The Irish Socialist, James Larkin

James Larkin was a son of Liverpool, England, but his parents originated from Ireland. His birth in 1876 did not shed light about his future successes. Growing up in a slum did not stop James Larkin from being a successful trade union organizer and socialist. Read more: James Larkin | Ireland Calling and Jim Larkin | Biography

James Larkin was raised up among his siblings and parents. Life was not easy, as their state of being did not allow them the luxuries that rich people enjoyed during the time. However, getting used to working to have something at the table from a young age hardened James Larkin.

He went to school until his 14th birthday, when his father took his last breath of life. He had to take over the responsibility of taking care of and watching over the family. He succeeded in seeking jobs as he became a docker, and by the end of 1992, he was a dock foreman.

He led a strike at the docks of Liverpool in 1995. His performance was exceptional because he was not a quitter. The National Union of Dock Laborers took in the man who had been fired because of being appointed to the strike committee of the docks. He was made an organizer for NUDL. In 1906, he went to Scotland on union duty, to lead a campaign against Chinese immigration.

In 1907, James Larkin was sent to Ireland to organize workers on behalf of the union. All the strikes he held there were successful. However, he later had a disagreement with James Sexton, the general secretary of NUDL, over leadership. James Larkin then went to Dublin and organized workers, against the directives of the union. This led to his expulsion from NUDL.

As 1908 drew to an end, James Larkin started the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. This union brought together Irish workers of diverse experiences. 1912 then saw the formation of the Irish Labour Party, by both James Larkin and James Connolly.

This party was responsible for the famous Dublin Lockout of 1913. James Larkin never rested on fighting for what he thought was right, regarding the fair treatment of workers. But he had to lay his socialist tools to rest in 1947 when he passed on.

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The Frontera Fund was Founded to End Unfair Civil Rights Incidents Against Hispanics

The Frontera Fund was founded after a single incident, and a career spent covering important stories, experienced by journalists Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin. Both men worked for the same media company in Arizona and made it their mission to expose the misdeeds and gross miscarriages of law enforcement from Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his office. As a result of their coverage, the sheriff and his office carried out an illegal arrest of the two men and set out to charge them for writing about issues they had uncovered.

As expected the incident did not go over well, and the office and officers that carried out the arrests were found to be acting outside of the law. Charges were dropped, the office of the Sheriff was determined to have made an illegal arrest, and the public outcry over the incident was loud. In the end, after many years of court dates, the Sheriff’s Office was ordered to settle with Lacey and Larkin.

While the money that the two men gained from the incident was a longtime coming and enough to make their ordeal a little less difficult, they both felt they had to do something more. Lacey and Larkin established the Frontera Fund, a way to benefit Hispanics living in Arizona and protect their civil rights. The two believe that Sheriff Joe Arpaio unjustly targets Hispanics, both immigrants and legal citizens, living in his jurisdiction and trample their rights and freedoms. The work of the Fund has been far reaching and progressive, and its legacy and success is crucial to the health and prosperity of Arizona.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Launching New Websites

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin announced that they would be releasing a new website called the Front Page Confidential, and it is dedicated to those who are fighting for the rights of the migrants, and for the migrants themselves. They also added that the website would feature newsletters and articles which would provide additional information to the migrants and the website will be helpful in looking for jobs and other forms of assistance to those who need it the most. Migrants all across the United States are thanking Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin for their continued support for them. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are assuring the migrants that while they are still around, they will be protecting their First Amendment rights from people like Joe Arpaio.



Joe Arpaio, considered to be America’s Toughest Sheriff, has been in controversy for years. Since he stepped in as the sheriff of Maricopa County in 1992, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin kept on exposing him and his cruelty against the migrants. He keeps on violating their rights, and he does not care about what the first amendment of the constitution states. For him, the migrants should leave the United States because they are only a burden to the legitimate citizens of the state. He even arrested Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin for criticizing him, inventing an accusation that was later dropped because of the lack of evidence. In return, the Maricopa County had to pay Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin a staggering $3.75 million for their arrest, which they now use as a private fund called the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund. This fund is being used to help migrants who are having financial problems, and the two are also using it to fund the programs that they are hosting for the migrants.

Why the organizations that fight for human rights are doing a good work

The contribution of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

In 2008, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were handled against the requirements of the human rights. Since the duo had no power, they were forcefully removed from their houses at night. There is no law in the United States that supports such an action.

The reason for their arrest did not worth the treatment which they received. After receiving their compensation, the duo donated the entire amount to the service of human rights. It was a huge boost to different organizations as the course of fighting for the human rights required such bold actions.

The beauty of fighting for human rights

Several individuals in the past fought for human rights. These individuals did not receive any funding from influential business people or other governments. Their courses were honest, and they stood for what they believed. Usually, it is hard to stand bold and fight for the rights of others. People get scared when rich folks use their influence and wealth to frustrate their actions. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

The successful groups that have stood against impunity always emerge victoriously. The joy that comes with an accomplishment cannot be quenched. For this reason, the organizations that have successfully fought for human rights deserve a commendation.

