Richard A. Smith’s Inventiveness Pilots Securus Technologies to High Levels of Excellence in The Telecoms Sphere

Richard Smith famously referred to as Rick by his close business acquaintances has had a mixed career of tough challenges, and unprecedented successes in the telecom industry. Presently serving as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Securus Technologies, he has set the company on a trajectory of vertical growth and expansion through innovative strategic stability measures. The undisputed provider of state-of-the-art technological solutions to correctional institutions, the company has a history of continuously scaling up the services it offers. Under the stewardship of Mr. Smith, Securus has been on the forefront of releasing new proposals for service and product development every week to keep pace with the rapid transformations in the manufacturing landscape.

The exceptionally skilled technician has had a long and colorful career in various companies in the telecoms sector. He has been a dedicated and competent high-level executive whose excellent service-oriented captaincy has brought unparalleled prosperity to several blue-chip firms in the telecommunication industry. From as early as 1972 when he was the Vice President of Procurements for Midwest Telephone Operations, Ricky has held many other executive responsibilities as the Vice President of Financial Management at Frontier Corp, the Director of Business Development and President of Frontier Information Technologies, Network Plant Operations Director, and Senior Controller.

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From 2000 to 2003 he was the President at Eschelon Telecom Inc., and through careful planning, he quickly ascended through the ranks to the position of Director in 2008 before becoming the Chairman a short while later in 2009. Presently he is the CEO and President of Securus Technologies. The greatest achievement he has brought to the company is making it an undisputed champion of minimizing social problems through crime prevention and monitoring techniques. Creation of capable devices that can monitor, investigate, and solve complicated cases is part of the company’s DNA.

Rick Smith received an Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, after having been recognized as a distinguished research scholar at the State University of New York at Buffalo. From the last college he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering, and with such an array of impressive academic credentials, he embarked on a straight path of career advancements. As he progressed in the professional field, he also acquired more knowledge from the State University of New York at Brockport where he was given a Masters in Mathematics and another Masters in Business Administration from the University of Rochester’s Simon School. He is undoubtedly one of the best technicians and administrators in the telecom industry with several accomplishments in different aspects of management such as business operations and finance management, installation of IT systems, and company strategic structural reorganization. Read more articles at

NuoDB-Empowering the Workforce

NuoDB gives you the power to make optimizations without having to worry about any disk limitations. It also lets you preserve reliable support for SQL database and user-based security models. NuoDB lets you operate in your environment of choice, such as on-premises, in containers, or in a hybrid cloud. Messages between NuoDB processes at also always automatically encrypted for extra security.

With NuoDB, you can maximize all o your resources across data centers within close- proximity and even minimize client and application latencies. Its in-memory caches will even automatically adjust sot that you an get optimal workload performance and ass or remove compute power.

NuoDB is capable of withstanding failure at every level without the risk of bringing down your application. You can also easily migrate application code that is already in pace using in-database processing in order to achieve better performance.

NuoDB is focused on delivering a cloud database that is not only more intelligent, but that can also easily adapt to the ever-changing environment. NuoDB combines elasticity, stability, and simplicity that cloud applications require and can keep up to the toughest and most rigorous demands of the modern day world. NuoDB gives you the power that you can rely on.

Samuel Strauch: Getting Help From A Reputable Real Estate Investor

Are you planning to start in the real estate business and need proper guidance? Want to work with a professional who is passionate about helping others succeed? If you sincerely want to become successful investing in real estate, you need to get in touch with Samuel Strauch right away.

One of the most reliable ways to earn a great income and achieve financial freedom is real estate investing. This business has changed the lives of countless people and can change yours too, if you follow proven path.

You need to be willing to learn and to apply what works in the industry. It takes great effort and commitment to attain success in any endeavor, real estate investing included.

There are many real estate resources and coaches out there offering to render the help you need to make your dream come true but keep in mind that not all real estate training programs are created equal. Find someone who has been rendering top notch coaching and advice and you can learn what to do to reach your goal.

