Clay Siegall professional life at Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics is growing and expanding in a significant way since its establishment in the year 1998. The studying of human antibodies is what the company has been specializing in, and this has made it be leading in biotech in Washington. It has more than 900 employees working in the company since its ambitions are to become a big pharmaceutical company, and it is making it sure that its vision is achieved through investing in research and marketing.

Clay Siegall is the chairman, president, CEO and co-founder of Seattle Genetics ensures that the progress of the company is remarkable where it is going to be the ringleader in the biotech industry since currently is emerging well globally. The company through the leadership of Clay Siegall is concentrating significantly on drug development so that it can be able to do well in the international markets. To expand its market, other offices were set up in Switzerland so that it can be able to do well in the marketing sector.

For Siegall to demonstrate the commitment towards international marketing for the cancer drugs that were developed by New Jersey-based immunomedics, he places a bid of spending $2 billion on February so that he can get a global permit to commercialize the drugs. The growth in the company is tremendous since it has recorded massive sales of approximately $418 million in the year 2016 which is a clear indication that the company is doing substantially in the market. It is evident that the contribution of Clay Siegall in the company is impactful since it is making it possible for the company to meet its goals.

The Clay Siegall aims to ensure that there is a drug t cancer treatment and this drives him into intensive research in drug development. The company developed Adcetris that is believed to treat Hodgkin lymphoma which cancer that affects lymph system. The professional life of Mr. Siegall in Seattle Genetic is full of research as well searching international market for the newly developed drugs. The valuation shows that the company over the past years it has been able to make more sales that have made it possible for the company to earn more profit. Mr. Clay Siegall has a B.S in Zoology from the University of Maryland as well he earned a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University. It’s through the training and skills gained have enabled him to be successful in research and drug development for cancer treatment.

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