Fortune Cookie messages: Chinese proverbs

A chance day is better than a chosen one. - Chinese Proverb

A cloth huckster fears not your measure, though long as carrying a pole. - Chinese Proverb

A dry finger cannot lick up salt. - Chinese Proverb

A dying leopard leaves his skin; a dying man his name. - Chinese Proverb

A grown up tree spreads its branches wide; A grown up household must divide. - Chinese Proverb

A horse may have strength to run a thousand miles, but without a rider it knows not where to go. - Chinese Proverb

A hundred paths present a hundred difficulties. - Chinese Proverb

A hungry man is glad to get boiled wheat. - Chinese Proverb

A lean dog shames his master. - Chinese Proverb

A man is better than a pledge. - Chinese Proverb

A man is better than a pledge. - Chinese Proverb

A man may have the ambition to scale the clouds, but without luck he cannot get on. - Chinese Proverb

A man of many trades cannot fear a family. - Chinese Proverb

A man of many trades cannot read a family. - Chinese Proverb

A man without a smiling face must not open a shop. - Chinese Proverb

A novice at the first attempt, an adept at the second. - Chinese Proverb

A raging wind only strikes those who are in it. - Chinese Proverb

A son pays his father’s debts, but a father will not recognise a son’s. - Chinese Proverb

A stick’s a stick whether short or tall, A man’s a man whether great or small. - Chinese Proverb

A thousand artisans a thousand plans. - Chinese Proverb

A wise man in a fool’s service is a clear pearl thrown into lacquer. - Chinese Proverb

Able men are first employed. - Chinese Proverb

After full moon the light diminishes; after middle age man’s affairs begin to lessen. - Chinese Proverb

All unskilful fools quarrel with their tools. - Chinese Proverb

An eating housekeeper does not care how large your stomach is. - Chinese Proverb

As a house needs man to set it off, so a man needs clothes. - Chinese Proverb

Bachelor to talk of books incline; Pork butchers delight to talk of swine. - Chinese Proverb

Be resolved and the thing is done. - Chinese Proverb

Beautiful women are very ill-fated. - Chinese Proverb

Before a man knows it he has grown white-headed. - Chinese Proverb

Before you calculate on buying, calculate on selling. - Chinese Proverb

Better a dog in time of peace, than a man in time of rebellion. - Chinese Proverb

Better be a master of one then Jack of all trades. - Chinese Proverb

Better be master of one than jack of all trades. - Chinese Proverb

Better establish a branch, than cut off a line. - Chinese Proverb

Better sell for small profits than fail in business. - Chinese Proverb

Better take eight hundred than give credit for a thousand cash. - Chinese Proverb

Both riches and honours are settled by fate; Their time of arrival each man must await. - Chinese Proverb

Buy a cheap thing out of another’s hand and you’ll be taken in. - Chinese Proverb

Buyers are esteemed. - Chinese Proverb

By eating we overcome hunger; and by study ignorance. - Chinese Proverb

Calamity and happiness come not of themselves, but only at the call of man. - Chinese Proverb

Champions spring not from seed sown; men must exert themselves. - Chinese Proverb

Cheap things are not good; good things are not cheap. - Chinese Proverb

Clothes and food are daily mercies. - Chinese Proverb

Clothes can’t be made an inch too long; Boots must not be a fraction wrong. - Chinese Proverb

Cold tea and cold rice are bearable, but cold words and cold speeches are unendurable. - Chinese Proverb

Count cash as thought it were gold, and so avoid the least mistake. - Chinese Proverb

Credit cuts off customers. - Chinese Proverb

Days of sorrow pass slowly; times of joy very quickly. - Chinese Proverb

Dealing in smuggled wine is very much in vogue; Who does so undetected is the clever rogue. - Chinese Proverb

Debt oppresses man. - Chinese Proverb

Dispute the price, but don’t dispute the weight. - Chinese Proverb

Do not be surety for one in custody, or for another man’s debt. - Chinese Proverb

Do not covet for the mouth and belly, and so slay beasts and birds without restraint. - Chinese Proverb

Domestic foibles must not be spread abroad. - Chinese Proverb

Dress makes the gentleman or lady. - Chinese Proverb

Dress makes the gentlemen or lady. - Chinese Proverb

Dwell in harmony with all your neighbours. - Chinese Proverb

Easier said than done. - Chinese Proverb

Every high road leads to Peking. - Chinese Proverb

Every household knows when salt and rice are dear. - Chinese Proverb

Every task can be accomplished by a man of resolution. - Chinese Proverb

Every trade has its ways. - Chinese Proverb

Everyone to his calling. - Chinese Proverb

Everything is difficult at first. - Chinese Proverb

Everything prospers in a united family; though events do not happen according to men’s calculations. - Chinese Proverb

Examine the neighbourhood before you choose your dwelling. - Chinese Proverb

Extensive is a priceless treasure. - Chinese Proverb

Eyes must be closed to swallow maggots in one’s food. - Chinese Proverb

Fair maids and lovely concubines endanger family happiness. - Chinese Proverb

Farmers naturally realize enjoyment. - Chinese Proverb

Fear the lack of excellence in your production, not the lack of competence in your examiner. - Chinese Proverb

Fear the lack of perfectness in your conduct, not the lack of honesty in your examiner. - Chinese Proverb

Feed moderately on wholesome food; garden herbs surpass rich viands. - Chinese Proverb

First secure food; then secure clothing. - Chinese Proverb

Follow the good, and learn to be so. - Chinese Proverb

For criminals there are prisons; where are the prisons for debtors? - Chinese Proverb

For neighbours to keep up a friendly tone, Is equal to finding a precious stone. - Chinese Proverb

Fortunes of thousands, of thousands ten, cannot be made but by able men. - Chinese Proverb

Fresh food is fragrant; stale food stinks. - Chinese Proverb

From small profits and many expenses, comes a whole life of sad consequences. - Chinese Proverb

Good swimmers are sometimes drowned; and good riders are sometimes thrown. - Chinese Proverb

Great capital great profits. - Chinese Proverb

Great profits, great risks. - Chinese Proverb

Great trees are good to shelter under. - Chinese Proverb

Happiness has its foundation; and misery its womb. - Chinese Proverb

Having capital to open an eating house, I dread not the most capacious stomach. - Chinese Proverb

He gets little more time for sleep who refuses to rise with the dawn. - Chinese Proverb

He who can recommend another has great respectability. - Chinese Proverb

He who can recommend another has great respectability. - Chinese Proverb

He who checks his appetite avoids debt. - Chinese Proverb

He who checks his appetite avoids debt. - Chinese Proverb

He who dresses in lead-made clothes when going to put out a fire, provokes calamity on himself. - Chinese Proverb

He who fails to become a perfect scholar, may still become a magistrate’s clerk. - Chinese Proverb

He who leads an ox to drink must first wet his own feet. - Chinese Proverb

He who neglects a good opportunity, must not afterwards complain. - Chinese Proverb

High prices attract sellers from afar. - Chinese Proverb

Hold back your goods for a thousand days, and you’ll be sure to sell at a profit. - Chinese Proverb

Hurry men at work, not at meat. - Chinese Proverb

If an ox won’t drink, you can’t make him bend down his head. - Chinese Proverb

If he does not quarrel with his cook for his tea, he does for his rice. - Chinese Proverb

If one won’t employ me another will. - Chinese Proverb

If the magistrate be great, so will be his secretaries and underlings. - Chinese Proverb

If you believe in gambling you will have to sell your house. - Chinese Proverb

If you do not enter a tiger’s den, you cannot get his cubs. - Chinese Proverb

If you don’t come it’s no matter to me; But if you do, serve obediently. - Chinese Proverb

If you don’t scale the mountain, you can’t view the plain. - Chinese Proverb

If you get taken in say nothing about it. - Chinese Proverb

If you long for pleasure, you must labour hard to get it. - Chinese Proverb

If you long for pleasure, you must labour hard to get it. - Chinese Proverb

If you miss the tiger, he won’t miss you. - Chinese Proverb

If you owe a man anything there is nothing like seeing him often. - Chinese Proverb

If you suspect a man don’t employ him; if you employ him don’t suspect him. - Chinese Proverb

If you want to get along, let the old respect the young. - Chinese Proverb

If you want to get along, let the old respect the young. - Chinese Proverb

If you would not be cheated ask the price at three shops. - Chinese Proverb

In a family defend it; in a country defend it. - Chinese Proverb

In a united family happiness springs up of itself. - Chinese Proverb

In a united family happiness springs up to itself. - Chinese Proverb

In digging up a tree you must begin with the root. - Chinese Proverb

In dress and food do not break rules. - Chinese Proverb

Iron or brass, let nothing pass. - Chinese Proverb

It is easier to capture a tiger on the mountains, than to ask for a loan of money. - Chinese Proverb

It is easier to rule a kingdom than to regulate a family. - Chinese Proverb

It is easier to rule a kingdom than to regulate a family. - Chinese Proverb

It is easy to open a shop, but hard to keep it open. - Chinese Proverb

It is impossible to tell what is in the future. - Chinese Proverb

It is the beautiful bird which gets encaged. - Chinese Proverb

Keep company with good men: and good men you’ll learn to be. - Chinese Proverb

Knowledge comes by study, ignorance follows its neglect. - Chinese Proverb

Learning is a treasure which follows its owner everywhere. - Chinese Proverb

Learning is far more precious than gold. - Chinese Proverb

Lend the man money if you have it to spare; and if you have not to be civil take care. - Chinese Proverb

Lend to one who won’t repay, and you’ll provoke his dislike. - Chinese Proverb

Man lives a generation as plants a spring. - Chinese Proverb

Man’s days are numbered. - Chinese Proverb

Man’s life is truly a performance. - Chinese Proverb

Men in the game are blind to what men looking on see clearly. - Chinese Proverb

Merit and fame never crowns the lazy. - Chinese Proverb

Middle-men bear no responsibilities; and sureties pay no debts. - Chinese Proverb

Most things are easy to learn, but hard to master. - Chinese Proverb

Neglected youth brings miserable age. - Chinese Proverb

Never be with a bad man. - Chinese Proverb

Never was a good work done without much trouble. - Chinese Proverb

No distance can sever those whom fate unites; no nearness can join those whom fate severs. - Chinese Proverb

No fear of dishonesty; the only fear is of penury. - Chinese Proverb

No man will serve for starvation. - Chinese Proverb

No men occupy so degraded a position as the brothel-keeper, actor and low musician. - Chinese Proverb

No needle has two sharp points. - Chinese Proverb

No one can sew without a needle. - Chinese Proverb

No pleasure equals the pleasure of study. - Chinese Proverb

Nothing can be done without instruction. - Chinese Proverb

Nourish a sick but never an idle servant. - Chinese Proverb

Of things to use and to refresh us, Money and salt are the most precious. - Chinese Proverb

Omit to stretch yourself after each meal, lumps in your throat you’ll certainly feel. - Chinese Proverb

Once in trouble it is hard to get out. - Chinese Proverb

One actor cannot perform a play. - Chinese Proverb

One family builds a wall, and two families get the benefit of it. - Chinese Proverb

One foot cannot stand on two boats at once. - Chinese Proverb

One generation plants the trees under whose cool shade another generation rests. - Chinese Proverb

One man cannot manage too many affairs. - Chinese Proverb

One year borrows another year’s food. - Chinese Proverb

Only eat fresh fish and ripened rice. - Chinese Proverb

Opportunity must sometime visit the meanest. - Chinese Proverb

Our daily bread depends on Heaven. - Chinese Proverb

Our pleasures are shallow, our troubles deep. - Chinese Proverb

Out of luck, gold becomes iron; in luck iron resembles gold. - Chinese Proverb

Own brothers keep careful accounts. - Chinese Proverb

Paper and pen may take a man’s life without the use of a sword. - Chinese Proverb

Pass no day idly, youth does not return. - Chinese Proverb

Perfect harmony in a family removes all restrictions of speech. - Chinese Proverb

Pork butchers and dog-slayers will come to no good end. - Chinese Proverb

Posters and chairmen, without delay soon as the job is done, want their pay. - Chinese Proverb

Profits equally share, losses equally bear. - Chinese Proverb

Prosperity and misfortune are common to all times and places. - Chinese Proverb

Quarrelling for superiority will gradually destroy the affairs of a family. - Chinese Proverb

Rather check your appetite than get into debt; and though penniless be patient. - Chinese Proverb

Ready money can buy anything in stock. - Chinese Proverb

Redeem one pledge with another, still that other is pawn. - Chinese Proverb

Rustics feast twice a year; after the new year’s feast, they look for the harvest-home. - Chinese Proverb

Save thoroughly if you will; Kill thoroughly if you kill. - Chinese Proverb

Seeing a rush don’t pursue. - Chinese Proverb

Selling land sell the house on it; and invite a middle man to settle your bargain. - Chinese Proverb

Serve but a day and you are a slave, deal in ever so small a way and you are a merchant. - Chinese Proverb

Severed living and parted dying, No grief on earth can be so trying. - Chinese Proverb

Slow work produces fine goods. - Chinese Proverb

Small profits on large capital are after all great; great profits on small capital are after all small. - Chinese Proverb

Sour, sweet, bitter, pungent, all must be tasted. - Chinese Proverb

Strike while the iron’s hot. - Chinese Proverb

Study thoroughly and think deeply. - Chinese Proverb

Study which does not daily advance will daily retrograde. - Chinese Proverb

Stupid wives and disobedient children no man can manage. - Chinese Proverb

Superior man are good without instruction; but low fellows are bad despite of it. - Chinese Proverb

Suppose your wish is to excel, before an expert practise well. - Chinese Proverb

The affairs of a thousand men are under the control of one. - Chinese Proverb

The boxer’s fist must keep to its task; and the singer’s mouth no rest must ask. - Chinese Proverb

The dog presumes on his master’s power. - Chinese Proverb

The family regulations of a self-complacent lazy fellow must be very much out of order. - Chinese Proverb

The first thing a scholar does it to establish resolution. - Chinese Proverb

The hall which no ancient pictures grace is not the home of an ancient race. - Chinese Proverb

The happy know not how time flies. - Chinese Proverb

The load a beggar cannot carry he has begged himself. - Chinese Proverb

The loss of one night’s sleep entails ten days of discomfort. - Chinese Proverb

The loss of one night’s sleep entails ten days of discomfort. - Chinese Proverb

The lucky man meets a friend; the unlucky man a fair lady. - Chinese Proverb

The man can, but his fate cannot. - Chinese Proverb

The master controls his slave as easily as one can feel the stocking in one’s boot. - Chinese Proverb

The melon seller declares his melons sweet. - Chinese Proverb

The more you eat, the less flavour; the less you eat, the more flavour. - Chinese Proverb

The mouth is an unlimited measure. - Chinese Proverb

The nose is bigger than the face. - Chinese Proverb

The people follow the example of those above them. - Chinese Proverb

The priest may run away, the temple cannot. - Chinese Proverb

There are customers for all sorts of goods. - Chinese Proverb

There are pictures in poems, and poems in pictures. - Chinese Proverb

There is a senior wrangler in every calling. - Chinese Proverb

There is a time to fish, and a time to dry nets. - Chinese Proverb

There is dew for every blade of grass. - Chinese Proverb

There is mutual love between men of a creed, mutual jealousy between men of a trade. - Chinese Proverb

There is nothing difficult in the world; the only fear is that men will be lacking in perseverance. - Chinese Proverb

There may be trade to be done, and none able to do it. - Chinese Proverb

Those who go swinging and strutting are only dressed out for show. - Chinese Proverb

Those who make money make little exertion; those who make much exertion make no money. - Chinese Proverb

Those who reject iron cannot make steel. - Chinese Proverb

Though a tiger may not devour men, his dreadful appearance frightens them. - Chinese Proverb

Though a tiger may not devour men, his dreadful appearance frightens them. - Chinese Proverb

Though breakfast be good, dinner is better. - Chinese Proverb

Though breakfast be good, dinner is better. - Chinese Proverb

Though I dismiss one butcher, think you I shall be forced to eat undressed pork? - Chinese Proverb

Though life cannot reach a hundred years, men cherish the troubles of a thousand. - Chinese Proverb

Though the senders be ten thousand times wrong, it is not the messenger’s fault. - Chinese Proverb

Though you have money do not spend it in the twelfth month. - Chinese Proverb

Three meals will save a man from want; Freedom from rags three suits will grant. - Chinese Proverb

Three raw hands are unequal to one good hand. - Chinese Proverb

Three years’ reading is not so good as to hear the explanation. - Chinese Proverb

To be surety for the bow means being surety for the arrow. - Chinese Proverb

To borrow of one to pay another is to tear down an eastern to repair a western wall. - Chinese Proverb

To bring a family to ruin is like washing a sandbank away. - Chinese Proverb

To don the hat and sport the girdle is what everybody likes. - Chinese Proverb

To get on without capital is like picking up a grain and opening a mill. - Chinese Proverb

To his books a teacher must ever adhere. - Chinese Proverb

To his books a teacher must ever adhere: His pigs, a poor man must continue to rear. - Chinese Proverb

To lend without prospect of repayment is to throw a fleshy bone at a dog. - Chinese Proverb

To lend without prospect of repayment is to throw a fleshy bone at a dog. - Chinese Proverb

To make a family prosper is like digging with needles in clay. - Chinese Proverb

To make a man of yourself you must toil; if you don’t you won’t. - Chinese Proverb

To persuade gentlemen not to gamble, is to win for them. - Chinese Proverb

To the contended even poverty brings happiness; to the discontented even riches bring misery. - Chinese Proverb

To the man submit, At whose board you sit. - Chinese Proverb

Traders are like priests. - Chinese Proverb

Trading with petty hucksters, don’t banter them down too much. - Chinese Proverb

Two of a trade hate one another. - Chinese Proverb

Undignified teaching proves a lazy master. - Chinese Proverb

Union of capital is like union of fate. - Chinese Proverb

Use the little to get the big. - Chinese Proverb

Viands have various flavours; what pleases the palate is good. - Chinese Proverb

Wares are good and bad; prices high and low. - Chinese Proverb

We can deal with ready money customers; those who want credit may spare their breath. - Chinese Proverb

We scheme for three meals per day, and for one sleep by night. - Chinese Proverb

What is done hastily is not done well. - Chinese Proverb

What is earned with hard labour is eaten with pleasure. - Chinese Proverb

What is the use of weeping over broken vessels? Spilt water cannot be gathered up again. - Chinese Proverb

What the customer dreads is to be taken in. - Chinese Proverb

Whatever will fill your belly is good food. - Chinese Proverb

When a family is in a fix, out comes the cash. - Chinese Proverb

When a large vessel has opened a way, it is easy for a small one to follow. - Chinese Proverb

When a man will risk his life, the thousand cannot stop him. - Chinese Proverb

When a servant conceives it hard to stay, He becomes your foe if not sent away. - Chinese Proverb

When a vessel is in the middle of a river it is too late to stop the leak. - Chinese Proverb

When any one in a family breaks the law, the sin is laid to the blame of its head. - Chinese Proverb

When calamity is upon you, repentance is too late. - Chinese Proverb

When families quarrel, outsiders deride. - Chinese Proverb

When families quarrel, outsides deride. - Chinese Proverb

When going to pawn say nothing about it. - Chinese Proverb

When happiness comes the mind grows more intelligent. - Chinese Proverb

When rice is not well cooked it is because the steam has been unequally distributed. - Chinese Proverb

When the arrow is on the string it must go. - Chinese Proverb

When the family becomes ruined the slave may despise his master. - Chinese Proverb

When the gambler’s wealth is spent, and his purse empty, he must stop. - Chinese Proverb

When the man dies the debt is lost. - Chinese Proverb

When the melon is ripe it will drop of itself. - Chinese Proverb

When the mind is stored with learning, the bearing will be elegant. - Chinese Proverb

When the wild bird lacks food, all the earth is before him. - Chinese Proverb

When two partners have one mind, clay is into gold refined. - Chinese Proverb

When you see an opportunity, act. - Chinese Proverb

Whenever one family comes to grief, A hundred families send relief. - Chinese Proverb

Whenever the raven flies over one’s head, There must be before us some trouble to dread. - Chinese Proverb

Whenever you go abroad to trade; Of showing your silver be afraid. - Chinese Proverb

Where much pushing must be made, there cannot be a lively trade. - Chinese Proverb

Where no handsome servant is kept, the family must be virtuous. - Chinese Proverb

Whilst the workman may have 3/10ths of his way, the master has 7/10ths of his. - Chinese Proverb

Who cannot catch fish must catch shrimps. - Chinese Proverb

Who consent as middle-men or sureties to behave, Accept responsibilities which are exceeding grave. - Chinese Proverb

Who keeps the hills, burns the wood; who keeps the stream drinks the water. - Chinese Proverb

Who takes in his son-in-law brings trouble into his house. - Chinese Proverb

Who teaches you a day is your father for life. - Chinese Proverb

With money in your hand don’t be taken in. - Chinese Proverb

Without climbing mountains no one can know the height of heaven. - Chinese Proverb

Without going you can get to nowhere; you can complete nothing without doing. - Chinese Proverb

You cannot cheat one in the trade. - Chinese Proverb

You cannot clap with one hand. - Chinese Proverb

You cannot open a book without learning something. - Chinese Proverb

You cannot shade off the sun’s light with a single hand. - Chinese Proverb

You had better go home and make a net, than go down to the river and just hope to get the fishes. - Chinese Proverb

You have an itching to do whatever you see others doing. - Chinese Proverb

You may be surety for a general’s going into battle; can you be surety of his coming out? - Chinese Proverb

You may sell a small quantity of an adulterated article; but you cannot buy a picul of the genuine. - Chinese Proverb

You may study to old age and yet have things to learn. - Chinese Proverb

Your pay is certain whether you work or play. - Chinese Proverb

When relations and neighbours continue sincere, Then relations and neighbours have nothing to fear. - Chinese Proverb

Mencius mother selected her neighbourhood. - Chinese Proverb

A good bird selects its tree - Chinese Proverb

Distant water will not quench a fire near ; distant relations are not so good as near neighbours. - Chinese Proverb

Three years after a family has been divided, its members become as neighbours. - Chinese Proverb

The bird chooses its tree, not the tree the bird. - Chinese Proverb

Would you discover the real truth about a person, enquire only of his neighbours. - Chinese Proverb

On a journey you must have good company ; at home you must have good neighbours. - Chinese Proverb

Better good neighbours near, than relations far away. - Chinese Proverb

The emperor has no waste lands : and there are virtuous men among your neighbours. - Chinese Proverb

Near neighbours are not equal to next-door neighbours, and they are not equal to neighbours across the road. - Chinese Proverb

Near neighbours. Lit. : If we have not flowers and trees in common, we have the garden in common. - Chinese Proverb

Fields are divided from each other ; but dwellings are joined together. - Chinese Proverb

Possessed of a neighbour’s knowledge. Lit. : I know all about the place’s customs, soil, and men. - Chinese Proverb

Wives and children’s education, won’t admit procrastination. - Chinese Proverb

Than a lad without learning, you’d better rear an ass : Better rear a pig than an uneducated lass. - Chinese Proverb

Fields left untilled---your granaries will all empty be : Books left unread---you’ll have a stupid progeny. - Chinese Proverb

As the twig is bent the mulberry grows. - Chinese Proverb

Instruction penetrates the hearts of the good, but blows past the ears of the bad. - Chinese Proverb

Education requires a proper method. - Chinese Proverb

Teach your son in the hall, your wife on the pillow. - Chinese Proverb

Though an affair be small, it must be attended to, else it will never be done : though a son be talented, without instruction he will still remain ignorant. - Chinese Proverb

Teach your descendants the two proper roads----literature and farming. - Chinese Proverb

Teaching sons and grandsons, mind you teach them a trade : plant the sang and the che, but not many flowers. - Chinese Proverb

Superior men are good without instruction ; medium men are good with it ; but low fellows are bad despite of it. - Chinese Proverb

The youthful student must carve and grind ; he must not complain at the amount of instruction his Teacher gives him : for nothing can be made of yellow gold until it is hammered ; and the jewelled sword is useless until it is sharpened. - Chinese Proverb

The scholar who wishes his M.A. to gain, From all tiger drawing must henceforth refrain. - Chinese Proverb

At each of the Chancellor’s examinations, held twice in three years, Each literacy, military, old, or young, candidate appears. - Chinese Proverb

Yearly examinations scare the B.A. : Hey time scares the farmer in much the same way. - Chinese Proverb

When a dull scholar obtains a B.A., we know it is not by a dull essay. - Chinese Proverb

Any man who shows ability may leap the dragon gate. - Chinese Proverb

Who fears that his essay will surpass all others, and not that the examiners will reject it ? - Chinese Proverb

In three years a master of arts may degenerate into an ordinary plebeian. - Chinese Proverb

Come out first on the Dragon-Tiger list, and in ten years you will be at the Phoenix pool. - Chinese Proverb

To gain a degree. Lit. : The river fish li ascends the dragon gate. - Chinese Proverb

To stand alone on the sea-monster’s head. - Chinese Proverb

The attainment of literary honours depends on Fate, Fortune, Geomantic influences, the laying up of secret merit, and on study. Any essay is good which gives a man his M.A. - Chinese Proverb

