 employees across the globe. DAMAC Properties is publicly listed, and its shares are currently trading on the Dubai’s financial market. DAMAC Properties’s development portfolio comprises over 20,230 homes and 44,000 units.

Hussain Sajwani has interests in other fields such as the global equity and capital markets. He also owns the DICO Investments Company, which deals with private equities, acquisitions, and mergers. Moreover, the Hussain Sajwani Family has connections with some of the world’s most prominent business people such as Donald Trump, who admires and take pride in doing business with the Sajwani family. In fact, they co-own several organizations such as the Trump International Golf Club. Mr. Sajwani hopes to deepen his cooperation with Donald Trump’s firm, The Trump Organization.

In 2013, Sajwani demonstrated his passion for philanthropy when he donated 2 million AED to buy clothes for less privileged children around the world. His donation was toward supporting the Dubai government’s initiative, the Ramadan Initiative which aims to buy clothes for over one million children. Hussain Sajwani made this contribution on behave of DAMAC Properties, and the company has since received praise for its continued generosity.


Malcolm CasSelle Sees End of Traditional Banking with Release of WAX

All hail cryptocurrency, the DVD to traditional banking’s VHS. Projections on the future of virtual trade mediums over traditional paper-weighted currency are made every day. Underneath all the chatter is the understanding that if virtual markets continue to flourish, traditional money will become an outdated commodity. For many individuals it is not a question of how, but of when such an instance will occur. One individual is Malcom CasSelle, and he is banking on his idea of when.

CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins, a giant in the field of in-game asset sales. CasSelle is also a veteran of the web industry, his first foray occurring back in 95’. Fresh out of college, CasSelle founded a media production website called NetNoir. In the two decades since he has moved around quite a lot, held numerous top executive positions in virtual companies, and been a part of some major innovations. Fate eventually drew him to the gaming world where he has been ever since. An early stage investor in Facebook, Zynga, and bitcoin CasSelle was instrumental in OPSkins becoming a worldwide bitcoin merchant. Now he is turning his focus to blockchain technology with the launch of WAX.

Worldwide Asset eXchange is a player to player platform that facilitates trading within a decentralized market. Businesses far and wide have shied away from decentralized markets for the risks of fraud and fragmentation. Blockchain technology has solved those problems, by using cryptography and data collection to create reliable transaction data. The use of tokenization has led to universal currency acceptance, allowing people from all over the globe to participate without requiring currency exchange. For players operating games within WAX’s network this represents a return of investment. For the rest of the world this could be the start of traditional banking’s conversion to digital. CasSelle certainly things so, which is why as president of WAX he is planning for the future.

US Money Reserve Wins Infomercial Awards

Many long time customers of the US Money Reserve have found the company to be a reliable source of precious metal coins and bullion, according to their ads. The popular gold, silver, and platinum coins that the company markets are sold to worldwide collectors and investors. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The company does much of its advertising by producing infomercials that air on several television networks. They have served hundreds of thousands of customers, and their infomercials are well done and highly regarded.

In fact, the US Money Reserve infomercials are award winning. The company was a recipient of the AdSphere awards for two consecutive years.

They won in 2017 and then again in 2018 in two distinctive categories, namely for excellence in Best of Category for “Short Form Products” and “Infomercials.” The company is proud to have won two such distinctive awards from AdSphere. Read more: US Money Reserve | Twitter and U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two ‘Best of Category’ Awards at 2018 AdSphere™ Awards

The US Money Reserve takes the time and effort to educate its customer, and it is happy to provide upfront information to the customers prior to any purchase.

Anyone is welcome to request their free gold buyers information kit with no obligation to purchase anything. The company describes it as a buyer’s guide that informs a customer about what they should know prior to buying any precious metals.

There are also knowledgeable account representatives that can be reached by a toll free phone call to their office. The company has headquarters in Austin, Texas. They pride themselves on their high level of customer service.

The founder and CEO of the company was formally a director of the US Mint. The US Reserve sells US government issued coins, and they are one of the largest providers in the country. There is a large assortment of commemorative coins available for inspection and purchase on their website. They have been in business for more than 10 years.

