How Whitney Wolfe Changed the Dating Game

The dating game is a fascinating one to play because there are so many ways to approach it. The dating app game has definitely enhanced the way that people meet one another, and Whitney Wolfe is at the top of this pyramid when it comes to helping singles find the right one. Much of this has to do with her grand desire to give people a totally different perspective when it comes down to who would make the first move.

With Bumble Wolfe has done something amazing. She has given women the chance to make the first move, and many men are excited about this. What people find with using this dating app is that the pressure of meeting a woman and coming up with something clever to say is gone away. In most cases women are typically going to say hi to acknowledge that the match has been made. Once this has been done the ball comes back into the man’s court and he has 24 hours to respond.

Whitney Wolfe made such a small enhancement to the dating app with this type of back and forth cat and mouse game, but it is exciting for singles. Sometimes a match can be made by accident. There are many people that click on a picture and swipe right without realizing what they are doing. In these cases the other party doesn’t really know for sure if the other person is actually interested. The good thing about the 24-hour period for responding is that it is a verbal confirmation that there is actually someone on the other end that likes you. This is exciting for people that have a strong desire to get confirmation.

A ton of people are utilizing the dating app that Whitney has created because it has become something that gives people a chance to explore and app by a young millennial that knows what other single men and women are in search of. Whitney Wolfe may be the most interesting player in the dating app game. She may be responsible for single-handedly changing the way that men and women look at dating. This is all because of Bumble.

The singles that are tired of the clubs and bars are finding a new way to make matches, and Bumble appears to be exactly what people have been looking for. Whitney Wolfe is the one to thank for this.

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Prostate Cancer Prospects with Dr. David Samadi

161,360 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017. According to the American Cancer Society, this number is expected to reach 164,690 in 2018 alone. Mitt Romney was one of these men in 2017 when he was diagnosed and consequently had surgery to remove cancer performed that same year. Most cases of prostate cancer, 6 out of 10, are diagnosed in men 65 and older. Mitt Romney fit this statistically at the age of 70 at diagnosis. Fortunately for the former Republican Presidential Nominee, the prognosis looks great and Dr. David Samadi agrees. The Oncologist and Urologist is known around the world as one of the leading doctors to treat prostate cancer. He is also a frequent contributor and guest to Fox News concerning health issues, and not just prostate cancer.

Dr. David Samadi tells his own patients of the benefits of choosing surgery over just radiation therapy alone. While it sometimes may have to be used to ensure that the existing cancer is localized to the prostate, choosing to treat with only chemotherapy can drastically reduce the chances and length of survival for prostate cancer patients. If a man chooses radiation therapy alone over surgery, he is twice as likely to die from cancer and 1.5 times likely to die sooner than a man who chose to treat his prostate cancer with surgery.

Incidentally, radiation is much less likely to destroy all of the cancer and the side effects of it alone can cause secondary cancers that are just as deadly as the initial diagnosis. Dr. David Samadi informs his patients of the benefits of removing the prostate after diagnosis including the statistic that they will have an almost one hundred percent survival rate if the surgery is completed after the cancer is localized just to the prostate. The chances of surviving prostate cancer for longer than five years is less than thirty percent if the patient chooses radiation over surgery initially. In fact, once radiation is started it makes it much more difficult to perform the surgery afterward as the risks are increased even more.

Dr. David Samadi has been the Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital since June 2013 as well as being the Chief of Robotic Surgery. Samadi has performed over 7,000 robotic-assisted surgeries in his career and is making improvements to the already renowned urology program at Lenox Hill.


Sujit Choudhry in Ukraine

In July of 2017 there was a major meeting taking place hosted by the Center of Policy and Legal Reform and the International IDEA in Kiev, Ukraine. The Ukraine government has been failing to thrive for the last two decades. This meeting witch included Sujit Choudhry and several other experts in constitutional law was to discuss the executive powers of the Ukraine.  Additional article on

Sujit Choudhry mentioned how important this meeting was and how privileged he was for being invited. He stated that he felt the Ukraine government was having trouble for several reasons; the power of the country being centralized, weak political parties, the legislature electoral system, and the power being separated by the Prime Minister and the President. In the meeting Choudhry would have been able to give evidence-based advice and options on how to correct these problems.