The candidate hopes to pass ; the criminal fears the cell. - Chinese Proverb

Studious men to growing corn a perfect likeness bear ; Unstudious men to jungle grass we may well compare. - Chinese Proverb

A man chock full of learning up to his chin, Needs stirring up to bring out that which is in. - Chinese Proverb

A pedant. Lit. : One whose mouth is full of particles. - Chinese Proverb

He is the true Bachelor of Arts who can clearly distinguish the uses of the seven particles. - Chinese Proverb

Without leaving his study, a Bachelor of Arts may understand the affairs of the empire. - Chinese Proverb

Though you cannot obtain office, you are still a Bachelor of Arts. - Chinese Proverb

He bored through his wall to steal his neighbour’s light. - Chinese Proverb

Scholars are their country’s treasure, and richest ornaments of a feast. - Chinese Proverb

A Bachelor of Art’s kindness is but half a sheet of paper. - Chinese Proverb

Scholars discuss reason; workmen what they are to eat. - Chinese Proverb

He whose learning is coarse and shallow, should not hang out the name of a scholar. - Chinese Proverb

A poor scholar accepts no pity. - Chinese Proverb

All look up to a famous scholar. - Chinese Proverb

All scholars are brethren. - Chinese Proverb

Bachelors of Art are not the sons of poverty; nor are Buddhist priests he sons of wealth. - Chinese Proverb

If you are a student of Confucius, you are bound to observe the rules of Chou-Kung. - Chinese Proverb

As a student----under one man : in office---over ten thousand. - Chinese Proverb

A scholar will serve those who appreciate him; and a lady will dress for those who please her. - Chinese Proverb

He who can handle a pen, will nowhere have need to beg. - Chinese Proverb

Whoever has read the Tseng-kuang is able to converse. - Chinese Proverb

He who has read the Yu-hsiao well knows how to curse. - Chinese Proverb

He who has read the Ch’un-ch’iu understands caution and gravity. - Chinese Proverb

He who has read the Tso-chuan knows how to utter frivolous flatteries. - Chinese Proverb

He who has seen the San-kuo will be able to use strategy. - Chinese Proverb

He who has seen the Sun-tzu will understand military tactics. - Chinese Proverb

He who has seen the Histories knows the affairs of the ancients. - Chinese Proverb

Books are alike the Empire over. - Chinese Proverb

Husbandry and letters are the two chief professions. - Chinese Proverb

The tongue weaves for clothes; the pen tills for food. - Chinese Proverb

In all famous sects there are fields of enjoyment. - Chinese Proverb

Poetry and letters do not neglect three generations. - Chinese Proverb

He who has read the works of Sun and Wu, can understand the art of war. - Chinese Proverb

He who has seen maps knows the aspect of the empire. - Chinese Proverb

If you are a miser do not educate your son; and if you wish to hide his faults pay no heed to his teacher. - Chinese Proverb

When a teacher is dignified, teaching is respected. - Chinese Proverb

If there is no oil in the lamp the wick is wasted in vain. - Chinese Proverb

When a rich man becomes poor he becomes a teacher. - Chinese Proverb

If he sets small tasks, his employers think him lazy; if he gives much work, his scholars cannot get through it. - Chinese Proverb

If you employ a teacher, employ one with a name. - Chinese Proverb

If he can study, the peasant’s son may become a peer; And a nobleman’s son who can’t, must come down from his sphere. - Chinese Proverb

Books of antiquity still a relish yield; and no year of famine knows the inkstone field. - Chinese Proverb

Content in cotton, pleased with homely food, You’ll find the Odes and History always good. - Chinese Proverb

Natural endowments are precious to a man; but, gain the prize without hard study, no one can. - Chinese Proverb

Where the sound of reading’s heard, that house must gain renown; Where there is but the sound of song, that house must be o’erthrown. - Chinese Proverb

If you only apply your mind to the task, Why trouble about mastering it, I ask? - Chinese Proverb

However stupid sons and grandsons may be, they must read the classics. - Chinese Proverb

They are only horses and cows in clothes who neglect the study of the past and present. - Chinese Proverb

He who neglects to study diligently in youth, will, when white-headed, repent that he put it off until too late. - Chinese Proverb

He who cannot understand the classics had better return to the plough. - Chinese Proverb

Very studious. Lit.: To rub away an iron ink-slab. - Chinese Proverb

It is essential to know the meaning of real words, and the use of particles. - Chinese Proverb

Every character must be chewed to get out its juice. - Chinese Proverb

Learning cannot be gulped down. Lit.: You cannot swallow dates whole. - Chinese Proverb

The student must not listen to chatter under his window; he must with undivided attention study the Sages. - Chinese Proverb

He who burns his lamp till three o’clock, and is up with the cocks at five, is a resolute student indeed. - Chinese Proverb

Your study goes on like a flowing stream. - Chinese Proverb

Good students resemble workers in hard wood. - Chinese Proverb

Be diligent in study, for every character is worth thousands of gold. - Chinese Proverb

To amass gold by millions is not like a clear understanding of the classics. - Chinese Proverb

All pursuits are mean is comparison with that o learning. - Chinese Proverb

Some study shows the need of more. - Chinese Proverb

Three day’s neglect of study leaves one’s conversation flavourless. - Chinese Proverb

In study---fix your mind on the Sages; in office---on your prince and country. - Chinese Proverb

Read ancient essays and know how to compose modern ones. - Chinese Proverb

Learning days a man more than the colour vermilion or black. - Chinese Proverb

In learning there is neither old nor young; the most intelligent takes precedence. - Chinese Proverb

In learning length of study goes for nothing; the most intelligent becomes master. - Chinese Proverb

Past and present times supply unlimited stores of knowledge, but a man’s capacity is limited. - Chinese Proverb

Having a chance to use one’s reading; we regret that it is so meagre; having accomplished a task, we begin to appreciate its difficulty. - Chinese Proverb

Rich families have no necessity to buy fertile fields; and study will be sure to yield its golden house. - Chinese Proverb

Don’t trouble yourself over the absence of a good go-between to negotiate a for you, for study will provide you with a lady beautiful as jade. - Chinese Proverb

Extensive reading is a priceless treasure. - Chinese Proverb

Don’t complain of the trouble of having to master so many classics and histories, but fear lest your leisure should be too limited. - Chinese Proverb

Would you know the affairs of the empire, read the works of the ancient. - Chinese Proverb

He who acts Chia Kuan in a hulling-mortar hat, Both pounds himself to death, and proves himself a flat. - Chinese Proverb

The pig for his blackness in mocked by the crow; who of his own ugliness nothing doth know. - Chinese Proverb

Ridiculous ambition. Lit.: The sparrow flying after the hawk. - Chinese Proverb

The sheep’s tail is too small to cover its own rump. - Chinese Proverb

He leaps over the fish basket to feed on bean curd. - Chinese Proverb

To make ridiculous assumptions. Lit.: To try to ring a wooden bell. - Chinese Proverb

The elder brother should not laugh at the second. - Chinese Proverb

To confounded distinctions. Lit.: To comb the beard and hair together. - Chinese Proverb

To eat greedily. Lit.: To take off the top of the skull, and pour the food in there. - Chinese Proverb

To fix up ornamental wild beast’s heads on the roof of a thatched cottage. - Chinese Proverb

She is a silly hen that sits on duck eggs: and she is a silly old grandmother that pets her daughter’s child. - Chinese Proverb

Vain expectations. Lit.: He only hopes that his calabash will grow as large as heaven. - Chinese Proverb

To act the dog in the manger. - Chinese Proverb

Though his boat is in the river he refuses to wash it. - Chinese Proverb

Absurdly lazy. Lit.: To use the rump to open the door. - Chinese Proverb

To hold as virtues in one’s self what we consider to be vices in others. - Chinese Proverb

He dare not swallow for fear of bone; and he dare not spit it out for fear there is flesh. - Chinese Proverb

A blind man going up into a mountain to survey the scenery. - Chinese Proverb

To dupe one’s self. Lit.: In blowing the nose to blind the eyes. - Chinese Proverb

The carpenter makes a cangue, and cangues himself. - Chinese Proverb

Fans were originally surnamed Shake; and Shake often tries his escape to make. - Chinese Proverb

The Little-Drum star rises in the eastern, sets in the western sky : If you can recite this seven times over in one breath, so can I. - Chinese Proverb

When the cat’s away, the rats come out to stretch their loins. - Chinese Proverb

As easy as for a scabbed-head to kill flies on his pate. - Chinese Proverb

As easy as to catch a flea in the stern of pair of trousers. - Chinese Proverb

We have eyed each other well; now, are we good-looking or not? - Chinese Proverb

Who can bet on the goodness of his own eyesight may eat the largest sugar plum. - Chinese Proverb

You can’t catch wild beasts without a net. - Chinese Proverb

He is a fool who waits for a servant maid. - Chinese Proverb

Lots of bustle for little profit. Lit.: A Hsiin Ssu in official lodgings---a very bustling yamen! - Chinese Proverb

If one breaks wind every body starts. - Chinese Proverb

To flit and forget to take one’s wife. - Chinese Proverb

Bundle, umbrella, and I. - Chinese Proverb

To wear a summer hat when worshipping at the new year---very hot! - Chinese Proverb

To wear fur coats in summer. - Chinese Proverb

Misunderstanding that which has been said, He into mistaken curses is led. - Chinese Proverb

To guess a superior man’s mind by a mean man’s heart. - Chinese Proverb

To put any thing into Li-mi’s hand. - Chinese Proverb

To dam water with sand. - Chinese Proverb

To add fuel to put out a fire. - Chinese Proverb

To fill up a well with snow. - Chinese Proverb

Embracing the lamp-stand he dazzles himself with the light. - Chinese Proverb

To seek the ass you are riding on. - Chinese Proverb

To catch a fish and forget to take away the basket. - Chinese Proverb

To open one’s door and bow in a thief. - Chinese Proverb

To fell a tree to catch a blackbird. - Chinese Proverb

To buy a dried fish in order to spare its life, is to know no difference life and death. - Chinese Proverb

To be idle at home, diligent abroad. - Chinese Proverb

To boil carrots and garlic together is a sad blunder in cooking. - Chinese Proverb

To offer the Filial Classic for sale at the door of Confucius. - Chinese Proverb

To rear a tortoise shut up in a jar. - Chinese Proverb

To ask a blind man the way. - Chinese Proverb

To ask instruction of a fool. - Chinese Proverb

To carry a guitar into a mill, and pay to the oxen. - Chinese Proverb

To raise an army when the war is over, and regret one’s lateness. - Chinese Proverb

To drag for the reflected moon in the water. - Chinese Proverb

To make a pickaxe in a silversmith’s shop. - Chinese Proverb

To make gold locks, in a blacksmith’s shop. - Chinese Proverb

To stir sesamum seeds and beans together. - Chinese Proverb

To look for bones in an egg. - Chinese Proverb

To drop into water to grasp the foam. - Chinese Proverb

To shoot a sparrow with a large cannon. - Chinese Proverb

To scratch one’s calf through top boots. - Chinese Proverb

To act in ignorance of the head and tail. - Chinese Proverb

To leave anything unfinished. - Chinese Proverb

To buy a cat in a bag. - Chinese Proverb

To fight the wall after the thieves have gone. - Chinese Proverb

Robberies and fires, Come as fate requires. - Chinese Proverb

Thunderbolts and fires, Come as fate requires. - Chinese Proverb

Falling walls and fires, Come as fate requires. - Chinese Proverb

If you’re born lucky no scheming is needed; And if your heart’s good leave fasting unheeded. - Chinese Proverb

Happiness we’ll together share; Misery we’ll together bear. - Chinese Proverb

Where’re six horoscope harmonies you see, That man will get on well wherever he may be. - Chinese Proverb

When both the heart and the fate are right, He will to old age in wealth delight. When the heart is right and the fate is wrong, Shielding him must to the gods belong. When fate is right and the heart is wrong, He will fall in his road half way along. When hath the heart and the fate are wrong, Penury’s grief’s he’ll struggle among. - Chinese Proverb

Unjust gains cannot enrich those who are fated to be poor. - Chinese Proverb

Disease may be cured, not fate. - Chinese Proverb

Beautiful woman are very ill-fated. - Chinese Proverb

If a man’s fate is to have only eight-tenths of pint of rice, though he traverse the country over, he cannot get a full pint. - Chinese Proverb

Every event is settled beforehand; so it is vain to fret over this transitory life. - Chinese Proverb

Everything is fated; and nothing depends on man. - Chinese Proverb

On a road dangers may be met with which can hardly be escaped: and affairs will happen beyond our own control. - Chinese Proverb

Nothing follows man’s own calculations; his whole life is arranged by fate. - Chinese Proverb

Our destiny is fixed, without the slightest reference to our own will. - Chinese Proverb

His heart is loftier than his destiny. - Chinese Proverb

Plant flowers with care, and they may never grow : stick willows in carelessly, and they may yield a pleasant shade. - Chinese Proverb

The more I study, the more I miss the mark : what have I to do with fate? The more I miss the mark, the more I study: what has face to do with me? - Chinese Proverb

Men are good or bad according to their conduct; and their misery or happiness depends on themselves. - Chinese Proverb

Fate. Lit.: The abacus in the temple of the city-god. - Chinese Proverb

“If it be my wealth it won’t go; if he be my son he won’t die.” - Chinese Proverb

One’s every glass of wine and every slice of meat, are predestined. - Chinese Proverb

Wife, wealth, children, pay, are all predestined. - Chinese Proverb

Virtuous children and official emolument who does not desire? Alas! These are not the theme of your luckless horoscope. - Chinese Proverb

Don’t say the Wen Wang’s diagrams are powerless, but fear lest the fortune teller has told them wrong. - Chinese Proverb

He hoards to-day, he hoards to-morrow (!), does nothing else but hoard; At length he has enough a new umbrella to afford; When all at once he is assailed, a wind arises quick;---- And both his hands grasp nothing but a bare umbrella stick. - Chinese Proverb

A lucky horoscope doth for a whole life prepare; and if it be not lucky what use is fervent prayer? - Chinese Proverb

The sturdiest army may be laid low: The axe may sever the sturdiest bough. - Chinese Proverb

If a man’s in luck he always finds, Where’re he goes to, favouring winds. - Chinese Proverb

In the morning only some farmhouse pride; at night he stands by the Emperor’s side. - Chinese Proverb

A lucky man is stout and fair; And men lend him twice as much as he wants. A luckless man is burnt and spare; and he asks for a loan which no one grants. - Chinese Proverb

Peaches blossom in the second month; Chrysanthemums in the ninth are out; Each must wait till its time comes about. - Chinese Proverb

Some like thunder rise in haste: Some like ashes fall to waste. - Chinese Proverb

What the actors cannot do. Gods and fairies carry through. - Chinese Proverb

In the halls of magistrates long bodied men sit; through the streets in a hurry long legged men flit. - Chinese Proverb

Quiver my eyelids, my heart throbs in my breast; neither sitting nor sleeping can I find rest. - Chinese Proverb

Don’t boast of good fortune. Lit.: Don’t let yourself say too much about the fineness of Spring; but have a fear of westerly winds and the recurrence of cold. - Chinese Proverb

He goes out empty-handed; he returns a wealthy man. - Chinese Proverb

Having good luck he need only wound his purse; having it not he must himself be wounded. - Chinese Proverb

The poorer one is the more devils one meets. - Chinese Proverb

If luck comes, who comes not? If luck comes not, who comes? - Chinese Proverb

Good luck certain sometime. Lit.: A day must come for thrashing out the grain. - Chinese Proverb

A scabbed-head following the moon enjoys extra light. - Chinese Proverb

When a dwarf ascends a staircase, he luckily gets higher every step. - Chinese Proverb

A dwarf cannot kick up his feet to any very great height. - Chinese Proverb

To enjoy good luck. Lit.: To hoist the sail before a fair wind. - Chinese Proverb

Who fears that your pen will pierce the sky? - Chinese Proverb

Sudden return of luck. Lit.: The swept area produces a large melon. - Chinese Proverb

Unluckily born. Lit.: You have slept in the wrong cradle, and issued from the wrong womb. - Chinese Proverb

Even the Yellow River has its clear days; how can man be altogether without luck? - Chinese Proverb

The poor may have no wish friend to succour them; but the sick generally have some noble friend to tell them of a remedy. - Chinese Proverb

The leaky house must encounter a succession of rainy nights; and the sailing ship must beat against unfavourable winds. - Chinese Proverb

Under each man’s name is his own fortune. - Chinese Proverb

“The fortunes of men are as uncertain as the winds and clouds of Heaven.” - Chinese Proverb

When the floating clouds are dispersed we see a clear sky. - Chinese Proverb

His horoscope is lucky. Lit.: The two stems don’t disagree. - Chinese Proverb

It is an unlucky sign when the eyelids quiver. - Chinese Proverb

Time will come when luck will change, when Heaven will send down wealth and honour. - Chinese Proverb

A poor fellow in luck’s way. Lit.: A ragged said in a fair wind. - Chinese Proverb

Kan Lo enjoyed the favour of the state of Ch’in at the age of twelve; whilst Tai Kung waited till he was eighty for the emoluments of Tsou. - Chinese Proverb

To kill two birds with one stone. - Chinese Proverb

To shoot tow arrows at once. - Chinese Proverb

A pearl wrapped up in straw. - Chinese Proverb

Chance luck. Lit.: A blind cock chancing on grain. - Chinese Proverb

An auspicious plant growing up before one’s private apartments, may prove to be a good omen one had better be without. - Chinese Proverb

It ought to be settled,---you settle it not; In consequence trouble will fall to your lot. - Chinese Proverb

Until times favour you, no luck can you enjoy: And should you try to sail, head winds will you annoy. - Chinese Proverb

Since the wind blows your fire, No need yourself to tire. - Chinese Proverb

Those near a mandarin get honour; those near a kitchen food. - Chinese Proverb

When your horse is on the brink of a precipice it is too late to pull the reins; when calamity is upon you repentance is too late. - Chinese Proverb

A hero without the opportunity of displaying his bravery. - Chinese Proverb

Enjoying good opportunities. Lit.: A water-side tower first catches the moon: trees and flowers in the sun earliest meet the spring. - Chinese Proverb

A year’s opportunities depend on Spring; a day’s on the dawn; a family’s on harmony; and a life’s on industry. - Chinese Proverb

If you have but a green willow you can tie your horse thereto: there are roads from everywhere to the capital. - Chinese Proverb

A fair wind fans the flame; the boat glides with the stream. - Chinese Proverb

If you do not kill a man outright he will live to be your enemy. - Chinese Proverb

He borrows the wind to cross the river. - Chinese Proverb

To light a fire in a hot stove. - Chinese Proverb

Meet an honourable man and you’ll be satisfied with food; meet a premier and you’ll be clothed in court dress. - Chinese Proverb

One whom opportunity serves to please all parties. Lit.: A sharp knife cuts bean curd leaving both sides smooth. - Chinese Proverb

When a time to drink wine comes, drink it; and when you are in a proper place sing aloud. - Chinese Proverb

Neither leave a spot when there is fish, nor long for a place of shallow rapids. - Chinese Proverb

Once in a while you may go to a play, But they are not the things for every day. - Chinese Proverb

After dice throwing and card playing, Disputes must Aries about paying. - Chinese Proverb

Losing comes of winning money. - Chinese Proverb

When four armed men ascend the arena, each tries to kill the other. - Chinese Proverb

Money goes to the gambling house as criminals to execution. - Chinese Proverb

This not calamity in any shape, From which it is possible to escape. - Chinese Proverb

To have iron made lips, and feet of bean curd made, Is such a calamity as no one can evade. - Chinese Proverb

If the white tiger star faces your gate, Some kind of misfortune must be your fate. - Chinese Proverb

If men eat flesh and do not flourish, The reason is the grief they nourish. - Chinese Proverb

Out of the mouth calamities fly: In by the mouth all sicknesses hie. - Chinese Proverb

Those who know me, can for me feel; Can those who don’t pray for my weal? - Chinese Proverb

On Heaven and Earth he loudly cries; Both Heaven and Earth his prayer despise. - Chinese Proverb

Men may despise me, but if Heaven does not, Suffering is an agreeable lot. - Chinese Proverb

Full of grief. Lit.: Your thoughts are confused as uncared hemp. - Chinese Proverb

A burnt tortoise keeps his pain inside. - Chinese Proverb

In trouble think of your relations; in danger depend on old friends. - Chinese Proverb

Though a dumb man has eaten gentian, he keeps his trouble to himself. - Chinese Proverb

Extreme danger. Lit.: A bridge of one pole is very bad to cross. - Chinese Proverb

Out of the wolf’s nest into the tiger’s mouth. - Chinese Proverb

Whilst keeping a tiger forms the front door, a wolf enters by the back. - Chinese Proverb

When one leaf moves all the branches shake. - Chinese Proverb

Whilst men sit in their houses, Heaven sends calamity upon them. - Chinese Proverb

The mischief will fall on your own pate. Lit.: When are trackers drowned by the upset of a vessel? - Chinese Proverb

Calamities may come down from Heaven; but let us seek to be blameless. - Chinese Proverb

To extract sweetness from what is bitter. - Chinese Proverb

Worse and worse. Lit.: “ When a rat creeps up the horn of a cow the higher it mounts the narrower the space.” - Chinese Proverb

Grief is ten times bitterer than gentian. - Chinese Proverb

Woe! and Alas! Death is hard to guess. - Chinese Proverb

Calamity cannot raise its head. - Chinese Proverb

Hoping to lift up his head, he lifts up his feet. i.e. dies. - Chinese Proverb

If the heart be not wounded the eyes will not weep. - Chinese Proverb

The three misfortunes are, ---in youth to lose one’s father, in middle age to lose one’s wife, and in old age to have no son. - Chinese Proverb

A blind man on a blind horse, coming at midnight upon a deep ditch. - Chinese Proverb

For bringing down calamity there is nothing worse than a bad temper; for warding off misfortune there is nothing better than patient concession. - Chinese Proverb

Don’t raise waves in the world, and you’ll keep ice and coal out of your bosom. - Chinese Proverb

No escape from trouble. Lit.: There is no road up to heaven, nor door into the earth. - Chinese Proverb

Sympathy. Lit.: When your tooth aches you know how to pity another in the same fix. - Chinese Proverb

The sheep drops into the tiger’s jaws. - Chinese Proverb

Despite all his thousands and myriads of schemes, a gimlet strikes against his skull. - Chinese Proverb

The happiness of good men may be looked on as reward: The happiness of bad men as a snare we must regard. - Chinese Proverb

The ox ploughs the field while the horse eats the grain; One rears a son and another gets the gain. - Chinese Proverb

The more mouths to eat, So much the more meat. - Chinese Proverb

Happiness he has but no powers of enjoyment, Who, though his sails are set, must give his oars employment. - Chinese Proverb

For neighbours to keep up a friendly tone, Is equal to finding a precious stone. - Chinese Proverb

One man in a house, of joy possessed, Passes it on to all the rest. - Chinese Proverb

To assail a man with a whole day’s cursing and strife, Only adds to his happiness and lengthens his life. - Chinese Proverb

The hair grows luxuriant when the mind is at rest; And when a man has nothing to do his nails grow best. - Chinese Proverb

In the hum of the market there is money; but is seclusion there is rest. - Chinese Proverb

The older you grow the more hale may you be! - Chinese Proverb

May you live long, your years be plenteous, and your seasons felicitous! - Chinese Proverb

With a healthy body a thatched cottage in comfortable; with a settled disposition even cabbage roots are fragrant. - Chinese Proverb

Sorrow is born of excessive joy. - Chinese Proverb

Unjustly gotten happiness must be followed by calamity. - Chinese Proverb

Earth has no feasts which don’t break up. - Chinese Proverb

Happiness’s never come in pairs; calamities never come single. - Chinese Proverb

Happiness is transient. Lit.: The bright moon is not round for long; the brilliant cloud is easily scattered. - Chinese Proverb

Happiness stands by the ugly. - Chinese Proverb

One generation opens up the roads on which another generation travels. - Chinese Proverb

There are only a few days in the years for eating flesh meat. Lit.: for roasting the Yamen sacrifices. - Chinese Proverb

Who do their duty are free from trouble all their lives - Chinese Proverb

Peace and joy are more precious than yellow gold. - Chinese Proverb

Of the five happiness long life is the greatest. - Chinese Proverb

Happiness, long life, and health, are the common desire of all men. - Chinese Proverb

In a country at peace great talent is honoured; in a family grown wealthy children are proud. - Chinese Proverb

To dwell in peace is happiness. - Chinese Proverb

More comfortable than the gods! - Chinese Proverb

It is good to be neither too high nor too low. - Chinese Proverb

Happiness is Heaven-sent. - Chinese Proverb

Possessed of happiness don’t exhaust it. - Chinese Proverb

Without a Wu-t’ung tree you can’t get the phoenix to visit you. - Chinese Proverb

Having harmony in the family, and being in harmony with all men, all your affairs will be harmonious. - Chinese Proverb

The two words Peace and Rest are worth a thousand teals of gold. - Chinese Proverb

When all our affairs are in order great is our felicity and profit. - Chinese Proverb

“An immoderate use of dainties generally ends i disease; and pleasure when past is converted into pain.” - Chinese Proverb

