The Outstanding Achievements of David McDonald as the President of OSI Group

The story behind David McDonald’s success dates back from the great passion he developed in agriculture during his early stages in life. He grew up in Lowa where his parents were involved in farming and this somehow shaped his life and he gained some interest in improving the agricultural industry. His caring parents noticed his interest and sent him to Lowa State University in 1987 where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science.

Later, David McDonald joined OSI Industries which in Chicago in 1991. As a result of his diligence and integrity, he became Chief Operations Officer and President over years. It is only a focused individual who can rise to such high ranks in leadership after demonstrating his traits in leadership. He has been recognized by Wallace E. Barron with an Outstanding Senior Award for his excellent leadership achievements. Definitely, he deserves the award for what he is doing.

OSI Group is one of the most privileged industries to have David McDonald in their staff team and consequently its head that’s why it has grown to be one of the leading suppliers of protein foodstuff globally. Under the leadership of this prolific leader, OSI Group has grown to have over 65 facilities in more than 17 countries all over the world. The company deals basically with poultry products, pizza, sausages, sandwiches, and beef.

With the expansion of the company to China, David has a vision of making OSI Group the leading company in supplying poultry products all over China hence creating a joint venture with DOYOO Group. He has guided the company in expanding its functions by launching a processing factory in Poland, a frozen food processing facility in India and in Shandong Province he introduced a modernized feed mill. All these projects were launched in the year 2012.

In 2016, David McDonald expanded the company to Europe by acquiring Baho Food which he called it a very crucial investment that matches the functions and products of OSI Group. His perfect coordination of local operations and logistical teams has made the company cope up with the emerging global trends. The main drive that is making OSI Group successful is their focus on customers’ satisfaction and their ability to come up with a dynamic partnership. In their expansion to Chicago, the group acquired Tyson Foods plant, in Europe, they have acquired Flagship Europe which is currently known as Creative Foods Europe and also increased its capacity at Spain-OSI Food Solutions and GenOSI in the Philippines.

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How Dr. Shinto and Ms. Penelope Have Excelled in the Health Management Arena

As a Medicaid and Medicare Advantage institution, InnovaCare Health addresses the healthcare needs of Puerto Ricans. The firm has a strong leadership team that comprises of Richard Shinto, Penelope Kokkinides, and Mike Sortino. The institution specializes in creating cost-effective and innovative managed care models.

InnovaCare Health provides Puerto Ricans with two Medicare Advantage plans. These include PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. Over 200,000 people benefit from the two programs, which are offered by 7,500 providers. InnovaCare also provides clients with two Medicaid programs that correspond to the Government Health Plan of Puerto Rico. It offers these plans through a managed care model. InnovaCare is the only health insurance company in Puerto Rico that has received accreditation from the NCQA.

Richard Shinto

Richard Shinto, known by many as Rick, holds the president and CEO positions at InnovaCare Health Solutions. He also heads MMM Healthcare as the chief executive officer. Before joining InnovaCare’s executive team, Shinto worked as the executive director of Aveta Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice. Shinto has unmatched experience in clinical and operational healthcare. As a board member, Shinto served in the management team of Aveta before it was sold in 2012.

Shinto was also instrumental in the advancement of NAMM California as he served as the chief medical officer. Medical Pathways Management Company also benefited from his expertise when he held the chief operating officer and chief medical officer positions. Shinto commenced his medical practice as an intern working in South California. He attended the State University of New York at Stony Brook for his medicine degree. He also attended the University of Redlands for an M.B.A.

Penelope Kokkinides

In 2016, Kokkinides was appointed as the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare health. She is a health executive with over twenty years of experience of working for government institutions. Throughout her career, she focused on developing Medicare and Medicaid programs. Her expertise also lies in managing healthcare initiatives. At InnovaCare Health, Kokkinides focuses on improving the performance and organizational infrastructures of healthcare initiatives.

Penelope Kokkinides once served as the VP and CEO of Centerlight HealthCare. As she held these two positions, Kokkinides oversaw the strategic direction and overall management of Centerlight’s managed care department. Touchstone Health also grew tremendously during her tenure as the company’s COO. She developed and implemented a health model that enhanced the Medicaid programs of AmeriChoice. She also served as the VP of care management and disease management for AmeriChoice.View her infographic resume at

Sam Boraie is Developing New Brunswick

Boraie Development LLC which according to is owned by Sam Boraie is a real estate company that provides a broad variety of services in every area of the urban real estate market. The firm deals with real estate development, sales/marketing, and property management. For more than 30 years, the firm has made a strong reputation for completing ground-breaking projects that attract residents, tenants, small business proprietors and financial partners. The company’s success is attributed to its devotion and focus on building exceptional properties while offering unparalleled service to its clientele.

According to NJ Biz, among the company’s achievements is the completion of The Aspire, a luxury rental tower situated in the hub of New Brunswick, just steps from the New Brunswick train station. The building was open for leasing to summer occupants in mid-2015. The move was a strategic one since New Brunswick has a growing population of young, trendy occupants that want to integrate modern design with convenience.

The neighborhood is convenient as it is surrounded by amazing restaurants and night-life areas and is within a proximity to Saint Peter’s University Hospital, Rutgers University’s Downtown City Centre and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. The Aspire has 238 residential units that consist of one-bedroom and two-bedroom designer apartments. Occupants will enjoy amenities like 24/7 doorman lobby, private parking facility, yoga space and a state of the art fitness center.

The building’s floor plans are unique with a large assortment of designer finishes that are made up of oversized closets, hardwood floors, 9- to 10-foot ceilings, gourmet kitchens with islands and bathroom details. Every unit is enclosed with large windows for ample natural light options for terraces and balconies that provide a beautiful view of the Raritan River, Johnson Park, and the tree-filled city.

