Alexandre Gama, the Face of Neogama

     Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian advertising entrepreneur. He is a very skilled businessman with creativity and professionalism in both Advertising and Publicity. There are about 20 largest advertising agencies in Brazil, and among them is Neogama, an agency that Gama founded in 1999 and is currently its CEO and CCO.

Alexandre Gama graduated from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP), with a degree in Publicity and Advertising. The Brazil communication industry felt his presence when he started representing it after he joined ABAP. Since then, Gama has worked with other companies like BBH, DM9, among others. It is when he was the CEO of BBH that Gama became the first Brazilian to be on the leader board of global communication agencies. In 2002, Alexandre associated the two companies; Neogama and BBM, the London branch. In 2016, however, after 14 years of activity, Gama cut off the BBM network and renamed it Neogama. He showed a lot of dedication to the success of the company and put both his heart and hard work into it.

His career has had waves of successes. He has received an astounding number of awards over the years, among which are the most prestigious in Brazil. He was elected Officer of Agency of the Year, in 2006; and he received a prize for being the entrepreneur of the year, as well as a successful manager of the communications industry in 2007. Between 2009 and 2017, he has received several other awards like the prestigious Golden Lion award, which he has been accorded more than once.

Alexandre Gama is a successful entrepreneur with skills; talent of managing and professionalism in advertising.

George Soros’ History of Progress

George Soros can point to a specific point in time during which he developed the foundation for the values he has today. Born in Hungary, George Soros and his family were there when Nazis invaded the country and occupied their very homes for a full year. Over that year more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews would be personally and horrifically killed by the Nazi party. Soros and his family were lucky to escape and emigrate to London. During that formative year Soros saw first hand what the dangers of blind nationalism can do to a country and how it can effect innocent people. Now, George Soros is a champion of the people and one of the most prolific and progressive billionaires in the world. Let’s dig deeper into the person that Soros has become.

At 87 years old George Soros has not slowed down at all, despite the enormous burden he has worked under for the past half of a century. After leaving Hungary and emigrating to London George Soros would spend years working multiple jobs, focusing on paying his way through school at the London School of Economics. Here George Soros would read the works of Karl Popper in the title, ‘Open Society and Its Enemies’. Combined with his already negative views toward blind passionate nationalism, Soros came to embrace the world view of an open society that focuses on elevating everyone within it. This obviously put Soros at odds with the notion of capitalism and that led him to pen an intricate op-ed for the Atlantic which detailed the very threats of capitalism.

Outside of his thoughts on capitalism George Soros has spent the vast majority of his life focusing on spreading his progressive ideals around the world. Soros started up the Open Society Foundations in 1979 and since then he has been working non-stop. Over the past 30+ years the Open Society Foundations has donated over $12 billion to countries that were deeply in need. Soros has given back to South Africans who struggled through apartheid. He worked in the ’80s with the Communist Eastern Bloc and he has also helped the Roma people. Most of all Soros knows that in order for society to progress we must all be in it together. That is why he’s worked so steadfastly toward spreading equality, education, and transparent governing wherever he could.

Now in the United States George Soros is making a name for himself as a powerful Democratic donor. As one of the wealthiest progressives in the world Soros is the donation spigot that liberals need in order to stay competitive with the free-spending Republican party. George Soros has stepped up in unique opposition to Donald Trump’s disastrous presidency.

George Soros Social Media:

Why JHSF has been very important to the real estate investors

The successful operation of JHSF

As a leading company in the real estate sector in Brazil, investors have always applauded the name of the company for the good work that it has done. The company is dedicated to providing quality housing services o its customers within and without the country. Several of the existing customers are people from the United States who are interested in investing in Brazil. The company provides good services to the clients interested in commercial or residential properties. Other than housing, JHSF is focused on general property servicing. Most of the services offered include luxury hotels, guest rooms, conferences and several others. The investors looking for real estate investments in Brazil have always had an easy time in their search.

The need for quality

Since its inception, JHSF has had a deep desire in giving quality services to the clients. The services are not limited to specific properties or people of specific financial status, but they open to people of every economic class. The company has maintained the current high rating because of service quality. Satisfaction of the client is the primary goal of the operation. With this focus, the company has been marketing its services throughout the country. For accountability, the company has constantly been selling shares to different Brazilian companies and individuals. Being a corporation, the shareholders demand quality services to the customers to keep the trust and the ratings.