To the contented even poverty and obscurity bring happiness; to the discontented even riches and honours bring misery. - Chinese Proverb

A happy condition. Lit.: No creditor at the door, and nobody sick in the house. - Chinese Proverb

The two words pure and Leisure no money can buy. - Chinese Proverb

Be very careful of happiness; and provoke not calamity. - Chinese Proverb

Since life has nothing in it like tranquility, can it be a thing obtained by chance! - Chinese Proverb

Whether rich or poor be pleased with your lot; for he is a fool who can’t laugh (under all circumstances). - Chinese Proverb

Three meals per day, one sleep per night. - Chinese Proverb

You must have four ounces of happiness to get one ounce of gold. - Chinese Proverb

Few desires---and buoyant spirits: many cares---and feeble health. - Chinese Proverb

One stroke one kick, Ends the thing quick. - Chinese Proverb

Shrimps are the victims of big fishes foul play; And shrimps in their turn too impose on the clay. - Chinese Proverb

Though suffering wrong, Keep working along. - Chinese Proverb

The moth which dasher into the flame and burns itself, has itself to blame. - Chinese Proverb

Whoever provokes misfortune and distress, Deserves to suffer for his foolishness. - Chinese Proverb

In shallow water dragons become the joke of shrimps; And tigers on the plains are the butt of canine imps. - Chinese Proverb

He who spurts blood at another, first defiles his own mouth. - Chinese Proverb

To injure others you must injure yourself. - Chinese Proverb

To come into unpleasant contact with hard men. Lit.: To run against a nail. - Chinese Proverb

At the first stroke of an egg against a stone, the yolk runs out. - Chinese Proverb

It is easy to avoid an arrow shot in one’s sight; but hard to escape one aimed in secret. - Chinese Proverb

To injure secretly. Lit.: To hide mailed soldiers. - Chinese Proverb

To murder by means of another’s sword. - Chinese Proverb

To murder without a sword. - Chinese Proverb

Injury is infectious. Lit.: When a city gate is burning, the fishes suffer in the most. - Chinese Proverb

A wish man will sometimes overlook injures done to his face. - Chinese Proverb

To injure by means of some great person. Lit.: To bring a great hat to oppress one. - Chinese Proverb

Never presume on authority or power to injure orphans or widows. - Chinese Proverb

As the pig’s-blood-seller said to the robber---sup may broth but spare my life. - Chinese Proverb

The locust chases the cicada, ignorant that the yellow bird is after it. - Chinese Proverb

Summer mosquitoes provoke raps with the fan. - Chinese Proverb

When a man takes fire into his bosom, he provokes his own calamity. - Chinese Proverb

To drop the bricks one is carrying, on one’s own foot. - Chinese Proverb

One man may obstruct many. Lit.: One dragon may obstruct a thousand rivers. - Chinese Proverb

When one horse will not go, a hundred are thrown into trouble. - Chinese Proverb

Cold water entering the mouth drops into the heart. - Chinese Proverb

To draw the big net out of a water-butt. - Chinese Proverb

Through life do nothing to make men knit their brows, then the world should not contain a man to grind his teeth at you. - Chinese Proverb

To entice a sheep into a drove of tigers. - Chinese Proverb

Strike a man dead and you must forfeit life; not so if you can deceive him to his death. - Chinese Proverb

To mislead. Lit.: To give one a chimney to climb. - Chinese Proverb

A blind man with inflamed eyes, suffers more and more grievous injury. - Chinese Proverb

To throw stones on a man in a well. - Chinese Proverb

To help the tyrant Chieh to tyrannize. - Chinese Proverb

To injure men is misery; to pity men is happiness. - Chinese Proverb

Man cannot injure man as Heaven can. - Chinese Proverb

Any kind of life above the sod, Surpasses burial under the clod. - Chinese Proverb

When we take off our boots and stockings to-day, That we shall wear them to-morrow, who can say? - Chinese Proverb

The man lives, but wit lives not; wit lives and the man grows old. Life and wit both live; but e’er a man knows it his days are told. - Chinese Proverb

The roots of an old tree in the earth you may find; But a dead man is fully cut off from his kind. - Chinese Proverb

On the road to Hades (or the Yellow spring) no account is taken of old and young. - Chinese Proverb

Insects of every kind covet life and fear death. - Chinese Proverb

Man’s life is like a candle in the wind, or hoar-frost on the tiles. - Chinese Proverb

Man’s life on earth resembles a spring dream; when once the soul has fled, all is over. - Chinese Proverb

Though a man live a hundred years still he must die; and the sooner we die the sooner we have done with the body. - Chinese Proverb

Few have ever attained the age of threescore years and ten. - Chinese Proverb

The fish which sports in the pan has but a short time to live. - Chinese Proverb

In the Great River, preceding waves are swallowed up by those which follow; so in the world, new men take the old men’s places. - Chinese Proverb

The ancients see not the modern moon; but the modern moon shone on the ancients. - Chinese Proverb

There are trees on the mountains a thousand years old; but a centenarian men it is hard to find. - Chinese Proverb

Some hate to see a hoary head, I view one with delight; for many young men die, attaining not an old man’s death. - Chinese Proverb

Men live like birds in a wood together; but when the set time comes each takes his flight. - Chinese Proverb

Whom Yen Wang dooms to die in the third watch, can never live on to the fifth. - Chinese Proverb

Sick folks dread a devil’s call (i.e. to die). - Chinese Proverb

Death has reached the points of his eyebrow. - Chinese Proverb

When the oil is exhausted the lamp dies out. - Chinese Proverb

He does not close his eyes in dying. - Chinese Proverb

Who knows whether the bonze or his wooden fish will last the longer? - Chinese Proverb

Get the coffin ready and the man won’t die. - Chinese Proverb

Fitful life is but a dream. - Chinese Proverb

Flowers bloom and wither year by year; but how can an old man grow young again? - Chinese Proverb

There is a day to be born, and a time to die. - Chinese Proverb

No medicine can secure long life, even to a minister of state; no money can buy for any man a virtuous posterity. - Chinese Proverb

The great wall of a myriad miles still remains, but Chin Shih ‘Huang’ who built it, is gone. - Chinese Proverb

What centenarian has 36,000 days of pleasure? - Chinese Proverb

Our whitened bones must needs lie buried under the green sod; and yellow gold will hardly buy back the raven locks of youth. - Chinese Proverb

The Emperor with all his wealth cannot buy myriads of years. - Chinese Proverb

A beggar will not cross a rotten bridge. - Chinese Proverb

To-day secures not to-morrow’s affairs. - Chinese Proverb

We can’t secure on going to bed that we shall get up again. - Chinese Proverb

If you envy a man’s wealth, do not envy his food; if you are dissatisfied with life, do not be so with death. - Chinese Proverb

A generation is like a swift horse passing a crevice. - Chinese Proverb

Any soil will do to bury in. - Chinese Proverb

A son’s mourning for his mother startles Heaven and moves Earth. - Chinese Proverb

A daughter’s mourning for her mother is true and sincere. - Chinese Proverb

A daughter-in-law’s mourning for her mother-in-law is purely hypocritical. - Chinese Proverb

A son-in-law’s mourning for his mother-in-law is short and fitful. - Chinese Proverb

The hare dies and the fox mourns. - Chinese Proverb

When puss mourns for the rat it is all sham pity. - Chinese Proverb

When his lady dies, hundreds of visitors haste to condole; but when the general himself dies, not a single soldier appears. - Chinese Proverb

Over a husband’s death a wife will truly mourn three years; over a wife’s such favour is not shown for more than a hundred days. - Chinese Proverb

Vain is the sacrifice of an unfilial son. - Chinese Proverb

To offer a bullock at one’s parent’s grave, is not equal to presenting them while living with fowls or sucking-pigs. - Chinese Proverb

Men mourn for those who leave fortunes behind them. - Chinese Proverb

Don’t distress yourself for the dead. Lit.: Let the dead care for the dead, and the living for the living. - Chinese Proverb

If a mourner, you cannot sing; if you can sing, you cannot mourn. - Chinese Proverb

Fragrant perfumes will exhale wherever musk is found: And wind will not be needed to spread the scent around. - Chinese Proverb

Wealth among men is like dew among plants; Foam on the waves is the fame which earth grants. - Chinese Proverb

Wealth is but dung; a face is worth thousands of gold. - Chinese Proverb

As the scream of the eagle is heard when she has passed over; so a man’s name remains after his death. - Chinese Proverb

His fame is great, like thunder in one’s ear. - Chinese Proverb

The sound of drumming on a lofty hill is heard for and wide. - Chinese Proverb

Whoever gains fame dignifies his parents. - Chinese Proverb

Wide-spread his fame, who comes with waving flags and roaring cannot. - Chinese Proverb

The tiger is terrible even when dead. - Chinese Proverb

A great man who fails to leave a good name for a hundred generations, will leave a bad one for a myriad years. - Chinese Proverb

To sweep clean at a stroke. - Chinese Proverb

One’s good deeds are known only at home; one’s bad deeds for away. - Chinese Proverb

In your ten years secluded study no one will know you; but once take your M.A. degree, and your fame will be known through the empire. - Chinese Proverb

When the dragon has returned to his sea caves, the clouds retain their moisture: after the musk-deer has crossed the green hills, the grass and trees retain its perfume. - Chinese Proverb

One thunder-clap resounds through the empire. - Chinese Proverb

Once scale the dragon gate, and your fame is tenfold multiplied. - Chinese Proverb

When the tiger dies he does not lose his dignity. - Chinese Proverb

At court men contend for fame; in the market for profit. - Chinese Proverb

Vicious conduct will cause a man’s name to stink for ten thousand years. - Chinese Proverb

The reputation of a thousand years may depend on the character of a single day. - Chinese Proverb

If one man praises you, a thousand will repeat the praise. - Chinese Proverb

Old monarch in the eating line; He will not touch a drop of wine. - Chinese Proverb

In every morning’s stroll for him the wine doth flow; returning home at eve fair garlands crown his brow. - Chinese Proverb

When flowers are blooming then pour out the wine; But don’t ascend the tower when there’s no bright moon-shine. - Chinese Proverb

As limpid streams within earthen banks are bound, So midst wine’s victims are hosts of scholars found. - Chinese Proverb

Don’t begin to drink with day’s returning light; Or you’ll be very drunk till six o’clock at night. - Chinese Proverb

Let those who desire to break off drinking habits, when sober, observe a drunken man. - Chinese Proverb

A drop to a thirsty man is like refreshing dew; a cup to one already drunk is worse than none at all. - Chinese Proverb

Medicine may heal imagined sickness, but wine can never dispel real sorrow. - Chinese Proverb

Three glasses help one to understand great doctrines; perfect intoxication scatters a thousand troubles. - Chinese Proverb

He got into debt for wine wherever he could. - Chinese Proverb

To the drunken man heaven and earth are great; to the man of leisure days and months are long. - Chinese Proverb

Good wine reddens the face; riches excite the mind. - Chinese Proverb

With a well-know friend, a thousand cups of wine are few; when opinions disagree, even half a sentence is too much. - Chinese Proverb

Three glasses of wine can set everything to rights. - Chinese Proverb

Wine can both help and hinder business. - Chinese Proverb

Wine is a discoverer of secrets. - Chinese Proverb

Wine is a poison which perforates the bowels; lechery is a sharp knife which scrapes the bones. - Chinese Proverb

Wine is a proper drink for men, as grains a proper food for pigs. - Chinese Proverb

Your whole face is reddened with the spring wind. - Chinese Proverb

Do not drink more wine than you are able to carry. - Chinese Proverb

Intoxication is not the wine’s fault, but the man’s. - Chinese Proverb

Drunk but still intelligent. - Chinese Proverb

Whether the affair be settled or not, we must have our eighteen bottled of wine. - Chinese Proverb

When drinking wine remember the poverty of your family. - Chinese Proverb

No wine, no company; no wine, no conversation. - Chinese Proverb

Over the wine cup conversation is light. - Chinese Proverb

Rich or not it is my country’s wine. - Chinese Proverb

Excessive joy breeds sorrow; excess of wine disorder. - Chinese Proverb

With Wen wang your manners and music display; With Pa wang let arms be the talk of the day. - Chinese Proverb

If you deal in tittle-tattle, In your ears will curses rattle. - Chinese Proverb

The talk of a person can never be true, Who has pointed lips and a very long queue. - Chinese Proverb

Suit your talk to your man: Suit your lot to your plan. - Chinese Proverb

If one word misses it aim, A myriad will do the same. - Chinese Proverb

Say what will please; straight-forward words provoke dislike. - Chinese Proverb

Many men, many tongues. - Chinese Proverb

Who know, don’t talk; who talk, don’t know. - Chinese Proverb

Sitting alone meditate on your own faults; in conversation talk not of other men’s. - Chinese Proverb

On weddings and burials it is hard to answer clearly. - Chinese Proverb

There are Chiang-man men sitting by, be careful what you say. - Chinese Proverb

A jar’s mouth may be stopped; a man’s cannot. - Chinese Proverb

It is a waste of words to repeat a thing three times over. - Chinese Proverb

Do not talk to a man about what he cannot understand. - Chinese Proverb

A troublesomely great talker is sure to make mistakes. - Chinese Proverb

Never joke in the presence of a Prince. - Chinese Proverb

Neither let tongue nor pen wag as they list. - Chinese Proverb

The lion opens his mouth; the elephant shuts his; shut yours. - Chinese Proverb

If one compliments everybody, who will be one’s enemy? - Chinese Proverb

You chatter like magpies over a broken egg. - Chinese Proverb

Speak carefully and be slow to speak. - Chinese Proverb

Double-tongued. Lit.: To beat a gourd in the east, a ladle in the west. - Chinese Proverb

No discussion no rousing. - Chinese Proverb

A good questioner is like one beating a bell. - Chinese Proverb

Meeting a man speak of ‘Hang. - Chinese Proverb

Meeting any one say but few words; don’t set out all that is in your heart. - Chinese Proverb

Beware of being overheard. Lit.: Partitions have chinks, and walls have ears. - Chinese Proverb

A stammered of few words need not be a fool; a glib tongued man need not be wise. - Chinese Proverb

The head may be cut off, but the tongue cannot be restrained. - Chinese Proverb

He who talks much must err; he excels who says nothing. - Chinese Proverb

If you converse by the way, remember there may be men in the grass. - Chinese Proverb

Meeting men or devils, talk as they do. - Chinese Proverb

A man may say what he has seen. - Chinese Proverb

One may discourse with a wise man; it is hard to converse with a fool. - Chinese Proverb

Be careful what you say. Lit.: That which goes out of your mouth, goes into other people’s ears. - Chinese Proverb

Never converse on the faults of others; nor presume to speak of your own virtues. - Chinese Proverb

It is not so safe to open the mouth, as it is to keep it shut. - Chinese Proverb

In conversation you must exercise control over the feelings. - Chinese Proverb

Pompous. Lit.: Like an Imperial Preceptor. - Chinese Proverb

Stupid. Lit.: Like a wooden image. - Chinese Proverb

Very lazy. Lit.: Like one who has drawn out his muscles. - Chinese Proverb

Containing stores of ill-arranged information. Lit.: Like a waste-paper basket. - Chinese Proverb

Depraved. Lit.: Like a door all awry. - Chinese Proverb

Useless. Lit.: Like a funeral paper god. - Chinese Proverb

Very ugly. Lit.: Like Yang Fan of Ts’ou. - Chinese Proverb

Poor. Lit.: Like anything washed by many waters. - Chinese Proverb

Like a beaten dog. - Chinese Proverb

Wise. Lit.: Like an efficacious tortoise. - Chinese Proverb

Like a sister-in-law of Su Ch’in. - Chinese Proverb

To come Suddenly and go gradually. Lit.: As wind and rain it comes, as small dust it goes. - Chinese Proverb

Uncared for. Lit.: Like a dog whose master is dead. - Chinese Proverb

Gradually. Lit.: As water soaks into wood. - Chinese Proverb

Without sustenance. Lit.: As a fish out of water. - Chinese Proverb

As hard as a stone. - Chinese Proverb

As intimate as brothers. - Chinese Proverb

As like as two claps of thunder. - Chinese Proverb

As far as heaven from earth. - Chinese Proverb

As far as heaven from the abyss of the ocean. - Chinese Proverb

As thin as a rail. - Chinese Proverb

As weak as cotton. - Chinese Proverb

As hard as iron. - Chinese Proverb

As clear as the pebbles at the bottom of a brook. - Chinese Proverb

Gradually. Lit.: As the silkworm eats its way. - Chinese Proverb

As stupid as black lacquer. - Chinese Proverb

As orderly as printing-blocks. - Chinese Proverb

Glib-tongued. Lit.: Lips sharp as a knife. - Chinese Proverb

Smooth-tongued. Lit.: A pair of oily lips. - Chinese Proverb

Sudden. Lit.: Like a clap of thunder in the sky. - Chinese Proverb

Quickly. Lit.: As ice melts and hoarfrost evaporates. - Chinese Proverb

Pure as water, clear as a mirror. - Chinese Proverb

Useless. Lit.: As the chaff of fine rice. - Chinese Proverb

As easy as to take anything out of a purse. - Chinese Proverb

If you always remember the words you have spoken, Then your peace to the end will continue unbroken. - Chinese Proverb

Faithful words do conduct good while they the ear displease; And good drugs, bitter in the mouth, may cure the disease. - Chinese Proverb

All the words which sages said, Gods respect and devils dread. - Chinese Proverb

Whilst our words resemble wind. Writing leaves a trace behind. - Chinese Proverb

If your words are not pleasing, hold in half of them. - Chinese Proverb

Words whispered in the ear may be heard for a thousand miles. - Chinese Proverb

Beat your drum inside your house, and outsiders will not hear. - Chinese Proverb

Fine words are incredible; credible words are not fine. - Chinese Proverb

A man of few words escapes slander, of few desires preserves his health. - Chinese Proverb

A wise man will learn something even from the words of a fool. - Chinese Proverb

One good word can warm three winter months; one bad one can stir up anger. - Chinese Proverb

One word of his settles the matter. Lit.: By one stroke of the saw he severs the gourd into a couple of ladles. - Chinese Proverb

One word may be better than hundreds or thousands. - Chinese Proverb

One word may be worth a thousand teals of gold. - Chinese Proverb

Listen to a man’s words if you wish to know his mind. - Chinese Proverb

A man’s meaning becomes visible when he opens his mouth. - Chinese Proverb

When a man opens his mind his real meaning becomes evident. - Chinese Proverb

What you do not understand, say nothing about. - Chinese Proverb

Stop up your mouth like a bottle neck; guard your thoughts like a city. - Chinese Proverb

Do not talk about a thing when it is done; spilt water cannot be gathered up again. - Chinese Proverb

Praise is hard to get; but censure is easy to give. - Chinese Proverb

When a man is calm he says nothing; when water is level it flows not. - Chinese Proverb

No single word can be recalled. Lit.: One word let out, a swift horse cannot overtake it. - Chinese Proverb

One hurtful word wounds like a sharp sword. - Chinese Proverb

What one says may be false; what a hundred say must be true. - Chinese Proverb

The wound of a sharp knife will close up; but the hate provoked by evil words will never die. - Chinese Proverb

Books do not exhaust words, nor words thoughts. - Chinese Proverb

Always beware of many words; when words are many there must be error. - Chinese Proverb

Neither drum nor bell can sound unstuck; and words unspoken cannot be understood. - Chinese Proverb

When good words fill the empire, no one’s mouth offends. - Chinese Proverb

Three boors cannot carry the word Reason. - Chinese Proverb

Bitter words are medicine; sweet words an epidemic. - Chinese Proverb

Sages have written thousands and myriads of words to rouse up dreaming men. - Chinese Proverb

Having something to say speak plainly, and never conceal it. - Chinese Proverb

Good words are like a string of pearls. - Chinese Proverb

“Petty distinctions are injurious to rectitude; quibbling words violate right reason.” - Chinese Proverb

Tall talk is followed by no true action. - Chinese Proverb

“As the light of a single star tinges the mountains of many regions; so a single unguarded expression injures the virtue of a whole life.” - Chinese Proverb

Plausible talk is not equal to honest speech; and clever man needs but few words. - Chinese Proverb

Words may not be foolishly spoken; what you say must accord with reason. - Chinese Proverb

Who makes his strength cheap obtains men’s respect; who makes his mouth cheap obtains their dislike. - Chinese Proverb

When you have anything to say, first think and then say it. - Chinese Proverb

He who seldom opens his mouth, often shuts his eyes. - Chinese Proverb

When troubles are few dreams are few; when words are scarce faults are scarce. - Chinese Proverb

The pen can convey one’s meaning for a thousand miles. - Chinese Proverb

The mouth which boasts of the sea, utters big words. - Chinese Proverb

Never beat if you must fine; If you do, all fines decline. - Chinese Proverb

Try you to defraud in customs and revenue; The mandarins soon will try to be having you. - Chinese Proverb

Whether you punish or reward, To friend or foe show no regard. - Chinese Proverb

Decapitation, strangling, banishment, exile, and transportation, are regulations which may not be broken. - Chinese Proverb

He who fears the laws will not break them; he who dreads punishment will escape it. - Chinese Proverb

In making laws, severity is indispensable; in administering them, clemency. - Chinese Proverb

One word settles life or death; so the pen may not carelessly move. - Chinese Proverb

One word from a magistrate’s pen may decide for life or death. - Chinese Proverb

He drew a line on the ground for a prison. - Chinese Proverb

Though the sword of justice be sharp, it will not slay the innocent. - Chinese Proverb

If gentle means fail, harsh means will not. - Chinese Proverb

No punishment on the Bench, no law below it. - Chinese Proverb

Happy is the man who himself alone arraigns; With others go to law, you’ve trouble for your pains. - Chinese Proverb

With only right to back you, Be sure the yammers lack you. - Chinese Proverb

If the warrant omits your name, Take you no notice of the same. - Chinese Proverb

If one family has a lawsuit, ten families are involved in calamity. - Chinese Proverb

The bite of a thief goes three inches into the bone. - Chinese Proverb

Inform against a man once, and three of his generations will become your enemies. - Chinese Proverb

An indictment cannot be got up without lies. - Chinese Proverb

If but one word of information against a man get into the court, nine bullocks cannot drag it out again. - Chinese Proverb

Let householders avoid litigation; for once go to lay and there is nothing but trouble. - Chinese Proverb

Win your lawsuit and lose your money. - Chinese Proverb

Winning a cat you lose a cow. - Chinese Proverb

“Nine lawsuits out of ten are settled by arbitration.” - Chinese Proverb

The plaintiff’s charge makes the defendant seem worthy of death; but the defendant’s answer shows there is reason on both sides. - Chinese Proverb

His pen is as sharp as sword. - Chinese Proverb

To retain some feeling in writing an indictment. - Chinese Proverb

Wishing to criminate, no difficulty will be met in finding a pretext. - Chinese Proverb

In life beware of yamens; in death beware of hell. - Chinese Proverb

On the magistrate’s table a sheet of paper; at his feet a pair of lips. - Chinese Proverb

Before you arrest a magistrate, arrest his domestic. - Chinese Proverb

Three or six hundred cash; two or four hundred cash; cash for runners, and cash for clerks. - Chinese Proverb

Though nine times you present an accusation, the last must agree with the first. - Chinese Proverb

He who can get up a lawsuit will have calls on his cash. - Chinese Proverb

You cannot get at the Emperor, to tell him your wrongs. - Chinese Proverb

Of ten reasons by which a magistrate may decide a case, nine are unknown to the public. - Chinese Proverb

Whenever a neighbour office takes, The event a general gladness makes. - Chinese Proverb

One dash of a civil magistrate’s pen, Makes the martial magistrate jump again. - Chinese Proverb

The magistrate sitting to judge in curt, Is helped by underlings of every sort. - Chinese Proverb

Do you wish to enjoy a peaceful state---First settle all claims of the magistrate. - Chinese Proverb

Civil and martial mandarins must, One to his seal, one to his flag, trust. - Chinese Proverb

The two Commissioners of salt and grain, Keep, each of them, to his own domain. - Chinese Proverb

With friends at court, it is easy to get into office. - Chinese Proverb

Deceive but don’t insult a mandarin. - Chinese Proverb

An officer’s door is like a market-place; his heart is like pure water. - Chinese Proverb

High office is necessarily dangerous. - Chinese Proverb

An honest magistrate cannot get on. - Chinese Proverb

The civil magistrate takes his pen and pacifies the empire. - Chinese Proverb

The dignity of high office is widely known. - Chinese Proverb

A magistrate will not consider your poverty, nor the devil your leanness. - Chinese Proverb

An honest magistrate can hardly escape dishonest clerks. - Chinese Proverb

Men’s hearts are like iron, and the rule of mandarins like a furnace. - Chinese Proverb

If the homes of the people are without learned sons, where are the magistrates to come from? - Chinese Proverb

A mandarin must aim at being Premier, and so must begin early to contend for the first rank. - Chinese Proverb

The magistrate has his proper laws; and the people their private agreements. - Chinese Proverb

A magistrate, who is not lord among his people, has received the Emperor’s high distinction and pay in vain. - Chinese Proverb

A wise man before a magistrate will be mute for a little while. - Chinese Proverb

