The philanthropic involvements of Victoria Doramus

The greatest gift a person can give to the world is being of help to the other people in their time of need. Victoria Doramus, a media, marketing, and PR expert knows this too well. In her long career, success has been a loyal companion, yet, her philanthropic involvements earn her more acclamation.

This says a lot about her personality and her passion to help those in need and be of more use to the community. Today, the illustrious woman is involved in several charity organizations, and her creative experience has been of much help in her benevolent activities.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation is one of the top charity organizations that Victoria Doramus is heavily involved in. After seeing the effects of alcohol and drug addiction, first hand in her life, she is no stranger to the long and daunting journey that recovering addicts endure.

The foundation main focus is to prevent young people from abusing and misusing drugs and alcohol as well as helping those recovering from addiction. The Amy Winehouse Foundation does this by giving education support and using music as an art of expression and therapy.

Victoria Doramus also supports the Room to Read organization whose main focus is to ensure that children from low-income families have the facilities they need to acquire an education. Room to read has enabled more than 12 million children from all walks of life as far as India, South Africa, Vietnam, and Nepal, acquire education. Victoria Doramus shares the belief that changing the world begins with educating children, which is the core idea that the organization was founded on.

Doramus is also involved in the Women’s Prison Association(WPA), whose main objective is to help women keep off prisons as well as assist those already behind bars in their quest to find justice. Through WPA, Victoria Doramus is able to help women rebuild their lives after serving a prison sentence.

Her love for animals also got her involved in the Best Friends Animal Society, which offers alternative options for animals in rescue shelters. Most of these animals are usually earmarked to be put down, but thorough Victoria Doramus collaboration with the society, other more human ways have been established.

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