Getting Good Investment Advice: Laidlaw & Company Limited

One can get investment advice from a number of sources like Determining the best investment advice to follow can be quite tasking if one does not know what investment is. If one wishes to invest in a particular industry or company, it is only prudent that they know the basics of each. Investing blindly without any background information, is a risky step that may result in huge investment losses. Hence it is important that one seeks investment advice before hand.

SEC reliable and good investment advice can be obtained from investment banks with credible reputation such as Merrill Lynch. Such banks understand how the investment world works. They are able to study the stock market and determine which investment opportunities have the potential of giving back good investment returns. Investment bankers who have been acclaimed for their expertise and sound investment methods are often the best in offering investment advice.

Depending on the kind of advice that one seeks it’s important that they ensure that the advice been given can be relied on.

Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd is an investment banking firm. It is also a brokerage firm that offers personalized investment opinion and advice to institutions and individuals. Laidlaw serves individuals and institutions that are based in the United States and the United Kingdom. The investment services that Laidlaw & Company offers are inclusive of capital raising that is done majorly through placing equity at the hands of high ranking retail investors, it also offers acquisition financing and debt placement with investors,

Laidlaw & Company assists start-up companies to raise capital, this is done through Laidlaw retail sales power in the market. It has offices in the United States and Europe with an aim of creating long lasting relationships and also explore new business ventures. The Company also offers wealth management advice and opinion to individuals and other institutions. Through its website one can access information about the company’s operations.



Text to Speech Is the New Technology for Wikipedia

It seems like everybody is using text-to-speech technology these days. One thing is certain, it definitely makes just about everything easier than it ever has been in the past. It also fits in well with the way that people live life these days, always in a rush to multitask and get as much done as possible in the shortest amount of time. It only stands to reason that the same technology would eventually come to Wikipedia.

You might think that Wikipedia is only a place to go and look up information about various topics. Have you ever considered the possibility that it could be one of the most powerful marketing tools for your business that you have ever known? The trick is getting Wikipedia editors to write the articles for the site that knows exactly what they are doing, like the Wiki writers for hire at Get Your Wiki.

When you have an Internet business, you probably think that you are going to get tons of customers because there are literally millions of people that are on the Internet each and every day. Most people quickly find out that the vastness of the Internet is their own worst enemy. The fact that there are so many websites out there makes it difficult for customers to find you. If they can’t find you and they don’t know that your business exists, there is no way that they can do business with you. This is where the Wikipedia editors for hire at Get Your Wiki come in. They can make a Wiki page for you or your business that is relevant and timeless, allowing you to get more customers without you having to put forth any extra effort on your part.

What does this really mean for you in a realistic sense? It means that you start getting more customers coming to your site and of course, that means more money. The writers at Get Your Wiki are capable of reaching so many people in a short amount of time that it can dramatically change your customer base when they create a Wikipedia page for you. Imagine if you were to wake up and realize that you have so many orders you might have a difficult time filling them all in a timely fashion. That is a much better challenge to work through than sitting there staring at a website that no one is ordering from.

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Kyle Bass Makes Questionable Investment Decisions as his Hedge Fund Performs Dismally

Kyle Bass is a Dallas based fund manager. He founded his own fund, Hayman Capital Management, in 2006. Within two years, Bass became so successful because he was able to correctly predict the financial markets in time. This allowed him to make correct judgment calls that earned him his fortune. In 2008, Bass correctly predicted the subprime mortgage crisis that hit right around the time the United States economy went into recession.

This earned Bass superstar status in the hedge fund management industry. Many observers were of the opinion that he was good at what he did and made all the right calls that have allowed him to pile up a huge fortune for himself and his clients. However, as time went by, Bass begun making bad judgment calls that really cost him his superstar status as well as his profits.

Dismal Hedge Fund Performance

Bass begun a series of bad predictions and investments that has seen his fund performance topple while other funds racked in huge profits. It is reported that as of 2014, Hayman Capital Management lost nearly 30 percent, a mirror opposite of other high performing hedge funds. However, Bass still expresses optimism that the tide will turn around soon.

An Unsavory Alliance

Bass has time and time again supported the economic policies of Argentina’s Christina Fernandez de Kirchner. Despite the leader’s questionable fiscal and economic policies that are seen to have brought the once vibrant economy to its knees, Bass still supports the leader publicly. He has gone further to make several public appearances to defend Kirchner even after her country again defaulted on its debt making it the second default in 13 years. Bass attempted to defend the act by blaming the creditors.

Take on General Motors Fatalities

When General Motors were accused of knowingly releasing vehicles with faulty power steering and non-deploying air bags, Bass defended the company in public so as to secure his investment in the company. This is despite the vehicles causing several fatalities. Instead, Bass attacked the victims, on national television, saying that they were either drunk or failed to use their seatbelts.

Involvement in Pharmaceutical Scheme

A while back, Bass together with Erich Spangenberg devised a scheme that saw them make huge profits at the expense of pharmaceutical companies. They identified certain firms, short sold their stock, challenged some of their patents in a bid to reduce their stock prices and later they made millions in profits. This forced many companies to abandon funding medical research. This action led congress to close the loophole they used to pull of the act.