A poor mandarin equals a rich merchant. - Chinese Proverb

He who takes office far from home only does so for a living. - Chinese Proverb

He who in high station is without pride, is exalted without danger. - Chinese Proverb

A man may display great ability in any office high or low; a man without ability receives high rank and pay in vain. - Chinese Proverb

The Chih-fu can exterminate families; the Chih-hsien can confiscate goods. - Chinese Proverb

Even an honest Chih-fu may, during a three years term of office, save ten myriad snow-white teals of silver. - Chinese Proverb

Before he comes into office he reproves a thousand faults; after he comes into office he commits the same himself. - Chinese Proverb

There are three rules for men in office: be upright, be cautious, be diligent. - Chinese Proverb

Among magistrates there are distinctions of rank; among their assistants, none. - Chinese Proverb

Better awe-inspiring police than awe-inspiring mandarins; for if the police be not so, the mandarins will be lightly esteemed. - Chinese Proverb

Magistrates innumerable beget sons to die of want; whilst many unofficial men bear sons who turn out courtiers. - Chinese Proverb

Neither dogs nor mandarins injure those who give them anything. - Chinese Proverb

When against rebels a general does an army bring, His first endeavour ought to be to seize the rebel king. - Chinese Proverb

Under a powerful general there are no feeble soldiers. - Chinese Proverb

The rank of general is open to the meanest born. - Chinese Proverb

Though you kill ten thousand, you will have three thousand killed. - Chinese Proverb

Armies are kept a thousand days to be used on one. - Chinese Proverb

A great general is honoured everywhere. - Chinese Proverb

A (defeated) general never dismounts, so each soldier may flee where he pleases. - Chinese Proverb

A thousand soldiers are easily obtained; one general is hard to find. - Chinese Proverb

The martial magistrate draws his sword and puts down all rebellion. - Chinese Proverb

As sheep drop into a tiger’s jaw, Cash drops into an underling’s paw. - Chinese Proverb

A police-runner’s actions are subject to fate. Does he fear lest a shower should sprinkle his pate? - Chinese Proverb

Though the yamen be small the sea, and their corruptions lofty as heaven. - Chinese Proverb

Official underlings see money as a fly sees blood. - Chinese Proverb

Yamen-runners must be very brave who can deceive, frighten, defraud, and extort. - Chinese Proverb

What paddy-fields and corn-fields belong to the yamen? - Chinese Proverb

However wrong the magistrate and his assistants may be, their messenger is not to be blamed. - Chinese Proverb

Those who follow mandarins eat mandarin’s rice. - Chinese Proverb

Quickly pay your taxes, even should that empty your purse; then you will be most happy. - Chinese Proverb

An inmate of a yamen may easily acquire merit. - Chinese Proverb

Take a hundred men, and you will find all sorts and every hue. - Chinese Proverb

Man resembles the stump of a tree;---Completely dependent on clothing is he. - Chinese Proverb

Men are one in heart, and their hearts one in principle. - Chinese Proverb

Who but the sages are free from faults? - Chinese Proverb

Of men there are good and bad, as of goods there are valuable and worthless. - Chinese Proverb

Man is the most intelligent of all creatures. - Chinese Proverb

No long as no favour is sought, all men are equal; as the place is level where water flows not. - Chinese Proverb

He who sits in, and they who carry, the sedan, are alike men. - Chinese Proverb

All men have faces, as al trees have bark. - Chinese Proverb

Man is heaven and earth in miniature. - Chinese Proverb

When in their lives are men satisfied? The aged may steal a little leisure. - Chinese Proverb

An aged man will always be, The jewel his family. - Chinese Proverb

Old trees become half empty at the core: old men see all things clearer than before. - Chinese Proverb

See the old man of eighty cutting dried reeds: For each day he does not die, fuel he needs. - Chinese Proverb

There is nothing like newness in clothes; nothing like age in man. - Chinese Proverb

Age lacks kindness, as dry weather dew. - Chinese Proverb

Aged men are virtuous. - Chinese Proverb

Better die ten years sooner, than live those years in poverty. - Chinese Proverb

An old man ready to depart. Lit.: The sun descending the mountain sides. - Chinese Proverb

White hairs don’t all disappear with the old men, for we see them again on young men’s heads. - Chinese Proverb

I won’t laugh at another for having grown old; for that will assuredly happen to me. - Chinese Proverb

We remember riding on bamboos as boys, and lo! We are white with age. - Chinese Proverb

On earth impartial justice is with the aged; they will not show mercy to noble offenders. - Chinese Proverb

The older ginger and cinnamon are, the more pungent their flavour. - Chinese Proverb

If deferential to experienced old men, in perplexity you can rely on them. - Chinese Proverb

At seventy a man is a candle in the wind. - Chinese Proverb

At eighty a man is hoar-frost on the tiles. - Chinese Proverb

He who won’t take an old man’s advice, will one day become a beggar. - Chinese Proverb

He must err grievously, who won’t listen to aged men. - Chinese Proverb

A hook attached to a ring: to him let nobody cling. - Chinese Proverb

He who dare risk being made a mangled cores, may drag an emperor down from his horse. - Chinese Proverb

His conduct is cruel, and he fights; In cursing and swearing he delights. - Chinese Proverb

A barefaced Wight, thinks everything right. - Chinese Proverb

Whose teeth are white and visage yellow, Is an opium-smoking fellow. - Chinese Proverb

Where he has trodden no grass will grow. - Chinese Proverb

A rogue is soft as cotton; a hard as iron. - Chinese Proverb

A rogue fears a simpleton; and a simpleton fears importunity. - Chinese Proverb

One rat may spoil the nest. - Chinese Proverb

Amongst bullies there is always one more overbearing than the rest; and bad men must be by bad men ground down. - Chinese Proverb

A icious blackguard. Lit.: One with a black heart and a rotten liver. - Chinese Proverb

A shameless man is ready for anything. - Chinese Proverb

A lazy good-for-nothing. Lit.: One who goes slipshod in old shoes. - Chinese Proverb

Bad men are hated by all. Lit.: When a rat crosses the street, every one cries “Hit him.” - Chinese Proverb

An untruthful man is iron without steel; an untruthful woman is rotten grass and tangled hemp. - Chinese Proverb

A lying machine. - Chinese Proverb

A lying machine cannot enter a city gate. - Chinese Proverb

The skin of his face is thick as a city wall. - Chinese Proverb

A bad man will not confront a good man. - Chinese Proverb

Union of bad men. Lit.: Dry fuel rears a blazing fire. - Chinese Proverb

The disobedient provoke many stripes. - Chinese Proverb

You’ve put your bowels out of shape by swallowing a carrying-pole. - Chinese Proverb

Wiser than the emperor none can ever be; Shrewder than the premier you can never be. - Chinese Proverb

In the wish and strong, there is nothing wrong. - Chinese Proverb

A word is enough to a clever man. - Chinese Proverb

Clever men are often the servants of fools. - Chinese Proverb

A clever man needs few words; as a drum but to be lightly beaten. - Chinese Proverb

Three fools equal one clever man; three clever men equal one District magistrate. - Chinese Proverb

Clever for a lifetime; foolish for a moment. - Chinese Proverb

A wise man can fill a thousand mouths; a fool can only protect himself. - Chinese Proverb

The wise are finished by half; and self-scrutinizing men are all gone. - Chinese Proverb

The clever have more, the stupid less, than enough. - Chinese Proverb

A wise man needs three assistants. - Chinese Proverb

The clever man sees, at a nod of the head. - Chinese Proverb

Dust never stains a highly-polished mirror; nor do licentious vices generate in a mind enlightened with wisdom. - Chinese Proverb

Let him do a thing once, and he will surpass all others. - Chinese Proverb

Enlightened men do no dark deeds. - Chinese Proverb

A very cunning man. Lit.: A murex wearing a pagoda has one point above another. - Chinese Proverb

A good drum does not require hard striking. - Chinese Proverb

He has met with his match. Lit.: The chess-player has met with a sturdy opponent; the general has encountered a worthy foe. - Chinese Proverb

Clever men pronounce sentence on themselves. - Chinese Proverb

He is little like men, and less like devils. - Chinese Proverb

A self-conceited bad man must have many errors. - Chinese Proverb

His eye beholds an empty world; within its range no man appears. - Chinese Proverb

He looks on others as nonentities. - Chinese Proverb

Very fond of bragging. - Chinese Proverb

Its a bragging rat that climbs the steelyards. - Chinese Proverb

One fond of wearing a lofty hat. - Chinese Proverb

The self-conceited come to grief; the boastful are but fools. - Chinese Proverb

A boastful fellow. Lit.: One fond of wearing an cell basket. - Chinese Proverb

In his eye he has no superiors. - Chinese Proverb

Proud talk. Lit.: When a toad gapes, what a mouth! And what breath! - Chinese Proverb

The humble receive advantage; the self-sufficient provoke loss. - Chinese Proverb

Heaven, Earth, Men and Spirits, all love the humble, not the proud; to the humble is given happiness, to the proud calamity. - Chinese Proverb

Proud men are disgusting. Lit.: The characters for ‘self’ and ‘great’ compose the character for ‘stinking’. - Chinese Proverb

A lofty lamp-post lights what is distant, not what is near. - Chinese Proverb

The humble reap advantage; the haughty meet misfortune. - Chinese Proverb

From a dwarfish dwarf you’ll hear, nothing but the strange and queer. - Chinese Proverb

To pay into what’s said the deaf are too prone; the dumb cannot bear to let talking alone. - Chinese Proverb

The thoughts of the blind are like a knife. - Chinese Proverb

The blind get led, and the lame supported. - Chinese Proverb

When one blind man leads several blind men, before long all will fall into a fire pit. - Chinese Proverb

When the blind lead the blind, they will certainly fall into a ditch. - Chinese Proverb

The blind are quick at hearing, the deaf are quick at sight. - Chinese Proverb

Dumb men are fond of making signs. - Chinese Proverb

When a dumb man sees his mother, he wants t speak but can’t. - Chinese Proverb

Couldn’t Wu Ta Lang, get living? - Chinese Proverb

Men in a flurry from morning to night, Seldom are seen to continue all right. - Chinese Proverb

An excitable, restless man. Lit.: One for whom no ti-ch’i was burnt in his ante-natal life. - Chinese Proverb

Flurried men lack wisdom. - Chinese Proverb

He has the head of a cat, the eyes of a rat. - Chinese Proverb

An unsettled person. Lit.: One who now wishes to be off to Nanking to buy horses, and anon to Peking to buy office. - Chinese Proverb

He cannot wait till his cake gets heated. - Chinese Proverb

He may sit in a tub of cold water, and it will emit no steam. - Chinese Proverb

Anxious as the men of Ch’i who feared the heavens might fall. - Chinese Proverb

An anxious individual. Lit.: One who is afraid that his bones should decay before he is dead. - Chinese Proverb

The same. Lit.: One who is afraid that his eyes should decay before he is dead. - Chinese Proverb

One who fears the falling leaves will break his head. - Chinese Proverb

One who fears the falling dust will crack his skull. - Chinese Proverb

Early risers are in jolly spirits; anxious thinkers have enfeebled health. - Chinese Proverb

One good man represses a hundred bad ones. - Chinese Proverb

Good men suffer much. - Chinese Proverb

Virtuous men are a kingdom’s treasure. - Chinese Proverb

There are straight trees on the mountains, but no straight men in the world. - Chinese Proverb

Good men get cheated; as good horses get ridden. - Chinese Proverb

Pretty things and good men are difficult to make. - Chinese Proverb

Men join themselves to the good, but separate from the bad. - Chinese Proverb

He is a good fellow who can endure wrong. - Chinese Proverb

A good fellow will stick to his bargain. - Chinese Proverb

True gold fears no fire. - Chinese Proverb

An honest man. Lit.: One who tells true fortunes. - Chinese Proverb

The same. Lit.: An uncoloured man. - Chinese Proverb

Good men are one in a hundred. - Chinese Proverb

There are two good men---one dead, the other unborn. - Chinese Proverb

An innocent man fears nothing. Lit.: He who is free from fever fears not to eat water-melons. - Chinese Proverb

is goodness will appear by and by. Lit.: As the water recedes the stones appear. - Chinese Proverb

Filial, disinterested, and upright men, are honoured by all. - Chinese Proverb

He is one who pursues a pig in a passage, going and coming in a straight course. - Chinese Proverb

His words command general assent whose conduct is upright and unwavering. - Chinese Proverb

Good men are not to be found amongst bad ones. Lit.: Out of an indigo vat you can’t draw white calico. - Chinese Proverb

The man who pretends to be deaf and dumb, May have no truth, but of lies will have some. - Chinese Proverb

When a beggar is out o’nights, it is all a pretence of being busy. - Chinese Proverb

He is a mock sportsman who slings a dead rat in his girdle. - Chinese Proverb

His mouth is sweet as honey; his posteriors biting as ginger. - Chinese Proverb

In the East he eats dog’s head, in the west sheep’s head. - Chinese Proverb

Superior man before folk; mean man in secret. - Chinese Proverb

Saint outside, devil inside. Lit.: To have the mouth full of Benevolence, Righteousness, Reason, and Virtue; but to be in heart thief or whore. - Chinese Proverb

When you see a cold-eyed man laugh all over his face, he is secretly hiding a murderous sword in his heart. - Chinese Proverb

A laughing Ts’ao-Tsao. - Chinese Proverb

A false superior man; but a true mean man. - Chinese Proverb

Outside he wears a sheep’s skin, inside he hides a wolf’s heart. - Chinese Proverb

His mouth is sweet as honey; his heart as venomous as a snake. - Chinese Proverb

One mouth with two tongues. - Chinese Proverb

A fox assuming a tiger’s terror. - Chinese Proverb

Sweet-melon lipped; bitter-melon hearted. - Chinese Proverb

He has the mouth of a Buddha, the heart of a snake. - Chinese Proverb

Like a lamp-stand, he lights others but not himself. - Chinese Proverb

Whilst the dolt is allowed to dine, the cunning knave is left to pine. - Chinese Proverb

He, like a camel in his might, prefers the heavy to the light. - Chinese Proverb

Of wit and wisdom entirely free, dog to another man he must be. - Chinese Proverb

Stupid fool! he lets one of his water-buckets fall, and rushes on as if nothing had happened at all. - Chinese Proverb

You’re thick enough for a porridge. - Chinese Proverb

An ignoramus. Lit.: You cannot blow up a fire through a solid stick. - Chinese Proverb

Bore as one will, the pricker will not enter. - Chinese Proverb

A stupid bundle of dregs. - Chinese Proverb

An ox-leather lantern. - Chinese Proverb

A wooden man. - Chinese Proverb

A fool. Lit.: One hundred, sixty, and ninety. - Chinese Proverb

The same. Lit.: Three eighty-threes. - Chinese Proverb

The same. Lit.: Two hundred and fifty. - Chinese Proverb

The same. Lit.: The fourth of a thousand cash. - Chinese Proverb

Black as pitch and ink. - Chinese Proverb

Having eyes he yet cannot recognize gold inlaid with jewels. - Chinese Proverb

One who has not yet opened his eyes. - Chinese Proverb

One who looks brighter then he is. Lit.: A bright-eyed blind man. - Chinese Proverb

One who mistakes a teapot for a chamber-pot. - Chinese Proverb

Who site in a well to observe the sky does not see very much. - Chinese Proverb

He won’t buy soy with money for vinegar. - Chinese Proverb

Fools are unequal to great undertakings. Lit.: You cannot serve dog’s flesh at a banquet. - Chinese Proverb

A good-for-nothing. Lit.: He can make nothing out, cither in literature or soldiery. - Chinese Proverb

The more stupid the more happy. - Chinese Proverb

If water be too clear it will contain no fish; and if a man be too parsimonious be will not be wise. - Chinese Proverb

A goose. Lit.: One who meeting a bonze cries out ‘Brother-in-law.’ - Chinese Proverb

A merciful man is not stupid; a stupid man cannot show mercy. - Chinese Proverb

One unable to distinguish between right and wrong. Lit.: A fleshy, pupil-less eye. - Chinese Proverb

The friendship of superior men is like water thin and pure; without constant interchange of feasts mean men’s friendship can’t endure. - Chinese Proverb

Honour maketh more humble superior men; But avoidance the mean man resenteth again. - Chinese Proverb

The superior man but one word needs; one lash is enough for fiery steeds. - Chinese Proverb

The superior man contents himself in poverty’s estate; the intelligent man submits himself to all that is his fat. - Chinese Proverb

There are plenty of men, but few superior men. - Chinese Proverb

Though poor the superior man is not fearful. - Chinese Proverb

The superior man speaks beforehand, not when all is over. - Chinese Proverb

The superior man’s life is at the service of Heaven. - Chinese Proverb

An equal combination of elegance and plainness is the fashion of the superior man. - Chinese Proverb

A superior man breaks off a friendship without any unpleasant words. - Chinese Proverb

The superior man avoids intoxicated people. - Chinese Proverb

If the superior man desires wealth, he gets it in a proper fashion. - Chinese Proverb

In the wide world men are numberless; but where is the superior man? - Chinese Proverb

In liquor yet not loquacious, marks a true superior man; just, in respect of wealth, proves one of superior virtue. - Chinese Proverb

When a matter is over, men recognise the superior man. - Chinese Proverb

Right moves the superior man, profit the mean man. - Chinese Proverb

The superior man’s friendship is thin as water; the mean man’s sweet as honey. - Chinese Proverb

He is a true superior man who gives coals in snowy weather: he is a mean man who adds flowers to embroidery. - Chinese Proverb

The superior man is happy in being such; the mean man is mean to no purpose. - Chinese Proverb

A man with a big head is a superior man; one with big feet is a mean man. - Chinese Proverb

The superior man is able to bear with others; the mean man cherishes an envious spirit. - Chinese Proverb

The superior man eats for the taste; the mean man gorges himself to death and is not satisfied. - Chinese Proverb

Propriety rules the superior man; law rules the mean man. - Chinese Proverb

He whose virtues exceed his talents is the superior man; he whose talents exceed his virtues is the mean man. - Chinese Proverb

The superior man’s heart is liberal and indulgent; the mean man’s heart is selfish and mean. - Chinese Proverb

A thief is a mean man; a wise man surpasses the superior man. - Chinese Proverb

A mountain stream is easily swollen and easily exhausted; a mean man’s heart is easily moved to and fro. - Chinese Proverb

Who has no hair upon his lips; In business will have many slips. - Chinese Proverb

Inferior in youth, useless in old age. - Chinese Proverb

The mark must be made in youth. - Chinese Proverb

Withered trees, in Spring burst forth afresh; but men cannot twice be young. - Chinese Proverb

The boy is father to the man. Lit.: You may see the man in the boy. - Chinese Proverb

In judging of what a boy will be, notice what he is in infancy. - Chinese Proverb

He who enters an asylum for the aged at twenty, enjoys that happiness to soon. - Chinese Proverb

When Pai Chu-i was seven months old, he know the two characters chih and wu. - Chinese Proverb

When Li’Huo of the Tang dynasty was just seven years old, he composed his poem Kao-hsuan-kuo. - Chinese Proverb

Mandarins, customers, and widow folk, you must be careful not to provoke. - Chinese Proverb

Nine women in ten are jealous. - Chinese Proverb

A maid marries to please her parents; a widow to please herself. - Chinese Proverb

Even Mo’s mother had some beauty, and Hsi-shih, some defect. - Chinese Proverb

An ugly Mary an ugly Miss. - Chinese Proverb

If heaven wants to rain, or your mother to marry again, nothing can prevent them. - Chinese Proverb

Lazy women will try to carry everything at once. - Chinese Proverb

Unmarried, a woman obeys her father; married, her husband. - Chinese Proverb

I guess that a good-looking woman needs no rouge to make her pretty. - Chinese Proverb

When a chaste lady desires pleasure she gets it properly. - Chinese Proverb

Fair maidens are very unlucky, and clever young men have little beauty. - Chinese Proverb

A maid’s virtue is unlimited; a wife’s resentment without end. - Chinese Proverb

There is no such poison in the green snake’s mouth or the hornet’s sting, as in a woman’s heart. - Chinese Proverb

The three kinds of nuns, and the six kinds of dames, are the go-betweens of adultery and robbery. - Chinese Proverb

The lover’s eye sees a Hsi-shih in his mistress. - Chinese Proverb

A smile of her’s was worth a thousand teals of gold. - Chinese Proverb

The rouged beauty repudiates age; the jolly profligate never speaks of poverty. - Chinese Proverb

The rouged beauty cannot come up to the bloom of youth. - Chinese Proverb

A good-looking woman in a house, is the foe of all the plain ones. - Chinese Proverb

Young she’s Kuan-yin; old she’s a monkey. - Chinese Proverb

A woman’s virtues need not be of the famous or un-common kind; her face need not be very beautiful; her conversation need not be very eloquent; and her work need not be very exquisite or surpassing. - Chinese Proverb

With one smile she overthrows a city; with another a kingdom. - Chinese Proverb

Three-tenths of her good looks are due to nature, seven-tenths to dress. - Chinese Proverb

Who rub off corners and round curves wind, will everywhere peace and concord find. - Chinese Proverb

A greedy fellow. Lit.: One whose eyes are bigger than his belly. - Chinese Proverb

Follow-countrymen. Lit.: We are all of the same country and of one common well. - Chinese Proverb

No matter whether relation or not, he is my fellow-countryman. - Chinese Proverb

A meddlesome person. Lit.: An enthroned monkey with hairy hands and feet. - Chinese Proverb

A useless fellow. Lit.: A clothes frame: a rice bag. - Chinese Proverb

The same. Lit.: Literary men can’t scribble men’s fortunes; military men can’t carry water. - Chinese Proverb

One brave as Heaven. - Chinese Proverb

An ugly fellow. Lit.: The Ho-shou-wu changed into human shape. - Chinese Proverb

A miser. Lit.: One very clear in his accounts. - Chinese Proverb

An inhospitable man. Lit.: One whose door opens on the top of his house. - Chinese Proverb

An inexperienced man. Lit.: One who has not seen the face of the world. - Chinese Proverb

The same. Lit.: One who has not tasted of the and the sweet, the bitter and the pungent. - Chinese Proverb

The amiable get on smoothly. Lit.: Fair winds raise on waves. - Chinese Proverb

There is nothing mean in a generous men. - Chinese Proverb

Just so long as you ask nothing, man’s nature is bland; for wine, abstainers care little what price you demand. - Chinese Proverb

To judge man from his face is as hard a feat, As it would be the ocean in pecks to mete. - Chinese Proverb

Man by right ascends; Water downward tends. - Chinese Proverb

The measure of heaven and earth you may find; You’ll never be able to, that of the mind. - Chinese Proverb

Man’s heart can ne’er contented grow; Possessed of Lung, he longs for Shu. - Chinese Proverb

Woe, and alas! The heart of man is like a poisonous snake; unknown, like wheels, the eyes of heaven their revolutions make. - Chinese Proverb

Though the heavens be high and lofty, man’s desires yet higher rise; and though his well yields wine to sell, for the missing grain he cries. - Chinese Proverb

Nobody on earth is difficult to manage; all that is necessary is three times to examine one’s self. - Chinese Proverb

Instinct naturally inhabits man’s heart. - Chinese Proverb

A man cannot become perfect in a hundred years; he may become corrupt in less than a day. - Chinese Proverb

In learning what is good, a thousand days are insufficient; in learning what is bad, and hour is too much. - Chinese Proverb

Man’s hart secret. Lit.: Know I foetus is in your womb? - Chinese Proverb

The same. Lit.: I know not what sort of medicine he has in his calabash. - Chinese Proverb

What the eye sees not, the heart does not vex itself over. - Chinese Proverb

Water can both sustain and upset a ship. - Chinese Proverb

It is harder to change a man’s natural disposition, than to change rivers and mountains. - Chinese Proverb

Man’s heart is lofty as heaven; his fate is thin as paper. - Chinese Proverb

Man’s heart is never satisfied; the snake would swallow the elephant. - Chinese Proverb

Man’s heart is hidden in his belly, as the ch’ui-pi is in a rice boiler. - Chinese Proverb

It is easier to fill up the bed of a mountain torrent than to satisfy the heart of man. - Chinese Proverb

The body may be healed, not the mind. - Chinese Proverb

All men love wealth, wine, and women. - Chinese Proverb

In difficulties men are easily tested, and easily saved. - Chinese Proverb

Distance tests a horse’s strength; long service reveals a man’s character. - Chinese Proverb

The human heart is bad to fathom. - Chinese Proverb

You may draw a tiger’s skin, you cannot draw his bones; you may know a man’s-face, you cannot know his heart. - Chinese Proverb

Man’s nature is as thin as sheets of tissue paper; the world is like a game of chess, varying at every move. - Chinese Proverb

Man naturally, like water, distinguishes between the high and the low; the world is ever changing, like a cloud. - Chinese Proverb

Living, man knows not his soul; dead, he knows not his corpse. - Chinese Proverb

Rather fear the man whose disposition is a two-edged sword, than the savage tiger of the mountains. - Chinese Proverb

One is anxious when another is not; one may seem to be at leisure when his heart is not so. - Chinese Proverb

An old man may have a youthful heart; and a poor man may have a noble inclination. - Chinese Proverb

No flower can retain its bloom for a hundred, no man his virtue for a thousand, days. - Chinese Proverb