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Investing in real estate is a great way to make your fortune. No matter what the real estate market looks like, you will always profit if you know what you’re doing.

For example, when the market is up, smart investors purchase damaged or foreclosed properties and then sell them for a huge profit. If the property market is down, experienced investors purchase property and then rent it out for steady monthly income.

There are several other proven strategies any investor or entrepreneur can use to attain success in the real estate investment field no matter the situation. Samuel Strauch has great expertise in this field and has many strategies that work perfectly to generate huge fortunes.

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NuoDB Technology

NouDB is a cloud technology that divides the elements of data into software objects known as atoms. This gives support to the elasticity of the cloud and at the same time ensure that data objects are properly stored and well maintained. Also, the technology of NouDB supports MVCC (Multi-Version Concurrency Control), which helps with the detection of data deadlocks and offer solutions to access conflicts. Additionally, the design of the NouDB’s cloud database is unique in that it can employ message-oriented and object-oriented elements. These elements can be distributed using computing methodologies and peer-to-peer communication format.
The developer and marketer of NouDB technology is NouDB Inc., which also act as the vendor of the technology. NouDB Inc. was founded in 2008 as NimbusDB. Later on, NouDB 1.0 software was released in 2013 and a new series is currently in the market, which is NouDB 2.0.3. The consumers of NouBD software like it because it is flexible and has a scalable database foundation. It helps users to keep up with the pace and demand of the growing business environment. Perhaps, it is one of the most cost-effective SQL databases that can help consumers expand their business activities. It is also easy to migrate most of the applications to the cloud while using NouDB technology.

Todd Lubar, The President Of TDL And A Model Of Success

Todd Lubar is a businessman that quickly grew to success and is the founder of a company named TDL Global Ventures, where he is the President and provides loan for people that are looking for a way to grow. He is also Vice President at Legendary Investments, a company that manages investments and financial strategies.

Ranked on Yelp among the top 25 mortgage originators in the country for more than one consecutive year, He has worked in the real estate industry and as in the financial management office since his starting position at Crestar Mortgage Corporation in 1995, and stayed there for four years. Here, he began acquiring knowledge in the mortgage banking field right after he graduated. Todd attended the Syracuse University and graduated in speech communication.

Todd Lubar says to have the philosophy of surrounding himself with people that bring him to his limits and promote success and growth. He is passionate about helping his community, friends and the companies he has worked on in achieving their goals.

According to About.Me, his company, TDL Global Ventures, began as an idea that became a reality after 20 years working in the industry. This fact shows very carefully his quote of how people can have as many ideas as they want, but if they don’t make them happen, then those ideas aren’t worth much. His experience with mortgage banking and finances led him to the foundation of his dream company, the TDL.

He is a very techy guy, as he enjoys how technology is advancing in a way that you can control simple functions of your house with the push of a button, including opening and close the curtains and turn on and off the ceiling fan. He also has some cameras in his house for added security, as he is the father of two children, a boy, and a girl.

One of the biggest advices to anyone is to pay close attention to what people you bring to your circle of influence and intimacy. Todd also says that he wouldn’t have gotten where he is if he wasn’t as organized and dedicated. The dedication doesn’t only come from him though, as he surrounds himself with people that push him forward every day.

The Importance Of Online Reputation Management

In this digital based generation, the internet has brought a bunch of solutions and a bunch of problems. Along with cookies leaving tracks of our every move on the computer, the internet is leaving digital footprints of us as well. What make this problematic is that the internet may not show us in the highest regard. In fact, the internet may even have a fake profile circulating around which is giving people the wrong impression about us. Now is more important than ever, it is to be concerned about our online reputation. Having the wrong online reputation could have serious repercussions. Having a negative online reputation could cause employers to shun you from a job due to who they “thought” you were.

