Mike Baur’s Banking Career Ending May Have Been The Best Thing For Switzerland

Switzerland probably conjures a lot of images of country towns nestled in the Alps and of farmers and old-fashioned jobs. But did you know it actually could be becoming the new tech entrepreneur’s destination? For a long time it was where banking was primarily done because of heavy security in Swiss banks, and because the Swiss government had some of the fewest regulations on banking in the world. But that’s changed now and Mike Baur, a former banking professional has experienced the changes which is why he is now investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs. The company he’s started to do that is the Swiss Startup Factory in Zurich.


Managing and protecting clients’ wealth is what Mike Baur knows very well. At only age 16 he came to UBS Bank to start his banking apprenticeship. The human resources director he spoke to at the time went over a chart that covered every promotion Baur could earn at UBS and where he should expect to retire. Baur did become one of the top employees at UBS and a favorite of his superiors. He developed quite a finance and investing acumen making him a lead advisor while still only in his 20s. Baur’s banking career continued to grow over the years, but when the US banking crisis of 2008 reached Switzerland and the doors of UBS, things started changing. Baur left UBS and became head of the credit division of Clariden Leu Bank where he stayed for the next few years until it merged with Credit Suisse. Despite his hope that things would restart for his original plans, banking was now too restricted and was no longer something Baur was passionate about.


Mike Baur started feeling that instead of hoarding away money in safety deposit boxes and vaults, it should be used to invest in new businesses. He saw great potential at Swiss and other European universities to tap into the ideas of business graduates coming out of them, but he needed a network of investors. Baur and his friend Max Meister had several connections who loved the plan for an accelerator including the Goldback Group, and in 2014 the SSUF was formed. The SSUF allows people with business ideas to apply to a 3-month course, and if they pass the vetting, pass the tests of the course and make a successful investment pitch to target investors, they can get the capital funding and office space they need. The SSUF has seen the successful launch of thousands of startups thus far.


Why NetPicks is the Best Trading Strategy Company Around

Summer trading can be a tedious task as trading volumes usually decrease and risk and uncertainty increase. NetPicks has a proactive strategy to eliminate investor fears and maximize returns. It’s called the Lock and Walk strategy. The strategy is never a guaranteed success, but past performance has provided evidence of it being profitable during times of unstable trading sessions.

The lock and walk strategy is a proven technique that uses levels of resistance and support to determine when to buy, sell and adjust stop loss actions. The strategy is not uncommon and is similar to conducting a technical analysis, but with one exception, which is when gains reach 67 basis points the function shuts down only to restart during the next trading session. This is to maximize gains and reduce levels of risk.  Check this for more guiding tips to forex trading

NetPicks is an online trading strategy company that helps clients optimize their trading portfolios and educate themselves on investing and trading strategies. NetPicks Trading Strategies was founded in 1996, just when day trading and online trading emerged as a mainstream method of investing. NetPicks has consistently and accurately educated investors on how to trade in various markets including, Forex, Futures, Stocks, and even swing trading. For over 17 years NetPicks has educated its clients and developed a more accessible and user-friendly way of teaching. This enables clients to do their own research, learn as they trade and improve their performance as they consistently learn and evolve with the NetPicks products.  check on netpicks.com for more about options trading.

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NetPicks has several products that help new and experienced investors make the best trading decisions. The products aim to educate and inform investors in as little time as possible. Products such as Counter Punch Trader, Forex 1,2,3 and NetPicks Live Signal Service are among the most user friendly and technically advanced services on the market when it comes to learning trading strategies. This link on netpicks.com offers additional tips on options trading systems.

NetPicks’ products have helped experienced and novice clients achieve their investing and trading goals for years. NetPicks continues to improve its products and customer service to maintain its impeccable reputation as the best trading Strategy Company around.  Get connected, click on netpicks.mykajabi.com.

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The Irish Socialist, James Larkin

James Larkin was a son of Liverpool, England, but his parents originated from Ireland. His birth in 1876 did not shed light about his future successes. Growing up in a slum did not stop James Larkin from being a successful trade union organizer and socialist. Read more: James Larkin | Ireland Calling and Jim Larkin | Biography

James Larkin was raised up among his siblings and parents. Life was not easy, as their state of being did not allow them the luxuries that rich people enjoyed during the time. However, getting used to working to have something at the table from a young age hardened James Larkin.

