US Money Reserve Releases New Coin

Recently, the precious metals distributor US Money Reserve released one of its newest products. This new product is a coin that honors the former United States president Ronald Reagan. With this new coin, consumers will be in position to get yet another product that commemorates one of the top world leaders and key historic figures.

US Reserve has produced a limited amount of these coins. As a result, they are quite scarce and are most likely to be purchased by the company’s existing customer base. However, those who are fortunate enough to get the new coins will be in position to add yet another valuable precious metals product to their collection.

The new commemorative coin of former president Ronald Reagan was released in 2016 and has been available for sale for the last two years. Consumers who purchase this coin will be able to get another high quality product offered by US Reserve.

The coin itself has an image of the former president as well as a flag of the United States. One of the unique aspects of the coin is that it has a variety of colors. It is part silver, gold and is partially black. Therefore it is a very attractive coin. This new coin is two inches in diameter and weighs about one ounce.

US Money Reserve is a company that specializes in selling precious metals products to consumers. Since 2001, US Money Reserve has built a reputation as the most reputable retail companies that sell various precious metals to investors in North America. Read more: US Money Reserve | Ispot and US Money Releases Reegan Plaitinum | Daily Forex Report

With US Money Reserve, investors can purchase a wide range of products that provide them with valuable assets to invest in. They will be in position to purchase coins, bars and bullion. All of these products are available in metals such as gold, silver and platinum.

Along with selling precious metals to investors, US Reserve provides additional things such as support and educational materials to help investors get the right products for their needs.

As well as being a top precious metals retailer, US Money Reserve also participates in a number of community events.

The company has attended a number of dinner events in recent years. Last year, US Money Reserve attended an annual dinner in Washington D.C. which honors members of the United States navy. At this event, US Money Reserve executives meet with Navy members to thank them for their service.

Ted Bauman Says There’s Hope After A Market Crash

Thinking about the stock market crashing may be nerve-wracking, but its eventuality is unavoidable and Ted Bauman knows that there are ways to prepare for it. When thinking about possible negative futures, it’s important to take these possible events with caution instead of fear. According to financial expert Ted Bauman, fear can lead people to make very bad decisions with both their money and life in general.

The Banyan Hill staff member doesn’t think that the crash will be permanent. In fact, Ted Bauman believes that there will be a huge leap up soon after the market hits its rock bottom. In the meantime, it’s important to make sure that your assets are kept safe during these worrying times and to plan for your future. Many investors managed to make a great deal of money by taking the risk and buying various stocks immediately after the market crashed in 1987 knowing that they would probably rise soon after.

As an editor, he enjoys being able to get his message about the economy out to his many readers. While some people don’t like to consider the possibility of a crash, many of his are questioning just how strong the economy is overall. He believes that many of the stocks that are being traded today are overvalued by a considerable amount. When the true value of these stocks is realized, he expects the market to experience a crash with some lasting effects.

He didn’t start out as the success that he is today. Ted Bauman knows what it is like to be a working-class American due to the fact that he was one for several years. He worked positions at convenience stores and fast food chains during his younger years. It was working these types of positions that made him realize that he wanted to do much more with his life. While he may be glad that he no longer has to experience that kind of work life, he understands that it is important to take care of the people at the bottom in order for a society to truly thrive overall.


US Money Reserve Wins Infomercial Awards

Many long time customers of the US Money Reserve have found the company to be a reliable source of precious metal coins and bullion, according to their ads. The popular gold, silver, and platinum coins that the company markets are sold to worldwide collectors and investors. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The company does much of its advertising by producing infomercials that air on several television networks. They have served hundreds of thousands of customers, and their infomercials are well done and highly regarded.

In fact, the US Money Reserve infomercials are award winning. The company was a recipient of the AdSphere awards for two consecutive years.

They won in 2017 and then again in 2018 in two distinctive categories, namely for excellence in Best of Category for “Short Form Products” and “Infomercials.” The company is proud to have won two such distinctive awards from AdSphere. Read more: US Money Reserve | Twitter and U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two ‘Best of Category’ Awards at 2018 AdSphere™ Awards

The US Money Reserve takes the time and effort to educate its customer, and it is happy to provide upfront information to the customers prior to any purchase.

Anyone is welcome to request their free gold buyers information kit with no obligation to purchase anything. The company describes it as a buyer’s guide that informs a customer about what they should know prior to buying any precious metals.

There are also knowledgeable account representatives that can be reached by a toll free phone call to their office. The company has headquarters in Austin, Texas. They pride themselves on their high level of customer service.

The founder and CEO of the company was formally a director of the US Mint. The US Reserve sells US government issued coins, and they are one of the largest providers in the country. There is a large assortment of commemorative coins available for inspection and purchase on their website. They have been in business for more than 10 years.

The entire staff is committed to first earning their customers’ trust. They accomplish this by first learning more about the customers and their objectives when buying precious metals. It is this type of relationship building that builds trust one customer at a time, and it has helped the company win the trust of over 400,000 customers.

Act Fast on Tax Returns with the U.S. Money Reserve’s Assistance

The tax deadline is coming fast, and for last-minute tax preparers, it is past due for tax exemptions and savings. “Not so,” says a U.S. Money Reserve representative. “There’s still time to save. The approach recommended by the U.S. Reserve will provide instant savings if tax preparers act fast.”

  • Open a self-directed IRA retirement account before April 17, 2018. Most accounts accept liquid assets such as cash, checks, money orders, and direct deposits. A self-directed account accepts liquid assets plus physical assets such as stocks, bonds, shares, gold, silver, and metal.
  • A second acceptable account to open is a spousal IRA. This account is effective when one party can deposit money into the account. Nonetheless, both parties can use the spousal IRA account to reduce taxes owed.
  • Deposit money into at least one retirement account. Choose between donating to all retirement accounts, donating to half, or donating to a few. Contribute up to $6,500 depending on age.
  • Use the self-directed IRA account advantageously. This creates financial diversity, which strengthens the retirement account and combats an unstable economy and inflation rise.
  • It’s important that contributions go to the correct calendar. By default, the money is for 2018 to save on next year’s taxes. If savings are for this tax season, inform tellers to place this money under 2017 to receive tax savings. In fact, tax preparers can save $125 if they fall in the 25% tax bracket with a $500 deposit to an IRA account.
  • Are there additional savings with an IRA account? Individuals and married couples may be eligible for a saver’s credit, which is between 10-50% of the retirement plan or a $2,000/$4,000 IRA contribution. A second saving is depositing the tax refund to an IRA account. All or some, the IRA deposit can double as a tax credit on the tax return if done by April 17, 2018.

Don’t know where to begin? Contact the U.S. Reserve and receive a Precious Metals IRA kit upon request. What is the U.S. Money Reserve? It is an Austin, TX facility housing the world’s precious metal products to secure financial futures and expand financial diversity.

PR Newswire say thanks to Phillip K. Diehl, the founder of U.S. Money Reserve, American and foreign coins and bars in gold, silver, and metal form are available for public purchase.

The kit along with valuable information from a representative will comfort customers about retirement, taxes, and financial security.

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