Anti-slavery International

The group has taken up a new direction of human rights. Currently, slavery happens differently. In places of work, individuals undergo treatments which are inhuman. Most people are not happy with the working conditions, but the business owners take advantage of the situation because most employees have no choice.

The Antislavery International is a human rights group that stands to protect employees and any other person that undergoes any form of slavery. The organization is doing good work in the United States, and their services are soon being extended to Europe and Africa.

The committee to protect journalists

Journalists are among the most influential people in their society. From time to time, the rights of the journalists have always been suppressed because they report lots of things. Some of the information reported by the journalists holds a lot of truth and because of this; the influential individuals try to silence them.

The committee to protect journalists is a group that has been created by the media groups in the United States. Since journalists experience similar problems, the media houses have come together to protect their employees from the hands of dictators.

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Why The Frontera Fund Was Established In Arizona

Eleven years ago Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were doing investigative reporting work for the Phoenix New Times. One night Sheriff Joe Arpaio had them arrested and put in jail for basically doing their jobs of reporting the news. Other news soon found out about this and started reporting on it. The outcry from others in the news business resulted in their being released from custody and eventually the charges against them were dropped by the Maricopa County’s prosecutor. This resulted in a lawsuit which they won against the county and they were given an almost $4 million cash settlement. This money was used to establish their charity, Frontera Fund, which helps others that have been victimized by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and others in the government of Arizona. The money is used to support this state’s Hispanic community, the people who were the main target of Joe Arpaio when he was still sheriff.

Having left the Phoenix New Times a few years ago, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are now back with a website called Front Page Confidential. They publish investigative reports on corrupted politicians. One of the politicians they have been writing about lately is US Senator John McCain and how he has the mainstream media eating out of his hands ever since he declared he had advanced brain cancer. He has been scoring a lot of positive press despite his legacy of being a warmonger and someone who will use anyone to advance his own personal goals. One example of garnering positive press that John McCain has used is by giving what was called “unprecedented” access to filmmakers working for HBO. They will be airing a special called John McCain: For Whom the Bell Tolls on May 22nd which is just six days before his new book will be published.


Having a Big Heart for Others

If you were falsely arrested, sued those who arrest you, win a case against them and awarded close to four million dollars by the court, what would you do with the money? Would you buy a new car, a house or tour the world? Would you ever think of starting a charity to fight for other people’s rights and freedom? Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

I doubt. Yet, that is exactly what Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin did. They started a charity fund, the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, with their settlement money.

This is how it happened: Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were two veteran journalists. The two were fearless in their work. They dedicated their work in championing for human rights. They were on the forefront of defending the oppressed minority by articulating their suffering. They also unearthed those behind the mistreatment of the minority and made sure that the public knew about them.

Their daring spirit led to their arrest after they wrote a story about a notorious sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Joe had presented himself as untouchable, a demi-god who used his power and office to discriminate, mistreat and abuse minority groups. Upon the running of the story, the Sheriff ordered for their arrest and prosecution. However, as the old adage goes, the truth will always prevail. Michael and Jim were later released from jail after it was found out that they had been falsely arrested and accused.

They then sued the county. The court favored them and awarded them 3.75 million dollars as resettlement. Having been arrested for fighting for the rights of the minorities, Michael and Jim decided to use the resettlement money to set up the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund to help other groups that advocate for the rights of the minorities with funds.

Over the years, this organization has effortlessly been working in makings sure that the rights of the immigrants are respected and their dignity preserved. The organization operates in Arizona and along the Mexican border.

Many countries lack legal systems that uphold the civil rights, human and migrant rights. That, coupled with huge legal fees has left most migrants and refugees to face the blunt force law in certain countries in silence. Some have been arrested, accused falsely and even jailed because they lacked people to defend them. Others lacked significant knowledge regarding the laws of the country. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

To be of assistance in organizing lawyers and law students succeed in fighting for both human and legal rights of refugees through legal help and policy advocacy, the International Refugee Assistance Project was formed. The project empowers members with legal knowledge on how to articulate the rights of refugees through legal means.

Another organization that works similar to International Refugee Assistance Project is the Immigration Legal Resource Center, a national resource center that helps in training lawyers and advocates, as well as communities to advocate for the rights and well-being of immigrants. It also participates in county, state and federal advocacy work and has been key in calling for the rights of immigrants and minorities.


