Innovation and Creativity at Academy of Art University

Students of Academy of Art University participated in a fashion design panel. This panel was moderated by the assistant director of the School of Fashion. Students and other people in attendance played an essential role. The aim of the panel was to challenge audiences by giving what they deserve, including people with disabilities. Designers forget to factor in disability when they are making their creations.

Designs are essential because they say a lot about the wearer’s personality. Fashion and creation is about coming up with brilliant ideas that say the best about the client. For example, a designer is expected to create attire that is unique yet has an exquisite taste for the owner. People with disabilities also require similar effort from designers. Their needs ought to be factored in while deciding on the brand or product. Every individual deserves the best from designers and all the rest of professionals in the field.


Since its inception in 1929, Academy of Art University has always excelled in innovation and creativity. The university has been a source of inspiration to raw talent. Every student who goes through this institution comes out with honed skills and relevant qualification. The university prepares and molds students to impact their surrounding with positive contribution.

In particular, the university admits students aspiring to pursue communication, design and art. At every course completion, students are capable of running portfolio development projects. The university has to function under some certain laws and requirements. The first one is meeting the minimum entry requirements to the university. Art school is mostly about practical than theories. Students are expected to formulate their styles. Their approach motivates students to develop professional knowledge and technical skills.

All stakeholders at the Academy of Art University work together. Collaboration is a critical pillar of the institute and it has highly contributed to the progress and professionalism in the organization. Also, students and staff members require support from each other. That is why the institution upholds collaborations. Students are professionals in the making. Therefore, ethics and integrity are part of the training. All graduates are expected to embrace high levels of professionalism after completing college.

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