Rocketship Education Endorses Parenting in the Education Process

Rocketship Education Public Schools are charter schools that serve low-income neighborhoods. The goal of these schools is to provide poor communities with a choice for educating their children. Rocketship Education Public Schools are located in key areas of the country such as Nashville, Milwaukee and Washington D.C.

The schools were first established in 2006 by Preston Smith and John Danner. These men recognized that there was a need to improve the education of low-income students. They opened the first Rocketship charter school in San Jose, California.

The founders of Rocketship Education decided to take their education process in a new direction. While they adhere to state requirements for educating students, they also instituted different regulations and rules for their own institutions. For example, students are given a highly advanced curriculum. They are also required to wear uniforms and to adhere to standard forms of behaviors.

One of the most interesting things about Rocketship is the parental involvement. This chain of charter schools relies heavily on parents to help educate their children. Parents can view the schools as they are being constructed, they can help select the types of teachers and staff that will be working with their children and they are given every opportunity and incentive to participate in their child’s education.

Parents cannot spend all of their time with their children while they are learning. However, they can visit the school when they need to evaluate their child’s progress. Rocketship encourages this habit. Another great thing about Rockeship has to do with parental support. When a student’s home life jeopardized, Rocketship Education will step up to help. While they cannot stop or change all of the problems that a family experiences; they can help to provide support whenever it is needed.

When students out in San Jose experienced a flooding disaster, Rocketship stepped up to help out. They aided families with food, shelter and other supplies they needed to get through the situation. Rocketship teamed up with other organizations to provide this type of support. Students affected by the flood were still able to attend school while their parents reorganized their lives. This was a win/win situation for everyone. This is just an example of how Rocketship Education is making a difference in the lives of its students and their families.