The exceptional leadership by José AuriemoNeto

José AuriemoNeto started working in the company in 1993. During this time, Neto was just a regular employee who was looking for a place in the market. The fact that he stayed with the company for long gave him an opportunity to rise through the ranks. Later in his career, José AuriemoNeto was promoted to the position of the CEO. It was in his epoch as the CEO that the company started registering impressive improvements. Neto introduced a leadership of inclusivity where all the employees felt like a part of the company. The leadership style that Neto introduced allowed different employees to share their ideas on how the company can be improved. The suggestions have so far led to an improvement in the company.

Julia Jackson and Cambria Seeds of Empowerment

Julia JacksonCambria Seeds of Empowerment are a nonprofit that was founded by Julia Jackson of Jackson-Family Wines. She is one of the talented proprietors of the award winning company and is also committed to paying it forward with the Cambria foundation. They are focused on highlighting women who have successfully overcome adversity.Barbara Banke is Julia Jackson’s mother and has proved to be an extraordinary role model for her. Jackson realizes what an incredible advantage this has been for her and wishes to provide the same opportunity for other girls and young women with the foundation. She admires her mother’s business sense and ability to run the company. She also relays that her mother is a very authentic person with a strong sense of self. The Cambria Seeds of Empowerment foundation are all about celebrating Warrior Women. These types of women effectively deal with adversity and life’s hardships while also displaying strength as a woman in leadership roles with significant impact. There are three traits that characterize these women and they are equality, community, and spirit. Julia Jackson

Cambria awards cash grants to organizations that exhibit these qualities. Julia Jackson strongly feels that there aren’t enough positive role models for young women to look up to in the media. Cambria hopes to remedy that by highlighting those women who excel in the face of adversity and show strong leadership in business.Formal education was very important to Jackson and she achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art from Scripps College. Here, she found an opportunity to develop her artistic side and later secured a Certificate in General Management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.Champ de Rêves is one brand that Jackson-Family produces and its claim to fame is their production of Pinot Noir. This is a premier product of the high altitude conditions of Anderson Valley in Mendocino County. Jackson-Family specializes in crafting wines with remarkable distinction from unique growing conditions and this is a fine example.

The CEO of CP+B Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is the CEO of CP+B. Before CP+B she was KBS’s Global Executive Chairman. Her responsibilities include deepening the unique model of MDC, driving strategic vision, and working with the partner agencies of MDC in a consultative position to fuel cross-collaboration and growth. She also plays the role of a leader in partnering with customers to facilitate the optimization of flawless structures across partner capabilities. At KBS, Lori Senecal mainly focused on the global vision and growth of the agency.

Before KBS, Lori Senecal served as President of McCann Erickson. Before becoming President, she worked as Global Chief Innovation Officer at McCann Worldgroup. While at McCann, she founded a young adult marketing specialty unit known as TAG Ideation.

In the past five years, Lori Senecal has pioneered a brand new desire for the industry. Moreover, she successfully ignited a movement that goes past the overstatement of ‘innovation’ to actual invention. This has helped make KBS the brand organization for an imaginative world. While at KBS, Lori spearheaded KBS & Assassins (business units around technology), KBS Ventures (start-up investment), and KBS Content Labs (content creation).

Lori Senecal Advice to Employees

Lori Senecal gives confidence to employees to invent their desired careers. She has incubated and backed a wide range of startups and passion projects by employees through organization invention competitions to inspire and incentivize employees across the organization while promoting culture and invention.

Under the leadership of Lori Senecal, KBS grew to have more than 800 individuals worldwide from a simple 250 person domestic agency. Presently, the agency is among the best places to work in New York City. For three consecutive years, KBS has been on Standout Agencies Ad Week’s list. It works with a wide range of blue-chip clients such as BMW, TE Connectivity, American Express, Simmons Bedding Company, HomeGoods, Vanguard, William Grant & Sons, Harman, Boar’s Head and Victoria’s Secret PINK, among others.

Lori Senecal regularly provides thought leadership and industry insights through television appearances, speaking engagements, and award juries. For the last two years, Lori acted as Jury Chair for Isaac Awards honoring invention. She is also a Board of Directors member at MDC Partners, Inc.

George Soros: The Greatest Human Rights Activist Come Philanthropist

Every time the world’s famous philanthropists and human rights activists are mentioned, you are sure to come across the name “George Soros”. While many may mistakenly believe that Soros was born into a rich family, the opposite is true. Soros had to work his finger to the bone in order to amass such a great fortune. Born in the Nazi occupied region of Hungary, he witnessed the massacre of 500,000 Jews. Soros family was to be among the dead but they weathered this storm thanks to the courage of their father. Members of Soros family along with other Hungarian Jews managed to secure false identities. In 1947, Soros left his war torn home country and travelled to London to find greener pastures. He managed to pay for his education at the “London School of Economics” by working two jobs: one as a railway porter and the other as a waiter in a club. When he had completed his degree, he departed to U.S. where he ventured into finance.

