Big Things for Aregentina and Highland Capital

Argentina looks forward to some big changes as noted in a recent Bloomberg article. The country now seeks to sell off its debt and gear themselves toward brighter futures as the investors come in. One such corporation, Highland Capital Management, hopes to hit it big by helping the once struggling country. For Argentina and Highland Capital Management this endeavor could bring big things for both parties.

Bloomberg’s March article, details Argentina’s work in moving back to international markets. Hoping to sell off their debt to investors, this maneuver could pose several long term interests for these companies. Highland Capital Management will earn six percent from purchasing Argentina’s debt.
James Dondero is an innovator and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the business field. Jim is a graduate of the University of Virginia who majored in business finances. A certified analyst, Jim began his career in the mid-80s working for American Express. In later years, his career spanned other companies and ventures, producing an illustrious portfolio of work.
In 1993 James Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management. Using his 30 years of experience Jim utilized the use of Collateral Loan Obligation. 20 billion dollars in asset strong, Highland Capital Management is a leader in the business sector.
Despite falling into financial troubles, Argentina now looks to finally come back into the international markets. With the help of Highland Capital Management and other investors, Argentina is bound to have its debt offset. Looking to the future, James Dondero sees big prospects in helping the country pay off the debt and working together in the long term.
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    Gerard Birmingham

    CEO of Highland Capital, Jim Dondero, looks to expand this venture once the nation’s debt is paid. He sees several possibilities in long term ventures such as an Argentina Fund if things pan out well for those involved. It ight also include the way research paper writing has always put it place what will be beneficial.

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