Anthony Constatinou

Dr. Anthony Constantinou, Ph.D. leads the Bayesian Artificial Intelligence at Queen Mary University of London, while also serving as an assistant lecturer. His research into Bayesian models represents a change in logical diagram and data mining, along with risk analytics and game theory.

The Bayesian model is a graphic model that seeks to resolve a set of variables and the conditional dependencies represented by a directed acyclic graph.
Anthony Constantinou has achieved this esteemed position with Queen Mary University starting with education following his service in the Greek-Cyprit National Guard. Beginning his PhD research in 2012, Anthony started focusing on Bayesian predictions, risk assessment and decision-making.

After achieving his doctorate, Anthony took on the enormous task of consultancy in ratings system and Bayesian Networks. Working with large companies such as Agena Ltd, JFE Steel, and ICRAF World Agroforestry Center, Anthony helped the organizational structure understand risk analysis, decision support and reliability using the Bayesian model.

Presently, Anthony serves as a lecturer in machine learning and data mining and Head of the Bayesian Artificial Intelligence Research Lab at the School of EECS, Queen Mary University. In this position, Anthony works on decision-making systems and data mining investigations.

To better understand Anthony Constantinou’s extensive work, one must look at how Bayesian networks affect our everyday lives. Broken down to the simplest terms: a Bayesian network examines variables affecting one variable. For this example, we can use a sprinkler, rain, and wet grass. Part of the acyclic graph shows how rain and sprinkler causes wet grass. Anthony would take much more complex problems such as the effect of medicine on specific diseases and infections, the effect of poverty on the global economy, as a means to consult with professionals in said sciences to find solutions. Anthony Constantinou’s work, while complex, is a precise method of analysis and prediction- one that could resolve many of the outstanding problems facing society today.

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    Nevaeh Nickolas

    Indeed, Anthony has proven himself great with the study of Bayesian. Being proficient in this area, he holds an important position at Queen Mary University of London . Anthony has a good relationship with companies he has worked with. He also knows risk management as well as focusing in decision-making.

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