Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Has Cultivated A Truly Impressive Doctor/Patient Relationship With His Clientele:

In the Dallas, Texas region, there are few plastic surgeons who can equal the accomplishments and patient respect that Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has established over the course of his career in the medical profession. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon and has now been practicing in the Dallas area of ten years. Dr. Jejurikar is a member of Dallas’s prestigious Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. His practice puts a heavy emphasis on the areas of cosmetic surgery on the breasts, body, eyes and nose. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar always takes the needs of his patients into the utmost levels of consideration and this is why he has developed such a sterling reputation among his patient base. The good things that they have to say about Dr. Jejurikar are nearly endless.

The amount of training in the area of cosmetic surgery that Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has developed is truly impressive and he has turned that training into a serious level of expertise in his field. Above all, he strives to produce truly natural looks in the results that he achieves with his patients in the cosmetic surgery procedures that he does for them. Listening to what each and every patient is looking for is a critical part of Dr. Jejurikar’s process and it is something that he takes very seriously.

During the course of his career, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has garnered numerous grants for research as well as fellowships. These have come from some of the most prestigious medical institutions in his field and include the National Institute of Health Training as well as the renowned Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation. Continued personal development and research are key factors utilized by Dr. Sameer Jejurikar in order to achieve the level of success that he has attained in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Find out more about Sameer Jejurikar: http://www.linkedin.com/in/sam-jejurikar

Upwork Continues to Attract More Clients Globally

Upwork Continues to Attract More Clients Globally

The recent developments of private technology companies going public point that many clients have resorted to transacting their business through online. This means that private online companies have started earning large sums of money by delivering quality services to their online companies. One of the reasons why most clients have resorted to using online private tech companies is that they employ the best workers from all parts of the world. Most companies that started off as small online private companies have now shown interest in going public. Examples of these companies include Dropbox, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Eventbrite among other companies. The most recent development about a private online tech company was with the Upwork Global Inc.

Upwork Background Information

Upwork was started in 2014 through the merging of two companies which were Elance and oDesk. The two companies were among the first freelance firms with Elance having been formed in 1998 and oDesk started in early 2000. Stephen Kasriel became the chief executive officer of Upwork immediately after the merger. Under his leadership, he has managed to convince several investors to fund the company. As per the company’s latest reports, they had received more one hundred million dollars with the first thirty million being secured immediately after the merger. Upwork has numerous stakeholders which include Benchmark, Sigma Partners, Globespan Capital Partners, T.Rowe Price and also SG Growth Partners among other stakeholders. Among all these stakeholders, Benchmark is leading with 15% followed by Sigma partners which have 14.2%.

Global Inc.’s Platform

Upwork has assisted several companies and private individuals to complete their projects without facing any major challenges. Upwork provides a platform where employers and freelancers can work together without facing any traditional challenges like time and place. Upwork is currently the leading platform that connects freelancers and companies or individual professional to work together to complete their projects. Upwork is currently considered the best online platform because it has the best freelancers who are talented with skills from all fields. The company has been able to select the best freelancers by having a thorough recruitment process.

How Dave Farbaky’s Aloha Construction Cares for the Society

During the stormy seasons, you need a construction professional by your side to help you in any form of repairs. Aloha Construction, Inc. is your company of choice at such times. Based in Lake Zurich, the company serves all customers in Wisconsin and Illinois. Aloha deals with a wide variety of home construction repairs including siding services, roofing, screen replacement, gutter installation, insulation board installation, and shutter installation.



Aloha Construction, Inc. is a family owned and operated business. Over the years, the company has managed to grow tremendously. Through teams of the field officers, inspection officers, supervisors, and the office team, the company has managed to successfully complete over 7,000 projects. Despite having humble beginnings, today the company is the most prominent in the industry. Its main strengths include observation of safety measures in the construction industry and applying excellence and intelligence required in the industry.



Excellence in Customer Service



When the storm hits, you need to have your home repaired soonest possible to provide safety to your family. Unfortunately, this is not always the case as the insurance company might take a little while before they settle. Aloha Construction, Inc. has familiarized themselves with insurance companies. They work hand in hand with insurance adjusters and go an extra mile to help you in filing claims.



Additionally, Aloha Construction believes in delivering quality. If you call them to repair your roof, they replace it with a high-quality roof that will give you long-lasting service. They also go an extra mile of offering a ten-year warranty on all newly installed roofs. This is an assurance that you have a quality roof. It also guarantees you that in case anything goes south within ten years after installation, you will have it repaired without hesitation.

