Oisin Hanrahan and the Success of Handy

Oisin Hanrahan is an entrepreneur to watch. He is one of the founders of Handy, a company that is growing wildly in popularity. Handy is an app designed to help people in need of house cleaning, home maintenance, product assembly, and other tasks. The app allows for easy booking through a smartphone. The freelancers available through Handy are among the best in the business. Hanrahan and his partners put a stringent hiring process in place to make sure only the very best work with Handy.

An article in The Next Web covers a bit of Hanrahan’s history. Other news reports and bio pieces have revealed he met his fellow partners in Handy at Harvard Business School. The plans for developing Handy did start long before Hanrahan arrived at Harvard.

Hanrahan knew that there were a lot more customers available to the home cleaning and services industry than many realized. While in London, he saw the success of an on-demand ride service. In time, Hanrahan and his partners would come up with the idea that fused home services with an on-demand app. Handy is that app, and the Handy company is now valued at $500 million.

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