Talos Energy – A brief Introduction

The modern age of technology has fossil fuels deeply integrated into it. Every wonder of technology that we see today such as electricity and everything that is based on power, from the trains on the tracks to the light bulbs in your home to the microwave that warms your food is possible because of fossil fuels and the energy we derive from them to run our everyday operations and our towns, cities, states, and countries. What are fossil fuels? Fossil fuels in simple terms are the substances that you hear about all the time such as oil, coal and natural gas that are formed from the remains of plants and dead animals. These substances, however, must be harvested and there are several companies in the world dedicated to those tasks. One of these companies is Talos Energy. Talos Energy is an American oil and gas company based in Houston in the State of Texas.

Talos Energy works on offshore explorations and production of oil and gas reserves, and for the majority of the time that the company has been active, it has been working in the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico region now making them extensively knowledgeable about the region. The goal of this company which was started by CEO Timothy Duncan in the year 2012 is to use its expertise in the region along with modern day innovation in exploration to reach valuable resources of the region which were previously deemed completely unreachable and fulfill the oil and gas needs of the country for several generations to come. Recently, in July of the year 2017, Talos Energy has had successful exploration projects coming across a reserve in the Zama 1 field which can potentially harbor 1.4 billion to 2 billion barrels of light crude oil. Drilling in this project will be a joint venture between Talos Energy, premiere oil and Sierra oil and gas. Talos Energy wishes to adequately invest its capital into exploration projects and also into joint ventures with other organization to reduce risk and ensure maximum returns in the projects.

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