The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship

High school seniors in Brooklyn, New York, will have an opportunity to win a scholarship that is only available to local students. It is called the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. To apply for the scholarship, students in their final year of high school should write a 1000-word essay explaining how the scholarship will help them with their careers. Keith Mann and Keely Mann are joined by Uncommon Schools to help organize the scholarship implementation.

The scholarship will help Brooklyn-area students attend and graduate from college. It will be especially useful to low-income students who would not otherwise be able to attend college. Keith Mann is a philanthropist and wants to help students through education assistance. The deadline for applications to be turned in for the scholarship is Feb. 29, 2016. The winner of the scholarship will be announced one month later. The awarded student will have $5000 to assist with college course payments.

Uncommon Schools runs charter public schools in the Brooklyn area. One student from this area per year will receive the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship. Uncommon Schools also runs charter schools in Massachusetts and New Jersey.

Keith Mann is the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners. His company finds talented individuals and places them within businesses where they can excel. Keith works with hedge fund companies, private equity firms and alternative investment companies.

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    Gerid Mann

    They take pride in the 44 schools they run and try to help low-income students achieve their career dreams. Keith’s company helps place high-level employees in the United States and internationally. I do know for sure that would want them to be there and also to make sure everything works well for them.

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