Each man has his own mind, and each mind its peculiar intelligence. - Chinese Proverb

A mind enlightened is like heaven; a mind in darkness is like hell. - Chinese Proverb

Amongst men who is faultless? - Chinese Proverb

What man is not guilty of one error and half a mistake? - Chinese Proverb

Man errs as the horse stumbles. - Chinese Proverb

Though a snake get into a bamboo tube it is hard to change its wriggling disposition. - Chinese Proverb

Though stones should be transformed to gold, men would not be satisfied. - Chinese Proverb

Ire should be hollow hearted; man true hearted. - Chinese Proverb

The mind is the lord of the man. - Chinese Proverb

Men love gentleness; dogs love food. - Chinese Proverb

When you see into man’s disposition, you perceive that all is false. - Chinese Proverb

A man’s face is the reflex of his states of mind. - Chinese Proverb

However stupid a man may be, he grows clever enough when blaming others: however wise, be becomes a dolt when blaming himself. - Chinese Proverb

Men know not their own faults, as oxen know not the greatness of their strength. - Chinese Proverb

It is easier to seize the tiger in the hills than to appeal to man for support. - Chinese Proverb

Who knows himself knows others; for heart can be compared with heart. - Chinese Proverb

A man without politeness must perversely talk: a weak ox in the harrows falters in his walk. - Chinese Proverb

The politeness of rustics is notable great; After cursing each other, comes friendly debate. - Chinese Proverb

Encountering a soldier, it is plain, the graduate is polite in vain. - Chinese Proverb

When persons meet they greet; and cows low when they meet. - Chinese Proverb

On a damsel’s boudoir, or teacher’s school,(To intrude one’s-self is against all rule.) - Chinese Proverb

For the father to sit, and the son to stand, is the proper politeness through all the land. - Chinese Proverb

Much politeness offends no one. - Chinese Proverb

Excessive politeness must cover deceit. - Chinese Proverb

Politeness wins the confidence of princes. - Chinese Proverb

Keep your offence in your bosom, and you may meet as before. - Chinese Proverb

He who confounds morals, must confound manners. - Chinese Proverb

For pleasing superior officers and governing the people, there is nothing so good as politeness. - Chinese Proverb

Nobody stands on ceremony in hot weather. Lit.: In hot weather there is no superior man. - Chinese Proverb

Familiar friends may waive etiquette; but with a rich man you must be very polite. - Chinese Proverb

Ill-timed politeness. Lit.: He makes his bow behind the rider’s back. - Chinese Proverb

The same. Lit.: To make one’s bow in the dark. - Chinese Proverb

For every foot of honour shown me, I show ten. - Chinese Proverb

No medicine can cure a vulgar man. - Chinese Proverb

Ole and young, men and women, ought to be in manners respectful, in conversation dignified. - Chinese Proverb

Every officer has his etiquette. - Chinese Proverb

Before fathers and mothers, uncles and aunts, itch as you may, you may not dare to scratch. - Chinese Proverb

Obedience is better than politeness. - Chinese Proverb

He who acts for the emperor is emperor; acts for the viceroy is viceroy. - Chinese Proverb

I am unworthy this favour. Lit.: The sweetmeat-seller having lost his gone-stick dare not strike his gong. - Chinese Proverb

Offering congratulations, allow me to pray, That your wealth may increase in a wonderful way! - Chinese Proverb

May he easily grow up, and easily make a man of himself! - Chinese Proverb

You certainly will outstrip the common herd! - Chinese Proverb

May you beat all others! - Chinese Proverb

You are the son of a noble sire! - Chinese Proverb

May all your descendants be famous! Lit.: May the epidendrum and the cassia put forth extraordinary fragrance! - Chinese Proverb

May your brothers together grow famous! - Chinese Proverb

The scholar has beaten his master. Lit.: The black day succeeds the blue and is superior to it. - Chinese Proverb

Yours is the pen of a ready writer! - Chinese Proverb

A wonderful child! Lit.: A swift colt! - Chinese Proverb

Do not take anything easily obtained, and forthwith make it out to be unimportant. - Chinese Proverb

When the bearer of a trifling present to one at a distance, be sure you do not lose it. - Chinese Proverb

Suit presents to receivers. Lit.: Present a jewelled sword to a warrior, a box of rouge to a pretty woman. - Chinese Proverb

Though he has to bolt his door against creditors, he will borrow money to make a present. - Chinese Proverb

To carry an offering of a pig’s head in one’s hand, and be unable to find a temple. - Chinese Proverb

To get a gift,----make a proper return,----and still feel dissatisfied. - Chinese Proverb

When a trifling present is sent a long way, the gift may be light but the intention is weighty. - Chinese Proverb

To a teacher present minced meat, fish, and shrimps. - Chinese Proverb

Better add a peck of rice to our lot, Than another mouth to eat what we’ve got. - Chinese Proverb

When magpies chatter before your hall, you will soon from guests receive a call. - Chinese Proverb

Of ladies beware in making a feast, since fifty may mean a hundred, at least. - Chinese Proverb

Do not be afraid of too many guests, one goose will satisfy all their requests. - Chinese Proverb

than starve him. - Chinese Proverb

If you do not press an guest than starve him. - Chinese Proverb

If you do not press an invited guest you will offend him. - Chinese Proverb

Wherever you call, give thanks for tobacco and tea. - Chinese Proverb

It is easy to treat a guest well on his first arrival; but if he stays too long it is hard. - Chinese Proverb

He who cannot in his own house entertain a worthy guest, when abroad will find few to entertain him. - Chinese Proverb

He who lacks hospitality to guests, must be a fool. - Chinese Proverb

He who is not hospitable to an excellent guest will have none. - Chinese Proverb

Long visits make hosts uncivil; when a peer man visits his relations they are cool. - Chinese Proverb

Having fermented your white wine, you can feast a worthy guest; having spent your gold, you can enjoy the odes and histories. - Chinese Proverb

Taoist monasteries entertain the genii; schools hide future premiers and scholars. - Chinese Proverb

Though we escort a guest a thousand miles, still we must part. - Chinese Proverb

Entertain guests but do not detain them. - Chinese Proverb

His house is constantly full of guests; and the wine cup is never empty. - Chinese Proverb

What wind blew you here? - Chinese Proverb

In ordinary life you must not be otherwise than economical; when inviting a guest not otherwise than lavish. - Chinese Proverb

Receive all guests that come, making no difference between relations and others. - Chinese Proverb

I called at the temple but saw not T’u Ti. - Chinese Proverb

Keep back before a mandarin, but not before a host. - Chinese Proverb

As you treat guests at home you will be treated abroad. Lit.: At home do not beat men, then abroad men will not best you. - Chinese Proverb

Relations must be seldom visited; kitchen gardens often. - Chinese Proverb

I sting your lips with your own bread. - Chinese Proverb

Too much politeness. Lit.: No sooner are the tables cleared than he invites me to a return feast. - Chinese Proverb

One guest does not trouble two hosts. - Chinese Proverb

Singing clearly to each other on the border, still the ferry boat will not tarry; I also cannot tarry; go, yes, go I must; after repeated hesitation, delay I cannot. - Chinese Proverb

Still by a lotus fibre the big salt-junk is bound; and having reached their climax, diseases must turn round. - Chinese Proverb

A little food taken again and again, will enable the sick new health to attain. - Chinese Proverb

Phlegm, waste, wind, worms, and stoppage, sure Nor gods nor fairies e’er can cure. - Chinese Proverb

Medicine for healing, soup for nourishment. - Chinese Proverb

Your medicines are as effective as divine assistance. - Chinese Proverb

The prescription was good, but the medicine bad. - Chinese Proverb

Though you drink a bellyful of medicine, avoid the taste in swallowing it. - Chinese Proverb

When medicine cures, the patient is under providential care. - Chinese Proverb

When a disease returns, no medicine can cure it. - Chinese Proverb

There is no such thing as spurious gold, or genuine o-wei. - Chinese Proverb

Give it man a golden pill, and the devil of his disease will depart in a trice. - Chinese Proverb

Men’s constitutions differ in different localities. - Chinese Proverb

When disease enters the region of the heart, no medicine can effect a cure. - Chinese Proverb

Your ears won’t go deaf if you don’t have them examined; your eyes won’t go blind if you refuse to use washes. - Chinese Proverb

It is a disease which neither needle nor medicine can reach. - Chinese Proverb

A willow planted before a cook-house door will die, not live. - Chinese Proverb

This easy to get a thousand prescriptions, but hard to obtain one good result. - Chinese Proverb

After diagnosis, we proceed to treat all sorts of diseases, in the way most meet. - Chinese Proverb

Chair-riding doctors don’t call at the door of any patient unluckily poor. - Chinese Proverb

When the doctor’s fame is made, more folks come than he can aid. - Chinese Proverb

He boasts that his merits match those of Pien Ch’io; Yet he’s Yen’s fatal net, for ought that we know. - Chinese Proverb

All diseases incident to cold weather and hot, There must be no question if the doctor knows or not. - Chinese Proverb

He’ll warrant a cure when his fee is provided; men doubt it, however, and are undecided. - Chinese Proverb

The profoundest study of Wang Shu-‘h, Compared with great practice is mere so so. - Chinese Proverb

In a dangerous illness call in three doctors. - Chinese Proverb

A clever doctor cannot cure himself. - Chinese Proverb

A teacher will not speak against a teacher, nor a doctor against a doctor. - Chinese Proverb

If you do not remunerate a doctor for curing you once, you will get no one to do so a second time. - Chinese Proverb

Only avail yourself of my ten year’s luck, and your complaint will soon be better. - Chinese Proverb

A doctor has the heart to cut flesh off his thigh to give to his patient, but never the mind to deceive him. - Chinese Proverb

Quacks puncture and plaster, but only use spurious drugs. - Chinese Proverb

An unskilful doctor kills men with a secret dagger. - Chinese Proverb

The unlucky doctor cures the head of a disease; the lucky doctor its tail. - Chinese Proverb

Doctors have a run of ten year’s luck. - Chinese Proverb

Doctors knock at no doors; they only come when invited. - Chinese Proverb

A stupid doctor murders without a sword. - Chinese Proverb

You are both laying up secret merit, and taking care of yourself. - Chinese Proverb

Many children of clever sorcerers are killed by devils; and many children of clever doctors die of disease. - Chinese Proverb

To take no medicine is as good as a middling doctor. - Chinese Proverb

When medicine restores a man to health, the doctor truly has the ability of Ch’i and ‘Huang. - Chinese Proverb

He who with three fingers on the pulse can restore a man to health, may not be an able minister, but he is an able physician. - Chinese Proverb

Me who never violate their consciences, are not afraid of a knock at their door at midnight. - Chinese Proverb

A good conscience pays badly. - Chinese Proverb

The same. Lit.: Talk of conscience and you will have nothing to eat. - Chinese Proverb

Of all important things, the first is not to cheat the conscience. - Chinese Proverb

Don’t put your conscience on your back. - Chinese Proverb

Since one cannot please others in everything, let us only seek not to shame one’s own conscience. - Chinese Proverb

Never do what your conscience cannot endure; never desire what is improper to be done. - Chinese Proverb

If you would train your disposition you must cultivate virtue; if you cheat your conscience don’t assume to be an ascetic. - Chinese Proverb

Cheat your conscience and a whole life’s happiness is destroyed; let your conduct be faulty and Heaven will send you a life of poverty. - Chinese Proverb

To destroy one’s good conscience by doing some evil deed. Lit.: To distend one’s bowels by swallowing a carrying-pole. - Chinese Proverb

To corrupt the conscience by unfair dealings. Lit.: To eat a coal and blacken the heart. - Chinese Proverb

To light up a pagoda from top to base, Is unequal to lighting up a dark place. - Chinese Proverb

The odour of virtuous conduct will last for a hundred generations. - Chinese Proverb

Good deeds may fill the empire without provoking any one’s dislike. - Chinese Proverb

Do good regardless of consequences. - Chinese Proverb

Good deeds may be done; bad deeds may not. - Chinese Proverb

Do not consider any vice trivial, and so practise it; do not consider any virtue trivial, and so neglect it. - Chinese Proverb

Do good, and devils and gods will do you honour; do evil, and suffer the chastisement of Heaven. - Chinese Proverb

One good deed atones for a thousand bad ones. - Chinese Proverb

It is difficult to know how to give alms. Lit.: The good door is hard to open. - Chinese Proverb

Religious books and preachers, influence but do not injure men. - Chinese Proverb

Cultivating right reason, though unseen of men, if persevered in, will be seen of Heaven. - Chinese Proverb

Exhort men not to commit the smallest sin; but the smallest virtue is advantageous to men. - Chinese Proverb

Each has his own good deeds to do; the gentleman his, the lady hers. - Chinese Proverb

To say you have done good is not goodness; but to do good is. - Chinese Proverb

To do good secretly is optional. Lit.: Bowing in the dark is according to every man’s own fancy. - Chinese Proverb

Never go out on the kills to net birds; nor down to the waters to poison fishes and shrimps. - Chinese Proverb

Never kill the draught ex; nor throw away written paper. - Chinese Proverb

In the family leave the family; in the world separate from the world. - Chinese Proverb

He does nothing that cannot be told to others. - Chinese Proverb

It is easier to run down a hill than up one. - Chinese Proverb

Surely those who have in ten lives cultivated virtue, may cross in the same boat; as those who have in a hundred, may sleep in the same dab. - Chinese Proverb

Men will no more be virtuous without exhortation, than a bell will sound without being struck. - Chinese Proverb

It is not hard to talk about good works, but to do them. - Chinese Proverb

To save one man’s life is better than to build a seven storied pagoda. - Chinese Proverb

His conduct is naturally exalted who will not condescend to to beg. - Chinese Proverb

To neglect to save life is one of the greatest of crimes. - Chinese Proverb

If to be right is your desire, then of three aged men enquire. - Chinese Proverb

If to have all things right be your desire, then of three aged men you must enquire. - Chinese Proverb

Although you may never have tasted of bacon, you have seen pigs pass and should not be mistaken. - Chinese Proverb

To reprove one for another’s warning. Lit.: To beat the grass to frighten the snake. - Chinese Proverb

The same. Lit.: To kill the fowl to frighten the monkey. - Chinese Proverb

The same. Lit.: He points at Chang Liang and curses ‘Han Hsin; who does he mean? - Chinese Proverb

The same. Lit.: He points at the great melon and curses the gourd. - Chinese Proverb

The same. Lit.: He points at the mulberry and curses the ash. - Chinese Proverb

A wise man will not reprove a fool. - Chinese Proverb

Faults must be corrected by competent persons. Lit.: Crooked trees must come under the straightening hand of the carpenter. - Chinese Proverb

You have done it badly Lit.: Your work is like a rattrap. - Chinese Proverb

Buy a fan to cover your face. - Chinese Proverb

Your rump is hung with keys, but what gate do you keep? - Chinese Proverb

Princes have censors,----fathers, sons that reprove them. - Chinese Proverb

It takes little time to reprove a man; but it takes a long time to forget reproof. - Chinese Proverb

Flattery is sickness; reproof is medicine. - Chinese Proverb

A bitter mouth is good physic. - Chinese Proverb

Reprove yourself as though seeking for something to blame; reprove your friends as though seeking to excuse their faults. - Chinese Proverb

Stop your mouth, and talk not of the faults and short-comings of others: and why should you speak of yours to them? - Chinese Proverb

Before you blame others, submit yourself to blame. - Chinese Proverb

Be vexed with yourself that you have neither branch nor leaf; do not accuse the sun of partiality. - Chinese Proverb

Blame yourself as you would blame others; excuse others as you would yourself. - Chinese Proverb

Why do not those who are continually judging of other men’s faults, turn about and judge themselves? - Chinese Proverb

First put yourself right, then others. - Chinese Proverb

He who flatters me is my enemy,----who reproves me is my teacher. - Chinese Proverb

To butt against the nose in washing the face. - Chinese Proverb

He won’t listen to my advice. Lit.: He won’t obey my helm. - Chinese Proverb

Only inferiors flatter superiors. Lit.: As to flattery, it is only given by such as captains of thousands, of hundreds, or of fifties. - Chinese Proverb

On the departure of a high official, to fire a salute of four guns, is flattery that will not go. - Chinese Proverb

Only to flatter the rich. Lit.: Only to add fuel to a hot stove. - Chinese Proverb

To try importunately to flatter. Lit.: His flattery fails, so he adds more salt and pours on more vinegar. - Chinese Proverb

He something out of nothing makes; and painteth feet upon his snakes. - Chinese Proverb

If you deceive the aged, do not deceive the young; the deceitful heart is not bright and clear. - Chinese Proverb

To lacerate one’s skull in order to deceive. - Chinese Proverb

To point a stag out as a horse. - Chinese Proverb

Sun Wu-k’ung can’t turn his summersets in Buddha’s palm. - Chinese Proverb

It will not do to say yes before a man’s face, and no behind his back. - Chinese Proverb

It will not do to say one thing and mean another. - Chinese Proverb

Never burn false incense before a true god. - Chinese Proverb

To deceive the good and fear the bad. - Chinese Proverb

Delude superiors; it is not worthwhile to delude inferiors. - Chinese Proverb

If is not beauty that beguiles men; men beguile themselves. - Chinese Proverb

He freezes my warm blood into an icy cold. - Chinese Proverb

If he had not had a fisherman to lead him on, how could he ever have seen the waves? - Chinese Proverb

To feed and clothe one’s-self without ever recognising the trouble our food has cost the ox,----our clothes the weaver. - Chinese Proverb

To return one’s friendship with enmity. - Chinese Proverb

He wants his donkey to travel away, But is not willing to give him his hay. - Chinese Proverb

You cannot endure the great melon, and so you would grind down the small long one. - Chinese Proverb

To promise much and give little. - Chinese Proverb

To show off by making with another’s property. Lit.: To seize another’s cap and throw it on the stage. - Chinese Proverb

To be generous with other people’s things, and grasping with what is one’s own. - Chinese Proverb

To toady. Lit.: To place one’s warm cheek along side another’s cold one. - Chinese Proverb

Unable either to use or part with. Lit.: The monkey seizes a piece of ginger,---fears to eat it, because it is bitter, throw it away,----and yet cannot part with it. - Chinese Proverb

To slight. Lit.: To throw into a tub of cold water. - Chinese Proverb

Cat’s paw. Lit.: Borrowing Ch’in soldiers with Ts’ou’s to fight, He scatters his bitter resentment outright. - Chinese Proverb

With monkeys excitement, like a leopard leaping. He demands with blows to have all that’s in our keeping. - Chinese Proverb

“Man alive’s a trifle,---like a blade of grass; Kill him though, and then see what will come to pass.” - Chinese Proverb

When against any your anger glows, Be sure you never do come to blows. - Chinese Proverb

One thread of the feeling of kindness retain, and more pleasant will be your meeting again. - Chinese Proverb

To excite a quarrel. Lit.: To set on a dog to worry a pig. - Chinese Proverb

They are not good fists which fight, nor good words which curse. - Chinese Proverb

A hopeless quarrel. Lit.: A cock fighting a rock. - Chinese Proverb

When the heron and oyster quarrelled, the fisherman got the benefit. - Chinese Proverb

When a road is uneven, those who live on each side level it. - Chinese Proverb

Never quarrel with a woman. - Chinese Proverb

Never fight a knife with an axe. - Chinese Proverb

Intimate with few affairs, you will have but few troubles; acquainted with many men, you will have many quarrels. - Chinese Proverb

A quarrelsome family neighbours despise; quarrelsome neighbours slander each other. - Chinese Proverb

Convert great quarrels into small ones, and small ones into nothing. - Chinese Proverb

A fiddling business! - Chinese Proverb

One may reconcile enmities, but not produce them. - Chinese Proverb

Whoever curses a Kiangsi man, insults the public generally. - Chinese Proverb

To anchor in order to quarrel. - Chinese Proverb

Each half of the riven bamboo smokes. - Chinese Proverb

Draw your bow but do not discharge the arrow; for it is - Chinese Proverb not so effective to strike as to frighten a man. - Chinese Proverb

Neither beat a man on a wound, nor curse him about a disgrace. - Chinese Proverb

The old man claims to be right, and the old woman to be more so. - Chinese Proverb

Lips wound the heart, as when a mosquito provokes a rap from a fan. - Chinese Proverb

Indiscriminate cursing. Lit.: One bamboo pole beats a whole boat-load of people. - Chinese Proverb

If you are offended with a person, you must tell him what for. - Chinese Proverb

Two scholars fighting for a pencil. - Chinese Proverb

When men come face to face, their differences vanish. - Chinese Proverb

Each for himself doth his hunger satisfy; Each for himself is obliged to live and die. - Chinese Proverb

Coveting another’s measure of rice, you lose full six moth’s keep; Whilst wrangling over a quarter of pig, you lose a flock of sheep. - Chinese Proverb

Fields are vain and lands are vain, Men so briefly them retain. Gold is vain, silver is vain, Dead, you cannot them regain. Wives are vain, and children vain, In Hades they ne’er meet again. - Chinese Proverb

It’s every man for himself, In the common struggle for pelf. - Chinese Proverb

Go you along your great highway, I’ll get across my one-pole bridge. - Chinese Proverb

Other men’s glaring eyes do not affect your eyes; other men’s stupidity does not affect your family. - Chinese Proverb

“Do not neglect your own, in order to weed another’s field.” - Chinese Proverb

Every fisherman with the great net his own spot. - Chinese Proverb

To act selfishly. Lit.: Both feet and hands bend towards the bosom. - Chinese Proverb

The stag-hunter will not look at the hare. - Chinese Proverb

To grasp at gain regardless of suffering inflicted on others. Lit.: To gouge out another’s eye fearless of blinding him. - Chinese Proverb

When there is important business to be transacted, he spares himself the trouble; but let him hear of a little profit, and he will risk his life to get it. - Chinese Proverb

He who covets small gain, well hardly be able to accomplish great transactions. - Chinese Proverb

Since men live not a hundred yours, it is vain to scheme for a thousand. - Chinese Proverb

Naked we come, and naked we go. - Chinese Proverb

Man goes empty-handed when his work on earth is done. - Chinese Proverb

He who fills his boxes and trunks with clothes, only lays them up for other; for how can he live to wear each one of them out? - Chinese Proverb

Of all the noble houses of the past, one half in ruins lie, overgrown with grass. - Chinese Proverb

There is more money on earth than you can gain; and more offices in the palace than you can fill. - Chinese Proverb

There is no one to sweep a common hall. - Chinese Proverb

First yourself, afterwards others. - Chinese Proverb

Don’t boast of being first, for others indeed are before you. - Chinese Proverb

Slander rises from nothing but a great deal of chatter; as offence comes from meddling with another man’s matter. - Chinese Proverb

His winds and waves may rise, I shall still sit secure in my fishing terrace. - Chinese Proverb

Slander slits pantaloons. - Chinese Proverb

How can be I guilty of crime, since I never stirred out of my house? - Chinese Proverb

Slander spreads like fire. Lit.: Light a fire in seven places, and eight will burn to smoke. - Chinese Proverb

Baseless slander. Lit.: To have waves three feet high without wind, and thunder in a level plain. - Chinese Proverb

Slander may injure any cause. - Chinese Proverb

What man, behind his back, is not spoken against? And who, before others, does not speak against men? - Chinese Proverb

Those who slander, are slanderers. - Chinese Proverb

Slander is of daily occurrence, but if nobody would listen to it, it would soon cease. - Chinese Proverb

Don’t wait for slander to enter your ears, lest it turn former love into hatred. - Chinese Proverb

One may leap into the Yellow River, and yet not be washed clean. - Chinese Proverb

Idle rumours are rife amongst the men of Ts’ou. - Chinese Proverb

What is said to a man’s face is not slander. - Chinese Proverb

Slander may spring up without a cause. - Chinese Proverb

Idle slanders do not affect wise men. - Chinese Proverb

To be fond of talking of female scandals, wounds Heaven and injures Reason in the first degree. - Chinese Proverb

The tawny cur barks behind one’s back. - Chinese Proverb

When the ear will not listen, the heart escapes sorrow. - Chinese Proverb

Unheeded slander. Lit.: When the root is deep, winds rage unheeded; can slanting moon beams trouble an upright tree? - Chinese Proverb

To throw the blame of one’s faults on others. Lit.: To drag Chang and pull Li. - Chinese Proverb

Don’t blame others for your own faults. - Chinese Proverb

To break through brass and iron walls, Only for more exertion calls. - Chinese Proverb

Some duck-egg shells have been scattered by the wind; You’ve lost a little property, but never mind. - Chinese Proverb

With a thief arrest his stolen store; With a whore arrest her paramour. - Chinese Proverb

Thieves steal in the rain, but not when it snow; Not in the moonlight, but when the wind blows. - Chinese Proverb

Having lost anything do not suspect men of stealing it. - Chinese Proverb

Everybody has a black pig. - Chinese Proverb

All the clothes in the box are counted. - Chinese Proverb

He who steals fowls and dogs, will never change his disposition. - Chinese Proverb

Nothing in the end is got by thieving. - Chinese Proverb

Robbers get plundered by thieves. - Chinese Proverb

A thief who is a stranger, must employ and accomplice who is not one. - Chinese Proverb

