Amazing impacts of Dr. Saad Saad Discoveries on Medical Field

Dr. Saad Sad Is a distinguished pediatric medic for a long time. His expertise in the medical field has seen him transform the pediatric surgical department to a new higher level. Dr. Saad says he believes that necessity is the mother of discovery. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

Throughout his career, he has not been held up by traditional ways of doing things. Instead, he has risen above the norm and come up with discoveries that have transformed the health sector to date.

Both in the USA and Jerusalem, Dr. Saad has been able to help many small children and youths. He carried out Medical Missions in Jerusalem and West Bank where many children, especially from the poor backgrounds, received free medical care and also surgeries.

Dr. Saad Saad has been instrumental in the discovery of Catheters and ways to improve endoscopy. His main aim is to change the traditional ways of doing things and modernize them to make it easier for the doctors to perform their operations while at the same time making it safer for the patients.

Through his discoveries, the doctors can locate the exact positions of the catheter without performing an operation or a body scan as it was the tradition. This has reduced the risks the patients would go through if they were to be subjected through the scan for a repeated number of times. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad:

His second invention is primarily to make endoscopy safer and effective. The stomach, the throat, the bladder, and the colon are very delicate parts of the body. Hence there needs a lot of care when diagnosing and treating them.

Dr. Saad has come up with improved ways to help the doctors be able to look inside this body parts without doing a scan or operation. Being aware that the body produces fluids that can block the viewing of the intended areas, Dr. Saad invented the suction-irrigation device to prevent the body fluids from obstructing the view.

Dr. Saad confirms the usefulness of this device having used them himself on different occasions. He has conducted numerous operations in his career as a pediatric specialist. The process becomes much more comfortable and effective for the doctors as they can move the endoscope and at the same time readjust the focal point. The doctor will save time and allow maximum concentration on the procedure.

The suction and irrigation process is easy to perform and relatively cheap, doctors in the modern world mostly use it. Like earlier said, Dr. Saad has used it many times on patients, and it was a success.

The only challenge that is hindering the implementation of the inventions is the high cost of manufacturing the devices. However, a Utah-based company has agreed to produce the endoscopes.

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