The good news is there are solutions in dealing with your online reputation. There are several online management companies out there like IC Media Direct reviews waiting to boost your online reputation. Online reputation management gives people the opportunity to clear up a lot of misleading information about them. A reason to consider the importance of online reputation management is the magnitude of people who consider the internet to be a trustworthy source of information. A whopping two-thirds of people believe the internet is reliable enough to retrieve information about people or businesses. Percentages There are several areas to look out for when it comes to online reputation management. This includes search engines and social media websites. The slightest misleading Facebook page could have detrimental effects in someone’s workplace. Better yet, the old Myspace page back from high school may show up on a Google search and show you puffing a joint.

These are only a few things to consider in terms of online reputation management. The truth of the matter is there are several other variables to worry about. An online reputation is just as important as a day to day reputation, especially nowadays. Just to be on the safe side, see for yourself how significant an online reputation is. Do a google search. See if there is anything misleading or false about you being shown. Also check your social media posts regularly.

Kevin Seawright has it All In Business

Kevin Seawright is an accomplished man in the finance and administration sectors, he has an experience of 13 years in these areas. He is a successful entrepreneur who works hard every day to keep developing. He also uses every good opportunity he gets to grow his company and skills.

He is not just a businessman but also a humanitarian who spares his tie to change people’s lives and the society. He is the vice president and Chief Financial Officer of Newark Economic Development Corporation. Read more: Kevin Seawright Talks RPS Solutions LLC on The Larry Young Morning Show

Kevin Seawright believes in certain strategies to excel in entrepreneurship, they include; finance, team presence, solution competency, business intellect and government activities.

As a businessman he works on reestablishing business strategies through the involvement of good payables, current payroll, collections and receivables. These strategies greatly contribute to the success of the company.

According to Crunchbase, Furthermore Kevin Seawright is also keen to realizing any technological initiatives in collaboration with the current economic and business objectives. One of the areas that have improved due to the assistance of Kevin Seawright is The Mid-Atlantic region.

Nevertheless he also specializes in moderating revenues. In the revenue sector he has succeeded in increasing the scale to 25% every year in terms of returns. He is also a well-known leader who has his administration department in order and leads his people well. Due to this good administration there has been a good change in recruitment energies, staff retaining and compensation alterations.

Furthermore his financial graph has also improved by the amount of federal, capital bond and state assets increasing to $400 million. Kevin Seawright is also a humanitarian who has assisted so many people and charitable organizations. He has excelled in his career and as a result attained many awards in association with his success in the business industry. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

Every business person should have a set of tactics that will help him in developing his business. For instance some of these strategies should include merging business with technology to create more business goals, authenticating skills and steadiness in the area of finance and investment and last but least being keen on the challenges you face in a business because they should be your strength.

Dick Devos and his Amazing Career

Dick DeVos is a leading Republican financier and he is also the son of Richard DeVos the founder of Amway. Devos has grown up in a wealthy environment where his family is considered one of the most prominent within the state of Michigan. Grand Rapids, Michigan is the city where DeVos name really flourishes. DeVos is known here for his charitable contributions, political support and for his outstanding work ethic.


Throughout his long and prosperous life, Dick DeVos was a hard working young man and adult. When he was a child, the young lad would assist his father with some miscellaneous tasks around the office. His siblings and he would help co-workers with refreshments or tasks they needed to be completed around the office.


Devos would also assist clients who visited Amway with their needs as well. At some public functions and social outings he would assist guest to areas where they needed to be. Devos performed this kind of work for many years from elementary all the way up until high school. Once he arrived in high school he started to take on more serious roles with his father companies. He would be involved with public speaking sessions for the company and he was also responsible for giving product demonstrations.


While he was not yet running the company, he was learning the business from the bottom up. Devos eventually went on to college and earned a business degree from Northwood University. Once Devos earned that degree from Northwood; he was now qualified to operate in various positions for his father’s company.


Devos worked in areas of the organization which included research and development, marketing, finance, sales and manufacturing. He virtually learned just about every facet of the business. This knowledge would then soon help him to become one of the most successful vice president’s that the company has ever had. After 6-years of being vice president, Devos pushed the company’s overseas sales from 5% to 50%. His work speaks for itself.