The entire staff is committed to first earning their customers’ trust. They accomplish this by first learning more about the customers and their objectives when buying precious metals. It is this type of relationship building that builds trust one customer at a time, and it has helped the company win the trust of over 400,000 customers.

Infinity Group Australia, Your Peronal Trainer for Financial Fitness

Infinity Group Australia, as its name patently suggest is a company based in Australia, that was created on the theory that better financial results in the area of mortgage loans may be achieved with the assistance of a personal broker than without the aid of one. Graeme Holm, the director of Infinity Group Australia, transfers the personal trainer concept from the context of the gym to the financial context, firmly believing that with the support and guidance of a personal broker, those who have taken out mortgage loans will be able to pay back their loans in a significantly shorter period of time than without the assistance of a person broker. Before a personal broker is assigned to the client, a thorough probe is conduct into the client’s household expenses and the family’s needs and wants. After the probe is completed, a budget for essential expenses is created to limit the client’s spending to only the bare essentials. Then, a personal broker is assigned to the client to provide him or her with support and guidance throughout the process of mortgage repayment. Aside from assigning a personal broker to their clients, Infinity Group Australia also issues performance reports to their clients so that the clients may assess whether or not goals are being met. If they are not, modifications may be made so as to remedy the setback. This support and guidance provide by Infinity Group Australia via their personal broker have proved to be highly effective in the repayment of mortgage loans, with clients of Infinity Group Australia repaying their mortgage loans back in only 7-10 years rather than the typical 30 years, validating Graeme Holm’s innovative mortgage repayment approach. Graeme Holm has logged well over 17 years in the financial services industry before establishing Infinity Group Australia, a company that has quickly expanded from having only one location in 2013 to now having five locations in various cities in Australia, which is a testament to the company’s ability to significantly shorten mortgage repayment time. Infinity Group Australia is also the proud winner of an award for their superb customer service. Learn more :

Victoria Doramus on Addiction and Recovery

Victoria Doramus is a recovery expert and a former addict, as she writes up her own experiences and recovery from it in an article written on Medium. Her addiction was to both alcohol and drugs. At age 26, Doramus was in rehab after not being able to beat the addiction of cocaine and Adderall. Unfortunately, life got more difficult as she lost friends, moved constantly, and went to a school where the addiction had come back. A second time in rehab would put her life in full perspective after hitting rock bottom. Victoria Doramus suffered another blow as her mom didn’t believe in her as she was dealing with cancer. At a point, the individual was homeless and lost friends with no way out and she started using pills. On Thanksgiving, she was arrested after being alone in New York City with no family or friends.

Victoria Doramus then made a big decision to seek treatment at another state, Austin, Texas to be exact. This rehab facility was much more strict and kept patients busy doing various chores. There were meetings every day and peer evaluations. After leaving the program, Victoria Doramus got a house and worked a job as a waitress for 30-40 hours a week. She also had to still attend meetings and stayed on the plan of recovery. She then saw her mother and moved back to New York City afterward working with addiction non-profits. Now Victoria Doramus works with the non-profits today and assists others who are struggling with addiction and helping individuals gain sobriety. Victoria Doramus wrote a memoir, although, she did not publish it because she found a higher calling in assisting others with addiction. She ends on a high note of finding yourself through recovery and the only one who can help you is yourself. Believing in yourself is the secret.

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Why Precision Medication Is What Eric Lefkofsky Thinks About Often

When people are unhealthy, it’s impossible to have a healthy world. When it comes to medical issues, some people look at it with the future in mind. If no people are thinking about precision medication, it becomes hard to come up with some profound treatments. It’s evident the modern health science has evolved in so many ways, unlike how it used to be. Cancer has become one of the most tear-jerking health problems today. When someone is diagnosed with cancer, nothing else in life makes sense to them. They start living as though life has become to the end already, while it hasn’t. However, some competent scientists like Eric Lefkofsky are still optimistic that technology is among the highly anticipated solutions to this menace.

The number of cancer patients has continued to increase in various countries, especially in the United States. Some companies have come up to offer a ray of hope to the cancer patients. Among these companies is Tempus, which Eric Lefkofsky co-founded. The company believes technology will help it come up with a lasting solution to this devastating mammoth. According to Eric, what is happening now shouldn’t deprive of people the hope of what good is about to come. Tempus has initiated several cancer-treatment innovative ideas, even though it has been in this industry for only three years.

