Karl Heidrick, Litigator of Complex Commercial Transactions

Complex Commercial Transactions by Karl Heideck

Complex Commercial Transactions by Karl Heideck

The Legal Intelligencer reports that the number of tort cases pending in Philadelphia’s Complex Litigation Center is higher than it has been in 5 years. Karl Heidrick, Litigator, advises and represents clients in civil, property, constitutional, tort, criminal, and contract litigation. He prepares secure financial transaction cases, breach of contract lawsuits, collection cases, and complex probate succession of business transfers for litigation.

Karl Heideck represents large and small businesses engaged in domestic and international commerce. He served as a litigation intern in Montgomery County District attorneys’ office. He is prepared to defend your constitutional rights, or help prosecute those who face criminal charges.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck graduated with a Juris Doctorate from Temple University James E. Beasley School of Law in 2009 after completing his undergraduate degree from Swarthmore College in 2003. His Pennsylvania Bar Association license is in commercial litigation, and he’s represented clients for 9 years in Philadelphia’s courts. He has extensive experience preparing criminal and civil cases for trial.

Corporate Law

Karl Heideck’s extensive knowledge of U. S. and International law has helped numerous clients and financiers in their financial dealings, transactions to compliance audits. Heideck can assist your firm with financial planning, feasibility studies, special exception and variance hearings, and unforeseen losses. He advises and represents lenders, brokers, and dealers in complex business transactions, acquisitions, mergers, and liquidations. He’s represented patients and pharmaceutical companies. His nonprofit and for profit business law services include state and federal tax planning, preparation, asset management, and risk management.

Risk Management

Karl Heidrick can help you reduce risk to achieve your maximum possible income. He can help you manage risk to minimize loss and damages. He can help you determine if a business transaction is worth pursuing. He can help you mitigate risk and losses from market downturns, misplaced investments, product failures, financial uncertainty, fires, or natural disasters. Heidrick helps his clients through complex litigation due to employee or customer liability. He can help you transfer or protect assets.

Internal Revenue Service

Karl Heideck is proficient in all nuances of federal taxation and helps clients in civil and criminal cases. He is familiar with the regulation of commercial banks and finance companies. He helps clients with:

  • Unfiled federal and state tax returns
  • Innocent spouse matters
  • Offers and compromise
  • Payment plans to the IRS and the state
  • IRS and state wage garnishments, liens, and audits

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