Though thieves infest the streets, if they have no stolen goods, not one of them can be convicted. - Chinese Proverb

Gambling is the source of robbery. - Chinese Proverb

Sweet as a biscuit is a damsel of sixteen; But her loins are girded with a death-dealing blade. Notwithstanding we see not men’s heads dropping off, Yet, darkly, in the marrow, her havoc is made. - Chinese Proverb

Only dispense with your face, You’ll do all evil with grace. - Chinese Proverb

He who whores and gambles till be wastes his fortune, When his purse is empty must come to a stop. - Chinese Proverb

Leisure breeds lasciviousness. - Chinese Proverb

Water once spilt cannot be gathered up again; passions once indulged cannot be restrained. - Chinese Proverb

Vice cannot be concealed. Lit.: An ugly daughter-in-law cannot conceal that face from her mother-in-law. - Chinese Proverb

I look indifferently at you, as at a crab, wondering how long you will be able to carry on your perverse practices. - Chinese Proverb

Depraved conduct. Lit.: A wry-mouthed man blows a trumpet with deflected breath. - Chinese Proverb

Accidently transgression is called error; wilful transgression, sin. - Chinese Proverb

What is done ignorantly is not sin. - Chinese Proverb

Men may not be one day without employment. - Chinese Proverb

He who will not work shall not eat. - Chinese Proverb

Mercy is the root and core; Opportunity the door. - Chinese Proverb

To act upright is the role, Of every god, and human soul. - Chinese Proverb

They prosper who on virtue’s aid depend; Who trust in vice reach an untimely end. - Chinese Proverb

Following virtue is an ascent steep; Following vice a precipitous leap. - Chinese Proverb

It is a little thing to starve to death; it is a serious matter to lose one’s virtue. - Chinese Proverb

Hold benevolence and righteousness important, and death, in comparison, light. - Chinese Proverb

Better die than turn your back on Reason. - Chinese Proverb

Benevolence, Righteousness, Propriety, Wisdom, and Fidelity, are the principles which ought to be followed. - Chinese Proverb

Let there be plenty of food and clothing, and propriety and righteousness will flourish. - Chinese Proverb

Accept your destiny; do your duty; be satisfied with your position; and obey the voice of Heaven. - Chinese Proverb

Men must set their minds on being honest and straight forward. - Chinese Proverb

Fear not when men speak evil of you; fear lest you should do evil. - Chinese Proverb

In our actions we should accord with the will of Heaven; in our words we should consult the feelings of men. - Chinese Proverb

Truth must always be true, and falsehood false. - Chinese Proverb

Virtue practised to be seen is not real virtue; vice which fears to be seen is real vice. - Chinese Proverb

Better be upright and want, than wicked and have superabundance. - Chinese Proverb

Never lose virtue, nor promote vice. - Chinese Proverb

All vice avoid, all virtue follow. - Chinese Proverb

Virtue is the foundation of happiness, vice the presage of misery. - Chinese Proverb

Forbearance is noble word! Above its head behold a sword. Whoever in this is like Chang Kung Must happy be and never bored. - Chinese Proverb

Forbear! A snow mountain though ten thousand chang high, Melts into a river soon as the sun’s in the sky. - Chinese Proverb

Imitate Chang Kung, who wrote so much on For-bearance. - Chinese Proverb

Forbearance under a slight provocation, may save one a hundred day’s trouble. - Chinese Proverb

A moment’s want of forbearance may prove a lifelong regret. - Chinese Proverb

Endure provocation, repress wrath, forgive an offence, and yield a point. - Chinese Proverb

When it is proper to forbear, forbear. - Chinese Proverb

Want of forbearance causes small offences to become great. - Chinese Proverb

The very word “Forbearance” is precious in a house. - Chinese Proverb

Without forbearance you will be in trouble at once; think twice and you will have nought to fear for a hundred years. - Chinese Proverb

Throw off restraint, indulge fits of passion,---and suffer loss; have a forbearing thoughtful mind,---and avoid sorrow. - Chinese Proverb

Whoever is willing to suffer, covets not another’s advantage. - Chinese Proverb

To show mercy is reckoned man’s duty; to win is reckoned man’s ingenuity. - Chinese Proverb

Lifelong concession of road and dyke; neither loses a hundred paces, nor a single plot. - Chinese Proverb

He will neither concede on the road nor at a feast. - Chinese Proverb

You may walk your horse over a general’s premier’s neck; and pole your boat in the belly of a duck or marquis. - Chinese Proverb

Affect a little indistinctness, rather than insist upon absolute correctness. - Chinese Proverb

Here on earth it is noble to yield even one step; and it is happiness to treat men with even a little generosity. - Chinese Proverb

One may give way to another, and bear with his bluster; not form weakness but for self-control. - Chinese Proverb

I yield not for fear, but because i’m not fool enough to risk imprisonment. - Chinese Proverb

With enough to eat three times a day you must always be content; And done with your sail when a steady wind has long time kept it bent. - Chinese Proverb

A constantly contented mind free from disgrace you’ll always find. - Chinese Proverb

Having obtained your wish be content. - Chinese Proverb

Be content with what is sufficient to pass over the present time. - Chinese Proverb

Compared with superiors I have less, but compared with inferiors I have more. - Chinese Proverb

Be content with whatever you have. - Chinese Proverb

First of virtues, as all books confess, Filial piety and righteousness. - Chinese Proverb

Of a myriad virtues filial piety is the first. - Chinese Proverb

Of a myriad vices fornication is the chief; of a hundred virtues, filial piety is the first. - Chinese Proverb

Filial piety moves heaven and earth. - Chinese Proverb

A filial son is the joy of his father. - Chinese Proverb

One unfilial son involves nine others in ruin. - Chinese Proverb

When the son lacks dutifulness, the daughter-in-law lacks filial piety. - Chinese Proverb

Who constantly gives, does always possess; His riches and honours never grow less. - Chinese Proverb

Instruction impart, men’s vices to correct: And give of your money, their good to effect. - Chinese Proverb

Always leave some way of escape to the erring. - Chinese Proverb

To call up a breeze that all may be cooled. - Chinese Proverb

For one good deed to forget a hundred bad ones. - Chinese Proverb

To conduct a blind man over a bridge. - Chinese Proverb

To stint one’s-self and treat others generously. - Chinese Proverb

A star, however willing, cannot help the moon. - Chinese Proverb

To light one’s lantern for another man. - Chinese Proverb

Look not on the gilt face, but on Buddha’s face. - Chinese Proverb

“Help men in their necessities, and rescue them from danger.” - Chinese Proverb

It is only kindness, and not severity, which can impress at the distance of a thousand miles. - Chinese Proverb

Better not do kindnesses at all, than do them in the hope of recompense. - Chinese Proverb

Do continually acts of kindness; perform every sort of secret virtue. - Chinese Proverb

To row with the stream in doing a favour. - Chinese Proverb

Kindness is greater than law. - Chinese Proverb

Men must be treated with great generosity. - Chinese Proverb

Fed on the king’s soil, recompense the king’s favour. - Chinese Proverb

Enjoying the king’s dignities and emoluments, recompense the king’s favour. - Chinese Proverb

He who is grateful has nothing to blush for. - Chinese Proverb

Thankful for small mercies. Lit.: For the favour of drop of water, pay back a gushing fountain. - Chinese Proverb

If you share a man’s wealth, try to lessen his misfortunes. - Chinese Proverb

Better that others be ungrateful to me, than that I should be so to others. - Chinese Proverb

Lambs have the grace to suck kneeling; and young crows return part of their food to their parents. - Chinese Proverb

As your duty is, when the cultivated fields have yielded their increase, and you are fed and warmed, give thanks to Heaven. - Chinese Proverb

Be forgetful of favours given; be mindful of blessings received. - Chinese Proverb

It is unmanly to be ungrateful for favours received. - Chinese Proverb

He is a brute who forgets favours received, and turns his back on righteousness. - Chinese Proverb

He who eats another’s food, and receives another’s favour, is tender in speaking of and dealing with him. - Chinese Proverb

To return hate for kindness. - Chinese Proverb

Over a bowl of congee or rice, one should remember the trouble it has cost to supply it. - Chinese Proverb

He who is ungrateful for favours received is no superior man. - Chinese Proverb

When you put on your clothes, remember the weaver’s labour; When you take your daily food, remember the husbandman’s trouble. - Chinese Proverb

He who is grateful for favours received, will be filial as a son and loyal as a minister. - Chinese Proverb

When you drink from the stream, remember the spring. - Chinese Proverb

Eating bamboo-sprouts, remember the planter of the bamboos. - Chinese Proverb

Who turns him round to reinspect, Shall nothing lose through his neglect. - Chinese Proverb

Each must take care of his coat and hat; Caution is needful, be sure of that. - Chinese Proverb

Who carefully looks both behind and before, of food and of clothes will have always good store. - Chinese Proverb

You must be clever in mind, and clownish outside; Make too much of your wisdom, woes will you betide. - Chinese Proverb

For one bad move, if you’re to blame, Be sure that you will lose the game. - Chinese Proverb

Neither take poison, nor break law. - Chinese Proverb

Never do what you don’t want to be known. - Chinese Proverb

State all conditions first. - Chinese Proverb

Beware of winds and waves by day, of thieves by night. - Chinese Proverb

Avoid suspicion. Lit.: Do not lace your boots in a melon field, nor adjust your hat under a plum tree. - Chinese Proverb

The same. Lit.: In a melon field and under a plum tree avoid suspicion. - Chinese Proverb

Db as careful as if you were entering a battle, or crossing a bridge. - Chinese Proverb

When you know there are tigers on the hills, don’t go there. - Chinese Proverb

In a narrow passage be prepared for danger. - Chinese Proverb

Always be provided against danger and rebellion. - Chinese Proverb

In eating, avoid choking; in walking, avoid stumbling. - Chinese Proverb

Processed cautiously. Lit.: Take a step, drive a pile. - Chinese Proverb

Look not on temptation, and your mind will be at rest. - Chinese Proverb

One who acts cautiously may go anywhere; one who does not, will always be suffering. - Chinese Proverb

To act the part of one deaf and dumb. - Chinese Proverb

Over cautious. Lit.: To wear strings on a felt hat. - Chinese Proverb

If you use a walking stick you will not fall; if you take counsel you will not err. - Chinese Proverb

A fall hurts not those who fly low. - Chinese Proverb

Partition walls have ears; and there are listeners under the window. - Chinese Proverb

When free from trouble be on your guard; when trouble comes don’t get excited. - Chinese Proverb

Diligence is an inestimable treasure, and prudence a defensive charm. - Chinese Proverb

If there is no one at home, don’t leave clothes before the fire to dry; and drying clothes be careful lest a sash may catch the flame. - Chinese Proverb

Don’t carry a candle near inflammable things; and when you’ve blown a lamp out, watch the flying sparks. - Chinese Proverb

Though a thousand things may claim attention in your household, never go to bed without a look at the kitchen. - Chinese Proverb

He comes publicly, and goes openly. - Chinese Proverb

When you travel by boat, be prepared for a duck. - Chinese Proverb

One wrong thought may cause a life-long regret. - Chinese Proverb

Deviate an inch, and lose a thousand miles. - Chinese Proverb

Though the wind has fallen the waves have not yet settled. - Chinese Proverb

“A good memory is not equal to bad ink.” - Chinese Proverb

Rather fear that you should not prove an adept, than that you should lack employment. - Chinese Proverb

No sailor by trade,----Be of boat-hooks afraid. - Chinese Proverb

Be only to superior men your wants confessed; And if you succour, succour only the distressed. - Chinese Proverb

Hope little from the yet to you unseen; Care little for what has already been. - Chinese Proverb

Never ask a family whether things are gay or sad; For all such information from their faces may be had. - Chinese Proverb

Never open your lips when to speak is in vain; Nor let other folk’s business embarrass your brain. - Chinese Proverb

Talk to those who can understand, and give to those who need. - Chinese Proverb

Suit self to circumstances. - Chinese Proverb

If your strength be small, don’t carry heavy burdens; if your words be worthless, don’t give advice. - Chinese Proverb

If you are poor, keep out of the crowd; if unfortunate, don’t seek a relation. - Chinese Proverb

Avoid fierce men, and strong wine. - Chinese Proverb

Do not trust in an excessive show of honesty; and beware of an excessive show of kindness. - Chinese Proverb

Do not say what you see; do not know what you are asked; do not meddle with other folk’s business; and if you have nothing to do, quickly return home. - Chinese Proverb

Do not present your verses to any but a clever man. - Chinese Proverb

Wherever you go, talk as the people of the place talk. - Chinese Proverb

Neither indulge a slave, nor deceive a child- Chinese Proverb.

You had better retire when in greatest favour; and break off friendship when it is closest. - Chinese Proverb

When the country is in confusion, look out for a good general; when the family is poor, for a virtuous wife. - Chinese Proverb

Yield to circumstances. Lit.: If the wind be strong, yield to the wind; if rain be heavy, yield to rain. - Chinese Proverb

If you lost your needle in the grass, go and seek it there. - Chinese Proverb

Let every one sweep away the snow from before his own door, and not meddle with the hoar-frost on his neighbour’s tiles. - Chinese Proverb

If you want to be quiet, do not meddle with other people’s business. - Chinese Proverb

Only govern your own door, and don’t talk about other men’s daughters and wives. - Chinese Proverb

Neither spend foolishly, nor work fruitlessly. - Chinese Proverb

In the transaction of business, in the use of power, in the use of speech, and in the enjoyment of happiness, don’t carry the thing too far. - Chinese Proverb

Try to oblige others, and you will be obliged yourself. - Chinese Proverb

If you know where to stop and always stop there, you will never be in disgrace. - Chinese Proverb

All that accords with Reason may be done; but never quarrel over petty profits. - Chinese Proverb

Better straightforwardly seize a thing, than beg it in an underhand way. - Chinese Proverb

Dread law, and daily live in comfort; scorn justice, and daily live in trouble. - Chinese Proverb

Men of a certain height must wear clothes of a certain length. - Chinese Proverb

Whether victorious or beaten never regret. - Chinese Proverb

Treat a prodigy as though it were none, and it will die out of itself. - Chinese Proverb

Better go yourself than send; better do it yourself than ask any one to do it for you. - Chinese Proverb

If you would control self you must rebuke self; if you would have faith in men do not suspect them. - Chinese Proverb

Temperance in drinking, saves the mind from confusion; restraint of passion, preserves fortunes unimpaired. - Chinese Proverb

Though you be a millionaire, Mend one half the clothes you wear. - Chinese Proverb

If you have only ten taels don’t hanker for dress: Never seek, on a hundred, a wife to possess. - Chinese Proverb

Cold water and hot, you must learn to waste not; For both by man’s labour alone have been got. - Chinese Proverb

It will cost you, to flit from upstairs to down, Three piculs of the finest rice that is grown. - Chinese Proverb

Have every thing you use substantial and clean: Earthenware is better than gold and jade. - Chinese Proverb

Neither build fine houses, nor covet rich fields. - Chinese Proverb

Never spend a farthing uselessly. - Chinese Proverb

Though living near water do not waste it. - Chinese Proverb

Though living near mountains do not waste firewood. - Chinese Proverb

Be careful of clothes and always have them;----of food and always have it. - Chinese Proverb

By all means avoid extravagance. - Chinese Proverb

Don’t fail to make ends meet. - Chinese Proverb

The moon may be saved with a broken drum. - Chinese Proverb

It is wanton waste to feed a tortoise with barley. - Chinese Proverb

Avoid breaking into a string of cash. - Chinese Proverb

The trappings cast more than the horse. - Chinese Proverb

Cheapness may not be economy. Lit.: If you buy cheap firewood, you burn the bottom of your copper. - Chinese Proverb

To leave economy for extravagance is easy; to leave extravagance for economy difficult. - Chinese Proverb

Economy makes men independent. - Chinese Proverb

Cut your cloth according to your measure. - Chinese Proverb

Let every farthing go to its legitimate use. Lit.: One nail goes for one piece of sugar-stick. - Chinese Proverb

In providing for self, practise rigid economy. - Chinese Proverb

Taxes are fixed, but expenses are not. - Chinese Proverb

An openwork basket cannot for long dam a stream. - Chinese Proverb

Make every cash serve two purposes. - Chinese Proverb

The peony, though large, is a useless thing; while the date blossom, though small, yields fruit. - Chinese Proverb

Reduction of expenditure brings freedom of action. Lit.: Remove the turnips and you’ll have plenty of room. - Chinese Proverb

Who spare men will always have men to use; who spare their clothes will always have clothes to wear. - Chinese Proverb

It is easy to spend, but hard to make money. - Chinese Proverb

They know the nature of fishes who near to water dwell; and those who live near hills know the song of each bird full will. - Chinese Proverb

One bitten by a snake in passing by, A second time he will of grass be shy. - Chinese Proverb

He learns less who looks on, than he does who makes; less by mere doing, than by many mistakes. - Chinese Proverb

Till some one a fool of you has made, you can’t be up to the tricks of trade. - Chinese Proverb

They know what wind is who dwell in nests,----what rain is who dwell in caves. - Chinese Proverb

He who eats bread for the first time feels strange over the first three mouthfuls. - Chinese Proverb

Suppose no one very ascended the mountain to see, who would believe that the water flowed down eastward from a height as great as the depth of the sea? - Chinese Proverb

If you have not lived in town, you do not know what is polite and proper. - Chinese Proverb

If you have not lived in the country, you do not know what hardship means. - Chinese Proverb

If you drink the water you’ll know the fountain. - Chinese Proverb

He has tasted both the sweet and the bitter. - Chinese Proverb

What the ear hears is not like what the eye sees. - Chinese Proverb

What one hears is doubtful; what ones sees is certain. - Chinese Proverb

No words equal personal observation. - Chinese Proverb

Every one knows his own affairs best. Lit.: Rats know the ways of rats. - Chinese Proverb

The hole of a serpent, a serpent knows. - Chinese Proverb

No one knows how difficult anything is until he has tried to do it. - Chinese Proverb

Though blind the road is familiar to him. - Chinese Proverb

Until you go to the Yellow River you will not be satisfied. - Chinese Proverb

Grass not dug up by the roots, Will again send forth its shoots. - Chinese Proverb

Possessing a great tree, why be anxious about fuel? - Chinese Proverb

Treat men from all parts well, and wherever you go you will be well treated. Lit.: Make sure of a clear moon in all the five lakes, and you will not suffer the lack of an angling place. - Chinese Proverb

Yearly guard against famine; nightly guard against thieves. - Chinese Proverb

Living securely, remember ganger. - Chinese Proverb

In plenty think of want; in want do not presume on plenty. - Chinese Proverb

Keep your ponds full of water, and you will be prepared against drought; cultivate thoroughly your soil, and it will yield enough to support a family. - Chinese Proverb

Plant bamboos before your hall, and the phoenix may come and lodge thereon; rear fish in your ponds, for they may become dragons. - Chinese Proverb

Rear sons for old age, and lay up grain against famine. - Chinese Proverb

Though the weather be fine take your umbrella; though you are not hungry take some provisions. - Chinese Proverb

Thatch your roof before rainy weather; and dig your well before you become parched with thirst. - Chinese Proverb

Better be too credulous too sceptical. - Chinese Proverb

Those who prepare for, will escape trouble. - Chinese Proverb

It is better to ward off than to cure disease; better diminish than add trouble. - Chinese Proverb

He who neither hoards up wealth, nor makes an enemy, may sleep in peace and travel in safety. - Chinese Proverb

Let the past; and for the future by no means trouble. - Chinese Proverb

If you wish to know the road before you, ask of those who have travelled it. - Chinese Proverb

Equal to all emergencies. Lit.: If water comes, soil can dam it; if rebels come, a general can stop theme. - Chinese Proverb

Forethought is easy, repentance hard. - Chinese Proverb

When your money is spent you cut off wine; when growing old you turn to the sacred books. - Chinese Proverb

You think only of advance, and never of retreat. - Chinese Proverb

Do nothing to discredit yourself. Lit.: Do not thrust your fingers through your own paper lantern. - Chinese Proverb

To pretend to be very clever and show one’s self to be a fool. - Chinese Proverb

To overlade a rickety ship. - Chinese Proverb

To pour oil on the flames. - Chinese Proverb

Through credulity to be deceived into selling one’s sitting-hens. - Chinese Proverb

If you plant a grove to rear tigers in, when grown the tigers will injure men. - Chinese Proverb

To pine one’s belly, to spare one’s face. - Chinese Proverb

To be careless for the present and scheming for the future. - Chinese Proverb

To sail any way with wind and tide. - Chinese Proverb

He who rouses a sleeping tiger, exposes himself to farm. - Chinese Proverb

To lose the great for the small. - Chinese Proverb

He who rouses a sleeping tiger, exposes himself to harm. - Chinese Proverb

To lose the great for the small. - Chinese Proverb

To be careless in great matters and careful in small ones. - Chinese Proverb

To hide the head and leave the rump exposed. - Chinese Proverb

To pare off flesh in one place to mend a sore in another. - Chinese Proverb

To present one’s head to a shower of stones. - Chinese Proverb

To spare a swelling till it becomes ulcerous. - Chinese Proverb

He won’t go in fair weather, but waits till rain soaks his pate. - Chinese Proverb

To allow anything to go in at one ear and out of the other. - Chinese Proverb

To divulge a secret. Lit.: To disclose the horse’s foot. - Chinese Proverb

He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount. - Chinese Proverb

Though under the flag-staff; he misses his drill. - Chinese Proverb

To try to stand on two boats at once. - Chinese Proverb

A cup is the prince that o’er us reigns; We are the water that cup contains; Round or square as the cup may be, just the same shape you’ll the water see. - Chinese Proverb

In the Emperor’s presence to abide, Is just like sleeping by a tiger’s side. - Chinese Proverb

The minister remonstrates with the Prince, not the prince with the minister. - Chinese Proverb

When the Prince is not upright, ministers escape to foreign countries. - Chinese Proverb

All the stars of heaven salute the north; every stream flows towards the east. - Chinese Proverb

Each dynasty has its sons of Heaven, and its ministers. - Chinese Proverb

When the Prince wants a minister to die, he dies. - Chinese Proverb

The Emperor cannot make men be his magistrates. - Chinese Proverb

The light of all the stars is not equal to that of the moon. - Chinese Proverb

An upright royal family is prospered by Heaven; and under pure magistrates the enjoy peace. - Chinese Proverb

All kinds of divine influence will combine to support a sage son of Heaven. - Chinese Proverb

If the Son of Heaven breaks the laws, he is guilty like one of the people. - Chinese Proverb

A faithful minister views death unapplied; a virtuous woman faces danger with a smile. - Chinese Proverb

A loyal minister is not afraid of death; he who is, is not a loyal minister. - Chinese Proverb

One attends a Prince as a sheep a tiger; the slightest shortcoming is punished. - Chinese Proverb

A selfish minister is not loyal; a loyal minister is not selfish. - Chinese Proverb

You must look for loyal ministers amongst filial sons. - Chinese Proverb

As the dragon and the phoenix propagate their kind; The young rat will be able to bore hole you’ll find. - Chinese Proverb

The faults of children are to parents all unknown; and farmers never know how rich their crops have grown. - Chinese Proverb

Would you see your little ones growing up strong, they must not clothe heavily, nor eat too long. - Chinese Proverb

As your fields must be by your own hands sown, Sons are no use unless they’re your own. - Chinese Proverb

He kept my early years from care; I’ll keep and comfort his grey hair. - Chinese Proverb

One’s own parents may be thrown aside neglected; while foster parents are as Heaven respected. - Chinese Proverb

Not to sow parental lands, good sons will take care; Good daughters will not always their wedding dresses were. - Chinese Proverb

Near the ancestral home the eldest must reside; Near to his mother’s room the youngest must abide. - Chinese Proverb

As seed-corn is from former years reserved, So children are in former lives deserved. - Chinese Proverb

One may see what a son will be, From what he is in infancy. - Chinese Proverb

Wise statesmen are the produce of prosperous dynasties; and children’s children bless the home wherever virtue is. - Chinese Proverb

The fruit of one tree may be sour and sweet; the sons of one mother dull and discreet. - Chinese Proverb

When descendants are in an unhappy condition, It’s the grave, or the house, has a luckless position! - Chinese Proverb

Spoilt children are unfilial sinners. Spoilt dogs will steal their master’s dinners. - Chinese Proverb

When fathers are unmerciful, sons fly to distant localities. - Chinese Proverb

Kind father----dutiful son; dutiful son----virtuous daughter-in-law. - Chinese Proverb

The child knows not what trouble it has given its mother. - Chinese Proverb

Like father like son. Lit.: Dragons give birth to dragons, and phoenixes hatch phoenixes. - Chinese Proverb

The same. Lit.: Water always drops from the eaves into the same old holes. - Chinese Proverb

He is unfilial who loves wife more than mother; she in unwise who hates for him her son’s wife. - Chinese Proverb

He is the son who buries his parents; and worn out silks and satins are dress. - Chinese Proverb

At the bedside in cases of chronic sickness, there are no filial children. - Chinese Proverb

When parents die old, dutiful children may be merry. - Chinese Proverb

Strict fathers have filial sons. - Chinese Proverb

When father and son agree, the family will not fail; when brothers agree, the family will not separate when brothers agree, the family will not separate. - Chinese Proverb