How Did Soros Amass His Wealth?

In the 1970s Soros established the Soros Fund Management after spending several years studying U.S’s financial sector. This marked the start of a series of calculated investment decisions that saw Soros climb the ladder from an upstart financial newbie to a wealthy financial investor. It is at the height of his success that Soros created the “Open Society Foundations”. These foundations bring together partners and projects from over 100 countries. The main aim of these establishments is to rally for the society’s entitlements such as human rights, democratic governance, and freedom of expression.

George Soros and His Role in the Ferguson Protest Movement

Soros has strong political and ethical standards. His philosophy of a democratic society caused him to support gay marriages, a very bold move in a society where same sex marriages are despicable. In 2015, Soros was at it again when he declared that he would be sponsoring the Ferguson protest movement. The movement was held following a criminal incident that occurred in Missouri. Soros gave $33 million to fund the movement as a means of spurring civil action.

Which Philanthropic Activities Has Soros Been Involved In?

Soros began his first philanthropic activities in the year 1979. He sponsored South African blacks who had been victims of the apartheid system. Later on, he help stump out communism by providing photocopiers to spread banned texts. Soros’ efforts were also crucial in breaking down the Berlin Wall. He is also credited with establishing the “Central European University”. This institute was established to encourage critical thinking in Soviet nations. Soros played a vital role in opening up East and West Europe to the world. He has engaged in philanthropic activities in the U.S., Asia, and Africa.

People & Planet role in advocating for human rights and climate change

People & Planet is group bringing together students in the United Kingdom with the aim of advocating for fight against poverty, respect for human rights and protection of the environment.

The network was founded back in the year 1969 by a group of students from Oxford University as Third World First but later changed its name to People & Planet in the year 1997. People & Planet is supported by various non-governmental organization which includes Oxfam.

Oxfam is a global organization that has its main in advocating for reduction in poverty.

Just like Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s magazine, Village Voice Media, Third World First too(now People & Planet) founded a favorite magazine, The Internationalist and was later associated with activist magazine, The New Internationalist.

People & Planet campaigns are mainly in climate change and monitoring business activities to avoid exploitation.

Buy Right is the current project spearheaded by People & Planet which aims at protecting the rights of people those universities conducts business with which include the suppliers. To achieve this, People & Planet is urging universities to work with the Worker Rights Consortium, which is an independent organization that monitors and advocates for employees in garment industry.

People & Planet is planning to have a new organization with the same objectives as the Worker Rights Consortium, but focusing on electronics industry.

In conjunction with, People & Planet initiated a campaign duped Fossil Free UK aimed at incapacitating the connections between the Fossil producers companies and universities in the United Kingdom. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

These campaigns focus on investments, any perceived and existing sponsorships and partnerships as well as academic research.

Before this campaign, People & Planet had another movement, Going Greener. The campaign brought together university student groups to work to work together to alleviate the rising levels of carbon and to advance an awareness education campaigns towards achievement of 50% fewer emissions of carbon by the year2020.

People & Planet notable successes

The group has been instrumental in fighting against any social injustice not forgetting numerous campaigns. Among their successful campaigns are;

There are over 100 Fairtrade universities and 106 Fairtrade secondary schools as a result of the People & Planet rigorous campaigns

UK government agreed to be the international leader in providing HIV/AIDS medical services to everyone by 2010

People & Planet stood with one of the largest boycotts of garments which resulted in formation of garment union located in Honduras and recognized by the government. The campaign also led to employment of over 1200 people.

Over $88 billion worth of debt was written off for the world’s developing countries during Jubilee 2000 campaigns which were spearheaded by People & Planet helped by other activists groups.

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the co-founders of Village Voice Media and Phoenix, after being awarded by the county court a settlement amounting $3.75 million, donated all of it towards activist groups fighting for human rights, immigrants and freedom of speech, and that’s how Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was formed.

They had been arrested by the Maricopa County Sherriff Joe Arpaio for divulging the existence of court proceedings that required their notes on articles about the Sherriff. Lacey and Larkin later sued the county court.

Andrew Rolfe Organizes A Gala Dinner For The Ubuntu Fund

The Ubuntu Fund is a revered organization that has been at the forefront of helping thousands of needy children in Africa. Over the years, the entity has used its resources and manpower to provide more than 400,000 needy children with basic needs. In line with their objective, the organization planned a gala dinner in London for purposes of raising more resources.

