New Jack City and Menace II Society Take the Cake for Hood Movies

When discussing the best hood movies, it is impossible to have a conversation without mentioning New Jack City and Menace II Society. These two films are the best the genre has to offer and are classic films. Both of these films have memorable quotes that have been frequently referenced in popular culture including hip hop music.

New Jack City is the story of parallel forces during the 1980’s crack cocaine epidemic. Rapper Ice-T plays a cop who is attempts to bring down drug kingpin, Nino Brown, played by Wesley Snipes. The film is one of the greatest because it paints the picture of Nino as a ruthless monster who will stop at nothing to become wealthy and powerful. However, the film asks the question of how this man became this monster. Did his environment shape him and create the man that was to become the murderous drug kingpin? Definitely one of the best black movies ever made.

Menace II Society takes place in the crime ridden streets of Watts, Los Angeles. Set in the Jordan Downs Housing Projects, the film follows the everyday lives of Caine and O-Dog. The film shows the frustrations and reality that inner city youth face as they try to survive the violence and crime that plagues their lives. Caine provides for himself and other families by the only means he knows: the street life. He attempts to leave this way of life but his past finally catches up to him in the end. This is a powerful film that is certainly one of the best hood movies ever made.

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