How Our Jail is Drug Free Thanks to Securus Technologies

Saying our jail is free of drugs might be going a little out on a limb, but compared to the way things were only a year ago, we have certainly gotten a good hold on how we deal with contraband in the jail. I am part of a crew of corrections officers who were brought in to this jail a year ago because drugs were simply out of hand in the jail. Inmates would even comment that they had easier access to the drugs here in the jail than when they were roaming the streets. That simply was not going over well with our superiors.


We tried to ramp up our inceptions at the visitor center, even stiffening the punishment if anyone was caught trying to smuggle drugs to the inmates. The trouble here is that many people on the street do not fear jail in fact, they feel like they are earning credibility with their brothers when they take these drastic measures. Even when we ramped up cell inspections, we were only finding the drugs the inmates wanted us to find in the hopes we would simply leave them alone.


After Securus Technologies installed our new inmate call system, me and my fellow corrections officers were able to fight the war on drugs in our jail on a new front. In the past we could monitor the calls, but the inmates were clever in keeping certain things out of the conversations. Now, the LBS software we all were trained on helps us to identify certain conversations that are focused around drugs.


Since we began using the new Securus Technologies call system, we have all but eliminated how the inmates get drugs in through the visitor center. They suspect a rat, but they are giving us the information we need without them even realizing it.

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