AvaTrade Review – Providing Novice and Master Traders with Viable Trading Opportunities

Until the dawn of the internet, forex trading was vastly limited to major interbank activities that served on behalf of clients. As time passed by, the banks set up major proprietary desks made from the internal accounts. Over time, this was followed by a significant set up of multinational corporations and high net worth clients. Moreover, with the assistance of the internet alongside a retail market that aimed at helping individuals to set up their trading accounts, corporations decided to take a chance and establish significant trading platforms. As such, AvaTrade was born.


What is AvaTrade?

AvaTrade review is a principal international forex broker affiliated to the AVA Group of firms. Launched in 2005, this company is one of the longest-serving brokers of online forex trading. Furthermore, the established broker company currently has offices across the world. Some of these offices are located in Australia, Ireland as well as the British Virgin Islands. Therefore, being one of the leading and most respected companies in online brokerage, AvaTrade is geographically and virtually located in every country that permits online forex trading.


Regulation & Reputation

We know that the reputation of business dictates the eventuality of making clients. At AvaTrade, reputation is critical. As such, the company has always been controlled by a regulatory agency for the sake of protecting its clients from mischievous individuals who would instead harm clients in any way. Moreover, this company is regulated by several authoritative bodies including;

  • Europe – Central Bank of Ireland
  • Japan – FSA
  • South Africa- FSB


Trading Platforms

AvaTrade provides clients with two major trading platforms namely Meta Trader 4 then AvaTrader. For experts and novice traders, AvaTrader is the real deal as it works for both groups. Moreover, this platform is well equipped with significant details of how to handle testing, analysis as well as complex research. Therefore, this platform enables players to monitor their markets by applying their analysis in the trading platform. Correspondingly, Meta Trader 4 is a platform that allows clients to trade in forex, significant indices as well as commodities. Moreover, this platform provides clients with the opportunity to enjoy the reliability of a fantastic support system coupled with different computing services.


More about AvaTrade

Furthermore, AvaTrade is a reliable trading platform located in Dublin. The brokerage firm has additional offices in Sydney and Milan among other countries. More than that, the company has majorly specialized in handling stocks, currencies, bonds, indices as well as traded funds.

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