Sussex Health Care offering Hope and Care

Sussex Health Care is an independent company working as a network of facilities. The company offers care homes as well as other support services primarily focused in Sussex. The company currently runs 20 homes with most of its services geared towards caring for older people. This includes those mentally challenged as a result of Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia. It also offers special care for adults facing learning or physical challenges. This includes those struggling with neurological disabilities. With highly trained professionals, Sussex Health care offers support to its patients 24/7 using state of the art facilities and modern technology.

Sussex healthcare recently celebrated 25 years of operation, and this gave them an opportunity to reflect back at the challenges and successes they have been through for over two decades. The company is run under the co-chairmanship of Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani. The two have blended their diverse backgrounds and skills to give Sussex Healthcare the strength it needs to pull through its mandate. While Bonghani is experienced in hotel management, Sachedina, on the other hand, has a medical background having worked as a dental surgeon. This perfect combination is what has catapulted the company over the years to an award-winning adult care facility.

Notably, Sussex Healthcare’s facilities cater for both individuals who need extensive care as well as those in need of more limited care. It boasts of a skilled support team and staff, fully committed to ensure they serve the people who call this facility home. What’s more, Sussex Healthcare’s management believes in the power of competitive compensation, continuous education and training for its staff. Besides, their work ethic is built on the firm believe that apart from offering physical health care, those people in their care deserve to get the best of social life, leisure and recreational activities.

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