Sick Boy Starts A Whole New Chapter For The Chainsmokers

Staying in the limelight can be difficult for any amount of time. Celebrities around the world often get a smack in the face when they realize what it really entails. Sure, there are many great things that come along with popularity and fame, but they have their downsides. The Chainsmokers are one of the hottest DJ’s duos in America these days, or at least they were for the last few years. As of late, they have completely turned around their style of music. As most people know them, they are famous for their hip-hop and dance music, blending the two together and making smash collabs with other artists.

Since first rising to fame, The Chainsmokers have managed to release many number one hits and stay at the top of the billboards for months at a time. Hits like “Roses” and “Paris” to name a couple. Now, the Chainsmokers have started releasing a much more serious and dark sounding music, which also has some real meaning behind it. Unlike their music in the past, which has been centered around having a good time and living the party life, “Sick Boy” takes the bands music in a whole new direction.

When talking about what inspired the change, Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers talked about creativity and expanding as musicians, since he and his partner feel they have become limited since becoming famous. They love their music and the style, but after a while, they began to keep producing the same stuff simply because people kept wanting more. For Alex and Andrew, they want to be able to express more in their music and connect with their audiences differently, outside of the fun party music. In face of the critics, they have done well to create a new sound and it has been received quite well by the public so far, making it halfway up the music billboards since “Sick Boy” released in January.