Great Ideas and Learning Brings Handy to Our Rescue

It seems everything is going digital these days. People can turn their ovens down while at work and if they want to warm up their car, all they have to do is tell the app. Even getting a local to drive someone where they need to can happen with an app on a phone, that app is Uber. One area that seemed untapped got a rude awakening from Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. Their idea came from living together while attending Harvard Business School. They knew they wanted to tap into the app industry while it was booming but were wondering what had not been tapped into yet. At the time they lived together with a third roommate. Hanrahan was a tidy person, Dua middle ground and the third roommate was very messy.

From that concept, (originally called Handybook) was born. The gentlemen were told very early on to drop out of business school and focus on this great service they were providing. They took the advice and focused what they knew would be a success. This did not come without hiccups though. In the beginning venture capitalists (VCs) wanted to know if it was a good concept, but since they started the company in 2012, the VCs are now asking if they have the finances to back it up as well.

They had to let people go and outsource to cheaper places in the United States and allow chatboxes to take place before human interaction. What seemed at one point to be a bad decision ended up saving them in the long run and the next time a house needs cleaned, an app that can get a professional cleaning person to the home quickly might just be the way to go.