Sujit Choudhry has been working and studying in the field of constitutional law and politics for more than two decades and has become a huge success both in publications and field work, check  Over ninety articles, book chapters, and reports of his have been published over the years. A few of those are the Migration of Constitutional Ideas in 2006, Constitutional Design for Divided Societies: Integration or Accommodation in 2008, The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution in 2016, and Constitution Making also in 2016. Sujit Choudhry is also member of many committees that support his work and honorary member of the United Nations Meditation Roster. Has even been a consultant for the World Bank Institute at the United Nations development program and World Bank.

Currently Sujit Choudhry is a professor at Berkeley School of Law, a University of California, and Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. Choudhry is also co-leader of three collaborative research projects that were set to publish their findings sometime in 2017. More on

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Rocketship Education Endorses Parenting in the Education Process

Rocketship Education Public Schools are charter schools that serve low-income neighborhoods. The goal of these schools is to provide poor communities with a choice for educating their children. Rocketship Education Public Schools are located in key areas of the country such as Nashville, Milwaukee and Washington D.C.

The schools were first established in 2006 by Preston Smith and John Danner. These men recognized that there was a need to improve the education of low-income students. They opened the first Rocketship charter school in San Jose, California.

The founders of Rocketship Education decided to take their education process in a new direction. While they adhere to state requirements for educating students, they also instituted different regulations and rules for their own institutions. For example, students are given a highly advanced curriculum. They are also required to wear uniforms and to adhere to standard forms of behaviors.

One of the most interesting things about Rocketship is the parental involvement. This chain of charter schools relies heavily on parents to help educate their children. Parents can view the schools as they are being constructed, they can help select the types of teachers and staff that will be working with their children and they are given every opportunity and incentive to participate in their child’s education.

Parents cannot spend all of their time with their children while they are learning. However, they can visit the school when they need to evaluate their child’s progress. Rocketship encourages this habit. Another great thing about Rockeship has to do with parental support. When a student’s home life jeopardized, Rocketship Education will step up to help. While they cannot stop or change all of the problems that a family experiences; they can help to provide support whenever it is needed.

When students out in San Jose experienced a flooding disaster, Rocketship stepped up to help out. They aided families with food, shelter and other supplies they needed to get through the situation. Rocketship teamed up with other organizations to provide this type of support. Students affected by the flood were still able to attend school while their parents reorganized their lives. This was a win/win situation for everyone. This is just an example of how Rocketship Education is making a difference in the lives of its students and their families.

Aloha Construction: More Than Just Renovation

If you reside in the states of Illinois or Southern Wisconsin, then you’ve probably heard of Aloha Construction. This is the company of all companies when it comes to home-renovation services. This family-owned general-contractor can handle a wide array of home-improvements projects with relative ease. Aloha Construction has up to 250 employees thanks to its growth, and these employees have been rigorously trained for the tasks at hand. DaveFarbaky, founder of the company, finally turned dream into a reality back in 2008. Ever since then, the company has been sailing forward. Over 18,000 projectshas beencompleted, and each project came with a solid 10-year craftsmanship-warranty.

Did you know that when it comes to houses, a little maintenance goes a long way. One of the biggest issues for homeowners is water damage. This water damage has come from poor irrigation of rainwater that hasn’t been properly channeled away. If you’ve got a cracked foundation or brown stains on your home’s interior ceiling, there’s a high chance that your home has some form of water damage. Downspout systems and gutters should always be checked throughout the year. Is there any stagnant water near your home? This is a sure sign of impending water damage.

Aloha Construction serves numerous cities and towns such as Lake Villa, Round Lake, Peoria, Washington, Pekin, Hoffman Estates, Libertyville, Vernon Hills, Lake Zurich, Bloomington and the entire Windy City. Thanks to its satellite office in Bloomington, Illinois, the company can easily reach locations that are on the fringe of the coverage area. This is progressive-action and progressive-thinking at finest. Aloha Construction is the winner’s-choice for home-renovations because it’s providing high-quality services, it’s leading by example, and it’s changing the status quo in home-improvement.