OSI Industries Ups Chicken Production In Spain

OSI Industries’ branch out of Toledo, Spain recently upped production. They went from being able to produce 12,000 tons of chicken per year to 24,000 tons per year. This brings their total production, when taking beef and pork into consideration as well, to over 45,000 tons.

Due to the addition of the new production line, 20 new employees were hired at the Toledo factory. The production line previously required 140 people; now 160 people are working on the line.

In the last decade, demand for chicken products has been increasing by 6% every year. OSI Industries is increasing chicken production because they believe this trend will continue.

OSI Industries is an award winning organization. Sheldon Lavin, one of the top executives at the company, received the Global Visionary Award. A person who receives this award must exhibit drive, vision, and must be successful in their industry.

Lavin was chosen for the award because he has all these qualities. He has been in the company since it was a simple meat processing company; however, once Lavin took charge of the company, he assisted in expanding it beyond imaginable levels. OSI is currently operating in 17 different countries and have over 65 factories.

OSI’s United Kingdom branch was also honored recently. The organization received the 2017 International Safety Award, which is given out by the British Safety Council. This is the 11th time that the UK branch has been recognized by the British Safety Council.

OSI Industries has also been awarded the Globe of Honor on three different occasions: 2013, 2015, and 2016. The Sword of Honor was also given to OSI for their excellence in safety and health risk awareness.

About OSI Industries

Beginning as a butcher’s shop in 1909, OSI is now a global distributor of food. They are partnered with fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Starbucks. Their COO is David McDonald; Sheldon Lavin is the CEO.

Houston Has A Friend In Stream Energy

The people at Stream Energy have earned themselves a lot of friends in the Houston area because of the actions that they have taken. They watched with the rest of the country as the city of Houston was hit by Hurricane Harvey. It was a devastating blow that left some people without their lives, property, or other important objects. This kind of grief all boiled into one particular geographic area was almost too much for some to handle. Fortunately, there are companies like Stream Energy that stepped in to help.

The people at Stream Energy teamed up with individuals from Hope Supply Co. to help figure out some plans of actions for how they could deliver the most help to the most people in the immediate impacted area. What they decided was that they would need to create a branch of the company that was specifically dedicated to charitable giving. If they could do that then it would be a lot easier to reach those who needed to be reached.

They settled on doing this and it has worked out well. People in Houston have appreciated the help that they have received from Stream Energy, and the company has appreciated the flood of free press that they have gotten for doing this. This was not the primary reason why they opted to help out, but it is something that helped push the needle in the direction that it needed to go.

Corporate America is actually pretty good about giving to help out their communities as we speak. They do this in a number of ways, but the important thing is that they do it at all. In 2016 alone corporations gave away $19 billion dollars to charities and worthy causes throughout the country and in other parts of the world as well. This has been very much noticed and appreciated.

We stand at a moment when there is simply too many problems in the world to tackle them all. It is nice to know that some companies are at least attempting to do what they can to try to make things a little better.


Amazing impacts of Dr. Saad Saad Discoveries on Medical Field

Dr. Saad Sad Is a distinguished pediatric medic for a long time. His expertise in the medical field has seen him transform the pediatric surgical department to a new higher level. Dr. Saad says he believes that necessity is the mother of discovery. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

Throughout his career, he has not been held up by traditional ways of doing things. Instead, he has risen above the norm and come up with discoveries that have transformed the health sector to date.

Both in the USA and Jerusalem, Dr. Saad has been able to help many small children and youths. He carried out Medical Missions in Jerusalem and West Bank where many children, especially from the poor backgrounds, received free medical care and also surgeries.

Dr. Saad Saad has been instrumental in the discovery of Catheters and ways to improve endoscopy. His main aim is to change the traditional ways of doing things and modernize them to make it easier for the doctors to perform their operations while at the same time making it safer for the patients.

Through his discoveries, the doctors can locate the exact positions of the catheter without performing an operation or a body scan as it was the tradition. This has reduced the risks the patients would go through if they were to be subjected through the scan for a repeated number of times. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Saad_Saad.html

His second invention is primarily to make endoscopy safer and effective. The stomach, the throat, the bladder, and the colon are very delicate parts of the body. Hence there needs a lot of care when diagnosing and treating them.

Dr. Saad has come up with improved ways to help the doctors be able to look inside this body parts without doing a scan or operation. Being aware that the body produces fluids that can block the viewing of the intended areas, Dr. Saad invented the suction-irrigation device to prevent the body fluids from obstructing the view.

