Dr. Richard Shinto is also referred to as Rick or M.D. He is serving as the president of Innovacare health solutions. He got his degree in medicine at the University of New York, Stony Brook and his degree in the Bachelor of Science from the University of California, later he pursued his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Redlands.


Rick Shinto started his career in the healthcare from way back in the 90’s. He worked as the vice president for about a year at MedPartners Medical Management. He then proceeded to be the Head Medical Officer of Cal Optima Health Plan in California. Rick Shinto has worked with Medical Pathways Management Company as the head operating and medical officer. From 2008-2012, Rick was the president of Aveta Incorporation based in Illinois. He has also served as the head medical officer of NAMM.


Richard Shinto founded InnovaCare in 1998 soon after working with North American Medical Management. When he was working as a physician, Ricky realized a gap in how patients received physical treatment. He then decided to change the standards, and that’s when InnovaCare Health was born.


Under the leadership of Ricky Shinto, NAMM merged with Straus Group, during this time, Daniel Straus was the board chairperson. The company made tremendous growth and even acquired MMM Medical care that is based in Puerto Rico. At the end of 2012, NAMM was successfully sold out creating a space for InnovaCare to be officially launched and to handle all matters of the other investments including the MMM Healthcare. You can visit



InnovaCare has innovated several approaches that have enabled them to remain relevant. The company uses data and technology to meet the needs of the people, and a favorable employee contract, which allows them to secure the best physicians. The organization works hand in hand with Pharmacy Benefit Mangers; this enables them to control the drug prices. They create various programs that keep the clients engaged not only during ailments. InnovaCare has come up with a platform through technology and internship programs that exposes them to the very best of the physicians.


The investments made by Ricky and his team has played a significant role in financing the health sector. Professional input has made the company receive global recognition. MMM Healthcare, a subsidiary of InnovaCare has been rated as the most prominent federal health plan in Puerto Rico. It’s also the most preferred as it registers more than 80% member satisfaction. It has also been given a 4.5-star rate from the CMS (Centers for Medicare& Medicaid services). You can visit their Facebook page.



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Adam Milstein Has Created The Donor Forum To Help Pro-Israeli Organizations Secure The Funding They Need Quickly

Adam Milstein is an investor and pro-Israeli activist who has done quite a bit for Jewish Americans. He has also worked with Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate company, for many years and has served the company as a sales agent as well as a managing partner. Adam Milstein co-founded the Israeli American Council (IAC) in 2007 in the city of Los Angeles and now serves as the organization as its national chairman of the board.

Over the years, Adam Milstein has helped to grow the IAC so that it now has twelve regional councils in different parts of the U.S.A. He also co-founded the Milstein Family Foundation with this wife, Gila, and has done a lot to help the Jewish American community through the foundation. Milstein has worked very hard to further the goals of these organizations and as nonprofits, the most challenging part has been securing the funding needed to continue their work. Adam Milstein and his wife not only donate plenty of money to pro-Israel organizations, but they have also donated a lot of their time.

Adam Milstein created the Donor Forum in order to quicken the process of finding funding. The Forum works by letting organizations present their cases in just 15 minutes during a lunch and helps to personally connect philanthropists with the organizations they wish to help. The Donors Forum requires its members to donate at least $10,000 a year to the causes they choose, and any organization that wishes to make a pitch to receive funding from donors must pass a pre-screening first. This ensures that the organizations that the Donor Forum works with are legitimate.

One benefit of being a part of the Donor Forum is that organizations can find out if they will receive funding very quickly. This allows them to get back to the work they are normally focused on. There are many different organizations and presenters who work with the Donor Forum, and a couple of these include JLens and the Reservists on Duty. As a pioneer, Adam Milstein and others are now wondering if anyone else will follow in the footsteps of the Donor Forum to create something similar.

Greensky Credit Is Revolutionizing The Financial Tech Industry

GreenskyCredit is a thriving financial technology company that is revolutionizing the way people obtain loans for a variety of purposes. According to Wikipedia, the company was co-founded in 2006 by David Zalik in Atlanta, GA.

