White Shark Media Uses Complaints Raised By Clients To Enhance Its Services

For all online marketing agencies, clients’ compliments, complaints and suggestions are normal. White Shark Media has received overwhelming compliments from satisfied clients and complaints from those who were displeased by their services.

The company is determined to let their clients and other agencies know how they constructively used the complaints and compliments to improve their services. The following cases illustrate how the various complaints have been received and worked upon by White Shark Media in order to satisfy the utility of consumers.

Lost track of AdWords Campaigns

Since the reporting procedures were not effective enough, it was a herculean task for small businesses owners to review reports. To this end, White Shark Media zeroed in on offering clients with detailed information concerning the new campaigns. Before long, clients started understanding how to enhance their Adword campaigns.

Poor Communication

White Shark established phone systems with direct extensions to allow clients to be directly in touch with their contact person. Today, clients are also be able to communicate through mails, especially when the contact person is out of office.


The company also scheduled monthly status calls through Go To Meeting, which is an effective online conference tool. During these meetings, White Shark Media staff and clients go through Adwords account and reports. This way, there is rapport between the company and clients.  Read more: Georgia Web Marketer | White Shark Media Inc. on Atlanta Shopify and White Shark Media Reviews: Testimonials & Case Studies from Clients

Poor performance of the new ‘optimized’ campaigns

To deal with this issue, White Shark Media Complaints team did not have to reinvent campaigns for every client. Through its strategist, the corporation uses clients’ better performing campaigns to generate better results. They also have a trained team of supervisors whose roles are to report on campaign performance and manage all campaigns.

Request for SEO Services

The company does not offer SEO services. However, it ensures that clients do not lose money on an SEO vendor by allowing them to send materials to their SEM Strategist. These strategists review the materials and suggest the best SEO vendors for their clients.

Less informed contact persons

The senior SEM consultants follow every client from the initial sign up procedures until the optimization stage.

Campaign Account

Clients can now access information from their own accounts concerning their existing campaigns performance.

Failure to track performance

According to their Twitter profile, White Shark media dealt with this situation by installing Google Analytics, call tracking, and conversion tracking devices at no charge. These devices will enable clients to track the performance of their Adword campaign.

In addition, the company partnered with Marchex to ensure that clients can enjoy call tracking services at no cost.