Cameron Clokie is Changing the Face of Reconstructive Surgery in Canada

Cameron Clokie is a working scientist, maxillofacial surgeon, and a serial entrepreneur. He was highly involved in clinical practice and academic dentistry spanning across three decades. Read more: Cameron Clokie Speaks to Regenerative Medicine

Cameron Clokie’s most recent achievements include being named as a Head of Oran in Maxillofacial Surgery back in 1998 and through his service as a Maxillocafacial Surgery Professor of Oral at the University of Toronto, up until retiring from his position in academics in 2017.

Aside from these types of accomplishments, Cameron Clokie is also the CEO at Induce Biologies, Inc. This is where he does much of his research in the regenerative field, due to the company being involved in the regenerative medicine industry.

His main focus as a maxillofacial surgeon is on finding and employing innovative solutions for reconstruction of the musculoskeletal form. Cameron Clokie has also held positions on numerous Canadian medical and scientific advisory boards.

A successful literary professional, he has had many papers published and has experience holding plenty of presentations for his colleagues and others, on a local and national basis, on the subject of bone reconstruction and regenerative medicine.

He has been able to successfully use his currently held 25 patents to go through with innovative procedures to help his patients in relation to bone healing. This includes teaming up with big names in the game and creating an enterprise that will improve the way surgeons perform musculoskeletal procedures and surgeries for years to come. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

One such patient who has seen major improvement under the hand of Cameron Clokie would be the 60-year old gardener, Peter Russell. Russell had been missing seven centimeters along the bottom right portion of his jaw, due to a benign tumor he had removed back in 2003. He now has a young jowl line and it is not at all synthetic.

In fact, he grew the tissue back on his own using a new procedure that will likely change the face of facial reconstructive surgery in the future. He is one of a select few patients in Canada who have undergone a special procedure delevoped by Cameron Clokie, where the tissue is grown back, rather than replaced with tissue from a different part of the body.

Jason Hope Explains Why The Future Is Dependent On The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope believes in the internet of things. He is a writer, entrepreneur and commentator on the latest trends in technology and his articles are highly regarded as a source of technologies direction. The phrase the internet of things is in reference to devices that can sync with one another such as kitchen appliances, cars and street lights. These types of items have the ability to decrease waste and increase efficiency by sharing data on the same network. Mr. Hope believes this will change the way businesses in the future operate and become the biggest technological advancement in years.

According to Jason Hope this will become the largest investment for corporations and become imperative for their future success. Although this smart technology is simple a convenience now, Mr. Jason Hope feels it will be the only way to continue moving forward. He has stated competition will be fierce in the creation of new apps for consumers to use in the course of their lives. One of the biggest advantages will be regarding the additional safety in public transportation and road conditions.

Jason Hope sees benefits for the rural areas as well. GPS tracking of accidents and emergency response will be improved, more accurate and more efficient. The internet of things can collect additional information on accident locations regardless of the time of night or day.

Jason Hope is a well known futurist and entrepreneur. He resides in Arizona and is passionate about giving something back to his community and the possibilities of technology. Growing up in Tempe, he attended Arizona State University where he received his financial degree. He is dedicated to the politics concerning Arizona and the nation.

Jason Hope has also established himself as a writer, investor and commentator. He speaks about technology and the internet of things. He calls it the biggest wave in advancement to ever hit the industry. He wrote an article on the subject that is considered an authority on the way technology is unveiling and his opinions have become highly regarded. He believes the future will come to be dependent on the internet of things in order to continue to grow.



Dr. Cameron Clokie: Toronto’s Formidable Surgeon, Scientist and a Serial Investor

Dr. Cameron Clokie is someone who has earned his position to seat at the realm of his professional career which reflects him as a very gifted man who is highly motivated to achieve only the best. As an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Cameron procedural works can only receive a five stars rating through his innovativeness.

This way of innovatively performing surgeries has led to him being appointed as the Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto, leading him to have a very successful career in the academic world. Read more: Cameron Clokie DDS, Ph.D.: Executive Profile & Biography

Dr. Clokie received his Doctor in Dental Surgery in the year 1985 and further went on to pursue specialty training and graduated in 1990. At McGill University he attained his doctorate (Ph.D.) in bone regeneration that is related to interface development of dental implants.

As a result of all his brilliance, Dr. Cameron Clokie went on to publish many academic papers as a Professor and had the opportunity to give many presentations on the subject of bone reconstruction and use of regenerative medication. His career in academics was very successful and went on to last for 30 years until his retirement in 2017.

Through his ingenuity, Dr. Cameron Clokie was able to patent some of his innovative works in the United States that number more than twenty-five with others still pending. Some of the works that he was able to patent include the one related to bone healing among much more.

From these, he has been able to make a name for himself in the business world entering into partnerships with companies enabling him to transfer his broad knowledge with viable enterprises.

Through his works, Dr. Cameron Clokie believes his fundamental goal has always been to develop innovative bio-implants which in the long run would lead to the replacement of autogenous bone grafts.

