Video Visitation Programs and Securus Technologies

What if you would no longer have to go to correction facilities to visit your loved ones? What if there could be a virtually managed communication visits? Imagine the efficiency that could be gained by removing actual video visits. It will create better convenience and communication between friends and family. It will also increase the focus of wardens to inmates thereby improving security. The Securus Video Visitation Technology has made all this possible.



Video visitation comes in the form a web-based system which allows friends and families of loved ones to schedule visits. Anyone connected to the inmate can plan a visit, be it their friends, families, visitors or attorney. The visitation program is conducted through a tablet, computer or smartphone. All that one needs is an internet connection, signing up for the visitation and scheduling the time of visit. The virtual visitation provides limitless opportunities for connections. Inmates can share annual events with their loved ones such as graduation, Christmas, Thanksgiving and even birthdays. Families have used the visitation to engage inmates in their daily lives. Fathers have watched cartoons with their children, played with them and assisted them with their homework. Studies have shown that enhancing family relationship this way reduces violence in correction facilities.


The Christmas holiday season is just the best time to use the video visitation program. Families can share happy days with their loved ones. Trying to enjoy the festive season without one person in the household makes the holiday sound incomplete. However, thanks to the video call program, families can join their members in prison and have a good time. They can finally make good memories together. Finally, fathers can open gifts with their child and wish them a Merry Christmas via the video call. Securus Technologies has managed to preserve the family bond during the Christmas season. Families have created memorable days.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is a leading provider of inmate communication, government information management, and parolee tracking services. The company currently serves close to three thousand prisoners. It avails its services in Mexico, Canada, and the 45 states of the U.S. Securus has managed to foster more than one million connections between inmates and families across the globe. Securus is a real leader in providing innovative, comprehensive technical solutions and customer service. Securus has played a huge role in the provision of advanced technology in correction facilities. The company has its headquarters currently in Dallas, Texas.

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