Gareth Henry: A Formidable Force in the Financial Sector

It is not common to hear of a person like Gareth Henry who has scoured his way to become one of the renowned bigwigs in the financial and investments industry.

What makes him a rarity is the fact that despite having a degree in actuarial mathematics from the University of Edinburgh, he didn’t end up in the insurance sector like many of his colleagues did. Today, he is one of the renowned figures in the financial industry, particularly in investor relations.

“What makes me different is the ability to speak with colleagues and clients regarding their investment opportunities in a way that added value to them. That not common to all mathematics scholars,” said Gareth.

His deep understanding, combined with his commitment to offer quality consumer service earned him a leadership position in Fortress Investment Group as the Head of Investor Relations (IR) in charge of global operations. Gareth Henry also served in Angelo Gordon, and in so doing, he curved his successful path in the hedge fund and private equity.

Before joining Angelo Gordon, Gareth Henry managed to raise considerable capital for Fortress, which positively impacted the company’s hedge funds, private equity, real estate vehicles and private credit. Gareth Henry’s primary responsibility was to interact and engage investors from the U.S, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Follow Gareth Henry on

Private Equity: Expanding Your Investment Portfolio

According to Gareth, private equity is an alternative investment plan that comprises capital that hasn’t been listed in the public exchange. Private equity companies get involved in large buyouts of public firms, thus delisting public equity. PE is a growing industry that has captured the attention of many people.

Although private equity is mostly associated with privately-held companies, most of these companies also hold staked in publicly traded stocks. That mostly takes place when a private firm goes public through an Initial Public Offer (IPO).

The financial proceeding of private equity can be utilized in bolstering the operations through new technologies, increasing capital and improve and solidify the accounting system. A rewarding form of private equity is venture capital that helps new startups achieve a higher growth rate away from the pressure of quarterly income reports. As per Gareth Henry, private equity is an alternative investment sector that can tremendously boost your portfolio.

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Neurocore and the Portland Trailblazers Team Up for Biofeedback

There is a company called Neurocore that has developed a new approach in looking at human health. The founder of the company is Doctor Timothy G. Royer. He has produced a number of products to help change and improve the health of a person, particularly those who exercise and “work out.” Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

This next segment may seem a little strange, and almost like science fiction to some, but hold on, it gets better: The Portland Trailblazers (yes, the NBA team) has signed up with Neurocore in order to help the players play better. After a game, the players are led into a room where they watch videos with devices hooked to their brains while wearing headphones. During a thirty-minute session, he device reads electrical activity in the brain. This device supposedly speeds up the recovery of the players and give them to ability to get better sleep that restores their abilities to play better.

Neurocore brain training takes a thirty minute session and teaches the user how to breath deeply and more slowly, letting the brain learn how to stay within that core of physical activity. This allows for a new way and sharpening the mind and the body. There are no drugs involved in this unusual procedure, and there is no harm done to anyone. It is designed as a way to train the brain, not the body, into behaving in a different, more physical mode when physicality is needed.

Neurocore produces a variety of products to train the brain and to provide nutrition for the neurons being trained.


To some, Neurocore may seem like a practice of charlatans. However, biofeedback and neurofeedback have been used extensively in sports and other fields of endeavor. The brain is made of up countless very tiny cells called neurons, and it is possible to train these neurons to be electrically charged when called upon to do so. Tying is a given example: When you type a letter, certain neurons in the brain respond by allowing the movement of certain fingers to remember exactly where the key is, and what it should look like when finished. Reading a word, a person can tell that the word is misspelled simply because the neurons in the brain recognize that it is spelled incorrectly.

It is truly interesting to note that a major league team has stepped forward in a project with a new type of idea to train. The Portland Trailblazers just may be onto some with Neurocore. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Paul Mampilly’s Expert Investment Advisor

Paul Mampilly is the Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. Paul urges investors to look for financial opportunities in the food sector, in recent recommendations. According to him, food companies are set to gain because of Millennials.

Millennials are becoming the world’s first adult generation without cooking skills. The reason is that this generation has grown up with two working parents. Now, food companies must figure out how to cater to Millennial’s meal preferences. Research indicates that:

• Millennials are most prominent diners when compared to other generations

• Millennials are aware of trends because they’re highly educated.

• Millennials research their food.

• Millennials are making food delivery services grow. It is because of their interest in comfortable dining and nutritious/ healthy meals.

Paul Mampilly sees the points above as enough reason to invest in food service companies. He predicts stock owners of these companies are set to gain heavily soon. Mampilly also anticipates a lot of profits in the medical and automotive industry because of Millennials. This generation will have access to advanced medical care. It will make companies that invest in precision medicine highly profitable. Precision medicine is the core of advanced medicine. It is a good time for investors to buy stock in the medical industry.