In a gambling-house---no father and son. - Chinese Proverb

Bad descendants involve ancestors in disgrace. - Chinese Proverb

The parent’s pet is the obedient child. - Chinese Proverb

Parents can hardly secure that their descendants will be wise and good. - Chinese Proverb

When a father wants his son to die, he dies. - Chinese Proverb

Whilst the father lives the son dare not put himself forward. - Chinese Proverb

The rod produces obedient, petting and spoiling disobedient children. - Chinese Proverb

Good parents,----jolly marriages; good children,----decent funerals. - Chinese Proverb

“when a tiger has three whelps at a birth, one of them will be a leopard; when a man has three boys at a birth one of them will be noble.” - Chinese Proverb

When selling a son don’t stroke his head; if you stroke his head your tears will flow. - Chinese Proverb

Dutiful sires beget dutiful sons; undutiful sires beget undutiful children. - Chinese Proverb

You must rear children to know parental goodness. - Chinese Proverb

He who has a son must depend on him; he who has not, must depend on his son-in-law. - Chinese Proverb

If my descendants surpass me, why should I covet money? If they be inferior to me, still why should I do so? - Chinese Proverb

Do not spend your honest with in fruitless scheming; your descendants must their share of happiness. - Chinese Proverb

Reserve the square-inch plot for your descendants to till. - Chinese Proverb

Would you love your child, then teach him industry and temperance. - Chinese Proverb

The broken furnace may turn out good tiles. - Chinese Proverb

If you love your child don’t spare the rod; if you hate your child give him plenty of dainties. - Chinese Proverb

The pestle produces white rice; and rod good children. - Chinese Proverb

Let parents say what they will, children must curb their tempers and hold their tongues. - Chinese Proverb

Grown up sons must separate from their mothers; and grown up daughters from their fathers. - Chinese Proverb

We dare not injure the bodies received from our parents. - Chinese Proverb

Whomsoever his parents love, the son loves. - Chinese Proverb

Sons and grandsons have their destined pleasures; do not treat them as horses and cows. - Chinese Proverb

With right on his side even a son may correct a father. - Chinese Proverb

If you honour your parents at home, why go afar to burn incense? - Chinese Proverb

Every man loves his own flesh and blood. - Chinese Proverb

Whether a man strike his father and curse his mother or not, depends on his natural disposition. - Chinese Proverb

A prodigal’s repentance is a priceless treasure. - Chinese Proverb

A stupid son is better than a crafty daughter. - Chinese Proverb

Full-grown fledged birds fly away. - Chinese Proverb

If sons are filial you don’t want many. - Chinese Proverb

A daughter-in-law is very diligent on her first arrival. - Chinese Proverb

A child does not dislike a plain mother; a dog does not despise a poor master. - Chinese Proverb

He is no man who thinks much of his wealth, and little of his parents. - Chinese Proverb

Imbecile sons boast of their ancestors. - Chinese Proverb

Wealth excites men; children awaken their affections. - Chinese Proverb

He who has sons cannot long remain poor; he who has none cannot long remain rich. - Chinese Proverb

Empty granaries bring months and years of want; stupid posterity, laxity in manners and uprightness. - Chinese Proverb

Better rear a playful then a stupid child. - Chinese Proverb

Children whom the mother nourished three years at the breast, leave her of their own accord when grown to man’s estate. - Chinese Proverb

It is a miserable family where there are boys and girls; it is geni family where there are none. - Chinese Proverb

If we have none to foul the bed, we shall have none to burn paper at our graves. - Chinese Proverb

Don’t fear that your father won’t love you; for when children are wise and good, parents are naturally glad. - Chinese Proverb

If you would pray for dutiful children, first show filial piety to your father and mother. - Chinese Proverb

For wives your sons are longing, your maids for husbands call; This is the one arena in which strive one and all. - Chinese Proverb

Marriages when properly negotiated, Cause neither family to be aggravated. - Chinese Proverb

When doorways match and houses pair, A marriage may be settled there. - Chinese Proverb

In betrothing a daughter to any young man, Very careful enquiry’s the only safe plan. - Chinese Proverb

Where true love exists between husbands and wives, They’re happily joined to the end of their lives. - Chinese Proverb

In the great majority of cases, Wives have fair, and husbands ugly faces; yet there are many, on the other side, where the man is bound to an ugly bride. - Chinese Proverb

Nought must divide the married pair; Its weight the steelyard cannot spare. - Chinese Proverb

People married early, see in plainness nothing wrong: and clothes, though made of coarsest cloth, often very strong. - Chinese Proverb

The bride that is linked to a worthless groom, Is like a man buried in a luckless tomb. - Chinese Proverb

Widow marriage must always be, consummated immediately. - Chinese Proverb

Having lost her first husband, again she’s a bride; and so she gets higher at every stride. - Chinese Proverb

For virtue a woman our wife we make; For her beauty we a concubine take. - Chinese Proverb

Long not for the goddess beauty divine; Long that the star of your husband may shine. - Chinese Proverb

The dislike of her husband’s parents she need not mind; but from her husband’s dislike what escape can she find? - Chinese Proverb

The well-to-do maiden is not married into a poverty-stricken family. - Chinese Proverb

Early marriage is the duty of adults of both sexes. - Chinese Proverb

A clever match-maker can scold both sides; while a stupid match-maker gets scolded by both. - Chinese Proverb

The upper classes endow their daughters on marriage; the middle classes do nothing but rear and marry them; and the lower classes make money by marrying them. - Chinese Proverb

Without clouds in the sky it cannot rain; so without go-betweens a match can never be made. - Chinese Proverb

When one family rears a daughter, a hundred families ask her in marriage. - Chinese Proverb

In marrying a daughter select an excellent son-in-law; and do not extort costly wedding presents. - Chinese Proverb

In marrying a son seek a virtuous maiden, and scheme not for a rich dowry. - Chinese Proverb

Negligent farming may induce temporary poverty; but a mistake in marrying blights a whole life. - Chinese Proverb

Nine out of ten go-betweens are liars. - Chinese Proverb

You expect condiments with vegetables; pretty face with a concubine. - Chinese Proverb

You may exhume a coffin; you may not reject a betrothed son-in-law. - Chinese Proverb

Matrimony, exhort men to complete; strife’s, exhort men to put away. - Chinese Proverb

There are five Relations, but that of husband and wife stands first; there are three thousand great Rites, but that of marriage is most important. - Chinese Proverb

Marriage results from ante-natal causes. - Chinese Proverb

In the husband fidelity is the thing that’s good; in the wife obedience is the thing that’s proper. - Chinese Proverb

Husband and wife are indeed birds of one grove, but at the bourn of death each takes his separate flight. - Chinese Proverb

Ugly men marry pretty wives. Lit.: Scabbed-heads get flowery boughs. - Chinese Proverb

If they match by nature, marry them. - Chinese Proverb

Husband and wife in perfect concord, are like the music of the harp and lute. - Chinese Proverb

Conjugal felicity. Lit.: The husband sings and the wife accompanies. - Chinese Proverb

Horses will not re-mate; but men and women will re-marry. - Chinese Proverb

When a man’s vessel is upset and it’s masts broken, he is poor for a time; but when a man marries a bad wife he is poor for life. - Chinese Proverb

The fool fears his old woman; but the virtuous wife reverences her husband. - Chinese Proverb

A talented bridegroom is sometimes matched with a worthless bride; and a clever woman is sometimes married to a dolt. - Chinese Proverb

When the two have been united they may not be separated. - Chinese Proverb

Loving husbands and wives, enjoy the enduring affection of their sons and daughters. - Chinese Proverb

A man may be ten years older than his wife; she must not be one year older than he. - Chinese Proverb

A man without a wife has a home without a mistress; a woman without a husband is an unprotected being. - Chinese Proverb

When husband and wife disagree, they become the dupes of their own female slaves. - Chinese Proverb

In bed,---husband and wife; out of bed,---guests. - Chinese Proverb

Husbands are as Heaven to their wives; wives are the slaves of their husbands. - Chinese Proverb

Husband and wife have no enmities which can survive a night. - Chinese Proverb

If I keep to my wife, others will keep to theirs. - Chinese Proverb

A good man will not beat his wife; a good dog will not worry a fowl. - Chinese Proverb

Is he a superior man who listens to his wife, and turns against his brother? - Chinese Proverb

Do not curse your wife in the evening, or you will have to sleep alone. - Chinese Proverb

If your wife is against it, do not get a concubine. - Chinese Proverb

He detests his own wife, but loves other men’s. Lit.: He lightly esteems the domestic fowl, but loves the wild pheasant. - Chinese Proverb

Fine houses are man-measuring skips; and fair wives are ferry boats. - Chinese Proverb

Take no notice of what you hear said on the pillow. - Chinese Proverb

A virtuous wife causes her husband to be honoured; a bad one brings him to shame. - Chinese Proverb

Ugly wives and stupid maids are priceless treasures. - Chinese Proverb

Do not marry wives or concubines who are gorgeously fine. - Chinese Proverb

A virtuous wife saves her husband from evil ways. - Chinese Proverb

Nothing will frighten a wilful wife but a beating. - Chinese Proverb

She who is wife to one man cannot eat the rice of two. - Chinese Proverb

Slanders cluster round a widow’s door. - Chinese Proverb

Dress to meet your parents, undress the meet your husband. - Chinese Proverb

If she rises early she offends her husband; if late, his father and mother. - Chinese Proverb

Happy the wife who dies before her husband; unhappy she who dies after him. - Chinese Proverb

Good tempered and careful----she’s a good wife indeed. - Chinese Proverb

A good horse will not turn back to eat grass; and a good wife will not marry a second husband. - Chinese Proverb

A loyal minister will serve but one Prince; a virtuous woman but one husband. - Chinese Proverb

A widow. Lit.: A rudderless boat. - Chinese Proverb

“In childhood who as brothers are, When grown up oft are severed far.” - Chinese Proverb

Brothers resemble hands and feet. - Chinese Proverb

Though the left hand conquer the right, no advantage is gained. - Chinese Proverb

Torn clothes may be mended; but a hand or foot cannot be stuck on again. - Chinese Proverb

When brothers disagree they are imposed on by others. - Chinese Proverb

A brother is harder to get than lands. - Chinese Proverb

A brother’s injuries are soon healed. - Chinese Proverb

Though brothers are so closely akin, it is each for himself in money matters. - Chinese Proverb

Though a brother commit murder, it does not involve his brethren. - Chinese Proverb

Brothers sometimes disagree. Lit.: Top and bottom teeth sometimes come into awkward collision. - Chinese Proverb

The same. Lit.: Dishes and basins will sometimes get smashed together. - Chinese Proverb

The most difficult thing on earth to get is a brother. - Chinese Proverb

Kind friends are better than unkind brothers. - Chinese Proverb

Be he never so good he still is a stranger; be he never so bad he still is part of myself. - Chinese Proverb

Never allow the slightest consideration of profit, to inure the affection proper between those who are of the same bone and flesh. - Chinese Proverb

Unless you will give him some trifling sum, you can’t get rid of a destitute chum. - Chinese Proverb

Friendship existence to attain, Must rest on goodness not on gain. - Chinese Proverb

Mix with mandarins and grow poor; with merchants and increase your store; with Bonzes and you soon will find, subscription lists not far behind. - Chinese Proverb

With every friend and fellow you meet, you can do nothing but drink and eat: - Chinese Proverb

Friends are at fault when a man is allowed to wear his dress awry. - Chinese Proverb

Friends in the morning foes at night. - Chinese Proverb

Never make friends of ungenial men. - Chinese Proverb

A well-known friend is a treasure. - Chinese Proverb

Men are friends the world over. - Chinese Proverb

Lingering friendship. Lit.: The lotus root may be broken and its silken fibres remain united. - Chinese Proverb

When friendship is real men can talk without reserve. - Chinese Proverb

A miserable friendship. Lit.: An opium-smoker’s probe scraped by a bit of pot. - Chinese Proverb

Impossible alliance. Lit.: Friendship between ice and coal. - Chinese Proverb

Who are firmly joined can be hardly severed. - Chinese Proverb

Drink only with familiar friends; and recite poetry only with a poet. - Chinese Proverb

One’s acquaintances must fill the empire; but one’s familiar friends must be few. - Chinese Proverb

Let the politeness of first acquaintances characterize all after intercourse, and in the longest friendship nothing disagreeable will arise. - Chinese Proverb

If friends meet and part empty, the blooming peach blossom round the grotto will deride them. - Chinese Proverb

Having money and wine your friends will be many; but who will visit you when in distress? - Chinese Proverb

Unless your friend be your superior, you had better have none; and for a few days observe whether his subsequent greetings equal his first.- Chinese Proverb

No joy equals that of making a new friend; no sorrow that of being separated from friends. - Chinese Proverb

Tigers and deer do not stroll together. - Chinese Proverb

The crow does not roost with the phoenix. - Chinese Proverb

Though conversing face to face, their hearts have a thousand hills between them. - Chinese Proverb

He who has friends in every place finds every place delicious. - Chinese Proverb

Of all acquaintanceships, that in which each knows the other’s heart, is best. - Chinese Proverb

When men are friendly even water is sweet. - Chinese Proverb

You can hardly make a friend in a year; but you can easily offend one in an hour. - Chinese Proverb

Better associate with one well known than with a stranger. - Chinese Proverb

Having wine and good feeding you’ll have plenty of friends; but in the day of adversity---none. - Chinese Proverb

When purposes agree the most hostile grow friendly; when they disagree near relatives become enemies. - Chinese Proverb

Without a good mirror no lady can know her true appearance; Without a true friend no scholar can know his own errors of conduct. - Chinese Proverb

Two are better than one. Lit.: One man’s plan is short; the plan of two is long. - Chinese Proverb

When the world’s affairs are calm we can judge of them; when affection is moderate it will endure. - Chinese Proverb

Those who violate the Five Relations and the five Constant virtues will quickly perish. - Chinese Proverb

Relatives are bound to stand by one another. - Chinese Proverb

Friends while good dinners last; husband and wife while fuel and food remain. - Chinese Proverb

Go into partnership with a brother; and into battle with father and son. - Chinese Proverb

Sons receive their father’s fortune; and wives share their husband’s lot. - Chinese Proverb

Parents notwithstanding their deep love must be parted from their children; husband and wife though most faithful, must also separate. - Chinese Proverb

One, though related, is no relation; another, though not related, is a relation. - Chinese Proverb

His grief’s are few whose wife is virtuous; his heart is enlarged whose sons are dutiful. - Chinese Proverb

Princes know their Ministers, Fathers their Children, Elder Brothers their Younger Brothers, and teachers their Scholars, better than any one else. - Chinese Proverb

Would you know the character of a Prince, then first observe his Ministers; would you become acquainted with a man, first look at his Friends; would you know a Father, first consider his son. - Chinese Proverb

If we were not an injured a family, we should have neither sons nor daughters; if we were not at enmity we should never have been husband and wife. - Chinese Proverb

Poverty in a family brings out the dutiful Son; and confusion in the state reveals the loyal Minister. - Chinese Proverb

Who honours his Prince, will think lightly of rank and emolument; who honours his Parents, will honour his wife and child less; who honours his Brothers will think lightly of money and heritage. - Chinese Proverb

Those who at home are not given up to their wives and children, will serve their Parents filially; those who abroad do not deceive their Friends, will serve their Prince with loyalty. - Chinese Proverb

The thing important to the Five Relations is Respectfulness; the perfect embodiment of the Ten Virtues is Sincerity. - Chinese Proverb

He has perfect tranquility whose wife is virtuous and sons obedient; and all things are satisfactory when rains are seasonable and winds moderate. - Chinese Proverb

If sincerity be wanting between Prince and Minister the nation will have no peace; if between Parents and Children, the family will have no concord; if between Brothers, their affections will be loosened; if between Friends, their intercourse will be distant. - Chinese Proverb

The honest truth must not be told between Husband and Wife; and lies must not be told between Friend and Friend. - Chinese Proverb

Heaven rules o’er all things, don’t fret yourself to pray; Trouble spent in making plans, is but thrown away. - Chinese Proverb

Imperial Heaven will never slight men of sorrow. - Chinese Proverb

Men would have things so and so, but Heaven negatives his plans. - Chinese Proverb

It is man’s to scheme; it is Heaven’s to accomplish. - Chinese Proverb

Heaven responds to man as quickly as shadow to form or echo to voice. - Chinese Proverb

Heaven never sends a man without providing for him clothes and income. - Chinese Proverb

What man sees not and knows not, Heaven sees and knows. - Chinese Proverb

Man can be bound, but Heaven cannot. - Chinese Proverb

Heaven sent never the man but Earth provided a grave for him. - Chinese Proverb

Our daily bread depends on Heaven. - Chinese Proverb

Heaven knows how each man gets his living. - Chinese Proverb

Men deceive good men, Heaven does not; men fear bad men, Heaven does not. - Chinese Proverb

When men have good desires Heaven must further them. - Chinese Proverb

Nothing can escape the eye of Heaven. - Chinese Proverb

Heaven sees clearly, and rewards quickly. - Chinese Proverb

Our whispers thunder in the ear of Heaven; our secret evil deeds flash into the eyes of the gods. - Chinese Proverb

Heaven stands by the good man. - Chinese Proverb

A thousand human schemes may be thwarted by one scheme of Heaven. - Chinese Proverb

Man only sees the present, Heaven sees into the future. - Chinese Proverb

Neither repine against Heaven, nor blame men. - Chinese Proverb

Too enjoy the favour of Heaven. - Chinese Proverb

It is Heaven’s to destine, but it is man’s to shorten or prolong his days. - Chinese Proverb

The heart of the people is the heart of Heaven. - Chinese Proverb

It is for me to put forth the utmost effort, it rests with Heaven to succeed my plan. - Chinese Proverb

When you have fully done your duty, abide the will of Heaven. - Chinese Proverb

Would that Heaven would always produce good men; and that men would always do good! - Chinese Proverb

There is nothing partial in the ways of Heaven. - Chinese Proverb

Man may not, but Heaven knows. - Chinese Proverb

When Heaven rears a man he grows very fat; when men rear one he is nought but skin and bone. - Chinese Proverb

You may deceive men; you can’t deceive Heaven. - Chinese Proverb

Heaven and Earth are great; father and mother are honourable. - Chinese Proverb

Heaven knows, Earth knows, you know, and I know. - Chinese Proverb

Death and life have their determined appointment; riches and honours depend upon Heaven. - Chinese Proverb

Heaven complies with the wishes of good men; joy springs spontaneous in harmonious homes. - Chinese Proverb

When troubled with sickness, and very bad, Petition the gods that health may be had. - Chinese Proverb

You may deceive a man; Deceive a God, who can? - Chinese Proverb

Soon as the cymbals clang, Three taels go with a bang. - Chinese Proverb

Men without gods can never proceed; Goods without men are useless indeed. - Chinese Proverb

Light your stick of incense at the break of every day; To Heaven, Earth, Sun, Moon, and Stars, devout thanksgiving pay. Pray that in every place crops may ripen in the Sun; wish for every man a long career of life to run. - Chinese Proverb

To cheat their ancestor’s men constantly pay, For sham silver nuggets, good money away. - Chinese Proverb

Man without divine assistance, Cannot move an inch of distance. - Chinese Proverb

Whatever be the affair, exhort men to avoid deceit; for only three feet above our heads the gods are watching. - Chinese Proverb

You may carry deception into the yamen, you cannot carry it into the temple. - Chinese Proverb

Kneel once, bow your head thrice, and offer incense morning and evening. - Chinese Proverb

Praying for blessings to reward one’s parents, we go up the hill to burn incense. - Chinese Proverb

He who removes an idol to bathe it, puts the god to needless inconvenience. - Chinese Proverb

Three strokes of the axe are enough to completes an image of the idol Yang-ssu. - Chinese Proverb

A beard should not be put on his Worship the God of sailors. - Chinese Proverb

If you pray to a Buddha, pray to one only. - Chinese Proverb

When the poor are sick they use charms and invoke idols. - Chinese Proverb

Though you neglect to offer incense when all is well, you will have to fall at Buddha’s feet in time of sorrow. - Chinese Proverb

Ancestors however remote must be sincerely sacrificed to. - Chinese Proverb

You honour idols but not your parents. Lit.: The living Buddha’s you do not honour; but you honour dead Buddha’s. - Chinese Proverb

All idolatrous superstitions are man’s invention. - Chinese Proverb

All idolatrous superstitions are man’s invention. - Chinese Proverb

All the thousands and myriads of gods are but one God. - Chinese Proverb

The god on Wu-tang-shan hears the prayers of men from a distance, not of men who live near. - Chinese Proverb

Unless you have business never go up to the temple of the Three Precious Ones. - Chinese Proverb

The gods of the door are one good and one bad. - Chinese Proverb

Though you don’t believe in other gods, you’ll believe in the God of Thunder; though you don’t believe in medicine generally, you’ll believe in purgatives. - Chinese Proverb

Better do a kindness near home, than go far away to burn incense. - Chinese Proverb

You have exposed yourself. Lit.: You have burst open the temple door and let the idols see your deed. - Chinese Proverb

An honest magistrate has lean clerks; a powerful god has fat priests. - Chinese Proverb

Age robs men of strength, and gods of virtue. - Chinese Proverb

The stinking pig’s-head meets the smell-less idol. - Chinese Proverb

He knows a fierce-eyed Lohan, but the kind-eyed Kuan-yin. - Chinese Proverb

As a Bonze about to marry, So your promises miscarry. - Chinese Proverb

He takes the prayer-book in his hands, and reads, but no one understands. - Chinese Proverb

When the drum sounds before the dead man’s shrine, Each day you have to pay a three-tael fine. - Chinese Proverb

If you entrust a great recitation to a wry-mouthed priest, he will spoil it. - Chinese Proverb

A magistrate is never at leisure; a Bonze always is. - Chinese Proverb

The monastery faces the nunnery; there’s nothing in that----yet there may be. - Chinese Proverb

The priest’s door faces the nun’s: nothing wrong? - Chinese Proverb

He has not yet cast off the world. - Chinese Proverb

To recite the breviary carelessly. - Chinese Proverb

One poor Bonze is known to a thousand donors. - Chinese Proverb

Keep up to the end your first priestly ardour, and it will be more than enough to make you a Buddha. - Chinese Proverb

Pleasanter the cottage with its bamboo hedge, than the monasteries of Taoist or Bonze. - Chinese Proverb

Books exhaustively contain the world’s good words; and Bonzes have invaded every noted mountain. - Chinese Proverb

Destroy all passion while you light Buddha’s lamp. - Chinese Proverb

If you are a Bonze for a day, ring his bell for a day. - Chinese Proverb

The sun is high in the sky, but the Bonze has not risen; mark how fame and profit are not equal to leisure. - Chinese Proverb

For one son who becomes a priest, nine generations get to heaven. - Chinese Proverb

A virtuous woman may meet a Bonze without fear. - Chinese Proverb

Buddha’s precepts are unbounded, open wide his church’s door. - Chinese Proverb

The Bonze is queue-less all his life. - Chinese Proverb

Those who become priests no longer acknowledge their relations. - Chinese Proverb

“If a man be not enlightened within, what lamp shall he light? If his intentions are not upright, what prayers shall he repeat?” - Chinese Proverb

Bald-heads are (ready-made) Buddhist priests. - Chinese Proverb

Only those become Bonzes who can’t get a living. - Chinese Proverb

If you wish Buddhism to flourish, then let Bonze praise Bonze. - Chinese Proverb

Who, out of season, laugh and cry Must meet misfortune by and by. - Chinese Proverb

Those who care but for the joys of to-day, Fling all thoughts of future mis’ry away. - Chinese Proverb

Who lay up goodness have gladness; Who lay up evil have sadness. - Chinese Proverb

In curing men of evil ways, Cangue, and expose to public gaze. - Chinese Proverb

Whoe’er an idle life will lead, Must take starvation as his need. - Chinese Proverb

On account of abounding ancestral merit, Some miss the destruction they ought to inherit: Others lose the promotion their virtues might claim, Through the crimes which adhere to their ancestral name. - Chinese Proverb

Do not mistake, though punishment tarry, When the day comes it cannot miscarry. - Chinese Proverb

Distant punishment falls on a man’s descendants; immediate punishment on the man himself. - Chinese Proverb

Punishment is certain sooner or later; say not there is no such thing. - Chinese Proverb

Do good now and be rewarded hereafter. - Chinese Proverb

He who spares himself no pains shall have a place above others. - Chinese Proverb

We only see the living punished; who ever saw a ghost wearing a cangue? - Chinese Proverb

The tablet before Yen Wang contains the words ‘not according to man’s reckoning.’ - Chinese Proverb

To be thunderstruck is visible punishment. - Chinese Proverb

Our good or evil must have its reward; the only question is ---shall it come sooner or later? - Chinese Proverb

He shall reap hemp who sows hemp, and beans who sows beans. - Chinese Proverb

Every man gets what he cultivates. - Chinese Proverb

Good has its own reward, evil its own punishment. - Chinese Proverb

Those who do good are very happy; those who do evil cannot escape. - Chinese Proverb

To excuse a murderer is abhorrent to reason. - Chinese Proverb

The good live long, the bad die early. - Chinese Proverb

He is certain of a rich reward who escapes in a hazardous enterprise. - Chinese Proverb

