Orange Coast College Completes the Upgrading of a Recycling Facility

Orange Coast College, a community college situated in a former military base, recently completed the construction of a massive recycling facility, the Adams Avenue facility. The community college also launched the structure to the public. It took Orange Coast College over 16 months and $7 million to construct the structure on a land of five acres.


The Adams Avenue structure is a significant upgrade of a previous recycling center that Orange Coast College built over forty years ago. Its design comprises of a parking space big enough to accommodate 45 cars. The building is five times larger than the previous one.


Recycling Capacity


OCC’s new recycling facility is built to serve the school and the Southern California community. Residents are allowed to dispose of all types of wastes in the newly-built structure. The Adams Avenue center can recycle a couple of plastic containers, metal scrap, and defunct appliances. It can also recycle paper materials such as cardboard and magazines.




The Adam Avenue facility was constructed with a purpose of helping Southern California residents free up storage spaces containing wastes at their homes. It also helps them earn a few dollars for every item they submit to the building. The Adam Avenue facility has an eco-friendly design. This means that it was built to protect the environment using materials that have been recycled from nature.


The new structure is an implementation of one of the objectives in Orange Coast College’s “Vision 2020” development plan. Funds used for construction were sourced from private and public benefactors such as the government and CR&R Environmental Services. Learn more:


About Orange Coast College


OCC was established in 1974 after Costa Mesa residents cast their votes in large numbers in support of an initiative to build a community college. The voters were also in support of the learning institution to be built on a former military camp. Army buildings found on the site were rebuilt into educational facilities.


Today, Orange Coast College comprises of administrative offices, a library, an auditorium and a gym. Over 20,000 students are enrolled in OCC’s 135 educational programs, which have been accredited by WASC. The institution allows students to pursue a wide range of careers at affordable fees.