However, he still continues to make questionable decisions like supporting the Buenos Aires government and investing in oil.

Investment Banking with Martin Lustgarten and The Corporate World

Investment banking is unique. The whole concept of investment banking is built on banking done in a structured manner for a certain type of client. This client is usually an entity such as a corporation. In many ways, investment banking is designed to work based on the characteristics, features, and functions of corporations.

The size of the clients seeking investment banking services is not the primary concern of investment banking as a provider. Investment banking is designed based on the nature of the services needed and the amount of financial resources at the disposal of the clients. Investment banking generally attracts clients that are entities such as corporations. The legal and corporate structure of the entities fit well with the structure of investment banking. The reason is because investment banking contains as part of its structure and design many aspects that cater to corporate clients.

Investment banking has three areas in its structure and design. The areas are sales and training, asset management, and investment banking division. Each area plays a specific role in the operations of an investment bank. Larger investment banks typically have more resources available.

On the other hand, smaller investment banks usually have limited resources in comparison to large investment banks. As a result, smaller investment banks tend to concentrate the available resources on one specific investment banking area.

One of the key positions in any investment bank is the investment banker. In many ways, investment bankers are at the core of investment banks. For any investment bank to be successful, the bank must have very good investment bankers at the helm of the bank.

An investment banker who has become very well known in the investment banking field is Martin Lustgarten. As the CEO and founder of Lustgarten Martin, he has established his investment banking firm as a popular destination for corporate clients in the investment banking field.

Martin Lustgarten provides a variety of services for his clients along with offering solid advice concerning a wide range of financial business matters. In addition, his list of corporate clients is a testament to the reputation that he has built over the years in the investment banking field. Lustgarten has an extensive social media presence, including a Soundcloud account.

The 5 Myths that People Believe About Charles Koch

Even though the Koch brothers have been involved in politics for a long time, they have only recently made the headlines during Obama’s term in office. As a result, there are plenty of myths that are believed about the Koch brothers. However, these myths can be easily exposed and fought. A lot of these myths are not flattering to the Koch brothers, but only because they are myths. One thing that Charles Koch is very passionate about is making sure the truth is known so that people can judge them more accurately.

Among the myths of the Koch brothers are five particular myths that are commonly believed about them. One myth is that the Koch Network has been formed in reaction to President Obama. The second myth is that only the Koch Brothers run the Koch Network. The third myth is that the Koch Network is just a front for their corporation. The fourth myth is that the Koch Network is merely a bank that funds conservatives.

Charles Koch, who is one of the Koch brothers believes in creating opportunity. Charles holds the belief that Welfare programs and other types of hand outs prolong the problems of poverty. Koch believes that welfare is a two-fold blow against progress for the unfortunate. For one thing, it takes away from the revenue that businesses generate which gets in the way of it providing wages to its workers. Koch instead hopes to inspire people to look for new opportunities and to think outside the box in order to bring forth better success to their lives. They also speak at events in order to talk about the importance of encouraging people to pursue financial independence.

The Products Offered by OrganoGold

OrganoGold is the brain child of Bernardo Chua. As the owner and founder of the company, he originally traveled the world and during his travels experienced some truly amazing beverages around the world. He was taken back by how many quality products were available outside of the United States yet not offered in the U.S. This is namely true with beverages. He has found that most beverages within the United States are now especially sweet and contain far too much sugar. The products, which might have started off desirable, now contains so much sweet elements to the beverages it no longer is healthy for those to drink. That is exactly why Bernardo decided to create his own beverage company in order to provide quality products to the rest of the world. This way, for individuals who are tired of just drinking sweet beverages every single day, there is a new option and one that is able to provide a quality offering that not only is healthy but comes with substantial health benefits.

Bernardo and OrganoGold focus on three main areas of beverage: coffee, tea and chocolate. When looking at offerings within the U.S., most people would agree there is a large abundance of sweetness injected into the products. Hot chocolate is made with milk chocolate, which has a large amount of sweetener added to it in order to make up for the more bitter flavor of chocolate. This is especially true with coffee. Even “black” coffee now contains flavored beans that have been soaked in a sweetener. Bernardo has a selection of products that provide a delicious and healthy option for those individuals who want the alternative.  Bernardo talks what the brand has to offer on Facebook all the time.

There are several different coffee flavors available from the company. The coffee offerings are the best selling products form OrganoGold. There is the traditional Black coffee, although this actually is black. It is a strong flavored coffee that is designed for the true coffee lover out there. Naturally, not all coffee beans taste the same, so finding the right kind of coffee bean is important. Beyond all of this, there is the cafe latte offering, which has a more mellow taste, and then the cafe mocha, which comes with a hint of chocolate at the end.  Check out this speech from Bernardo Chua to his employees for better insight into what motivates the man and his company.

