Gareth Henry: A Formidable Force in the Financial Sector

It is not common to hear of a person like Gareth Henry who has scoured his way to become one of the renowned bigwigs in the financial and investments industry.

What makes him a rarity is the fact that despite having a degree in actuarial mathematics from the University of Edinburgh, he didn’t end up in the insurance sector like many of his colleagues did. Today, he is one of the renowned figures in the financial industry, particularly in investor relations.

“What makes me different is the ability to speak with colleagues and clients regarding their investment opportunities in a way that added value to them. That not common to all mathematics scholars,” said Gareth.

His deep understanding, combined with his commitment to offer quality consumer service earned him a leadership position in Fortress Investment Group as the Head of Investor Relations (IR) in charge of global operations. Gareth Henry also served in Angelo Gordon, and in so doing, he curved his successful path in the hedge fund and private equity.

Before joining Angelo Gordon, Gareth Henry managed to raise considerable capital for Fortress, which positively impacted the company’s hedge funds, private equity, real estate vehicles and private credit. Gareth Henry’s primary responsibility was to interact and engage investors from the U.S, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Follow Gareth Henry on

Private Equity: Expanding Your Investment Portfolio

According to Gareth, private equity is an alternative investment plan that comprises capital that hasn’t been listed in the public exchange. Private equity companies get involved in large buyouts of public firms, thus delisting public equity. PE is a growing industry that has captured the attention of many people.

Although private equity is mostly associated with privately-held companies, most of these companies also hold staked in publicly traded stocks. That mostly takes place when a private firm goes public through an Initial Public Offer (IPO).

The financial proceeding of private equity can be utilized in bolstering the operations through new technologies, increasing capital and improve and solidify the accounting system. A rewarding form of private equity is venture capital that helps new startups achieve a higher growth rate away from the pressure of quarterly income reports. As per Gareth Henry, private equity is an alternative investment sector that can tremendously boost your portfolio.

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George Soros’ History of Progress

George Soros can point to a specific point in time during which he developed the foundation for the values he has today. Born in Hungary, George Soros and his family were there when Nazis invaded the country and occupied their very homes for a full year. Over that year more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews would be personally and horrifically killed by the Nazi party. Soros and his family were lucky to escape and emigrate to London. During that formative year Soros saw first hand what the dangers of blind nationalism can do to a country and how it can effect innocent people. Now, George Soros is a champion of the people and one of the most prolific and progressive billionaires in the world. Let’s dig deeper into the person that Soros has become.

At 87 years old George Soros has not slowed down at all, despite the enormous burden he has worked under for the past half of a century. After leaving Hungary and emigrating to London George Soros would spend years working multiple jobs, focusing on paying his way through school at the London School of Economics. Here George Soros would read the works of Karl Popper in the title, ‘Open Society and Its Enemies’. Combined with his already negative views toward blind passionate nationalism, Soros came to embrace the world view of an open society that focuses on elevating everyone within it. This obviously put Soros at odds with the notion of capitalism and that led him to pen an intricate op-ed for the Atlantic which detailed the very threats of capitalism.

Outside of his thoughts on capitalism George Soros has spent the vast majority of his life focusing on spreading his progressive ideals around the world. Soros started up the Open Society Foundations in 1979 and since then he has been working non-stop. Over the past 30+ years the Open Society Foundations has donated over $12 billion to countries that were deeply in need. Soros has given back to South Africans who struggled through apartheid. He worked in the ’80s with the Communist Eastern Bloc and he has also helped the Roma people. Most of all Soros knows that in order for society to progress we must all be in it together. That is why he’s worked so steadfastly toward spreading equality, education, and transparent governing wherever he could.

Now in the United States George Soros is making a name for himself as a powerful Democratic donor. As one of the wealthiest progressives in the world Soros is the donation spigot that liberals need in order to stay competitive with the free-spending Republican party. George Soros has stepped up in unique opposition to Donald Trump’s disastrous presidency.

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