Ara Chackerian believes in the growth of Healthcare Technology

Startups are a very important part of recovering or even a booming economy. Nowhere is this idea more felt than in the healthcare sector. Healthcare startups are making huge strides in the business world and Ara Chackerian, Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC is seeing to this. He understands that new players in the industry, are the main people who drive innovation and economic growth. Despite all this, many investors in VC are hesitant to invest in healthcare companies. Even though many startups in the healthcare industry create value, they may not result in a merger, acquisition, or an IPO, therefore VCs are concerned about them.


Healthcare Tech is Important


Ara Chackerian is fashioning himself as a early adopter of many medical technologies. he believed that Healthcare Innovations like AI and robotics, would be next big things in the medical technology industry. He has focused on a particular technology known as transcranial magnetic stimulation. He sold Technologies to investors with the idea that these types of innovations would aid in streamlining and sustaining the healthcare sector. It was because of this idea that Technologies like digital record-keeping and advanced diagnostics were presented to the hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare related consumers. You can visit his page.



Test in New York


New York is an especially active innovation location because in 2017, 703 million dollars was raised by 79 new startups. New York has many characteristics that allow the growth of startup companies including access to capital, access to universities, and government support. However this does not guarantee that a start up will be successful. According to Imran Babar, vice president of OrbiMed, many healthcare companies often struggle at first and lose money, which makes it difficult for them to prove a positive cash flow that looks good to investors and venture capitalists. There are also problems with oversaturation that will cause there to be fewer startups in the upcoming years. Despite this, Ara Chackerian and other entrepreneurs see a positive outlook due to a growing need for personalized healthcare services. Data and record-keeping needs will be an ever present issue, one that Chackerian hopes to solve with his companies.



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Dr. Mark Holterman’s several involvements in healthcare and research

Men are rarely known for multitasking. However, the few who can pull it off do so in quite a remarkable way. One Mark Holterman is the best example of a man with an immense capability to multitask. Mark is known to hold numerous different job occupations at a time throughout his life. From being a university professor to a pediatric surgeon, medical researcher and a general physician and investor, Dr. Mark Holterman is one with multiple talents and dedication.


Dr. Mark Holterman is a former Illinois University professor and a current professor at the Medical College at Peoria Illinois. He is also a well-known pediatric surgeon working at the Illinois Children’s Hospital OSF and continually lends a helping hand to several other hospitals in the Chicago environs when it comes to children medical cases. Mark is also the head of the Mariam Global Health Organization which focuses on beginner pharmaceutical companies with outstanding potential and funds these companies. In addition to financially giving them a boost in their startup, Miriam Global Health also provides the companies with skilled managerial support (Twitter). With his kind of support, Mark Holterman intends on finding investors for them and helping them increase their growth rate in order to maintain investors and in return prosper and lead to growth in the health sector.


Other than Mariam Global Health, Mark has also been involved in the establishment of several medical research funding agencies over the years. He specifically invested in research that is aimed at discovering new treatment for stem cell-related illnesses. Diabetes is also an area of interest for Dr. Mark Holterman. However, his greatest passion up to date is helping children. He is the head financier and organizer of the International Specialist Alliance for Children in Vietnam.


For all these works, the Wisconsin born doctor has been able to receive awards like the A.D.A’S Innovative Research Award in 2001, the Patient’s Choice award which he won for three consecutive years and the seven-time top rank of America’s Top Doctor by the medical research company, Castle Connolly. Mark Holterman received his medical degree from the University of Virginia and since then has been involved with the healthcare industry for two decades.

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Change Your Health, Change Your Life, IDLife

In 2014, Logan Stout started a company, IDLife, and it didn’t take long for that company to change lives. Logan Stout started his career as a baseball player, and he worked as a sales associate for Ignite before going on to start his own company. Logan Stout chose to go into business with Joe O’Connor who has over 30 years experience in sales.

As a multi-level marketing company providing nutritional supplements, IDLife is improving the lives of both distributors and customers. The IDLife experience begins with a free online assessment to identify each person’s individual needs. This assessment covers a variety of subjects from diet to lifestyle to medications and complies with all HIPPA regulations. These individual results allow IDLife to tailor the supplements to each specific person; there are 1.3 million possible combinations. And these supplements are tailored to the changes in a body, with some being designed to be taken in the morning and others in the evening. Although not FDA approved, founder Logan Stout still wanted his products to rely on science by taking the recommendations from 7,500 peer reviewed journals. IDLife offers a wide variety of products skincare, energy shots, and nutritional supplements for adults and children.

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Like other multi-level marketing companies, IDLife is not available in stores, only through distributors. This is an advantage for the distributors as they are the only way for customers to purchase such high quality supplements. It also allows distributors to take charge of their own lives and build their own businesses. With a focus on online marketing, IDLife is designed with the goal of improving individual lives.

In addition to all of these great products, IDLife has recently partnered Garmin so that customers can sync their app with all of Garmin’s fitness devices. These new partnership will allow customers to more closely track all of their nutrition, health, and fitness metrics. For a company that is only four years old, IDLife is growing into the market, providing invaluable products to customers, employees, and partners.

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