Dr. Saad confirms the usefulness of this device having used them himself on different occasions. He has conducted numerous operations in his career as a pediatric specialist. The process becomes much more comfortable and effective for the doctors as they can move the endoscope and at the same time readjust the focal point. The doctor will save time and allow maximum concentration on the procedure.

The suction and irrigation process is easy to perform and relatively cheap, doctors in the modern world mostly use it. Like earlier said, Dr. Saad has used it many times on patients, and it was a success.

The only challenge that is hindering the implementation of the inventions is the high cost of manufacturing the devices. However, a Utah-based company has agreed to produce the endoscopes.

Ryan Seacrest and His Many Contributions to Modern Entertainment Television

Ryan Seacrest has managed to remain relevant in the entertainment industry for nearly two decades, a feat that can not be overlooked. Since the debut of the reality television classic, American Idol, the media career of Ryan Secrest has been on a constant upward trajectory. After co-hosting the first season then becoming the official host in the sophomore effort of the singing competition juggernaut, it was not long before Ryan Seacrest would win over the hearts of millions with his endearing qualities and charismatic charm. As a result of the ever-growing popularity of American Idol as new seasons were broadcasted annual, Ryan Secrest had become a recognized name across the nation. Ryan Seacrest credits much of his success to the opportunity he was given to host such a polarizing show on primetime television.

Moreover, according to Ryan Seacrest, this platform eventually allowed him to created his own entertainment company called Ryan Seacrest Productions. This production studio launched the careers of several members of the Kardashian family with a 2007 reality television show Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) is the executive producer of titled Keeping Up With The Kardashians. A stellar accomplishment of this megahit reality television show is that it has been nominated and won multiple television awards; its impressive, fifteenth season was recently premiered on August 5th, 2018. Currently, Keeping Up With The Kardashians is acknowledged as one of the longest-running reality television shows in the country.

In addition to being lauded for his accomplishments in television production, hosting, and radio with his shows American Top 40 and On Air With Ryan Seacrest, he is admired for his philanthropy work. In 2010, the nonprofit organization Ryan Seacrest Foundation was established. The foundation consists of a total of nine centers with an adequately equip team of compassionate workers interwoven in each one of them. The most recent hosting endeavor of Ryan Secrest is the syndicated morning talk show, Live with Kelly and Ryan; this opportunity arose following the untimely exit of show predecessor Michael Strahan in 2016. Conversations emerged that Ryan Secrest would struggle to balance Live with Kelly and Ryan with his other media obligations but those talks were short-lived as he immediately proved otherwise.

” Marc Beer Has Raised $42M for Women Health Startup “

Renovia Inc., a company committed to the development of therapeutic and diagnostic products, has closed $32.3 million Series B round of financing and $10 million in venture debt. The funds will go to the development of more therapeutic and diagnostic products for diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorder in women.


Renovia sought the advisory services of BayCross Capital Group as they participated in Series B financing with Inova Strategic, Longwood Fund among other firms. The Series B financing was overseen by Perceptive Advisors and Ascension Ventures.


Marc Beer, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Renovia Inc., said that they were glad for the unanimous support they got from leading investors in the industry who also look to improve the lives of women affected by pelvic floor disorder around the world. He commended the companies that came together for the financing because it was in line with their clinical as well as commercial vision.


Combining their sophisticated technologies, form factor and digitalized platform, according to Marc Beer, will drive greater knowledge as well as understanding of pelvic floor disorders and lead to reduced costs of health care in the end. The support they have so far garnered demonstrats the value investors have seen in the Renovia’s diagnostic and treatment products for pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence.


It has been revealed that over 250 million women across the world are affected by urinary incontinence. Since Renovia came to being, it has worked hard to alleviate the pain of the women across the world and improve their lives. Renovia’s first product, leva device, received FDA approval in April and it is designed to control the movement of the levate plate.


The company leverages on technology as well as value-based data to provide affordable as well as precise treatment of pelvic muscle in real-time at the same time tracking the process of recovery. The company’s leadership team is now stronger as three renowned executives joined the leadership team.


About Renovia


Renovia, headquartered at Boston, Massachusetts, was founded in 2016 to develop as well as commercialize products for diagnosing and treating condition-specific pelvic floor disorders affecting millions of women in the world. With the use of innovative products and technologies, Renovia Inc. is able to train pelvic muscle movement at the same time track the recovery process.