Boraie Development LLC is a reputable real estate firm that is notable for completing major commercial and residential projects in New Brunswick, Atlantic City, and Newark. Its completed commercial projects include 390 George Street and Albany Street Plaza while its residential projects include The Estates at Waverly Place, The Beach at South Inlet, One Rector Street, Milltown Ford Avenue Redevelopment and One Spring Street.

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Philip Diehl’s Amazing Podcast Interview

Philip N. Diehl is not someone who has a lot of free time on his hands. He is the president of U.S. Money Reserve, one of the biggest distributors of precious metal coins in the United States. The day-to-day operations of the business and all its endeavors do require a lot of work.

Diehl was able to take some time out for a 15-minute interview on the EPN podcast network. The 15 minutes reveals a tremendous amount about the subject of gold coins and investing. Diehl puts forth some biographic information about himself that is both interesting and entertaining.

The interview is a must listen. The highlights are worth reading. PR Newswire did a nice job of covering a few of those highlights.

Philip Diehl amassed a great deal of experience in the public sector before moving into the president’s chair of U.S. Money Reserve. Diehl ran one very important department in the U.S. Government, the U.S. Mint. The Mint, of course, produces the monetary supply for the nation. In addition to standard coins and paper currency, the U.S. Mint creates rare, collectible coins made of 99+% gold, silver, and platinum.

Looking to step things up, Diehl drove the distributions numbers of U.S. Mint coins up significantly. He helped established a massive global network. Now, he brings that enthusiasm to U.S. Money Reserve.

During the interview, Diehl notes that U.S. Money Reserve prefers to deal in U.S. Mint-produced gold coins. There are a few reasons why believes these coins are worth the investment. For one, they are backed by the powerful economy of the U.S. government. They are legitimate coins. Diehl reveals the shocking truth that a number of gold bars, bullion, and coins imported into the United States are total fakes. Coins from the U.S. Mint are absolutely not fakes.

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In many ways, the decisions of others to buy gold leads many to do the same. If a major bank buys up a lot of gold, a great many people are going to take this as the hint to buy their own reserves. Worries about the strength of the stock market and currency also prompt buying.

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Investment Banking with Martin Lustgarten and The Corporate World

Investment banking is unique. The whole concept of investment banking is built on banking done in a structured manner for a certain type of client. This client is usually an entity such as a corporation. In many ways, investment banking is designed to work based on the characteristics, features, and functions of corporations.

The size of the clients seeking investment banking services is not the primary concern of investment banking as a provider. Investment banking is designed based on the nature of the services needed and the amount of financial resources at the disposal of the clients. Investment banking generally attracts clients that are entities such as corporations. The legal and corporate structure of the entities fit well with the structure of investment banking. The reason is because investment banking contains as part of its structure and design many aspects that cater to corporate clients.

Investment banking has three areas in its structure and design. The areas are sales and training, asset management, and investment banking division. Each area plays a specific role in the operations of an investment bank. Larger investment banks typically have more resources available.

On the other hand, smaller investment banks usually have limited resources in comparison to large investment banks. As a result, smaller investment banks tend to concentrate the available resources on one specific investment banking area.

One of the key positions in any investment bank is the investment banker. In many ways, investment bankers are at the core of investment banks. For any investment bank to be successful, the bank must have very good investment bankers at the helm of the bank.

An investment banker who has become very well known in the investment banking field is Martin Lustgarten. As the CEO and founder of Lustgarten Martin, he has established his investment banking firm as a popular destination for corporate clients in the investment banking field.

Martin Lustgarten provides a variety of services for his clients along with offering solid advice concerning a wide range of financial business matters. In addition, his list of corporate clients is a testament to the reputation that he has built over the years in the investment banking field. Lustgarten has an extensive social media presence, including a Soundcloud account.

Sam Tabar: Communication within the Financial Industry

In virtually any job, using excellent interpersonal and written communication skills is vital to keeping everyone on the same page day after day. By putting people at ease and being able to explain difficult concepts and regulations in ways everyone can understand, a company can find itself staying ahead of its competitors. When it comes to using various forms of communication in order to keep a company running as smoothly as possible, nobody has a better grasp of the concept than Sam Tabar. By being able to utilize his education in order to help his clients, Sam has proven just how important communication skills can be within the financial industry.

Having been trained as an attorney, Sam knows all too well the value of great communication skills. This was evident during his stay at Columbia Law School, where he spent time as the editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. Seeing just how powerful discussions of important topics could be to everyone, Sam always remembered this as he started his career. While beginning as an attorney with a leading law firm, he spent his time working with individuals and companies to develop contracts related to the structuring and formation of hedge funds. Along with this, Sam also advised clients on how to deal on Twitter with critical situations related to employment law and compliance issues.

However, in spite of the success he had during this time, Private Equity Wire shows Sam was prepared to go in a new direction and begin a new chapter in his professional life. Having made this decision, he left the law firm and instead chose to accept a position with PMA Investment, where he was given tremendous responsibility within the company. Hired to be the firm’s Lead Capital Strategist as well as its Head of Business Management, Sam was allowed to use his knowledge and creativity in unison to develop strategies that would work on a national as well as international scale.

Once he began moving forward in this position, word began to spread around the industry that Sam was an analyst who also happened to be the best strategist in the industry. Always knowing he had what it would take to make it big in the world of finance, Sam is always ready for the next challenge.  Check out Mr. Tabar’s GoFundMe for a different angle on where he’s going next.