Rewards are used to stimulate goodness; punishment to repress evil. - Chinese Proverb

He who from secret malice shoots an arrow at another in the dark, brings calamity on his descendants. - Chinese Proverb

Good or evil deeds are sure to be discovered. Lit.: One buried in the snow must after a while be discovered. - Chinese Proverb

Grievous wrong necessitates signal redress. Lit.: A great bend must have a great straitening. - Chinese Proverb

There must come a day when the tumour will be punctured. - Chinese Proverb

If you look on beauty till your heart is filled with lust, you will suffer for it in your wife and daughters. - Chinese Proverb

The upright in heart fear no thunderbolts. - Chinese Proverb

Embrace every chance of laying up merit, and your daily wants will be regularly supplied. - Chinese Proverb

There is happiness in doing good, and secret merit in virtuous deeds. - Chinese Proverb

Would you know what you were, see what you are; would you know what you will be, see what you do. - Chinese Proverb

Cultivate virtue in this world, and you’ll be happy in the next. - Chinese Proverb

A human body is hard to beg. - Chinese Proverb

When spinach is for sale on the eighth of the fourth moon, Then planting out their crops all the farmers will be soon. - Chinese Proverb

On the twenty-eighth of the third month year by year, Sugar-cane is eaten in every household here. - Chinese Proverb

As days lengthen more work may be done. Lit.: After the winter solstice, days lengthen and a thread may be added. - Chinese Proverb

Spring is sooner recognized by plants than men. - Chinese Proverb

It is spring when the gayest colours abound. - Chinese Proverb

When Autumn comes the hills are covered with beauty; when spring comes every spot is perfumed with flowers. - Chinese Proverb

Nightingales and flowers fear the passing away of Spring; how then can you teach men to spend it carelessly! - Chinese Proverb

Everything in season. Lit.: The mandarin orange is over by the feast of lanterns; and turnips by the coming of spring. - Chinese Proverb

When a leaf of the wu-t’ung falls, every one knows it is autumn. - Chinese Proverb

The year fears mid-autume, as the month the full moon. - Chinese Proverb

As in a looking-glass one’s likeness may be shown, So in the ages past the present may be known. - Chinese Proverb

An inch of time is like an inch of gold; but time can never be at that price sold. A lost inch of gold may be sought somewhere; where time may be sought for cannot be told. - Chinese Proverb

Time flies like an arrow; days and months like a shuttle. - Chinese Proverb

Past events are clear as a mirror; future events are as dark as lacquer. - Chinese Proverb

Observe the present, but reflect the past; without the past there had been no present. - Chinese Proverb

Time passes easily to those fully employed. - Chinese Proverb

From the past you may forecast the future. - Chinese Proverb

To one full of expectation a moment seems a year. - Chinese Proverb

Idly spent years or months hinder a man for life. - Chinese Proverb

This morning knows not this evening’s affairs. - Chinese Proverb

One quarter of an hour is worth a thousand taels of gold. - Chinese Proverb

Procrastination is the thief of time. - Chinese Proverb

In calmness heaven and earth seem greater; in leisure days and months seem longer. - Chinese Proverb

Rosy-faced ladies resemble trees in Spring: the following years are but a throw of the shuttle. - Chinese Proverb

Never waste time. - Chinese Proverb

We work with the rising, rest with the setting sun. - Chinese Proverb

When it rains about the break of day, The traveller’s sorrows pass away. - Chinese Proverb

With lightning in the East, the sun will be red; with lightning in the West, showers you may dread; with lightning in the South, it will rain more and more; with lightning in the North, the southern gale will roar. - Chinese Proverb

Our yesterday’s plans have all been put to flight, for an old north wind has risen in the night. - Chinese Proverb

In the seventh month vertical, in the eighth oblique; In the ninth and tenth it is far to seek. - Chinese Proverb

The seven cornered constellation----Charles’s wain, Rises in the East, in the West descends again. - Chinese Proverb

When the weather is hot and hard to bear, we pursue the breeze for a little fresh air. - Chinese Proverb

Dread the fifth month’s rattling rains; Dread not the height the water gains. - Chinese Proverb

On the third of the third month travellers may Don their thin clothes, and put their thick ones away. - Chinese Proverb

On the ninth of the ninth month, Traveller beware Of the lakes! (for there will be storms in the air). - Chinese Proverb

When ch’ing-ming falls in the second month, don’t be in a flurry: When ch’ing-ming falls in the third, plant your rice in a hurry. - Chinese Proverb

One the ninth month’s ch’ung-yang all desire, to gather around the household fire. - Chinese Proverb

If it rises at night, T’will fall at daylight. - Chinese Proverb

In the sixth month continuous rain, Covers all the soil with golden grain. - Chinese Proverb

When half the seventh month is passed, with iron Lohans men may be classed. - Chinese Proverb

If there be one fine day at the coming in of Spring, the farmer need not labour hard at ploughing. - Chinese Proverb

The farmer hopes for rain, the traveller for fine weather. - Chinese Proverb

Though it rain ever so hard on the first of the month, it will not last more than a day. - Chinese Proverb

In the morning look toward the South-east; in the evening toward the North-west. - Chinese Proverb

A halo round the moon is a sign of wind. - Chinese Proverb

If it rain on the winter St. Swithin’s cattle and sheep will die of cold;---on the summer St.Swithin’s, you may row to market in a boat;---on the autumn St.Swithin’s, rice will produce two ears (both useless);----on the spring St.Swithin’s, the earth will be red (with drought) for a thousand miles. - Chinese Proverb

The east wind breaks up the frost. - Chinese Proverb

Old dame Han has crossed the river; and Ma the Buddhist priest is gathering sticks. - Chinese Proverb

It is so calm and smooth one might write on the water. - Chinese Proverb

A rainbow in the east will be followed by a fine day; in the west by a rainy day. - Chinese Proverb

On the 8th, 18th, 28th, of the fifth month it should rain; if it rains not on the 8th, on the 18th it will not; if it rains not on the 28th, sow your green-coloured beans. - Chinese Proverb

Great heat brings wind. - Chinese Proverb

When it snows in six-leaved flakes it is a good omen of a prosperous year. - Chinese Proverb

Fair weather offends nobody; incessant rains make men gloomy. - Chinese Proverb

Five day’s rain, ten day’s wind, are both good omens. - Chinese Proverb

Like a fruitful shower after a long drought is the meeting of an old acquaintance in a strange land. - Chinese Proverb

Weather varies every hundred miles. - Chinese Proverb

How to keep cool. Lit.: If the mind be calm the body will keep cool. - Chinese Proverb

Nobody complains over a hundred fine days in winter. - Chinese Proverb

When the mid-autumn moon is beclouded, there will be rain on the next Feast of Lanterns. - Chinese Proverb

When it is bright all round it will not rain: when it is bright only over-head it will. - Chinese Proverb

The moon of mid-autumn is exceedingly bright. - Chinese Proverb

From the summer solstice days begin to shorten; from the winter solstice they begin to lengthen. - Chinese Proverb

When the plinths of the pillars are damp there will be rain. - Chinese Proverb

When it rains in the morning, it will be fine at night. - Chinese Proverb

Cold sends us to the fire; heat sends us into the shade. - Chinese Proverb

Exactly what heaven must be on high, are Suchow and Hangchow below the sky. - Chinese Proverb

The rapid rushes down without design; and the white cloud rises from the mountain gorge without any will of its own. - Chinese Proverb

The deep mountain gorges must hide the fierce tigers; as the great sea must receive every small giver. - Chinese Proverb

The sea is boundless; the river bottomless. - Chinese Proverb

All the rivers flow into the sea, and yet it is not full. - Chinese Proverb

Where hills are lofty rivers are deep. - Chinese Proverb

Of noted rivers there are three hundred; of branch streams three thousand. - Chinese Proverb

The Yangtsze and the Huai, every flower and every tree, each has its own peculiar name. - Chinese Proverb

“The distant grove you see is sure to enclose either a house or a grave.” - Chinese Proverb

A thousand strokes, ten thousand shoves, do less avail, Than the bending loins of a ragged sail. - Chinese Proverb

Walk along slowly---perhaps you will, that I fear not, but lest you stand still. - Chinese Proverb

Ah me! This travelling, who can bear it! One’s suit gets torn and who’s to repair it? - Chinese Proverb

He who does not covet, and is from every falsehood clear, May travel anywhere he likes without the slightest fear. - Chinese Proverb

You go to the end of a stage, on land; By boat, you stop when the jetty’s at hand. - Chinese Proverb

Rap on a vessel, and have three days delay: Rattle your chopsticks, and pine through the third day. - Chinese Proverb

Of three men on a road, the youngest has to suffer. - Chinese Proverb

Put up before it is dark; and when the cock crows take a look at the weather. - Chinese Proverb

May the star of happiness shine on all your journey! - Chinese Proverb

May all your journey be in peace! - Chinese Proverb

May fair winds attend you! - Chinese Proverb

He who can use his tongue, can find out any road. - Chinese Proverb

Better at home than a mile from it. - Chinese Proverb

A thousand days at home, are better than the shortest time abroad. - Chinese Proverb

After three years of drought, all who go out for a day hope for fair weather. - Chinese Proverb

If a man makes himself friendly wherever he goes, where can he go and not find a friend? - Chinese Proverb

Mountains do not hinder a journey so much as rivers. - Chinese Proverb

On shipboard everything is in the captain’s care. - Chinese Proverb

On a journey each pursues his way without alighting to greet every one he meets. - Chinese Proverb

There is some cause of anxiety, whether one travel by boat or on horseback. - Chinese Proverb

Fellow-travellers must not desert each other. - Chinese Proverb

A youthful son or brother grows old by travel. - Chinese Proverb

Whether you hurry on or take it easy, the road before you has only a certain length. - Chinese Proverb

When the vehicle in front upsets, the vehicle following takes more heed. - Chinese Proverb

There is no place like home. Lit.: Ch’ang-an may be a fine city, but it won’t do for a permanent home. - Chinese Proverb

The same. Lit.: Though Lo-yang be pleasant, it is not like home. - Chinese Proverb

Remove but an inch, and you must pay porter age; ship goods for a thousand miles, and you must pay freight. - Chinese Proverb

If you can get by land do not go by water. - Chinese Proverb

The rider on horseback know nothing of the toil of those who travel on foot. - Chinese Proverb

When on travel provoke not these three---the old, the young, the blind. - Chinese Proverb

You may become a master of arts in the space of three years; you cannot in ten become an accomplished traveller. - Chinese Proverb

Sitting in a boat, or galloping a horse over a track, you never ask about the road. - Chinese Proverb

Get off your horse to cross a bridge; and never wrangle at a ferry. - Chinese Proverb

Of eating fond, at working slow, You’ll short of food and clothing grow. - Chinese Proverb

The man’s poor indeed whose clothing is torn; Yet rags not patches encounter man’s scorn. - Chinese Proverb

In great distress, and penniless. - Chinese Proverb

My name is Joy; but never a cash have I to employ. - Chinese Proverb

Just one mealtime without food, Scattereth all the household brood. - Chinese Proverb

The craftier you may be the poorer you will grow; For craftiness is that which Heaven never will allow. - Chinese Proverb

Let the bells on the necks of your horses be broken, All relations by marriage will flee at that token. - Chinese Proverb

If you don’t spend money wherever you stay, You’ll provoke dislike stay wherever you may. - Chinese Proverb

To be poor in old age men cannot abide; and the growing corn dreads a wind at noon-tide. - Chinese Proverb

Thirsty yet having nothing to drink; hungry yet having nothing to eat. - Chinese Proverb

He can’t buy enough rice to fill his belly, or enough wine to make him drunk. - Chinese Proverb

A brave fellow may be harassed by the want of one cash. - Chinese Proverb

Poverty forces men to commit crime. Lit.: One may know the king’s law well enough, but starvation is hard to bear. - Chinese Proverb

Poverty cannot change the virtues of the benevolent and disinterested. - Chinese Proverb

In abject poverty. Lit.: His lice are too many to itch; his debts too many to trouble him. - Chinese Proverb

The same. Lit.: Without as much rice as a fowl could eat in a day, or a rat in a night. - Chinese Proverb

The same. Lit.: Rats run away out of his rice boiler. - Chinese Proverb

The same. Lit.: Just able to save the eyebrows from being burnt. - Chinese Proverb

Often when want is extremist supplies come. - Chinese Proverb

This hard to have to tell one’s wants. - Chinese Proverb

There is poverty for all kinds of rogues. - Chinese Proverb

Reduced circumstances must be submitted to humbly. Lit.: Under another’s eaves one must bow the head. - Chinese Proverb

Nothing but thinness makes horses go feebly; Only poverty keeps men from being merry. - Chinese Proverb

Hunger and cold make men glad of any kind of food and clothes. - Chinese Proverb

In great straights. Lit.: When the fire singes one’s eyebrows, all one can do is to provide for the present. - Chinese Proverb

At one’s wit’s end----no road up to the sky, no door into the ground. - Chinese Proverb

Penniless. Lit.: Naked-handed and empty-fisted. - Chinese Proverb

When poor a man’s resolution fails; when lean a horse’s hair grows shaggy. - Chinese Proverb

A man is not beggared by eating or dressing, but by the failure of his plans. - Chinese Proverb

In poverty be patient. - Chinese Proverb

Do not plead poverty when you ought to spend. - Chinese Proverb

A good Chinese is not afraid to confess the poverty from which he rose. - Chinese Proverb

Without oil a lamp can give no light; without money a man can hardly exist. - Chinese Proverb

When man becomes poor he calls to mind ancient debts due to him. - Chinese Proverb

Destitute knaves, the public saves. - Chinese Proverb

A cold stove has no smoke; No money have poor folk. - Chinese Proverb

One so poor that he is glad to get before a chaff fire. - Chinese Proverb

Rice straw gives out much smoke; poor men give out much wrath. - Chinese Proverb

There is many a good under a shabby hat. - Chinese Proverb

A frog in a well can hardly get out. - Chinese Proverb

Meeting poverty-stricken relatives and neighbours, be very genial and kind. - Chinese Proverb

Scornfully to treat the poor is most dishonourable. - Chinese Proverb

He who has no store at home, must gallop about for a living. - Chinese Proverb

Washing his face he wets his paws; Eating his rice he wets his jaws. - Chinese Proverb

He can never want a friend, on whom wealth and wine attend. - Chinese Proverb

When a big vessel comes to pieces, there still remain three piculs of nails. - Chinese Proverb

The rich are treated with the respect due to those thirty years older than themselves. - Chinese Proverb

Heroes walk a dangerous path; the rich are like flowering branches. - Chinese Proverb

If a man has money every place is Yang-chou to him. - Chinese Proverb

A real rich man is careless of his dress. - Chinese Proverb

Though you have money, you cannot buy what is not to sell. - Chinese Proverb

There is never a poor man under a gauze hat. - Chinese Proverb

His person loses dignity who has no servants under him. - Chinese Proverb

However rich you may be, never slight the literati, nor be rude to artisans. - Chinese Proverb

A great tree attracts the wind. - Chinese Proverb

The wealthy can no more the village clubs suppress, than mountains can the plains of sunshine dispossess. - Chinese Proverb

The rich man anticipates years in advance; the poor can but think of what’s under his glance. - Chinese Proverb

Better mend old garments as a poor man’s wife, than as a rich man’s concubine pass your life. - Chinese Proverb

Let not the poor man murmur, nor the rich man boast in pride, for with whom are either wealth or want certain to abide? - Chinese Proverb

Men honour those of wealth possessed; Dogs worry those who are ill-dressed. - Chinese Proverb

A man is a dragon, with money in store: He’s an insect without it, and nothing more. - Chinese Proverb

He who has wealth has cause to weep; He who has none may soundly sleep. - Chinese Proverb

Rich men spend their time on books; after pigs a poor man looks. - Chinese Proverb

The fragrant epidendrum may beneath the jungle hide; the jungle hide; the future duke or monarch may beneath thatched roofs abide. - Chinese Proverb

The poor enjoy the grace of the rich; the rich the grace of Heaven. - Chinese Proverb

A poor man associating with a rich man, will soon be too poor to buy even a pair of breeches. - Chinese Proverb

If poor don’t lose your self-reliance; if rich don’t act like a fool. - Chinese Proverb

If poor don’t cheat; if rich don’t presume. - Chinese Proverb

The rich have many learned friends; the poor have none at all. - Chinese Proverb

The well-fed know nothing of hunger; the rich nothing of the hardships of the poor. - Chinese Proverb

A poor man easily turns flatterer; a rich man soon grows very proud. - Chinese Proverb

Nobody calls on the poor man though he dwell in the market place; but distant relations visit the rich man in his retired mountain home. - Chinese Proverb

The poor cling to the rich, not the rich to the poor. Lit.: It is the crust which sticks to the rice, not the rice which sticks to it. If you have money your words are taken for truth; if not, they are taken for lies; you doubt it? See the wine at a feast,---cup after cup is first pressed on the rich. - Chinese Proverb

The poor have peace; the rich many troubles. - Chinese Proverb

The rich must adhere to duty; the poor must not indulge vain thoughts. - Chinese Proverb

The rich feed on flesh; the poor on herbs. - Chinese Proverb

A man’s wealth exalts him three degrees; and a man’s poverty degrades him three degrees. - Chinese Proverb

The poor man must not murmur; and the rich man must not boast. - Chinese Proverb

The well-fed and well-warmed indulge lustful thoughts; the pined and starved encourage thoughts of stealing. - Chinese Proverb

Those who have money can appear in public; those who have no clothes cannot leave their own doors. - Chinese Proverb

Even the Son of Heaven has his poor relations. - Chinese Proverb

Even the Emperor has straw-sandalled relations. - Chinese Proverb

When one is poor, his parents disown him; but when rich, relations revere him. - Chinese Proverb

The poor man’s rage, and the rich man’s eyes, are great. - Chinese Proverb

Though you have money you cannot buy a son; though you have none you may beg a wife with some. - Chinese Proverb

The rich man expends money; the poor man strength. - Chinese Proverb

The poor must not quarrel with the rich; not the rich with magistrates. - Chinese Proverb

Great possessions depend on fate; on diligence small possessions wait. - Chinese Proverb

That man is well-to-do in whose house we see, Fuel, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and tea. - Chinese Proverb

When rats run off with gourds we find, the thick end always comes behind. - Chinese Proverb

Covet wealth,----and want it: don’t,---and luck will grant it. - Chinese Proverb

Sweetness followeth bitter fears, and leaves us rich for a myriad years. - Chinese Proverb

Consult a fortune-teller would you a fortune make; His answer will direct you without the least mistake. - Chinese Proverb

When the bells on one’s horses resound, all one’s relations gather around. - Chinese Proverb

A glimpse of money makes the blind man see; makes the Bonze dispose of his breviary. - Chinese Proverb

A pig’s head grows tender before the fire; So before money all quarrels expire. - Chinese Proverb

Wealth serves for heroism; wine for bravery. - Chinese Proverb

Great wealth troubles its owner; too much food breeds discomfort. - Chinese Proverb

Who make will not enjoy it long. - Chinese Proverb

Warn men against keen coveting of wealth, for wealth thus coveted provokes the wrath of Heaven. - Chinese Proverb

Honour springs from diligence, and riches from economy. - Chinese Proverb

Wealth and honour have their root, and cleverness its seed. - Chinese Proverb

When any family has gold, outsiders have money scales. - Chinese Proverb

Who does not desire riches? Lit.: What cat will not worry rate? - Chinese Proverb

Shen Wan san killing a man. - Chinese Proverb

Yellow gold is not grown from seed, but only springs up in diligent and economical families. - Chinese Proverb

Wealth is but dung; Benevolence and Righteousness are worth thousands of gold. - Chinese Proverb

If you long for wealth and honour, you must work yourself to death for it. - Chinese Proverb

Men grind a knife because they dislike it blunt; but when they have sharpened it it cuts their fingers; men pray for wealth they dislike small incomes; but when they get much it is a personal injury to them. - Chinese Proverb

A man seldom gets rich without ill-gotten gain; as a horse does not fatten without feeding in the night. - Chinese Proverb

Pray not for fold, jade, and all sorts of expensive things; but desire that each of your descendants may be virtuous. - Chinese Proverb

Men will die for wealth, as birds for good. - Chinese Proverb

Though your fields yield bushels of rice, you can eat but a pint per day; though your house be never so large, you sleep on but eight feet by night. - Chinese Proverb

Much money moves the gods. - Chinese Proverb

Money hides many offences. - Chinese Proverb

Money can buy living beings for the vilest of purposes. - Chinese Proverb

Wealth infatuates as well as beauty. - Chinese Proverb

Ability to command does not lie in being very rich; elegance and grace do not depend on multitudes of dresses. - Chinese Proverb

Getting gain is like digging with a needle; spending it like water soaking into sand. - Chinese Proverb

Wit protects one man, wealth and honour protect whole family. - Chinese Proverb

The five grains are more precious than pearls and jade. - Chinese Proverb

Amiability begets riches. - Chinese Proverb

Obstinate men waste wealth, as obstinate oxen strength. - Chinese Proverb

“If riches can be acquired with propriety, then acquire them; but let not unjust wealth be sought for with violence.” - Chinese Proverb

He who gets a large sum by chance, will either be made very happy, or very miserable by it. - Chinese Proverb

When a virtuous man has much wealth, it diminishes his knowledge; when a worthless man has much wealth, it increases his faults. - Chinese Proverb

Unjustly-gotten wealth is but snow sprinkled with hot water; lands improperly obtained are but sandbanks in a stream. - Chinese Proverb

Never desire unjustly-gotten wealth; nor undertake affairs which don’t belong to you. - Chinese Proverb

Unjustly-gotten wealth will go unjustly. - Chinese Proverb

The fields of the Changs, and the houses of the Lis, to –day belong to the Ch’iens, and to-morrow to the Lus. - Chinese Proverb

One family with plenty to eat and wear is the envy of a thousand other families; and half a life-time’s fame provokes the resentment of a hundred generations. - Chinese Proverb

Do not covet wealth on which you have no claim. - Chinese Proverb

To grow rich by one’s own sole endeavours. - Chinese Proverb

Whoever can foresee the affairs of three days, will be rich for several thousand years. - Chinese Proverb

Come easy, go easy. - Chinese Proverb

“With money you’re a brave son of ‘ Han; Without it you cannot play the man.” - Chinese Proverb

Riches spring from small beginnings; poverty is the result of non-calculation. - Chinese Proverb

Politeness and Righteousness are the children of wealth and contentment: Robbery and Rebellion are the offspring of poverty. - Chinese Proverb

With money one may command devils; without it one cannot summon a man. - Chinese Proverb

Riches and honours are altogether the results of diligence and economy; poverty is altogether occasioned by a slack hand. - Chinese Proverb

Diligence and economy are the root of wealth and honour; whilst idleness is the shoot of poverty and disgrace. - Chinese Proverb

He who is patient in poverty, may become rich. - Chinese Proverb

A poverty-stricken family is, as it were, washed clean; a well-to-do family puts on the appearance of youth. - Chinese Proverb

In the mock-waves of painted water, no fishes dwell; in your embroidered flowers though fine, there is no small. - Chinese Proverb

Get up by yourself should you happen to fall; and do not depend on another at all. - Chinese Proverb

A great tree affords a pleasant shade. - Chinese Proverb

I only heard a nose upstairs, but saw no one descend. - Chinese Proverb

Whilst fire remains in your cooking-stove, guests will never cease to arrive. - Chinese Proverb

Necessity of assistance. Lit.: However high a city wall may be, it must have guards stationed inside and outside. - Chinese Proverb

One grain of rats dung will spoil a whole pan of rice. - Chinese Proverb

He who fishes in muddy water cannot distinguish the great from the small. - Chinese Proverb

Cabinet ministers, head clerks, and beggars, have got as far as they can go. - Chinese Proverb

A clay drumstick makes but one sound. - Chinese Proverb

Scraping iron from a needle’s point. - Chinese Proverb

One horse one saddle. - Chinese Proverb

It is easier to build up a fortune than to retain one. - Chinese Proverb

If is easier to gain than to secure the advantages of victory. - Chinese Proverb

The well frog is best in the well. - Chinese Proverb

Ghosts fear men much more than men fear them. - Chinese Proverb

First come first served. Lit.: Who comes first shall be prince; the next shall be minister. - Chinese Proverb

Customs very in every place. - Chinese Proverb

Pretence may become reality. - Chinese Proverb

Six of one and half a dozen of the other. Lit.: Half a catty and eight ounces. - Chinese Proverb

Planting rice and cutting wheat---busy on all hands. - Chinese Proverb

Too busy for pleasure. Lit.: I have both to beat the drum and row the boat. - Chinese Proverb

Everything has its special use. - Chinese Proverb

A cup in the hand is worth all besides. - Chinese Proverb

Self-respect. Lit.: He well be honoured who respects himself; but he who holds himself cheap will be lightly esteemed. - Chinese Proverb

If a countryman of mine gets beaten I am thereby weakened. - Chinese Proverb

However much you have promised never fail to give it. - Chinese Proverb

An able man loves to diminish word; and when diminished it proves him able; one lacking ability, loves to get up an affair; and when got up, it proves him unable. - Chinese Proverb

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