How to Go from Oily to Bouncy and Shiny, Today!

Some people may never realize the joy of having “double-take” hair that does not become oily and impossible. Fortunately, Emily McClure a freelance YouTube blogger and self-proclaimed fashion addict from recently uncovered a miracle product, WEN cleansing conditioner by Chaz Dean [], and she put it to the test for seven days. You can check out her article complete with daily photos and a link to the WEN by Chaz Conditioner by clicking here!

After including the Wen conditioner in her daily routine for one week, Emily learned that using WEN conditioner after her good morning shower made her hair look it’s best! When Emily showered at night, she blow dried her hair in the morning to revive the all-day bounce and shine the WEN conditioner product is known for. Also, WEN conditioner worked perfectly well with her other products such as heat protectorate and texturing paste.

If we can learn anything from Emily’s experience, it’s that shiny, bouncy, beautiful hair is within everyone’s reach when they include WEN conditioner in their routine, morning or night! WEN by Chaz is the perfect product to give anyone the shiny, bouncy and beautiful hair they desire. Check out Emily’s article complete with photos and a link to the WEN by Chaz Conditioner by clicking here!

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