A New Way to Obtain Funding

Unlike other companies that provide financing for their customers, GreenskyCredit actually doesn’t loan the money. Instead, they partner with federally insured creditors who have a reputation for excellence. Greensky Credit works as the middleman by obtaining the capital and brokering the deal between the financial institution and the customer. For example, a contractor will negotiate with a Greensky Credit representative to help the homeowner get ideal terms on financing for a remodeling project or a new build.

Incredible Success

Greensky Credit has enjoyed an incredible amount of success since its humble beginnings. It was piloted by David Zalik himself, from his basement for years. Once the company began to gain traction, it achieved unheard of success to the tune of 3.6 billion in total revenue to date as quoted in a recent article posted to Bloomberg Businessweek. That figure is steadily climbing and projected to continue over the next several years.

One of the key factors of the companies continued success is its commitment to providing funding to lenders with favorable credit scores and history. This ensures that the loans are paid and the company is able to collect their share of the returns they are given for bringing the customer to the bank that is lending the money. The company also has employees who reach out to the customer and contractors to present an opportunity for a loan rather than waiting for the customer to come to the lender.

It stands to reason that Greensky Credit will continue to be one of the top financial technology companies in the market. Its revolutionary concept has brought a new dimension to standard practices and paves the way for other companies to follow its lead.

Victoria Doramus Support For The Best Friends Animal Society

Victoria Doramus is a professional in the digital and print media with a fondness for the creative. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in journalism and mass communication. Doramus entails a broad experience in media, branding, advertising and communication. Her experiences include working with Creative Arts Agency, Stila Cosmetics, Mindshare and personal assistant of Peter Berg, a film director and producer.

Victoria Doramus as a recovering addict undergoes various difficulties. As she starts her recovery process, she understood how vital it is to assist others. She discovered animals also needs help and therefore, supports the Best Friends Animal Society.

The Best Friends Animal Society is a non-profit organization and an animal welfare society, that started in the 1980s. The organization began as a result of animal killing as an approach to dealing with unwanted pets in America. About 17million cats and dogs were killed yearly which involved killing first the old and sick.

A group of friends agreed to take these animals to a secure healing place. The friends gave the animals’ love and care. Most of the animals got adopted to loving families whereas those who remained went to a new sanctuary.

The society helps animals by trying to stop the killings in animal shelters in America. This is done through the creation of community programs and partnership throughout the country. The organization believes that by working together they can save all the animals. The Best Friends Animal Society dreams that one day America’s animal shelters will no longer kill the animals.

Victoria Doramus supports the Best Friends Animal Society because of their belief that sick, old or unwanted animals, deserved care and love. She also focuses on other charities organization including the Women’s Prison Association, Room to Read and the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Sahm Adrangi and IT firms.

Sahm Adrangi is a renowned investor around the world. He has done businesses that have turned out to be very successful. He explains the development of two information technology firms and how they have related to each other. These IT firms are Cognizant and Luxoft.

Sahm Adrangi currently works at Kerrisdale Capital, and this has about $150 million that he manages and has held Luxoft (a software firm) business shares since the beginning of 2015. He says that they doubled their position in the third quarter because the decreasing stock created a great opportunity.

Sahm Adrangi liked Luxoft because it was similar to Cognizant, which was at some point Kerrisdale Capital’s second largest holding. Luxoft has been slowly selling off its stake in Cognizant and we are told the reason these two information technology firms have changed positions. Luxoft and Cognizant have got variation in programming and valuation in that Luxoft programming is way better compared to Cognizant.

Sahm Adrangi explains how Cognizant was about fifteen years ago and he says that it was the size of Luxoft. The reason Luxoft has done so well is because of the high demand for software developer work. Luxoft has had its stock rise up to 30 times. Luxoft is unique because it has experienced programmers who not only design websites but also focus on much profitable projects. These programmers have graduated from renowned universities that offer quality education on engineering courses across the world.

Luxoft concentrates on just a few major customers while Cognizant is more diverse and this way Luxoft is not as valued as Cognizant. This is one difference that makes people value Cognizant more than Luxoft however the latter is still at its young stages and with time it may reach out to more people therefore gaining more value. Luxoft has great potential to grow and expand throughout the world in a few years.

Sahm Adrangi is highly experienced in matters business and also economics and therefore this has led to his success in the business sector. He is able to manage Kerrisdale Capital a company that is worth lots of millions.

