Fortress Investment Group – Broad Successful Investing

Fortress Investment Group was founded as a private equity firm in 1998. The group’s initial public offering was in 2007 on the New York Stock Exchange, the first large scale private equity fund to go public on the NYSE. Years later, the investment group is a large diversified global management firm with a specific focus on long term risk-adjusted returns for investors. The groups 3 main principles are New York’s Randal Nardone and Wes Edens and San Francisco’s Peter Briger. The group has assets in real estate, financial vehicles, and capital that results in long term cash flow. The group has experience and has developed an expertise in managing as well as mergers and acquisitions. Fortress Investment Group saw huge growth in the first five years from $400 million to almost $4 billion.

The group continued to grow at a fairly fast pace and kept expanding its’ expertise and success into other financial areas. The group secured a former Goldman Sachs’ employee Michael Novogratz who came on board in 2002 and remained as a fund manager until his departure in 2015. In 2006 and 2007 the group made several large purchases that helped to grow the company significantly. One of these purchases included the biggest ski resort operators in North America. Continued growth occurred especially after the group began focusing on internationally focused funds to its’ growing portfolio. After acquiring multiple big name companies and adding one more headquarters in San Francisco and two headquarters in Asia, Fortress Investment Group was sold in 2017 to Softbank, a Japanese company, for a staggering $3.3 billion. The group was the first alternative-investment firm to go public and was also the first to be bought.

Wes Eden, a huge factor for the investment group is largely involved in a new high tech train running in Miami, Florida. Brightline, owned by Fortress Investment Group, is responsible for this new transportation option in Florida. The train is able to cut through the horrible Miami traffic at high speeds and offers riders nice amenities as they travel. The train seems to be a huge success for riders and is working as planned. Brightline’s success is expected to help raise real estate values in the areas that they are serving as well. Commuting is definitely a large contribution to stress and a huge time burden on people, particularly in large cities like Miami. Brightline and Fortress Investment Group seem to be on top of the game in many regards.

Dr. Johanan Rand Role in Weight Loss and Aging


Johanan Rand is a practitioner who has dedicated most of his time in the medical profession. Notably, a lot of medical professionals have occasionally focused on improving techniques to treat patients. In the recent years, medical practitioners have diverged from the traditional methods of medicine to the modern medicinal research. Despite the slow process of healing, medical professionals are engaging in the study to understand how to behave with their patients effectively.

The background of Dr Johanan Rand

Johanan Rand studied Physical medicine and rehabilitation at Albert Einstein Medical Centre which is in New York. DR. Johanan Rand has a breadth of knowledge essential in helping ageing patients. With the high rank of expertise, he owns the Healthy Aging Medical Centre in New Jersey.

Johanan Rand focuses on various diseases to his patients. Insomnia, depression, low libido and mood swings are just but examples of the ailments he treats. DR. Johanan Rand is a renowned passionate physiatrist whose focus is on curing diseases and maintaining better lives. (ideamensch)

The Healthy Aging Medical Centers

Johanan Rand founded these centres to provide optimum healthy ageing by acting on the affected areas. Dr Johanan Rand uses diverse methods to ensure a reliable quality of life. He performs hormone therapy to treat the lingering afflictions hence becomes more accessible for the body to supply hormones all over the body. Notably, when the hormone levels reduce, the patient’s health devastates.

In a situation where the two diseases require a different kind of treatment, physiatrists include such disciplinary committees to combat the complicated sickness. Such injuries vary from spinal cord trauma to tendon injuries.


  • Johanan Rand Involved hormone therapies.


  • Johanan Rand had closely-matched hormones.


  • Taking balanced supplements, engaging in fitness and using the prescribed drug.


Summing up the analysis as mentioned above, medicine has different branches that focus on treating every problem faced by humans. As time goes by, a lot of patients emphasis on physical cure and rehabilitation. notably, the wave to use modern medicine has risen.


Stansberry Makes Bold Claim about Walmart Stock Investment

The investment at Stansberry Research analysts made an extremely bold claim as they recommended the Walmart stock for investment. This is surprising, considering that most investors agree on their positions on Walmart, and generally most do not recommend it.


The claim is located within an article authored by Stansberry. The claim suggests that even though the Walmart stock has lost significant value and most people believe it is a good time to sell their way out of the stock, investors should still consider the retailer for investment because it could potentially offer an opportunity to investors who are willing to look at the bigger picture. The perspective at which the stock should be looked at could be debated, but the straightforward claim is that Stansberry Research believes there could be a hidden opportunity that many could be losing out on, with one of the largest monopoly store chains in the entire country.


The values that Stansberry Research represents to its readers are among the reasons the company is widely recognized and respected. They work by a standard set of expectations and commitments to quality work ethics and techniques. The company remains dedicated and committed to working hard to ensure that their contributors provide the experiences and strategies that the readers are expecting.


