Jason Hope Explains Why The Future Is Dependent On The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope believes in the internet of things. He is a writer, entrepreneur and commentator on the latest trends in technology and his articles are highly regarded as a source of technologies direction. The phrase the internet of things is in reference to devices that can sync with one another such as kitchen appliances, cars and street lights. These types of items have the ability to decrease waste and increase efficiency by sharing data on the same network. Mr. Hope believes this will change the way businesses in the future operate and become the biggest technological advancement in years.

According to Jason Hope this will become the largest investment for corporations and become imperative for their future success. Although this smart technology is simple a convenience now, Mr. Jason Hope feels it will be the only way to continue moving forward. He has stated competition will be fierce in the creation of new apps for consumers to use in the course of their lives. One of the biggest advantages will be regarding the additional safety in public transportation and road conditions.

Jason Hope sees benefits for the rural areas as well. GPS tracking of accidents and emergency response will be improved, more accurate and more efficient. The internet of things can collect additional information on accident locations regardless of the time of night or day.

Jason Hope is a well known futurist and entrepreneur. He resides in Arizona and is passionate about giving something back to his community and the possibilities of technology. Growing up in Tempe, he attended Arizona State University where he received his financial degree. He is dedicated to the politics concerning Arizona and the nation.

Jason Hope has also established himself as a writer, investor and commentator. He speaks about technology and the internet of things. He calls it the biggest wave in advancement to ever hit the industry. He wrote an article on the subject that is considered an authority on the way technology is unveiling and his opinions have become highly regarded. He believes the future will come to be dependent on the internet of things in order to continue to grow.



Darius Fisher Honored By The PR World Awards

Darius Fisher is the newest recipient of the prestigious Business Development Individual of the Year Award. Fisher is the president as well as the co-founder of Status Labs. The honor is given annually by PR World Awards. It covers the world’s best. That is in recognizing corporate communications, public relations, investor relations, business development, and marketing professionals. The award also recognizes departments, teams, and accomplishments from each key sector in the world.

Status Labs, a global public relations, digital marketing, and online reputation management company had a revenue increase of 939% from 2012 to 2015. The growth was achieved under Darius Fisher’s leadership. He enhanced the firm’s market position by establishing new digital service provisions. He also created an exceptional customer base that comprises Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, the firm’s client base includes public figures from across the world.

Fisher’s long-term deliberate planning and objective setting, essential customer relations, and management of sales teams have been critical.

Fisher noted that it was a great honor to be announced as a Gold winner in the esteemed segment. He pointed out that business development is crucial to any firm with plans to achieve growth in the long term such as Status Labs. Thus, they seriously value relationship building and brand partnerships. In addition, the PR World Award is recognition to the efforts of Status Labs in the industry.
About Darius Fisher
Darius Fisher is the co-founder of Status Labs. He is also the company’s president. He is responsible for Status Labs’ strategic vision. Fisher also created partnerships with influencers and agencies. He recruited their accountant management and global sales teams. Fisher has led Status Labs to become the premier public relations and online reputation company it is currently.

Prior to creating Status Labs, Fisher was a copywriter and political consultant. He graduated from Vanderbilt University with honors. Presently, he drives Status Labs’ goal of ensuring that clients build strong reputations and have excellent appearances on search results. That is through digital marketing as well as PR strategy. Follow Darius on Twitter @fisherdarius to learn more.