Dick Devos – Businessman and Philanthropist

To comprehend the work of Mr. DeVos you need to understand the following: Mr. DeVos seems to have quite a few high-powered interactions because he is without a doubt, at the same time, the partner of Mrs. DeVos, the chief of the Education Department. More importantly, Mr. DeVos is frequently involved in efforts to promote charter schools. Mr. DeVos, as well as his spouse Mrs. DeVos, make available financial backing and also encouragement for the establishment of charter academic institutions.


Mr. DeVos is without a doubt at this time the most critical senior management official of his privately owned business, The Windquest Group. Mr. DeVos, also, has worked to amalgamate budgetary financing for a significant number of entirely different local community architectural structures that happen to be engineered in the urban core of Grand Rapids. The most recent manager of the Education Department, Mrs. DeVos, decided not to make available a large amount of helpful, relevant information on her strategy. Nevertheless, it is apparent that she has acquired a significant amount of awareness from working together with Mr. DeVos to support charter schools.


Bear in mind, Mrs. DeVos, in her role as the Secretary of Education, seems to have the accountability to make sure to figure out how she can make improvements to America’s academic approach at the headquarters for the government of the United States of America in Washington. Remember to keep this fact in mind: Mr. DeVos and Mrs. DeVos work with one another and they have made achieving goals easier for an assortment of entirely different associations by assisting them to begin the process of putting in place charter educational facilities. Mr. DeVos supports these academies, which are privately owned academic institutions which happen to be partially funded by monetary resources provided by the federal government.


They perform this work as a consequence of the fact that they aspire to deliver to moms and dads an alternative with regards to education and learning for their little children. Mr. DeVos has also been involved in efforts to upgrade the flight terminal in Grand Rapids. Remember, any individual who desires to take a flight out of the Grand Rapids’ flight terminal is required to shell out a high price to have the capacity to board their airplane from Grand Rapids as an alternative to an additional flight terminal in the vicinity. Therefore, Mr. DeVos has worked to reduce this discrepancy.


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Betsy DeVos and Educational Advancements

Betsy DeVos isn’t a frivolous person by any stretch of the imagination. She’s been showcasing her fervor for hard work for years now. She attended Calvin College located in Michigan when she was still called Elisabeth Prince. People who were in her life then can back up her actions today. She’s always been an individual who has had convictions that are tough to deny. DeVos’ devotion to excellence may be a relic of her father. Her father was a highly regarded All-American businessman who instilled a strong work ethic in DeVos. DeVos’ husband has a work ethic that matches hers well. Dick DeVos has reveled in an existence that’s been just as productive and enriching. His father was one of the entrepreneurs who brought the Amway Corporation into the public eye. The younger Mr. DeVos even ran the Amway Corporation for years during the nineties and early 2000s. He realized it was time to exit the Amway Corporation in 2003.


Many people call Ms. DeVos the United States’ Secretary of Education. That would be a truthful statement as well. President Donald Trump knew that DeVos would do a lot with the position. That was his incentive to hire her for it in the first place. DeVos isn’t at all unfamiliar with the inner workings of the school system in the United States. She’s been delving into educational matters for years and years. She’s set foot inside of countless American charter schools. She’s exchanged comments with hundreds and perhaps even thousands of parents over the years, too. She has gotten in touch with so many parents who have questions that relate to school choice and their kids.


DeVos doesn’t think that it’s ever a smart idea to sit back and watch things as they come. She’s always been the kind of individual who has gone after her objectives. She proved this with the founding of the famed Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Mr. and Mrs. DeVos introduced the not-for-profit group in the eighties. It’s been around for what seems like eons to many people. Betsy and Dick, however, have made excellent use out of it. It has received donations that have done so much to push artwork and culture in America forward. It has received donations that have helped all kinds of educational objectives.


Most people probably wouldn’t guess that DeVos has ever met a rapper named Pitbull. She’s not a musician. DeVos and Pitbull, however, are undoubtedly people who are on good terms with one another. They like to discuss the path of charter schools in the United States. They talked as a duo at a Miami school about the topic. Pitbull endorses charter schools just like DeVos does.


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Orange Coast College Completes the Upgrading of a Recycling Facility

Orange Coast College, a community college situated in a former military base, recently completed the construction of a massive recycling facility, the Adams Avenue facility. The community college also launched the structure to the public. It took Orange Coast College over 16 months and $7 million to construct the structure on a land of five acres.


The Adams Avenue structure is a significant upgrade of a previous recycling center that Orange Coast College built over forty years ago. Its design comprises of a parking space big enough to accommodate 45 cars. The building is five times larger than the previous one.


Recycling Capacity


OCC’s new recycling facility is built to serve the school and the Southern California community. Residents are allowed to dispose of all types of wastes in the newly-built structure. The Adams Avenue center can recycle a couple of plastic containers, metal scrap, and defunct appliances. It can also recycle paper materials such as cardboard and magazines.




The Adam Avenue facility was constructed with a purpose of helping Southern California residents free up storage spaces containing wastes at their homes. It also helps them earn a few dollars for every item they submit to the building. The Adam Avenue facility has an eco-friendly design. This means that it was built to protect the environment using materials that have been recycled from nature.


The new structure is an implementation of one of the objectives in Orange Coast College’s “Vision 2020” development plan. Funds used for construction were sourced from private and public benefactors such as the government and CR&R Environmental Services. Learn more: http://www.orangecoastcollege.edu/about_occ/Pages/default.aspx


About Orange Coast College


OCC was established in 1974 after Costa Mesa residents cast their votes in large numbers in support of an initiative to build a community college. The voters were also in support of the learning institution to be built on a former military camp. Army buildings found on the site were rebuilt into educational facilities.


Today, Orange Coast College comprises of administrative offices, a library, an auditorium and a gym. Over 20,000 students are enrolled in OCC’s 135 educational programs, which have been accredited by WASC. The institution allows students to pursue a wide range of careers at affordable fees.


Rocketing into the Future with Rocketship Education

There is a network of charter schools on the rise in our country that has the vision of expanding the availability of quality schools for students in poorer neighborhoods. It is called Rocketship Education. These schools serve grades kindergarten through fifth grade.

Founded in the San Francisco Bay area in 2007, Rocketship has charter schools in four regions of the United States, with plans for more. Parents, teachers and administrators are working toward the dream of eliminating the achievement gap between students who have access to schools in affluent areas and those who live in financially distressed communities.

John Danner and Preston Smith founded Rocketship charter schools in California in 2007. There are more than fifteen schools in that region. In August 2016 the most recent Rocketship was launched in Washington, DC. There are also schools in the network in the Nashville area and in Milwaukee.

The program uses traditional teaching methods as well as adaptive technology to help make every student a successful learner. The facilities are well thought out for maximizing use for student learning. Parents are engaged and involved in helping hire the best and most passionate teachers. These committed parents and outstanding educators are helping low-income children and learners of English find and negotiate the path to a college education.

Parents seem to take their involvement in the schools seriously. They examine teaching candidates and sit in on interviews. Parent input can be enough to sway the offer of a contract to a candidate. Not only do the teachers need solid educational credentials, but they also need to have an attitude that will help them encourage and lead the students to love learning. Charter schools must accept applications from any student in the district, but often hope to make a difference in local low income housing areas. Parents who are involved say that they want their children to have better school outcomes than they have themselves.

Rocketship has a strong vision, the support of communities, high standards and innovative, state of the art buildings. The plan and dream is to have a brighter future for all citizens when it comes to successful education.