Rodrigo Terpins: Setting the pace for Brazilian drivers

When it comes to Brazil rally racing, Rodrigo Terpins is a force to reckon, and his prowess in the sport speaks volumes for him. Rodrigo hails from a family of sports legends as his father Joe Terpins is still a household name in the world of basketball even though he is already retired. He and his brother Micheal Terpin keep on taking the Brazilian flag to the global map, and with every rally they participate in, the two brothers outdo each other and leave even deeper marks. Rodrigo’s need for speed did not begin just recently instead it started while he was still a young man and he first entered the world of racing at a tender age but as a motorcycle racer. Today the forty-four-year-old man and his brother Michael Terpin are members of the Bull Sertoes and are the ones who formed the rally, and it has been quite prosperous as it attracts myriads of racers from across the world on each edition. So far it has hosted about five races all of which Rodrigo Terpins has participated in and has managed top positions. Rodrigo has bagged several trophies, and in the latest 22nd edition of the Sertoes rally, he emerged seventh and eighth overall while his entire team inclusive of Michael and his co-driver emerged 3rd. According to Mundodo Marketing Brazil, his co-driver who goes by the name Fabricio Bianchini is also excellent, and according to Rodrigo, all his success is based on collective efforts between the two of them and his team in general. The duo races in the T1 prototype and the 22nd edition was the longest with over 2600 km to conquer not to mention the rough terrain. However, it has not all been sunshine and rainbow as he and his team have had their ups and downs. For instance, in the last edition, they experienced car malfunctions which slowed them down, either way, they still made it to the top positions. Rodrigo is a force to reckon in the Brazilian track, but besides following his passion, he is also a professional writer and frequently writes blogs. He is also a skilled businessman with focus on real estate and entertainment. Terpins is also a man with a big heart and is a regular figure at charity events. A quick Google search will reveal more about Rodrigo Terpins.,54bd7cb0f5c5c9af717c8be93fc5d9afbnagcihv.html