Andrew Rolfe was one of the leaders who played an instrumental role in the success of the funds drive. He was mandated with the duty of entertaining the guests. To this end, he brought in a Xhosa choir. In addition, Andrew was in charge of ensuring that all guests enjoy a variety of dishes. When they were planning for the gala dinner, the management of the Ubuntu was optimistic that they would raise $972,960. In the morning, they were surprised to find that they had exceeded their target.

This fund would be used for expanding the Fund’s campus, which is based in the South African town of Port Elizabeth. In addition, some money would be allocated towards enhancing the capacity of the institution’s pediatric clinic that is located within the school campus. Once all these projects have been successfully completed, the Fund would enroll more needy children from the area and its environs.

During the invitation-only event, Jacob Lief made his inspiring speech. As one of the founders of the Ubuntu Fund, Jacob told the audience that children require everything for them to grow. In attendance was Sinesipho Rabidyani, one of the beneficiaries of the Fund’s scholarship. Her inspirational speech touched the hearts of the audience.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew is a revered authority at the Ubuntu Fund considering that he serves as the chairperson of the board. Over the years, he has helped the firm to source for additional resources to help the needy children in the society. In addition, Rolfe has gained extensive management experience by serving as the managing director of TowerBook Partners.

Andrew is a graduate of Harvard University and the renowned University of Oxford. He has vast leadership skills, which he gained by virtue of working for different renowned corporations, including Pret A. Manger, PepsiCo Restaurant International, Booker Foodservices and the Gap.


Leaders – Matthew Autterson

If it were not for leaders like Matthew Autterson, America would not be recovering from the past damage that Pres. Obama has cost. FAB holds that Matthew Autterson is quite an asset to have in the Greater Denver Area and that he is its greatest weapon in the fight for reforming biotechnology education. What is interesting to note is that both Matthew Autterson and his wife have been working very hard in there six months in office and have, so far, kept several of the promises they made to make it in this year alone. The level of progress is astounding and only shows potential.

It appears, after all, that Matthew Autterson and his team were people of their word and intended to do just what they said when they ran for leadership roles. This is exceptionally rare to see among any biotech leader, but let it serve as a lesson to all who are running for rank: Do exactly what you promised to do, and do not lie as a way to power, for you will be found out. Instead, go the honest route and work hard, and your reputation will more than speak for itself in the long run – as it has done so for CNS Biosciences President Matthew Autterson and his team. Pres. Matthew Autterson and his crew are not alone as they also hold other top candidates in the offices surrounding them, men and women of solid conservative values who only care about the good of this country and not merely their wallets.

This makes all the difference, so keep it in mind: With such leaders behind the science arena, there is no doubt that America can change for the better. Let us keep hoping and praying. Let us support as needed and make the change. God bless America. Peace and justice to all Americans. The educational biotech arena has an entire future ahead of it, and this is only the beginning: Will you lead the change?

Matthew Autterson is a top reformer and biotech specialist. As Board Member under FAB, he has more than his share of challenges but faces them willingly. He knows, after all, what he signed up for. He has also promised to do more this year that has ever been done recently to reform the biosystem sector in Colorado and has been no less ahead in the fight than others.


Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega Has Made Major Contributions in Grupo Televisa and the Mexican Media Industry at Large

     The Mexican media industry hosts some of the most influential media houses in the world. Many companies have come up, and content in areas of news and entertainment has also improved. Gone are the days when the citizens were treated to a single media outlet owned by the government. With contributions of top personalities like Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega, the industry is headed in the right direction. Here are a few of the top companies in the sector.


Grupo Televisa

One of the big players in the industry is Grupo Televisa. It is one of the biggest media firms gauged on market capitalization. It treats the Mexicans to several television channels. Its presence is felt across the globe through a couple of pay-tv channels distributed by Univision Communications Inc. The firm is also a leader when it comes to entertainment as it is the top distributor of telenovelas. Grupo Televisa is also present in magazine publishing and equity markets.


Grupo Salinas

Grupo Salinas is another top media company in Mexico with several local television channels. They include Azteca 7 and Azteca Trece. The Mexico City-based firm owns a few pay television channels that include adn40 and a+.


Grupo ACIR

Grupo ACIR has graced the Mexican Media scenes since the year 1960. Its main focus has always been in the radio operations. It owns several radio stations with a few being online. These stations include Azul, City, Radio Disney, Amor, and radio Felicidad.


About Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega started working for Grupo Televisa as the CFO. His impeccable performance led him to his current position of the senior VP of the firm. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega also sits on the board of directors of the company.

Before joining Grupo Televisa, Alfonso Angoitia Noriega worked for the White & Case LLP. in New York. His other engagements include being a director of Bolsa Mexicana de Valores.