To cap this, Dr. Cameron Clokie maintains a very active and busy clinical practice that has resulted in him being praised by many of his clients over the years. He is also credited for having revolutionized facial reconstruction and bone regeneration.

Tammy Mazzocco’s Story: How She Became A Real Estate Agent

Prominent Ohio realator Tammy Mazzocco never intended to become a real estate agent. SHe recently discussed the sequence of events that carried her into the career that she now feels so passionately about.

Though she did not intend to be a real estate agent, she drawn to a job with the Edwards Reality Company. She then become a manager for Scotland Yard Condominiums, a condominium management company. Her work caught the eye of Ken Cook, Scotland Yard’s General Manager. Cook encouraged Mazzocco to pursue real estate. Mazzocco took Cook’s advice, and received her licence in 1995.

Her career was taking off, but not yet as a full time real estate agent. First, she accepted a position as personal assistant for top RE/MAX producer Joe Armeni. In this position, Tammy Mazzocco worked on many properties in the Victorian Village areas of Columbus. Mazzocco continued to learn about all areas of real estate and sales as she worked for Armeni. It wasn’t until 1999 that Mazzocco decided to pursue becoming an agent full time.

Tammy Mazzocco started working with Judy Gang & Associates in the summer of 2000. She quickly earned a reputation as dedicated real estate agent. Tammy Mazzocco says that the way she treats her business is an important factor in her success. “I believe that hard work and always looking out for my client’s best interest is what has given me more work throughout the years” she said recently. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Over the past 18 years, Tammy Mazzocco’s position within Ohio real estate has continued to increase. She does some online marketing, but says that most of her growth can be attributed to her solid reputation. In her own words, “creating a good reputation through my hard work is the best marketing you can get”. You can visit LinkedIn to know more.

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Under Tony Petrello’s leadership, Nabors Industries creates best drills in world

For people in the state of Alaska, the name Nabors Industries sparks feelings of intense loyalty and nostalgia. Perhaps no other company in the state’s history has contributed more to individual Alaskan citizens than Nabors Industries. Through its development of the Prudhoe Bay oil fields on the North Slope of Alaska, Nabors Industries has contributed mightily to the state’s coffers and to the general state of its economic prosperity.

However, in the contiguous 48 states, Nabors Industries slowly begin to lose its brand luster throughout the decades of the ‘70s and ‘80s. Throughout this era, the company was badly mismanaged, eventually leading to its insolvency and bankruptcy in 1988. While in receivership, the company began the search for the right man to lead it out of bankruptcy and into the 21st century. They found him in Tony Petrello, a mergers and acquisitions attorney with the firm Baker McKenzie, who had been working on a number of aspects of the bankruptcy case.

Under Petrello’s leadership, the company began to take a different tack. Petrello began focusing on the development of high-tech directional drilling equipment and other equipment that would be able to tap into the market for hard oil extraction. Throughout North America, there were many reserves of oil that had been, until that time, completely left alone. The reason for this was simple. They were viewed as economically unviable. The extreme difficulty of reaching oil reserves within deep shale deposits was simply too much to justify the cost of the equipment.

But Nabors Industries began to change that. With its Sundowner drilling rig, Nabors Industries enabled sites to be set up and torn down within 24 hours, leading to massive flexibility that had never been seen before. Technology such as this has paved the way for the extraction of North American shale and tar sands oil resources.

These are just some of the things that Petrello has done to prove his merit as CEO of one of the country’s largest oil extraction and drilling equipment firms.


The “Queen of Unicorns” Doe Deere

If you’ve been on Instagram or Pinterest lately, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of the “Queen of Unicorns”. Just in case you haven’t, the “Queen of Unicorns” also known by her real name as Doe Deere, is quickly taking over. Recently named one of the “Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs” by Self-Made magazine, the Russian-born make-up artist sat down with to discuss Doe’s business, Lime Crime and how others can accomplish their dreams.


Doe started her career off in a band living in Brooklyn, New York. It was then that the young artist met her husband and future business partner. She diligently encourages young woman everywhere. She believes that ambition and following your heart can be the true makers of a successful individual, whether you’re getting into business or taking on a challenging goal.


Doe’s own business began for her love of bright and unique colors. She goes on to explain that the colors she loved were very difficult to find in the marketplace, mostly dominated by classic dull colors. She quickly realized that she wasn’t the only who “Gravitated towards the same.” It didn’t take long for Lime Crime to become profitable since its inception in 2004 on eBay. Women love expressing themselves through the creative colors the Doe’s business creates.


Doe affectionately calls her customers “Unicorns“, helping to build a strong loyalty base in a niche market. She explains that the term “unicorns” is the way she expresses the notion that all of her customers are unique and in their own ways, inspiring. Doe really displayed her character in the early years of Lime Crime by modeling all of her own products. This fact highlights the type of person she is, summed up in a single word; Ambitious.


Doe Deere has become an internet icon over the past few years. She constantly expresses creativity and the confidence to be yourself. So maybe Doe didn’t become a world-class musician like she had envisioned during her younger years. She did, however, create a meaningful culture of beauty and self-expressions. It’s these ideas that she pushes back to her customers.