Neurocore and the Portland Trailblazers Team Up for Biofeedback

There is a company called Neurocore that has developed a new approach in looking at human health. The founder of the company is Doctor Timothy G. Royer. He has produced a number of products to help change and improve the health of a person, particularly those who exercise and “work out.” Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

This next segment may seem a little strange, and almost like science fiction to some, but hold on, it gets better: The Portland Trailblazers (yes, the NBA team) has signed up with Neurocore in order to help the players play better. After a game, the players are led into a room where they watch videos with devices hooked to their brains while wearing headphones. During a thirty-minute session, he device reads electrical activity in the brain. This device supposedly speeds up the recovery of the players and give them to ability to get better sleep that restores their abilities to play better.

Neurocore brain training takes a thirty minute session and teaches the user how to breath deeply and more slowly, letting the brain learn how to stay within that core of physical activity. This allows for a new way and sharpening the mind and the body. There are no drugs involved in this unusual procedure, and there is no harm done to anyone. It is designed as a way to train the brain, not the body, into behaving in a different, more physical mode when physicality is needed.

Neurocore produces a variety of products to train the brain and to provide nutrition for the neurons being trained.


To some, Neurocore may seem like a practice of charlatans. However, biofeedback and neurofeedback have been used extensively in sports and other fields of endeavor. The brain is made of up countless very tiny cells called neurons, and it is possible to train these neurons to be electrically charged when called upon to do so. Tying is a given example: When you type a letter, certain neurons in the brain respond by allowing the movement of certain fingers to remember exactly where the key is, and what it should look like when finished. Reading a word, a person can tell that the word is misspelled simply because the neurons in the brain recognize that it is spelled incorrectly.

It is truly interesting to note that a major league team has stepped forward in a project with a new type of idea to train. The Portland Trailblazers just may be onto some with Neurocore. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

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