Eric believes cancer treatment will be more effective once some technology advancements have been made. He believes embracing digital technology will change the way the patient’s data is collected and analyzed. He says it’s possible to manage the cancerous condition if the doctors can use the modern technology to analyze the patients’ clinical data and molecular information. Eric Lefkofsky affirms that the analytics software is useful in enhancing treatment delivery.

If people embraced the technology that captures the patient’s data through natural language processing, the cancer effects would be minimal. Eric feels the human genome sequencing shouldn’t be sidelined when collecting genomic information from the patient. Besides being into the medical world, Eric Lefkofsky has also been a renowned entrepreneur. Venturing into the business world is what Eric did when he graduated from college. His efforts in various philanthropic contributions cannot be questioned. Together with his wife, Eric immensely contributes to scientific research topics, educational programs, and children welfare.

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Freedom Checks Are The Legitimate Investment Most Might Miss Out On

Investment scams are like an infestation, a sweeping epidemic presenting itself at every turn. They usually sound so compelling, presenting an, “opportunity” with a big payoff for little to no work. One can find them in binary-options trading, multi-level marketing, and other schemey areas of investment. The internet is rife with them. Because of this many people run and hide from actual investments with fantastic potential. One such investment currently available in the market is Freedom Checks.

Freedom Checks are payoffs from a legitimate investment made in a natural resource company. The are as real of investment as Matt Badiali, the man behind them, is a real investment guru. Not only that he is a geologist.

A recipient of a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State, focused on Earth Sciences and Geosciences, and the holder of a master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University in Geology, Badiali has a Ph.D. in Sedimentary Geology from the University of Carolina. He goes all over the world using that huge sentence of credibility that started this paragraph to investigate natural resource companies. He studies their well, mines, and drilling platforms, talks to CEOs, employees, and people who live nearby. He takes the information and presents actionable, legitimate financial advice to his readers at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is also extremely knowledgeable of the natural resource market.

This is why he is aware of Master Limited Policies, or MLPs, the investment opportunity Freedom Checks offers. The policies are non-controlling stakes in companies taking advantage of a unique tax break. In order to facilitate that break they have to dispense 90% of their revenue to stakeholders. Said stakeholders receive a monthly to quarterly check in the mail equal to the amount of stake they buy. Just like stock. This is what Freedom Checks really are. No scam just an investment into a company, carrying the same risks as any stock investment would.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: An embodiment Of Achievement

Working for one company for your entire life alone does not guarantee that you will one day head it, but doing so gives you a better chance of attaining that. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has however been able to achieve this with his career in Bradesco bank spanning more than 40 years. His success at Bradesco has been driven by a combination of factors ranging from education to his performance in other key departments within the bank that was very crucial to the bank’s bottom-line. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi attended the University of San Paulo, where he graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences, and Letters. He would then proceed to pursue his postgraduate degree in Socio-Psychology at the Fundação School of Sociology and Politics in São Paulo. These credentials gave him the necessary academic qualifications to enable him lead an organization of Bradesco’s nature. He began as a clerk and worked his way up; he held numerous positions each for a number of years, according him the chance to fully understand the entire business model employed by the bank. He was in charge of Bradesco Vida e Previdência the pension fund department held by the bank for a period of six years starting from 1992. The success here would lead Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to Bradesco Seguros the insurance division. His appointment as CEO would test his leadership capabilities to the core. This appointment was made back in 2003, and by 2006 he was receiving awards right, left and center. His division was doing so well that by 2006 Bradesco Seguros controlled approximately a fourth of the entire insurance market in Brazil.

In 2009 Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was appointed President of Bradesco bank, he is only the fourth person to hold this position since the bank’s inception. During his time as president, he would oversee one of the largest acquisitions the bank has made to date the acquisition of HSBC Brazil. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has also held various positions that include Chairman of the Marketing and Funding Committee of the Brazilian Association of Real Estate and Savings Credit Institutions (ABECIP) and the President of ANAPP, i.e. The National Association of Private Pensions.