He went to school until his 14th birthday, when his father took his last breath of life. He had to take over the responsibility of taking care of and watching over the family. He succeeded in seeking jobs as he became a docker, and by the end of 1992, he was a dock foreman.

He led a strike at the docks of Liverpool in 1995. His performance was exceptional because he was not a quitter. The National Union of Dock Laborers took in the man who had been fired because of being appointed to the strike committee of the docks. He was made an organizer for NUDL. In 1906, he went to Scotland on union duty, to lead a campaign against Chinese immigration.

In 1907, James Larkin was sent to Ireland to organize workers on behalf of the union. All the strikes he held there were successful. However, he later had a disagreement with James Sexton, the general secretary of NUDL, over leadership. James Larkin then went to Dublin and organized workers, against the directives of the union. This led to his expulsion from NUDL.

As 1908 drew to an end, James Larkin started the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. This union brought together Irish workers of diverse experiences. 1912 then saw the formation of the Irish Labour Party, by both James Larkin and James Connolly.

This party was responsible for the famous Dublin Lockout of 1913. James Larkin never rested on fighting for what he thought was right, regarding the fair treatment of workers. But he had to lay his socialist tools to rest in 1947 when he passed on.

Learn more about Jim Larkin:


Paul Mampilly Does Investments the Right Way

Paul Mampilly is an American investor who knows how to invest his money the right way. He has spent a lot of time making sure he can help people with different things and making sure they know what he’s doing to actually provide them with positive investment techniques. Everything Paul Mampilly has done has allowed him to make sure he is doing better for the clients he has and the people he does business with. There are many opportunities Paul Mampilly has taken into consideration because of the way he is able to show people what they can get. It all goes back to the hard work he does and the things he puts into place for the people he works with.

As long as Paul Mampilly is learning about different investment strategies, he knows what it will take to help others. He also knows there will be things he can do that will allow him the best chance possible. Everything he has invested in has gone better than what it was before. He knows there are different things he’ll be able to invest in and that’s how he can make the best choices while he’s helping others out with the options they have. It is his way of providing for people and showing them how they will be making things easier.

Even when Paul Mampilly was making sure people understood what he was doing, he knew there would be other opportunities he could take advantage of. he also knew what it would be like if he was going to put things into perspective for the people who he helped. All of the people he taught to invest would be able to benefit from the latest investments he was doing. The precision medical investment was especially important to Paul Mampilly because of what it represented and how he was able to make sure people knew what he was doing.

Everything that happened to Paul Mampilly was a direct result of the investments he did and the choices he made for investing. He knew what it would take and how he could actually be a positive factor in the investment world. He also knew there were several factors that went into every investment. He was always prepared with the opportunities he had and made sure people understood what he was doing to make sure they were getting things right on their own.

Paul Mampilly’s Social Media: twitter.com/MampillyGuru

Agora Financial, Great Company To Read From

Obtaining wealth from reading financial information could be easier than you thought. Agora Financial is a company that publishes financial reading materials to all of their readers. Agora Financial has been able to help people who read their publishing s all around the read obtain financial freedom. Agora Financial is defiantly the best in the financial world. Their team is made up of experts who are ready to help readers earn wealth. Agora Financial has been known to help every day working people turn their every day income into a large amount of wealth.

It would be smart to read some of Agora Financial’s readings because the have helped many of their readers be able to better take care of themselves once they retire. Many studies have proven that Americans aren’t saving enough money to be able to fully take care of themselves once they retire. If that happens to be you then this means that once you retire from your job, you may find you self seeking part time employment just to be able to get by. All of these inconvenient life events can be avoided by joining Agora Financial. Agora financial has helped many of their readers become prepared for retirement when that time came around for them.

Agora Financial has helped readers from protecting her investments and their wealth from all crisis that have happened in the past. In the past there have been oil crisis, mortgage crisis, and other major crisis from major world events. However, Agora Financial did not let that stop their readers from reaching their goals. Instead Agora Financial alerted their readers in time enough so that they were able to protect their wealth. Agora Financial is one of the best publishing companies around. Becoming an Agora Financial reader would be a great choice if you are looking for a budget friendly way to obtain wealth. Becoming a member of Agora Financial will defiantly save you more money than if you were just to hire a stock broker. All of Agora Financial’s wonderful benefits are waiting for you! what are you waiting for>

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Perry Mandera: Integrating Technology into Logistics