In the automotive industry, Paul Mampilly expects a lot of gains by vehicle companies embracing technology like Tesla. He compares the Telsa movement to the iPhone movement. Apple took over the mobile industry due to technology. Paul predicts the most technologically adept to cars, such as Tesla, to follow Apple’s footsteps. This accurate prediction makes stocks of such companies ideal.

Paul is an influential force in the finance world. He graduated from Fordham University (1991). His career began in Wall Street as Bankers Trusts’ assistant portfolio manager. Paul Mampilly has also worked for various legal firms in his journey of mastering the art of investing. In 2006, he was Kinetics Asset Management’s ($6 billion firm) hedge fund manager. During the financial crisis (2008/2009), Paul won a prestigious Templeton Foundation award. Beating his opponents proved his skills and knowledge to all doubters.

Paul Mampilly is currently an advocate in the investment sector. His passion is helping individuals get the most out of their paychecks. He appears on television programs to offer insights. He also has numerous newsletters, the most prominent being Profits Unlimited. His newsletters focus on providing financial tips.

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Real Estate Entrepreneur Zeco Auriemo Has Shaped Brazil’s Shopping Landscape With JHSF

Zeco Auriemo, for those in the know regarding Brazilian real estate, is quite a big name. He has done some great things with JHSF and leads the organization as a strong, dedicated CEO. JSHF is one of the biggest players in Brazil’s real estate market, and its headquarters is in Sao Paulo, refer to ( When it comes to developing successful properties, this company certainly knows a thing or two, as it has been heavily influential in the development of shopping centers, residential buildings and commercial buildings across Brazil as well as some additional countries.

Zeco Auriemo began is journey with JHSF in 1993, and his influence was extremely helpful in the securing of rights for building the Santa Cruz shopping property. The most famous development that Zeco had a role in is Cidade Jardim, and this is a massive complex in Brazil that plays host to nearly 200 retail shops, the Fasano Hotel, a few offices and 9 different towers where residents can live. Thanks to his various accomplishments, the Business of Fashion selected Mr. Auriemo for its BoF 500, and its editors were quite convincing in their praise of him.

One of the main reasons that Zeco Auriemo was able to secure a spot on this list was the fact that he was the one to introduce the Brazilian economy to several key luxury brands. Pucci, Hermes and Jimmy Choo are all companies that have formed partnerships with Mr. Auriemo and JHSF in recent years. He also had a role in the very first Valentino and Valentino Red shops that opened up inside of Brazil. In addition to Cidade Jardim, some other shopping properties that are in Zeco’s portfolio are Bela Vista, Metro Tucuruvi and Ponta Negra.


Sujit Choudhry: Catalonia and Spain Presidents Should Accept Secession

Sujit Choudhry is always consulted by many people so that he can share his opinions on crucial matters that affect many nations. Being one of the best constitutional lawyers in the world, Sujit has left a significant mark in many nations of the globe, see also ( When he was in studying, the young lawyer fortunately visited many nations, and this presented itself as the best opportunity to understand different cultures and governments. Today, Sujit Choudhry uses the skills he received in his college years so that he can make the perfect decisions for company residents, read also (

This year, Sujit Choudhry and a team of constitutional experts who have been in the profession for a long time took some time to write an open document that will be presented to the Spanish and Catalonian governments. The two nations have been having a lot of crisis, and they have been engaging in dialogue so that they can live in peace just like ordinary people in the world. Sujit Choudhry and his friends are giving their opinions, hoping that the two governments will corporate and at the end of the day have open discussions about the constitutional problems they have been having for a long time.

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First of all, Sujit and the rest of the scholars fell that the Catalonian president should show that he has made a commitment to secede from Spain as soon as possible. The scholars have advised the president to show the commitment by arranging a simple referendum that will be a way of showing the desires of the people in Catalonia. The leaders of Spain will also have to show the world that they want peace by accepting that the secession plan is the best option at the moment. Most of the Catalans have been expressing their minds that this is what they want for their country, and the Spanish president should support their plans. The referendum, according to the scholars, is a good idea, and it should not be suppressed by any of the individuals who are living in both nations. The Catalonians need to make a constitution that will promote peace and unity in the future.



Aloha Restoration receives recognition from Super Bowl Champ Tom Thayer

According to an article by, Aloha Restoration has received recognition from Super Bowl Champion Tom Thayer who played for the Chicago Bears back in 1985. Aloha Restoration is a division of Aloha Construction that are experts in water removal and mold removal but provide other services too. Tom Thayer does some radio still and supports the company, along with his Bears team. President and CEO David A. Farbaky is a fan of the Chicago Bears himself and Tom Thayer is one of his favorite players to ever play in the NFL. The president has pictures of Thayer and others on the team hanging around at the office a while back. Aloha Restoration, Thayer reminds, is a brand everyone should be using for the brutal winter and for any damages made to homes.