Gold And Platinum: A Review Of NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV has walked away both of the highly desired Gold and Platinum Marcom awards handed out by the Videographer Awards. This award program is a benchmark in the television-broadcast & cable industry.

Newswatch TV won for excellence in entertainment television programming for their 30-minute review show currently airing in America and all over the world via the internet. This isn’t their first award neither, they’ve had past success with other shows they provide.

What Is The Videographer Awards?

Launched in 1994, the Videographer Awards recognize and honor those who excel in the marketing industry. They are overseen and critiqued by the massive Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP).

What Is The Marcom Awards?

Founded in 1995, the Marcom awards has blossomed into a prestigious competition for the marketing community. They currently receive over 5,000 entries yearly from all over the globe. They too are overseen and critiqued by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP).

Who Is NewsWatch TV?

This weekly aired television show originally launched in 1990 and has evolved to receive a viewership of about 100 million in just the United States.

Headquartered out of Washington, D.C. they currently have more than 1,200 episodes of their hugely successful show. With more than a quarter of a century worth of experience it isn’t hard to see why they have reached over 700 million people who have tuned in to catch NewsWatch TV.

Their current broadcast team consists of:

Host Andrew Tropeano

Host Susan Bridges

Co-Host Michelle Ison


A Review Of NewsWatch

Recently they spoke with an ongoing client, Nathalie Van Wijkvilliet about what her experience was like working with NewsWatch TV. Nathalie responded,” I think it’s great working with NewsWatch.” She’s partnered with them in the past and plans on working with them again in the future.

NewsWatch garners the attention and success that every client wants from the marketing team.

Sussex Health Care offering Hope and Care

Sussex Health Care is an independent company working as a network of facilities. The company offers care homes as well as other support services primarily focused in Sussex. The company currently runs 20 homes with most of its services geared towards caring for older people. This includes those mentally challenged as a result of Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia. It also offers special care for adults facing learning or physical challenges. This includes those struggling with neurological disabilities. With highly trained professionals, Sussex Health care offers support to its patients 24/7 using state of the art facilities and modern technology.

Sussex healthcare recently celebrated 25 years of operation, and this gave them an opportunity to reflect back at the challenges and successes they have been through for over two decades. The company is run under the co-chairmanship of Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani. The two have blended their diverse backgrounds and skills to give Sussex Healthcare the strength it needs to pull through its mandate. While Bonghani is experienced in hotel management, Sachedina, on the other hand, has a medical background having worked as a dental surgeon. This perfect combination is what has catapulted the company over the years to an award-winning adult care facility.

Notably, Sussex Healthcare’s facilities cater for both individuals who need extensive care as well as those in need of more limited care. It boasts of a skilled support team and staff, fully committed to ensure they serve the people who call this facility home. What’s more, Sussex Healthcare’s management believes in the power of competitive compensation, continuous education and training for its staff. Besides, their work ethic is built on the firm believe that apart from offering physical health care, those people in their care deserve to get the best of social life, leisure and recreational activities.

Innovation and Creativity at Academy of Art University

Students of Academy of Art University participated in a fashion design panel. This panel was moderated by the assistant director of the School of Fashion. Students and other people in attendance played an essential role. The aim of the panel was to challenge audiences by giving what they deserve, including people with disabilities. Designers forget to factor in disability when they are making their creations.

Designs are essential because they say a lot about the wearer’s personality. Fashion and creation is about coming up with brilliant ideas that say the best about the client. For example, a designer is expected to create attire that is unique yet has an exquisite taste for the owner. People with disabilities also require similar effort from designers. Their needs ought to be factored in while deciding on the brand or product. Every individual deserves the best from designers and all the rest of professionals in the field.


Since its inception in 1929, Academy of Art University has always excelled in innovation and creativity. The university has been a source of inspiration to raw talent. Every student who goes through this institution comes out with honed skills and relevant qualification. The university prepares and molds students to impact their surrounding with positive contribution.

In particular, the university admits students aspiring to pursue communication, design and art. At every course completion, students are capable of running portfolio development projects. The university has to function under some certain laws and requirements. The first one is meeting the minimum entry requirements to the university. Art school is mostly about practical than theories. Students are expected to formulate their styles. Their approach motivates students to develop professional knowledge and technical skills.