Perry Mandera is the owner of Custom Companies, Inc., a logistics company that aims to deliver freight and cargoes on time. The company was established in 1986, and since then, more businesses have been tapping their services because of its positive reputation. Perry Mandera managed to grow his business through the years of innovation and development. The once small logistics company is now earning more than $200 million every year, thanks for the increasing number of customers and clients that trust the Custom Companies, Inc. for their freight and cargo transport needs. For the past 30 years of operation, Perry Mandera teamed up with bright minded programmers to create some software that would assist him in managing his business, and at the same time, provide an excellent service to his clients and customers. The software that has been integrated into his company system is the Cheetah Dispatch, the Warehouse Management System, and the Dock Management System. Each software is given a task that enables Perry Mandera to monitor the business and all of its departments remotely. So far, the integration of technology to the operation of Custom Companies, Inc. is proven to be effective.


With Cheetah Dispatch, the freight and cargo transported through Custom Companies, Inc. can be tracked with the latest GPS technology. The item can be traced down as it goes out of its origin, as it is being transported, and as it reaches its destination (https://www.behance.net/manderaperry). The software gives the senders of the items a peace of mind that their freight and cargoes are in good hands, and it will be delivered to the right address.


Another software being used by Custom Companies, Inc. is the Warehouse Management System, which allows those who have used the services from Perry Mandera’s company to trace down all of the warehouses where the item will be transported (Strikingly). It will enable the customers and clients to track the location of the object, giving them the confidence that it will not be lost.


Finally, the Dock Management System is a software that enables the customers and clients of Custom Companies, Inc. to check each seaport and airport for their items.



Netpicks and Trading Methods

Things on Wall Street in New York City are a little strange at the moment. June 2017’s technology division selloff was a major thing. It totally overhauled how people on Wall Street see things as well. They used to be boastful. They didn’t think that anything could turn the powerful market around. Right now, though, things are 100 percent different. People on Wall Street are feeling a lot more anxious than they have in a long while. This adjustment, however, can be a good thing for some people. That’s because it can help them put a questionable market to good use. They can do this during the summertime when things just aren’t as hectic and fast-paced. They can rely on proactive methods that can pave the way for high-quality results of all types. The guidelines that are associated with proactive methods aren’t at all complex or overwhelming for people. People who understand the world of technical assessments may be able to abide by them with ease.  Read this article on socially responsible investment, click on dailyforexreport.com

Netpicks is a company that focuses on all kinds of useful trading strategies. It’s been around since 1996 and is still going strong. It assists people who are searching for balanced and well-rounded trading educations. People who are interested in securing practical suggestions that relate to options, futures and systems can get a lot out of paying attention to Netpicks. The Netpicks team has a lot of expertise that involves swing trading. People who have curiosity that involves day trading often are big fans of Netpicks.

Netpicks gives individuals access to sophisticated trading systems that focus on several big objectives. It specializes in trading systems that are appropriate for people who want things to be rapid and straightforward. It also specializes in systems that are fitting for people who are enthusiastic about part-time money and even full-time work.

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This business is known for five-star trading support. People who need accurate assistance and guidance never have to fret. Netpick’s support team is consistently patient, knowledgeable and helpful. They take all the time they need to properly address customer concerns and questions. Netpick prioritizes good customer care.  Be updated with their timeline activities, check on this.

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Stream Energy: Active Expansion Throughout the American States

Stream Energy, a medium-sized energy provider, is making news around the country because of their aggressive expansion all throughout the United States. The energy company was founded in August 2004 by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs who have thought that building their own energy company would somehow lower the cost of energy in Texas. The company was awarded multiple times because of their service to the people of Texas, and when news about them started to spread northwards, people from other states have been writing them to consider operating outside Texas (http://weeklyopinion.com/2017/12/stream-energy-advances-coal-market-falls/). Stream Energy had to work with several government agencies to get permission to run in other states, and after all of the documents were finalized, Stream Energy was given a go-signal to operate outside Texas.



In 2017, the company saw two new expansions – they have added Illinois and Delaware to the list of states that they service. After the addition of the two new states, the total number of states enjoying the services from Stream Energy rose to 8. Washington D.C. is also being serviced by Stream Energy, and the citizens happily expressed their gratitude to companies like Stream Energy because they create competition that would force other energy companies to lower down their prices to become profitable.



