Talk Fusion Is Pioneering Video Chat Possibilities

Talk Fusion is hitting headlines. It is now ranked as an online video content provider and it is the eighth largest in the world. Because of its quick growth, online media outlets like Hello Tesla are discussing Talk Fusion and the change they are bringing to the industry. The article from Hello Tesla explains that Talk Fusion was founded in 2007. The CEO and founder, Bob Reina, got the idea for the company when he wanted to embed a short video into an email he was sending out to friends. He was not able to do it was traditional email methods and the email companies even told him that it would not be possible.  When they did, they figured that others would like to have the same tools at their disposal and they even recognized the business potential in expanding what they had worked on.

Talk Fusion is slowly becoming a household name. It is a video communication tool that is being used by a myriad of companies, including Applebe’s, West Point Military Academy, Norwegian Cruise Line, Case Latino, VW, Make A Wish Foundation, Kite Kazan and SPCA Florida. The company provides a suite of video services including video chat, video newsletter, lead capture, live meetings, community blog and video email.

The video chat feature is available for anyone to use and can be downloaded for free off of the major application stores. There is also a coming deal that will allow individuals and businesses to try out the Talk Fusion video suite package for 30 days without giving credit card details or making any big commitment.

An extra bonus about Talk Fusion is that they are a direct selling company so not only do they provide a great service, they allow individuals to use that service to create an income.

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