About Marc Beer


With over 25 years of experience in the health sector, Marc Beer is an expert in development as well as commercialization of pharmaceuticals, devices, biotechnology as well as diagnostics. Along with Ramon Iglesias he embarked on a journey to impact lives of women living with pelvic floor disorders by founding Renovia in 2016. He has been very successful in sourcing for funds because not only has he closed Series A, but also Series B. He has built a legacy in the health care having founded various companies and leaded many companies to prosperity. Additionally, he sits in boards of directors of various companies and organizations. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/leadership/

Hussain Sajwani Taking Over the Real Estate Industry

Hussain Sajwani is a native of the United Arab Emirates with many years in the real estate business. His business roots extend back to 1990s when he established various firms and corporations in partnership with other famous businessmen. Hussain is the Founder and the current CEO of DAMAC Group, which is a top-rated international property development company. Hussain is an astute business leader and a respected investor in real estate and money market, with a net worth of $4 billion. Besides, he is a proud father of four, and he loves his family dearly.

After attaining his Bachelor of Science degree, with a major in Economics and Industrial Engineering from the University of Washington, Sajwani kicked off his career as a Contracts Manager working for GASCO. After years of continued success, Hussain diverted his attention to catering field and established his first catering service enterprise. The catering company has grown, under the effective leadership of Sajwani, into a reputable firm that serves numerous 5-stars hotels. Besides, it holds other contracts to serve military bases, hospitals, private events as well as construction sites.

In 2002, Sajwani established DAMAC Properties, which has a great following in the Dubai Financial Market. Sajwani discovered another niche in the market at a time when many investors required a reliable company to develop luxurious apartments with a vintage touch. DAMAC Properties has achieved this goal by developing stable structures in the city including the luxurious Tiger Woods golf course.

After years of successful business dealings, Hussain met Donald Trump, the current President of United States of America, and they forged a deal to work on several projects together. The two have achieved more contracts, and in partnership, they have been able to extend to international territories. To kickstart his philanthropic endeavors, Hussain launched DAMAC Maison, which is a charitable arm of DAMAC Properties. This hospitality division has reached over 15,000 needy individuals and assisted them with tangible solutions to their needs.

Hussain Sajwani and United States President, Donald Trump, have become close business allies. During the presidential inauguration ceremony, Donald recognized Sajwanis’s efforts towards making the world a better place. Even though DAMAC Properties is located in Dubai, it has expanded to serve numerous countries, and this is a clear indication of the effective leadership of Hussain Sajwani.

Read full article: https://www.damacproperties.com/ar/media-centre/press-releases/hussain-sajwani-damac-foundation-sponsors-one-million-arab-coders-initiative

The Great Real Estate Development Initiatives of Boraie Development

Looking for a high quality and well-equipped apartment to live the best life you have ever desired? Look no further than The Aspire, New Brunswick. It is a high-end and exceptional apartment building in New Jersey. Individuals in search for one-of-a-kind apartment can visit the center and make enquires. The apartment incorporates modern designs that many young and modest people desire and more so it is located at the heart of New Brunswick. The Aspire is also close to the New Brunswick train station and added advantage to those who want to move around in ease.




Those looking for an attractive neighborhood surrounded by the best amenities they have ever dreamed of, The Aspire New Brunswick is the place to be. The luxury building offers wonderful dining options, splendid entertainment, and well-suited nightlife spots. Restaurants, cafes, and bars are also a few steps away. The apartments also feature spacious studios, one to two bedroom layouts that you will fall in love with at first sight. Check out yahoo.com





The Aspire New Brunswick apartments also come with energy efficient PTAC units that help minimize heating cost in the winter. So you will have the opportunity to live the life you want and save more money. Those who are into designer kitchens, this apartment presents you with quality quartz countertops to practice your cooking skills on. For maximum security, the apartments have private terrace and balcony units. The apartments are also budget-friendly and their prices vary depending on the size of the studio apartment you choose. For more details visit Bloomberg.




The Aspire New Brunswick is a great initiative by Boraie Development LLC a real estate development, property management, and real estate marketing firm. The company has been serving its widespread clients in the sector providing them with incomparable services since its establishment. The forte of Boraie Development has at all times been to work with the strongest financial companies, best architects in the market and experienced contractors with distinctive ideas. In addition, the company has also paid much attention to and invested extensively in meeting the set deadlines and success of all its projects.




Boraie Development has also embraced the power of partnership and collaboration. One of its outstanding deals has been the talk of the town and in the real estate development sector. Omar Boraie has partnered with legendary NBA star Shaquille O’Neal to develop Newark. The partnership involves the construction and development of a 22-story building. The building will hold 169 units for rental purposes and a retail space at its ground floor. This is a deal that will benefit many people and also a one-of-a-kind investment initiative to fancy.


Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/06/realestate/at-two-extremes-of-a-housing-market.html