It is hard to ignore the contrarian claim that was made in the Walmart related recommendation that Stansberry published. The real question is whether actions will take place in the investment markets to solidify the words that were written to make the claim in the first place. It is entirely possible that Walmart could actually prove to be valuable heading into the future, but the claim seems to contradict most beliefs within the industry. Walmart is heavily tracked, and the stock generally has been falling or remaining in stagnation for extended periods of time. Only time will tell whether this claim earns reader the opportunity to profit off of a long-shot recommendation.

Women in Power- Whitney Wolfe

The advancement of technology has brought a big difference when it comes to age, and the Internet sector has been highly dominated by the male gender. Social media platforms including Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google among many others were founded by men, and when a woman comes to play in the technology industry, they attract massive attention. Whitney Wolfe Herd is one of a woman who has attracted the attention of many in the technology industry, she is the founder of a female-dominated dating app Bumble. It is not the first time Whitney Wolfe is getting involved in the rare industry, but she has been in the sector before when she was the Vice President of Tinder another online dating app.

Tinder dating app made it easier for people to connect romantically, but it it not change the dating industry as Bumble did when it came to the market. Bumble was founded to empower women that is why it is known as a feminine dating app which gives women an opportunity to make the first move. Whitney Wolfe Herd took an example of the Sadie Hawkins dance concept where girls ask boys to dance. Because of its nature where women make the first move Bumble dating app has become popular with over 3000 million users. Wolf Herd’s vision was to empower women with the dating app. The online dating business has a valuation of a billion dollars. Being a go-getter she does not settle in only creating women first dating app, she has gone ahead to create Bumble Bizz, and Bumble BFF which gives their users an opportunity to connect with others in business as well friends.

Whitney Wolfe Herd was born in Salt Lake City, and he began business while still in college at Southern Methodist University when she was selling the bamboo bag to areas affected by Bp spill oil. After her graduation, Whitney Wolfe got an opportunity to work with Hatch Lab, and later she joined Tinder and left after two years. She began Bumble and has been successful ever since the inception of the dating app. Whitney Wolf Herd met her husband Michael Herd during a separate family vacation and they were introduced by a mutual friend. The friendship grew and the two were engaged and he proposed to her after two years of dating while in their family ranch. Michael and Whitney got married in Villa Tre Ville in the Southern Italian town of Positano.

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The Role of Susan McGalla in Philadelphia

A lot of women that are in the world of marketing are familiar with Susan MvGalla. It is hard not to know of a female that rose to the position of CEO more than once. She is an inspiration for all that are looking for a chance to climb the ever so elusive corporate ladder for a CEO position.

For Susan McGalla this was not an easy thing to do, but her resume shows years of hard work and tenacity. She has proven herself to be a truly powerful force when it comes to the marketing profession, and it is easy to see how she was able to make the transition from a consultant to a CEO.

With her resume Susan McGalla is that she has a lot of experience, and this is what has allowed her to gain the type of position that she currently holds with the Pittsburgh Steelers. She has managed to build a career where she is able to help others that are trying to establish brands. She can even revitalize brands that have not been getting the type of exposure that companies would like.

On the current role she has with the Pittsburgh Steelers McGalla is proof that she is someone that knows how to revitalize a brand. She is currently working on the clothing line for the sports gear, and this has received a major overhaul as she works to improve this line up for the fan gear. She has revamped this brand completely.

Nick Vertucci Shows People How They Can Use Real Estate To Build Their Own Wealth

You might think that if you’re going to make a lot of money buying and selling commercial and residential properties, you’ll need a 4-year university degree in the field or a long path into the field to do it. But Nick Vertucci, the founder of NV Real Estate Academy has proven that’s not the case and that you could start seeing profits roll in in a fairly short period. The main obstacle is likely financing a property purchase, but Vertucci goes in-depth at the seminar on how to increase property value, lease it and sell it and hiring contractors and covering legal issues along the way. Usually once the academy’s session is over, attendees know more than they ever thought possible.

Nick Vertucci had no real estate background and didn’t even come from a business family. He came from a poorer blue collar family in southern California that had to work extra hours to feed Vertucci and his siblings, and he went through several personal struggles including losing his father at age 10 and being forced to live out of a vehicle by age 18. Vertucci appeared to have found the answer to escaping poverty when he started a computer parts sales business, and he earned enough money during this time to buy a home, and he even married and started a family. But things took a turn for the worse for Nick Vertucci when the dot-com bubble crashed and he found himself in debt and about to lose his home.

Nick Vertucci looked for a new way to solve his problems, and it came in 2001 when he found out about a new conference in town about how he could buy property and resell it. He was skeptical about it since he had no background in this area, but as he listened to the speaker, he found out that it was actually much simpler than he had thought. Before long, Vertucci found himself buying homes and turning them into rental units, and as the cash flow came in he soon saw his strangling debt disappear. He decided to start the NV Real Estate Academy in 2014 because he knew if this could change his life, it could do wonders for others. People from all over the US travel to this academy and so far the response to it has been overwhelmingly positive.