Richard Devos purchased the Orlando Magic basketball team back in 1991. By 2005, Richard decided to split ownership of his team between his children. Dick Devos became a co-owner of this franchise and has been helping to steer it in the right direction in terms of profitability and financial success.


Dick Devos was also the president of his father’s company. He left the Orlando Magic to perform this duty. After he helped the company to succeed one more time, he then took over the leadership of a company called Alticor. Alticor is another family organization that helps entrepreneurial ideas get off the ground.


Eventually, Devos left Alticor and became President of the Windquest Group. Devos has also being staying busy with other endeavors as well. He is a leading member on Michigan’s State Board of Education and he is a very much involved with the religious community within the state. He also ran for governor, makes numerous contribution with his wife (Betsy) and is constantly lending his expertise to his family enterprises. Dick Devos is truly a busy man who has worked hard over his long and amazing career.

New Jack City and Menace II Society Take the Cake for Hood Movies

When discussing the best hood movies, it is impossible to have a conversation without mentioning New Jack City and Menace II Society. These two films are the best the genre has to offer and are classic films. Both of these films have memorable quotes that have been frequently referenced in popular culture including hip hop music.

New Jack City is the story of parallel forces during the 1980’s crack cocaine epidemic. Rapper Ice-T plays a cop who is attempts to bring down drug kingpin, Nino Brown, played by Wesley Snipes. The film is one of the greatest because it paints the picture of Nino as a ruthless monster who will stop at nothing to become wealthy and powerful. However, the film asks the question of how this man became this monster. Did his environment shape him and create the man that was to become the murderous drug kingpin? Definitely one of the best black movies ever made.

Menace II Society takes place in the crime ridden streets of Watts, Los Angeles. Set in the Jordan Downs Housing Projects, the film follows the everyday lives of Caine and O-Dog. The film shows the frustrations and reality that inner city youth face as they try to survive the violence and crime that plagues their lives. Caine provides for himself and other families by the only means he knows: the street life. He attempts to leave this way of life but his past finally catches up to him in the end. This is a powerful film that is certainly one of the best hood movies ever made.

Brad Reifler And The Significance Of The Money Monster Story

Money Monster was the highly acclaimed film of 2016 that told of a famous television host who was taken hostage by an angry investor who lost money because of bad advice he was given. While the story itself is fictional, investment expert Brad Reifler says many real people have experienced similar situations.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler has said the real money monster has been the profits many advisors have made from giving customers advice and charging fees despite whether or not the investments made profits or not and he is calling for that to change. So he has three guidelines for newcomers to investing that he says can help them avoid the money monster.

First Brad Reifler suggests that investors look at other ways to invest besides the stock market. He encourages investors to invest in it as part of their investment objectives, but it shouldn’t be the only place they invest. Second, he encourages investors once they’ve figured out their investment objectives to choose a reputable company to manage their funds.

He urges careful research to be done to make sure the company has a solid track record and delivers results that others can vouch for. And Brad Reifler encourages investors to stick to their investment objectives and to continue putting money in investments that are doing well.

Brad Reifler founded Forefront Capital Advisors LLC in 2010, but prior to that he was the CEO of Reifler Trading Company and Pali Capital. He established Reifler Trading Company back in the 1980s as a global derivatives and discretionary accounts company that eventually grew into a large futures investor.

Reifler founded Pali Capital in 1995 and grew that one into a large private equity firm. At this company portfolio managers used an investment strategy that didn’t tell investors where to invest but simply helped them execute the trades.

Bloomberg revealed that Brad Reifler also founded Forefront Income Trust to help fight the money monster. He had previously tried to invest his father’s money in an IRA that would earn high interest, but he found difficulty because his father was unaccredited. So Forefront Income Trust was started to help those who lacked alternative investment opportunities achieve them. Investors can invest with Forefront Income Trust for as little as $1,000.

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