The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship

High school seniors in Brooklyn, New York, will have an opportunity to win a scholarship that is only available to local students. It is called the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. To apply for the scholarship, students in their final year of high school should write a 1000-word essay explaining how the scholarship will help them with their careers. Keith Mann and Keely Mann are joined by Uncommon Schools to help organize the scholarship implementation.

The scholarship will help Brooklyn-area students attend and graduate from college. It will be especially useful to low-income students who would not otherwise be able to attend college. Keith Mann is a philanthropist and wants to help students through education assistance. The deadline for applications to be turned in for the scholarship is Feb. 29, 2016. The winner of the scholarship will be announced one month later. The awarded student will have $5000 to assist with college course payments.

Uncommon Schools runs charter public schools in the Brooklyn area. One student from this area per year will receive the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship. Uncommon Schools also runs charter schools in Massachusetts and New Jersey.

Keith Mann is the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners. His company finds talented individuals and places them within businesses where they can excel. Keith works with hedge fund companies, private equity firms and alternative investment companies.

GoFundMe Reaches Smile, Courtesy of Weisfogal

Avi Weisfogal, the legendary dentist of New Jersey, recently announced his GoFundMe project with the Operation Smile as the final destination of all the funds collected. The latter organization is a massive charity project that began in 1982, courtesy of Bill Magee as well as Kathy Magee, with the aim to help the children all around the world for the surgeries upon congenital structural defects of the face, such as cleft lips. Apart from lip defects, the cleft palate defects are also very common. Weifogal has set a huge target of $2000 for his GoFundMe campaign.

This is not the first time Avi Weisfogal has been in focus for the media. For New Jersey, he is the master dentist with a revolutionary mind. In his early days, Avi studied at Rutgers University, later moving to New York for DDS.

Ever since he became a dentist, Avi has been interested in problems of apnea and the contributing factors. Unfortunately, apnea has not been taken as seriously as it should have been in the past years. Avi Weisfogel realized that it could have drastic effects on the behavior of a person and in turn the efficiency of work performance. Being a man who dealt with oral perfection, he came to a conclusion that one of the most important and common contributing factors for apnea are the defects in the development of the various structures of the face. He has already been conducting seminars to put forward his hypotheses and seek solutions, and to emphasize that apnea is a correctable disorder that should be corrected.

The GoFundMe idea is the result of the same philanthropic thinking that inspired Weisfogal to work through organizations he had himself established for the control of apnea. According to Avi, Operation Smile is a highly efficient and successful charity organization and therefore, would put the money to good use.  At an age of only 34 years (approximately), the organization has conducted 220,000 operations for the facial defects of children completely free of charges. The organization brings together philanthropists from all over the world. At present, it proudly lists people who have come forward to help the children from 80 different countries.

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Talk Fusion Is Pioneering Video Chat Possibilities

Talk Fusion is hitting headlines. It is now ranked as an online video content provider and it is the eighth largest in the world. Because of its quick growth, online media outlets like Hello Tesla are discussing Talk Fusion and the change they are bringing to the industry. The article from Hello Tesla explains that Talk Fusion was founded in 2007. The CEO and founder, Bob Reina, got the idea for the company when he wanted to embed a short video into an email he was sending out to friends. He was not able to do it was traditional email methods and the email companies even told him that it would not be possible.  When they did, they figured that others would like to have the same tools at their disposal and they even recognized the business potential in expanding what they had worked on.

Talk Fusion is slowly becoming a household name. It is a video communication tool that is being used by a myriad of companies, including Applebe’s, West Point Military Academy, Norwegian Cruise Line, Case Latino, VW, Make A Wish Foundation, Kite Kazan and SPCA Florida. The company provides a suite of video services including video chat, video newsletter, lead capture, live meetings, community blog and video email.

The video chat feature is available for anyone to use and can be downloaded for free off of the major application stores. There is also a coming deal that will allow individuals and businesses to try out the Talk Fusion video suite package for 30 days without giving credit card details or making any big commitment.

An extra bonus about Talk Fusion is that they are a direct selling company so not only do they provide a great service, they allow individuals to use that service to create an income.

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Oisin Hanrahan and the Success of Handy

Oisin Hanrahan is an entrepreneur to watch. He is one of the founders of Handy, a company that is growing wildly in popularity. Handy is an app designed to help people in need of house cleaning, home maintenance, product assembly, and other tasks. The app allows for easy booking through a smartphone. The freelancers available through Handy are among the best in the business. Hanrahan and his partners put a stringent hiring process in place to make sure only the very best work with Handy.

An article in The Next Web covers a bit of Hanrahan’s history. Other news reports and bio pieces have revealed he met his fellow partners in Handy at Harvard Business School. The plans for developing Handy did start long before Hanrahan arrived at Harvard.

Hanrahan knew that there were a lot more customers available to the home cleaning and services industry than many realized. While in London, he saw the success of an on-demand ride service. In time, Hanrahan and his partners would come up with the idea that fused home services with an on-demand app. Handy is that app, and the Handy company is now valued at $500 million.

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