Matthew Fleeger Has Worked Hard To Earn His Outstanding Reputation:

Matthew Fleeger is an oil and gas industry executive who has really been carving out an impressive name for himself over recent years. He heads up Gulf Coast Western as the firm’s CEO and President and has bee working hard in these roles to make a major difference within the ever evolving industry of oil and gas. The firm and its success is particularly close to his heart as it was founded by his father in 1970. Matthew’s childhood was spent surrounded by the activity of the oil and gas industry has spent plenty of time around the oil fields of Louisiana and Texas but when he became an adult he first set off to make his own success and to prove that he could follow in his father’s rather large footsteps by starting up a successful business.

Matthew Fleeger achieved his current status as a member of the Who’s Who list of professionals in business by consistently achieving great things in his business endeavours. For a number of years Matthew Fleeger placed his focus squarely on the medical industry firm that he founded called MedSolutions. He worked hard to build up this medical waste management company and turn it into a huge success story. It was after he sold MedSolutions that his path headed back to the oil and gas industry that he knew so well as a child. Matthew Fleeger had a desire to rejoin the business that had brought so much success to his family and returned his focus to Gulf Coast Western.

Today, Matthew Fleeger presides over a Gulf Coast Western that is also the Managing Venture of the cooperative organization Joint Ventures. Within these Joint Ventures, a spirit of collaboration and shared knowledge prevails in an effort to find and utilize domestic gas and oil sources across the U.S. Gulf Coast Western continues to cultivate highly valuable partnerships based on mutual respect.

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