How Dave Farbaky’s Aloha Construction Cares for the Society

During the stormy seasons, you need a construction professional by your side to help you in any form of repairs. Aloha Construction, Inc. is your company of choice at such times. Based in Lake Zurich, the company serves all customers in Wisconsin and Illinois. Aloha deals with a wide variety of home construction repairs including siding services, roofing, screen replacement, gutter installation, insulation board installation, and shutter installation.



Aloha Construction, Inc. is a family owned and operated business. Over the years, the company has managed to grow tremendously. Through teams of the field officers, inspection officers, supervisors, and the office team, the company has managed to successfully complete over 7,000 projects. Despite having humble beginnings, today the company is the most prominent in the industry. Its main strengths include observation of safety measures in the construction industry and applying excellence and intelligence required in the industry.



Excellence in Customer Service



When the storm hits, you need to have your home repaired soonest possible to provide safety to your family. Unfortunately, this is not always the case as the insurance company might take a little while before they settle. Aloha Construction, Inc. has familiarized themselves with insurance companies. They work hand in hand with insurance adjusters and go an extra mile to help you in filing claims.



Additionally, Aloha Construction believes in delivering quality. If you call them to repair your roof, they replace it with a high-quality roof that will give you long-lasting service. They also go an extra mile of offering a ten-year warranty on all newly installed roofs. This is an assurance that you have a quality roof. It also guarantees you that in case anything goes south within ten years after installation, you will have it repaired without hesitation.

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