The Importance of a Chart With NetPicks

NetPicks has looked all of the factors that goes into success in Forex trading ( With all of the factors that people consider, there is one factor that may actually be even more important than some believe. This factor is the chart. One thing that is very important is that each Forex broker offers people a chart to use. In many cases, traders had to download a chart to their hard drive at one point. Now, Forex brokers are offering webtrader charts for people who either do not have the room on their computer for their own chart or would just rather trade online.

Another thing about Forex charts is that there are some charts that are available online. Some people trade using a general chart. The only thing is that given that the sites are different, the timing might vary a little bit. Then there are some sites that require a page refresh in order for information to change. Fortunately, the web trader platforms offer a lot of convenience for traders. The only thing is learning how to read charts for people. Chart reading is very important in making good trades. NetPicks has a lot of different techniques in reading charts (

One of the techniques in trading that is the most talked about often involves reading charts. For instance, trading with the use of trends requires that people know how to detect trends. Fortunately, NetPicks has articles that go in depth on how to read trends. They also use images to clarify what they are describing. This will help traders know what they are looking for. NetPicks also has a ton of other strategies that involve learning how to read the charts. They also talk about the tools that can be used to help with deciding whether or not to open a deal, check

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End Citizens United Targets Republicans In Special Interest Donations

Special interest groups have become a major problem for politicians and voters in the U.S. who often see their choices in each election cycle affected by the arrival of big money in the political environment.

End Citizens United has become the major PAC dedicated to the reversal of the 2010 Supreme Court decision which came about following a desire to broadcast the film, “Hillary: The Movie.” A two-year court battle ensued which eventually reached the Supreme Court in 2010 when the mystery of who was paying for the production and broadcast of the movie and the issue of whether a corporate group could be viewed as having human rights came down in favor of the Republican-backing group.

In 2015, End Citizens United made the decision to enter politics as a traditional PAC limiting donations to just $5,000 per election cycle per member; this limitation means even those who have donated to the PAC such as George Soros do not have the power to influence its future direction. Removing dark money from politics is the aim of End Citizens United as the PAC has recently set out to limit the impact of those who choose to subvert the campaign financing rules which remain in place across the U.S.

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Former Florida Governor Rick Scott has become one of the main targets for ECU as the group has spotted some strange, possibly illegal activity involving Scott’s New Republican Super PAC. The New Republican group was initially set up to provide support for the policies of President Donald Trump among young people but recently saw its aim moved to the Senate election campaign of Governor Scott. End Citizens United raised the alarm about the use of campaign funds in this way by Scott and recently stated the action broke the “testing the waters” rules for potential Senate candidates.

End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller recently revealed a list of the top GOP politicians accepting funds from special interest groups including some famous names such as Ted Cruz. The irony for Cruz has been the fact the former Presidential candidate was originally elected using a grassroots campaign among tea party members rejecting the possibilities offered by special interest group funding.

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Ara Chackerian believes in the growth of Healthcare Technology

Startups are a very important part of recovering or even a booming economy. Nowhere is this idea more felt than in the healthcare sector. Healthcare startups are making huge strides in the business world and Ara Chackerian, Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC is seeing to this. He understands that new players in the industry, are the main people who drive innovation and economic growth. Despite all this, many investors in VC are hesitant to invest in healthcare companies. Even though many startups in the healthcare industry create value, they may not result in a merger, acquisition, or an IPO, therefore VCs are concerned about them.


Healthcare Tech is Important


Ara Chackerian is fashioning himself as a early adopter of many medical technologies. he believed that Healthcare Innovations like AI and robotics, would be next big things in the medical technology industry. He has focused on a particular technology known as transcranial magnetic stimulation. He sold Technologies to investors with the idea that these types of innovations would aid in streamlining and sustaining the healthcare sector. It was because of this idea that Technologies like digital record-keeping and advanced diagnostics were presented to the hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare related consumers. You can visit his page.



Test in New York


New York is an especially active innovation location because in 2017, 703 million dollars was raised by 79 new startups. New York has many characteristics that allow the growth of startup companies including access to capital, access to universities, and government support. However this does not guarantee that a start up will be successful. According to Imran Babar, vice president of OrbiMed, many healthcare companies often struggle at first and lose money, which makes it difficult for them to prove a positive cash flow that looks good to investors and venture capitalists. There are also problems with oversaturation that will cause there to be fewer startups in the upcoming years. Despite this, Ara Chackerian and other entrepreneurs see a positive outlook due to a growing need for personalized healthcare services. Data and record-keeping needs will be an ever present issue, one that Chackerian hopes to solve with his companies.



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