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Mike Baur’s Banking Career Ending May Have Been The Best Thing For Switzerland

Switzerland probably conjures a lot of images of country towns nestled in the Alps and of farmers and old-fashioned jobs. But did you know it actually could be becoming the new tech entrepreneur’s destination? For a long time it was where banking was primarily done because of heavy security in Swiss banks, and because the Swiss government had some of the fewest regulations on banking in the world. But that’s changed now and Mike Baur, a former banking professional has experienced the changes which is why he is now investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs. The company he’s started to do that is the Swiss Startup Factory in Zurich.


Managing and protecting clients’ wealth is what Mike Baur knows very well. At only age 16 he came to UBS Bank to start his banking apprenticeship. The human resources director he spoke to at the time went over a chart that covered every promotion Baur could earn at UBS and where he should expect to retire. Baur did become one of the top employees at UBS and a favorite of his superiors. He developed quite a finance and investing acumen making him a lead advisor while still only in his 20s. Baur’s banking career continued to grow over the years, but when the US banking crisis of 2008 reached Switzerland and the doors of UBS, things started changing. Baur left UBS and became head of the credit division of Clariden Leu Bank where he stayed for the next few years until it merged with Credit Suisse. Despite his hope that things would restart for his original plans, banking was now too restricted and was no longer something Baur was passionate about.


Mike Baur started feeling that instead of hoarding away money in safety deposit boxes and vaults, it should be used to invest in new businesses. He saw great potential at Swiss and other European universities to tap into the ideas of business graduates coming out of them, but he needed a network of investors. Baur and his friend Max Meister had several connections who loved the plan for an accelerator including the Goldback Group, and in 2014 the SSUF was formed. The SSUF allows people with business ideas to apply to a 3-month course, and if they pass the vetting, pass the tests of the course and make a successful investment pitch to target investors, they can get the capital funding and office space they need. The SSUF has seen the successful launch of thousands of startups thus far.


Why NetPicks is the Best Trading Strategy Company Around

Summer trading can be a tedious task as trading volumes usually decrease and risk and uncertainty increase. NetPicks has a proactive strategy to eliminate investor fears and maximize returns. It’s called the Lock and Walk strategy. The strategy is never a guaranteed success, but past performance has provided evidence of it being profitable during times of unstable trading sessions.

The lock and walk strategy is a proven technique that uses levels of resistance and support to determine when to buy, sell and adjust stop loss actions. The strategy is not uncommon and is similar to conducting a technical analysis, but with one exception, which is when gains reach 67 basis points the function shuts down only to restart during the next trading session. This is to maximize gains and reduce levels of risk.  Check this for more guiding tips to forex trading

NetPicks is an online trading strategy company that helps clients optimize their trading portfolios and educate themselves on investing and trading strategies. NetPicks Trading Strategies was founded in 1996, just when day trading and online trading emerged as a mainstream method of investing. NetPicks has consistently and accurately educated investors on how to trade in various markets including, Forex, Futures, Stocks, and even swing trading. For over 17 years NetPicks has educated its clients and developed a more accessible and user-friendly way of teaching. This enables clients to do their own research, learn as they trade and improve their performance as they consistently learn and evolve with the NetPicks products.  check on for more about options trading.

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NetPicks has several products that help new and experienced investors make the best trading decisions. The products aim to educate and inform investors in as little time as possible. Products such as Counter Punch Trader, Forex 1,2,3 and NetPicks Live Signal Service are among the most user friendly and technically advanced services on the market when it comes to learning trading strategies. This link on offers additional tips on options trading systems.

NetPicks’ products have helped experienced and novice clients achieve their investing and trading goals for years. NetPicks continues to improve its products and customer service to maintain its impeccable reputation as the best trading Strategy Company around.  Get connected, click on

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