Edisoft is a global software company that was founded in 1995. The company serves partners and clients internationally with its regional offices in the USA and Canada. Right from the beginning, the company was interested in supporting medium-sized and small businesses to easily trade and or connect with their business partners through the provision of unparalleled EDI way outs. The company developed a key product that integrated full-featured EDI functionality with the major ERP and accounting software systems.



The company formed a group of software and EDI experts who were based in its Toronto headquarters. The team initiated the R&D, a program which was so intensive. This program resulted in the formation of a number of Supply Chain Solutions which is a number of products so-called Edisoft Merchant ( This Edisoft Company Supply Chain Solutions which also all rounded includes; Merchant XChange™, Edisoft Merchant and also Merchant QuikPAK™. The Edisoft Merchant™ product offers a platform for integrated EDI solutions for turnkey while the Merchant QuikPAK™ product is used in warehouses for the automation of the pick, print, pack and the shipment stages and also a platform for the automation of the order promotions. On the other hand, Merchant XChange™ product provides a platform for Value Added Network (VAN) FOR Edisoft Company.



Initially on-time performance measurement the major key performance indicator (KPI) for departments that were concerned with transportation (Crunchbase). The scorecards were reviewed on a quarterly basis. Today KPIs provides a number of great practices such as those that cut across the financial, physical and the supply chain regulatory aspects. There is a great evolution of GPS datasets, real-time tracking, The Internet of things (IOT) and the international trading partners that is technology enabled through the use of mobile solutions. Complete, timely and accurate information from all the relevant parties helps in appropriate decision-making. Data quality management program and an evaluation criterion are required in evaluating KPIs that has a very big data.



When leveraging big data, the opportunities go far much beyond the carrier performance improvement. KPIs Best-in-practice traverses business and trading partners’ processes. The companies can achieve agile, a more predictable, cost-efficient and compliant supply chain through the analysis of the KPIs factors contributing to variability and the end-to end supply chain.

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