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Paul Mampilly is the Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. Paul urges investors to look for financial opportunities in the food sector, in recent recommendations. According to him, food companies are set to gain because of Millennials.

Millennials are becoming the world’s first adult generation without cooking skills. The reason is that this generation has grown up with two working parents. Now, food companies must figure out how to cater to Millennial’s meal preferences. Research indicates that:

• Millennials are most prominent diners when compared to other generations

• Millennials are aware of trends because they’re highly educated.

• Millennials research their food.

• Millennials are making food delivery services grow. It is because of their interest in comfortable dining and nutritious/ healthy meals.

Paul Mampilly sees the points above as enough reason to invest in food service companies. He predicts stock owners of these companies are set to gain heavily soon. Mampilly also anticipates a lot of profits in the medical and automotive industry because of Millennials. This generation will have access to advanced medical care. It will make companies that invest in precision medicine highly profitable. Precision medicine is the core of advanced medicine. It is a good time for investors to buy stock in the medical industry.

In the automotive industry, Paul Mampilly expects a lot of gains by vehicle companies embracing technology like Tesla. He compares the Telsa movement to the iPhone movement. Apple took over the mobile industry due to technology. Paul predicts the most technologically adept to cars, such as Tesla, to follow Apple’s footsteps. This accurate prediction makes stocks of such companies ideal.

Paul is an influential force in the finance world. He graduated from Fordham University (1991). His career began in Wall Street as Bankers Trusts’ assistant portfolio manager. Paul Mampilly has also worked for various legal firms in his journey of mastering the art of investing. In 2006, he was Kinetics Asset Management’s ($6 billion firm) hedge fund manager. During the financial crisis (2008/2009), Paul won a prestigious Templeton Foundation award. Beating his opponents proved his skills and knowledge to all doubters.

Paul Mampilly is currently an advocate in the investment sector. His passion is helping individuals get the most out of their paychecks. He appears on television programs to offer insights. He also has numerous newsletters, the most prominent being Profits Unlimited. His newsletters focus on providing financial tips.

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