Aloha Restoration provides services to residents of Southern Wisconsin and Illinois. Aside from repairing damages to homes, the division also does home remodeling. The company can be contacted by phone or via their website. The contractor also has many positive reviews on their Facebook profile and support the Bears NFL team, even giving out tickets to go to their games. Aloha Restoration also provides many services such as mold removal, smoke restoration, water removal, fire damage restoration, and they clean carpets too, according to their page. Aloha Construction remembers from early beginnings that they always planned on expanding their company to provide more services and become bigger. Aloha Restoration works around the clock and will respond to anyone that messages them for service and customers can also even schedule for a free in-home assessment.


Prnewswire main article


Facebook page


Aloha Contruction page

Get Gentle Pain Relief For Your Baby With Hyland’s

When your baby is getting teeth, many parents want a gentle and safe pain relief. Teething can be a difficult time for babies and parents. Your baby will have several symptoms while their teeth are coming in for the first time. They can experience bulging gums, drooling, trouble sleeping, irritability, rejecting food, and rubbing their face. Many parents have used toys to help their baby with drooling and chewing. However, what can you give your baby for the pain that comes with sprouting new teeth? Hyland’s homeopathic baby oral relief pain tablets is a safe alternative for your little one.


Hyland’s is a family owned and operated network. They serve as a leading homeopathic company in North America. They’re dedicated to nurturing and supporting your baby through every stage of growth. They also seek to educate their families through strong community knowledge. In fact, they have been trusted by mothers for generations with over 100 years of experience. Hyland’s tablets have been passed down for generations under the strictest standards of preparation. They support the health and wellness of babies around the world. Their products are made with all natural ingredients that provide an effective remedy for your teething baby.


They provide a soft chewable tablet that immediately soothes your baby’s pain. If your baby is extra fussy, it could be a sign that they’re getting their teeth. Enjoy a safe alternative to over-the-counter medication. They’re there to support your baby every step of the way with organic pain relief with Hyland’s.

Steve Ritchie Brings a Fresh Start and New Optimism for Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie, the new Chief Executive Officer for Papa John’s since the beginning of the year, has been reaching out to the franchisees and their team members. He knows how important it is to get feedback on what is needed to make Papa John’s the best pizza and a better brand.

It was important for him to listen first hand directly from the people who run and work in store locations across the country. He’s visited Papa John’s franchises in cities such as Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago and Detroit. He knows how important listening to those on the front lines making Papa John’s what it is today. To Steve Ritchie his people are all family to him, and like all families, open dialogue and communication is what makes for success.

As per Bloomberg, Steve Ritchie is committed to regaining the trust with the customers and the communities the franchises are located in. He knows his people care by how much they’ve been involved in the local schools and charities. He’s heard how some of the conversations with customers have been difficult due to the recent loss of trust. His conversations with the store managers, drivers and pizza makers, that at times might have been difficult, is helping him understand what’s needed to plan for a fresh start and brighter future. He is seeing a renewed excitement and commitment that he feels will result in a winning attitude to move the company forward.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns knows that building a brand with a purpose takes not only listening to its team members but understanding them. A company can not be run by one person alone. It takes a team, a family of committed individuals that together will make a difference in the communities they live and work. There is new optimism for the Papa John’s franchise and brand with Steve Ritchie at the helm. Check out Sajwani’s profile on Crunchbase.

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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Has Cultivated A Truly Impressive Doctor/Patient Relationship With His Clientele:

In the Dallas, Texas region, there are few plastic surgeons who can equal the accomplishments and patient respect that Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has established over the course of his career in the medical profession. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon and has now been practicing in the Dallas area of ten years. Dr. Jejurikar is a member of Dallas’s prestigious Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. His practice puts a heavy emphasis on the areas of cosmetic surgery on the breasts, body, eyes and nose. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar always takes the needs of his patients into the utmost levels of consideration and this is why he has developed such a sterling reputation among his patient base. The good things that they have to say about Dr. Jejurikar are nearly endless.

The amount of training in the area of cosmetic surgery that Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has developed is truly impressive and he has turned that training into a serious level of expertise in his field. Above all, he strives to produce truly natural looks in the results that he achieves with his patients in the cosmetic surgery procedures that he does for them. Listening to what each and every patient is looking for is a critical part of Dr. Jejurikar’s process and it is something that he takes very seriously.

During the course of his career, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has garnered numerous grants for research as well as fellowships. These have come from some of the most prestigious medical institutions in his field and include the National Institute of Health Training as well as the renowned Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation. Continued personal development and research are key factors utilized by Dr. Sameer Jejurikar in order to achieve the level of success that he has attained in the field of cosmetic surgery.

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