All stakeholders at the Academy of Art University work together. Collaboration is a critical pillar of the institute and it has highly contributed to the progress and professionalism in the organization. Also, students and staff members require support from each other. That is why the institution upholds collaborations. Students are professionals in the making. Therefore, ethics and integrity are part of the training. All graduates are expected to embrace high levels of professionalism after completing college.

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Betsy DeVos and Educational Advancements

Betsy DeVos isn’t a frivolous person by any stretch of the imagination. She’s been showcasing her fervor for hard work for years now. She attended Calvin College located in Michigan when she was still called Elisabeth Prince. People who were in her life then can back up her actions today. She’s always been an individual who has had convictions that are tough to deny. DeVos’ devotion to excellence may be a relic of her father. Her father was a highly regarded All-American businessman who instilled a strong work ethic in DeVos. DeVos’ husband has a work ethic that matches hers well. Dick DeVos has reveled in an existence that’s been just as productive and enriching. His father was one of the entrepreneurs who brought the Amway Corporation into the public eye. The younger Mr. DeVos even ran the Amway Corporation for years during the nineties and early 2000s. He realized it was time to exit the Amway Corporation in 2003.


Many people call Ms. DeVos the United States’ Secretary of Education. That would be a truthful statement as well. President Donald Trump knew that DeVos would do a lot with the position. That was his incentive to hire her for it in the first place. DeVos isn’t at all unfamiliar with the inner workings of the school system in the United States. She’s been delving into educational matters for years and years. She’s set foot inside of countless American charter schools. She’s exchanged comments with hundreds and perhaps even thousands of parents over the years, too. She has gotten in touch with so many parents who have questions that relate to school choice and their kids.


DeVos doesn’t think that it’s ever a smart idea to sit back and watch things as they come. She’s always been the kind of individual who has gone after her objectives. She proved this with the founding of the famed Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Mr. and Mrs. DeVos introduced the not-for-profit group in the eighties. It’s been around for what seems like eons to many people. Betsy and Dick, however, have made excellent use out of it. It has received donations that have done so much to push artwork and culture in America forward. It has received donations that have helped all kinds of educational objectives.


Most people probably wouldn’t guess that DeVos has ever met a rapper named Pitbull. She’s not a musician. DeVos and Pitbull, however, are undoubtedly people who are on good terms with one another. They like to discuss the path of charter schools in the United States. They talked as a duo at a Miami school about the topic. Pitbull endorses charter schools just like DeVos does.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on Facebook.

DAMAC Properties Founder and Chairman, Hussain Sajwani

The Early Life and Career of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani began working as a Contracts Manager at GASCO after completing his Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Washington. In 1982, the UAE national started a catering venture that would offer food services. She served the U.S. military personnel through his catering services, and in the mid-1990s, Hussain Sajwani set up several hotels in the UAE to accommodate the growing number of foreign investors.

In 2002, Sajwani launched a real-estate company, DAMAC properties, which has over time grown to become one of the largest real estate firms in the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani has exceptional skills in property development with a specialty in fields such as sales, legal, marketing, administration, and finance. The DAMAC owner has meticulously applied his knowledge to help the company grow and expand.

DAMAC Properties has built prestigious buildings in cities such as Jeddah, Riyadh, Beirut, Amman, London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Doha. It currently has 2000 employees across the globe. DAMAC Properties is publicly listed, and its shares are currently trading on the Dubai’s financial market. DAMAC Properties’s development portfolio comprises over 20,230 homes and 44,000 units.

Hussain Sajwani has interests in other fields such as the global equity and capital markets. He also owns the DICO Investments Company, which deals with private equities, acquisitions, and mergers. Moreover, the Hussain Sajwani Family has connections with some of the world’s most prominent business people such as Donald Trump, who admires and take pride in doing business with the Sajwani family. In fact, they co-own several organizations such as the Trump International Golf Club. Mr. Sajwani hopes to deepen his cooperation with Donald Trump’s firm, The Trump Organization.

In 2013, Sajwani demonstrated his passion for philanthropy when he donated 2 million AED to buy clothes for less privileged children around the world. His donation was toward supporting the Dubai government’s initiative, the Ramadan Initiative which aims to buy clothes for over one million children. Hussain Sajwani made this contribution on behave of DAMAC Properties, and the company has since received praise for its continued generosity.