Lacey and Larkin: From Frontera to Front Page

One of the biggest stories to come out of ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s seemingly endless tenure, was the wrongful arrest of Phoenix New Times founders Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Arpaio did questionable things throughout his career as Sheriff, most revolving around his questionable treatment of the Latino community. Lacey and Larkin, advocates of the first amendment and civil rights, butted heads with Arpaio on many occasions. Time after time their reporters uncovered scandals within Arpaio’s office, exposing the rest of the country to the other side of “America’s Toughest Sheriff”. Arpaio responded in kind by fully investigating the paper, an act Lacey and Larkin held as unconstitutional. When the duo printed a confidential subpoena issued to the paper by the Arizona Supreme Court, Arpaio was able to arrest them for a criminal act. The arrest did not stick, and has since come back on Arpaio. After a 24 day incarceration Lacey and Larkin were freed. In ensuing years they sued Maricopa County for wrongful arrest and won. In 2013 they received a $3.75 million dollar payout and in 2014 used the payout to create the Frontera Fund.


The Frontera Fund allocates money from Lacey and Larkin’s payout to Latino groups that advocate migrant rights. These groups fight for human, civil, and migrant rights ensuring that minorities get a fair shake. As Lacey and Larkin are partial to the Latino community, who they admire for their strength and fortitude, they formed the fund to directly assist them. The Frontera Fund gives money to groups based on two factors, one they have to be Arizona-based, and two they have to focus on migrant rights. The duo has also returned to the news with the formation of Front Page Confidential, a counterculture news source advocating for the first amendment.


The Birth of the Renowned Frontera Fund

It all started on the fateful day of October 18, in the year 2007, when both Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey were forcefully removed from their homes and taken into custody. Both of whom are respected media personalities at Village Voice Media were handcuffed and put into Mexican vehicles that had tinted panes. They were then taken to different cells that were managed by Joe Arpaio while at the police station.


Joe Arpaio was the man behind the arrest of both journalist, who was then known as “America’s Roughest Sheriff.” This is because he was not happy with some recent stories that had appeared in the Phoenix New Times Stories regarding himself and some of his undertakings. According to the paper, the sheriff was involved in mismanagement of funds in the county as well as other mischievous activities. Other accusations included poor maintenance in the jails, mistreatment of inmates which led to numerous death cases, racial discrimination, abuse of power, and illegal detention of people, especially those of Latin origin.


Interesting to note, after the revelation of the misdeeds conducted by Arpaio and his office, they further sought to get into their hand’s details regarding the Phoenix New Times writers, editors, as well as the readers. If that wasn’t enough, they further issued jury summons seeking the readers’ details, IP addresses, and browsing history. However, that did not get to both Larkin and Lacey as they continued exposing them. While at the cells, other inmates probed Lacey on the cause for his arrest and were surprised to find out that it was his writing.


The County residents were not happy with the arrest and sought for justice. Both writers did not remain the cells for more than 24 hours, and all their charges dropped. As a result of the wrongful arrest and detention, there was a long battle in court. The sheriff and the entire Maricopa County were accused of abuse of power and infringing human rights. According to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the two had been wrongfully arrested. The courts further revealed that there was clear and enough proof showing that the two writers have been assaulted based on the First Amendment.


At the same time, all the members of the grand jury serving in the case were not valid. This is because the prosecuting attorney had violated the legal procedures. Therefore, the writers were found to have been arrested without a cause. The courts further ordered the Maricopa County to pay a settlement amount of $3.7 million to the writers.


Larkin and Lacey decided to donate the settlement amount and start the Frontera Fund initiative. The initiative was meant to help the Hispanic community at large as they had been subjected to racial discrimination. According to Larkin, he learned from an early age to help the less fortunate. He further reveals that donating their compensation to the less fortunate was the best decision they ever made!


Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Work to Keep Corrupt Politicians out of Office

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are just two of the hundreds of victims of Joe Arpaio. In 2007, they were subjugated to an illegal arrest by deputies of Maricopa County on behalf of Joe Arpaio. The deputies arrived at Larkin and Lacey’s homes in unmarked SUVs and took them from their homes, the duo were then separated and taken to different facilities. Joe Arpaio committed this illegal action because of something that was published in The Phoenix New Times, a newspaper co-owned by the victims.


As a result of their illegal arrest they won a 3.75 million dollar lawsuit and created a couple of new organizations: The Frontera Fund and Front Page Confidential.


During his time as Sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio targeted Hispanic-Americans, Hispanic tourists, illegal aliens, and general immigrants. Due to Arpaio’s immoral actions, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin created The Frontera Fund to counter act the evil committed by Arpaio. The fund provides support to charitable organizations that assist the immigrant community in and around Arizona.


Joe Arpaio and others like him are the targets of their new newspaper. Front Page Confidential places the priority of keeping such individuals as Arpaio out of public office. The online paper publishes content that calls out corrupt politicians on their immoral behavior.


Recently, they published a recent expose on Arpaio, who has been campaigning on questionable platforms. The former Maricopa Sheriff intends to gain a Senate seat on Capitol Hill.