Andrew Rolfe Organizes A Gala Dinner For The Ubuntu Fund

The Ubuntu Fund is a revered organization that has been at the forefront of helping thousands of needy children in Africa. Over the years, the entity has used its resources and manpower to provide more than 400,000 needy children with basic needs. In line with their objective, the organization planned a gala dinner in London for purposes of raising more resources.

Andrew Rolfe was one of the leaders who played an instrumental role in the success of the funds drive. He was mandated with the duty of entertaining the guests. To this end, he brought in a Xhosa choir. In addition, Andrew was in charge of ensuring that all guests enjoy a variety of dishes. When they were planning for the gala dinner, the management of the Ubuntu was optimistic that they would raise $972,960. In the morning, they were surprised to find that they had exceeded their target.

This fund would be used for expanding the Fund’s campus, which is based in the South African town of Port Elizabeth. In addition, some money would be allocated towards enhancing the capacity of the institution’s pediatric clinic that is located within the school campus. Once all these projects have been successfully completed, the Fund would enroll more needy children from the area and its environs.

During the invitation-only event, Jacob Lief made his inspiring speech. As one of the founders of the Ubuntu Fund, Jacob told the audience that children require everything for them to grow. In attendance was Sinesipho Rabidyani, one of the beneficiaries of the Fund’s scholarship. Her inspirational speech touched the hearts of the audience.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew is a revered authority at the Ubuntu Fund considering that he serves as the chairperson of the board. Over the years, he has helped the firm to source for additional resources to help the needy children in the society. In addition, Rolfe has gained extensive management experience by serving as the managing director of TowerBook Partners.

Andrew is a graduate of Harvard University and the renowned University of Oxford. He has vast leadership skills, which he gained by virtue of working for different renowned corporations, including Pret A. Manger, PepsiCo Restaurant International, Booker Foodservices and the Gap.