Stream Energy stated that the reason why they are aggressive in expanding their businesses northwards is that energy consumption in the cold states up north would bring more opportunities to their market. The demand for heat increases every winter, and Stream Energy has enough electricity and energy sources to power up the necessary warmth during the colder months. The people from Illinois and Delaware are happy and grateful that Stream Energy finally considered their request to operate in their home states. The people from the two states are stating that previously, the energy companies operating locally are charging too high for their consumption (ReporterExpert). Now that Stream Energy is also in the picture, the people think that other energy companies would be forced to be at least on par with what Stream Energy offers to its customers and clients.


How Jorge Moll is Connecting Neuroscience to Morality

As the current president of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education, Jorge Moll is has become well known in the field of Neuroscience throughout the years. Based out of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Moll has conducted numerous studies researching the effects of Altruism and morality on the brain. One study conducted in 2006 by Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman examined how brains of volunteers reacted to thoughts of doing good for others. What was discovered was that those thoughts stimulated the same part of the brain that responds to sex and food (https://br.linkedin.com/in/jomoll). This discovery points towards claims of altruism being a part of human nature. What was originally thought to be a personal mental power that suppressed basic urges has now been seen as a basic part of the brain that is pleasurable.

In recent years, Jorge Moll has been conducting more research into how neuroscience is connected to morality. That study in 2006 showed a correlation between the basic instincts of the human brain and the morality of helping the less fortunate. Expanding on that is Moll’s current study of “Neural correlates of human values and motivations” uses fMRI scans to examine the brain’s response to human motivations and values. These scans and behavioral measures allow Moll and other scientists to learn more about how brains are affected by human motivations. These studies give new insights into how learning more about the foundations of morality will help solve problems of social behavior in society (ReginaDiass).

Thanks to the studies conducted by Jorge Moll, society will be better able to help those with social behavioral problems. These studies give an explanation to how actions of empathy and altruism are pleasurable to people in the same way that food and sex are. Jorge Moll’s studies have sparked a new discussion of morality and he continues his work on the subject to expand the study of morality beyond just a psychological nature.


Why George Soros’ Philanthropy Has Become A Target Of The Extreme Right-Wing

Over the course of the last several years, George Soros has made the second biggest transfer of personal wealth to a philanthropy in history. He has provided $18 billion of his fortune to his nonprofit called Open Societies Foundation. According to extreme right-wing conspiracy theorists, though, he is somehow using this money to fund every liberal movement that exists. He has been cited as the source of funding for both the Antifa movement and Black Lives Matter, for example, despite no evidence showing this to be the case.

Open Societies Foundation is a charity that George Soros founded in order to support human rights and democracy around the world. His money is used by the foundation to have people work on fair and democratic elections, for example. It is also used to make sure everyone’s rights are protected regardless of race, age, sex, or sexual orientation. Since the election of Trump as president, George Soros’ nonprofit has increasingly worked to make sure the rights of people in America are respected by those in positions of authority, such as the rights of immigrants.

As George Soros is one of the top providers of money to Democratic candidates he comes under fire from Republicans. They think that billionaires should only be giving money to them, apparently, and so they become completely irrational when George Soros’ name is brought up. This primarily started during the presidential election 0f 2002 when incumbent president Gorge Bush was running against John Kerry. For a host of reasons, but especially the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Soros had said that he’d be perfectly happy to give away his entire fortune if it resulted in Bush losing.

Once people learned that George Soros had given his foundation $18 billion his opponents, such as Breitbart, said that his foundation was the new “Death Star”. The partisan divide is enormous in the United States presently and both sides tend to paint the other sides financial donors as evil. However, George Soros’ philanthropy is to help others while those billionaires that support Republicans, such as Robert Mercer and the Koch brothers, just want to benefit their own interests by and large.

Back in 1997, George Soros wrote an article for The Atlantic called “The Capitalist Threat”. The article was a treatise about capitalism and how many people would say, “Let the free market decide!” regardless of the issue. He pointed out that this attitude was actually against the values and principals of what democratic and open societies rely upon. In the article he also talks about “open societies” vs. “closed societies. An open society, he wrote tolerates everyone’s opinions and human rights are respected. A closed society, on the other hand, dismisses the rights of its citizens and others and is run in a totalitarian fashion.

In the last 30 years, George Soros’s foundation has provided around $14 billion to various causes across the globe. This money has been used for everything from funding college scholarships in Africa to giving anti-communists copying machines so they could spread their word.

About George Soros: www.newsweek.com/tax-cuts-billionaires-republicans-congress-709339