Michel Terpins emergences at the top in the 2017 rally championships in Brazil

Michel Terpins, a seasoned rally champion ended the year 2017 with a bang. Michel Terpins finally won the two titles that he has been chasing for the last couple of years. He has been participating in the Brazilian Cross Country Championship for Prototypes T1 and the Serteos off-road competition. Finally, Michel Terpins has put his name at the top of the most competitive and fierce rally drivers in Sao Paulo.

Michel Terpins’ love for speed began many years ago when he was a kid. Michel Terpins who recently turned 40 has been participating in rally championships since 2002. Unlike many other drivers, Michel Terpins made his debut in the motorcycle category. He then shifted gears and joined his elder brother in car competitions.


Michel Terpin’s other interests

Michel Terpins is always on the move. When he is not racing, you will find him attending to business engagements. He is a passionate businessman with interests in various areas including real estate. However, Michel puts rallying before anything else. He is excited about the speed and the thrill that comes with it.


When he was starting out, Michel rode alongside his brother Rodrigo Terpins. However, for the last two years, Rodrigo teamed up with Maykel Justo. Together, Michel Terpins and Justo participated in the 2014 Bull Serteos rally championship which was one of the toughest off-road competitions to be held in Brazil.


The rally was divided into seven stages, and it traversed through two states. As Michel pointed out during an interview, finishing the competition was a miracle to them considering the challenges they had experienced with the T-Rex model that was specially designed my MEM motorsport. According to Michel Terpins, it took a lot of effort and teamwork to compete in the 2014 off-road competition. For more details visit broadcast.com



Michel notes that the rally opened up his eyes and also helped him to set goals for future competitions. It is these experiences that enabled him to take home two titles in 2017. Last year, Michel Terpins competed with the T-Rex model that he has been using since 2014. He was competing alongside Justo who was his co-navigator. The two have formed a formidable force that is quite hard to break.



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