The Role of Susan McGalla in Philadelphia

A lot of women that are in the world of marketing are familiar with Susan MvGalla. It is hard not to know of a female that rose to the position of CEO more than once. She is an inspiration for all that are looking for a chance to climb the ever so elusive corporate ladder for a CEO position.

For Susan McGalla this was not an easy thing to do, but her resume shows years of hard work and tenacity. She has proven herself to be a truly powerful force when it comes to the marketing profession, and it is easy to see how she was able to make the transition from a consultant to a CEO.

With her resume Susan McGalla is that she has a lot of experience, and this is what has allowed her to gain the type of position that she currently holds with the Pittsburgh Steelers. She has managed to build a career where she is able to help others that are trying to establish brands. She can even revitalize brands that have not been getting the type of exposure that companies would like.

On the current role she has with the Pittsburgh Steelers McGalla is proof that she is someone that knows how to revitalize a brand. She is currently working on the clothing line for the sports gear, and this has received a major overhaul as she works to improve this line up for the fan gear. She has revamped this brand completely.

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